Best emulation games for steam decksteam can you give games to friends ESPIRE 1: VR OPERATIVE game all right im back more aspire one part two this game was uh okay connection to the aspire beta unit seems stable lets see what the story is still all green agent weve lost access to the other aspire prototypes if you lose a unit well hop you in back here so this is my checkpoint chamber this new aspire model has a few tricks up its metal sleeves to keep track of enemies in the area raise your hand to your head and pull the trigger this will fire the proprietary multi-sensory tactical interface we call aspire vision trained to detect all threats in the immediate vicinity i should have paid attention that what do i do my hand come see around corners and  __  what point do i press oh i have two hand cams okay shouldnt do that ill  __  something up uh i dont know what it wants me to do i want some paying attention let me give my visor a quick little wipe sorry about that and if anyones here let me know uh say your name in the live section in the live chat because say your name oh ill turn that down yeah say your name in the live chat because i cant actually read the comments with the headset on uh i will get the text to speech im probably gonna have to say that again for whoever joins in or if someones here hopefully they can um  __  right i wonder actually can i swap these controls around because id like that to be on my left hand instead of my right and settings gameplay a uh a feature oh god hopefully i dont get sick playing this resume all right lets take this thing find out where were supposed to go cool all right yeah i completely forgot how im supposed to move in this game theres some pretty cool kit in the aspire units headpiece let alone the whole chassis as well as being a next generation tele presence controlled combat droid the aspire units entire body has a bleeding edge sensor around here we can only can i juggle one visual feed but every millisecond over three hundred and nineteen scale cameras all feed back to mary the synchronized ai system tactical feedback and threat awareness simulations yeah thats a lot for us to keep track of a handful of extra powerful ccds really what are you playing its aspire one its a vr game man im wearing a headset right now or a girl i i dont know who im talking to oh god damn it okay whatever lets lets get the show on the road and put that over here no stop agent marys detecting laser signatures could be a defense system use the spire vision to find a path through put your hand to your head and pull the trigger oh  __  oh  __  oh energy goes down from doing that okay does it recharge do it again agent youre past the first set of lasers but watch out there might be more do i really need to wait for the battery to fully recharge before i can do it again and who i got here careful agent lasers in very close proximity uses spire vision to see them really i have to wait until the battery fully recharges before i can uh whoa whoa whoa youre not getting past these lasers in a hurry looks like theres a breaker box just above you flip the lever for the circuit to turn them off that damage me at all no cool yeah i really dont like these uh who are these guys access to a feed across the hall who are these people yes whoever they are this operation is firmly under the rug agent follow those officers head for the air lock on the far side of the hall look at the state of the place thats really cool so i can remove my magazine and theres still one in the chamber right now what happens if i do this oh bitchin bitchin okay where do i need to go lets find that out uh looks like over there somewhere so i cant climb concrete lets uh lets get it on Music another loop god damn it Music hey wasnt it it was it was nothing ignore it ignore it ignore it theres nothing its just your imagination just your imagination im gonna go over here you can you can go back to wherever you were back to patrol Music anyone else got anything hey buddy okay like i could go in and just murder everybody heading back to patrol what you didnt hear that did i get back hello who was that oh  __  reload it Music theres nobody here nobody here you didnt see anything in santa hes just having a little nap its been a long day at the office Music where am i supposed to go be careful the enemy is going to be much more vigilant now i just got knocked down theres someone here who just got knocked down nobody awake got knocked down stop reporting me stand oh  __  oh god theyre turning us just a little bit attackers have swapped out the airlock security protocols with their own we wont be getting through here in a hurry marys detecting a lot of radio traffic in the reach division upper side of the mess hall behind the kitchen reach division if the attackers have hacked our security systems cycling reaches servers might open up that airlock for us agent make for the reach division run a power cycle back up i think ive got him again  __  over here theres nobody here its like nothing happened its beautiful yeah who we got in chat tell me your names then whats going on eight rounds left um yeah well roll this it runs fine i keep forgetting the controls so this is where all the aspire funding is going move ahead through these caves youll find a side entrance freeze division get in there and power freeze the security system those radios freeze somethings not right freeze yeah there you go  __  freeze the first time atelier and this wouldnt happen you dumb  __  you see this you  __  see this do you want this do you want this swear to god oh whats this hmm whats this huh whats up you got there is that a is that a grenade in your pocket or youre just happy to see me buddy get out of here where am i going yeah obviously all right lets clean the scaffolding i wish i had a camera so that you could see what im doing as this is going on i should have just climbed the second one i think im glitched i join and see you holding a gun to his face well what is going on hey hey weve lost weapon control aspires unarmed decta not my fault it looks like ah it wasnt radio chatter coming from in here it was a high frequency jammer henry why did you expect any less than me holding a gun to his face hes lucky thats all that was a low hurts rf jammer here theyve triggered a full wireless lockdown must be a reach division security measure the unit will lose its most dangerous functions first like its trigger finger now my fault i need a couple of minutes to re-optimize the code with the weaker connection agent keep going i will i hate this back to the drone freeze freeze freeze im repair prepare prepare new merry firmware uploading weapons should be free anytime what do you mean i got 40 rounds man why you want to fire ill kill you okay just kill me just kill me just kill me ill do it again ill do it again  __  geyser what was that why did whatever whatever and i think its this one i think like i dont do the saves personally hey i really just want to do this  __  right the first time because uh its just kind of a pain in the ass have to do it more than once yeah another way another way theyve called off the search but proceed with caution they know youre here now hi that was i dont know what happened there man Music you guys are all still unconscious Music lets do another round oh thats my magazine from another oh i just picked it up do i have a limited amount of magazines i dont know it doesnt like tell me anywhere as far as i can see anyone else got anything just dont turn around man everythings gonna be fine oh really god i im rotating my body too much instead of using the turn feature oh its my dead body critical damage received yeah i know right more  __  fire units losing core functionality repair it asap i did i think thats like permanent damage and yeah i need to get better with the whole turning pain fairness havent killed anybody all right you know what were gonna do since you two boys are after giving me so much trouble no i dont wanna move your whole body the enemy is going to be much more vigilant now im being very careful dont you worry yeah here we go here we go and then you those guns out of here dont believe in guns oh no i need to do this right okay hold here like that there we go now lets get you a little bit more up in there there we go beautiful im so happy the game will allow me to do this and heres my thumbnail for the video yep beautiful beautiful thumbnail set actually useless robot oh that moves me i can vault over my own body whats this how many people we got here im assuming this way right yeah thats permanent damage move move please i dont know why nothings working jesus its because i was holding the trigger instead of uh the walk button im still getting used to these controls camera sentry going over here where were going see if i paid attention to what im actually supposed to be doing this might be a little bit easier Music theyve lowered the security level dont let them discover you again theyve lowered security level after im after setting off a bomb the general after im after the back of this department oh so thats what that feels like orders werent even to neutralize everything and control i think ah forget it mate on another loop someone let him through enemy nearby Music hey hey control we got a problem someones in here youve evaded capture lie low theyll be on the lookout lets do another round get back to it resuming control am i loaded yeah im loaded stand down grab the thing im trying to grab please you could still be here she turned the deck found a body here down keep your eyes clean you could still be here back to patrol please hurt me i didnt mean to do it im sorry buddy lets look down there okay so ive got a lethal grin a lethal pistol now and i like this thing though this is silenced and am i right ah forget it mate theres no intruder i dont know what you guys are talking about discover you again youre crazy oh jesus stuff oh i felt that in my stomach here we go here in chat yo come on hit me up let me know what youre thinking of the game so far holy  __  that was  __  slick yo did you see that did you  __  see that i never know where im going so far ha wrong way good this is the place they rebuilt everything this looks like its something all right theyve rejected the departments power infrastructure to function as a second aspire atrium its smaller than ours but what were they testing in here i dont know maybe sex robots hopefully sex robots new units active possess one of them now new unit active how do i do that again oh yeah i press the isnt there supposed to be a little oh its here Music other wrist possess im assuming this one generator yeah Music what these units have espire instinct that was an experimental feature agent see if it works press the signified button to slow down time slowing down relative time with aspire instinct we only ever had that down on paper how have we each done this hmm chin scratch power switcher up on the podium get up there and cycle the power i want to see how far i can uh swing myself actually so let me go back and forth really where do i go okay just let the doors lock his mouth randomly theres a circuit breaker behind that fan in the wall agent this new aspire model has a feature called aspire instinct press the signified button to slow down time and shoot the circuit breaker but dont stress yourself mary will keep the dosing within safe margins promise wheres the button thats drop thats a camera use a spire instinct to slow down time and shoot that circuit breaker how do i do that hold the o button which ones the one thats okay Music god damn it so take that agent use the spire instinct to slow down time and shoot that circuit breaker oh there we go here we are grab that dial and twist it all the way to the right to cycle the power what oh  __  thats that thats why you dont keep your thats it power should be back online any second why you never keep your finger on the trigger i dont the entire power system has cycled but you need to flick the master switch to start it up again get to the large power unit at the far end of the generator room and power it back up i mean i can just go around these guys agent power cycle these generators then head back to the mess hall should reset that airlock for us oh lets do another round and just get on top theres nothing down there im assuming  __  sake yeah you do take fall damage in this i missed it am i okay yeah no damage this time mike is that you why are you talking youre youre youre knocked out Music units back in the atrium agent youll only have access to the backups in this room moving forward get back to the pool and get through that airlock going loud Music Music  __  magazine magazine magazine Music wheres my ammo Music Music  __  itself i dont know if im good enough good enough yet to actually go into open combat oh no mine are you joke wait shot im here  __  excuse me Music mary says the units chassis has been impaired find a quiet spot and fix the damage with your repair tube 40 rounds okay i wish i put that on the other side but its being picked up on this side now brian okay true here prepare tool fix that beautiful theyve called off the search but proceed with caution they know youre here now whoa Music so this anyone else got anything oh  __  Music anyone else got anything enemy attack no sino he could be anywhere Music advantage shots  __  Music Music god damn jesus christ a lot has changed since i was lost here what do you mean well mary just showed me what theyre working on looks like a lot more deep learning stuff but not just the input heavy goal orientation work we were looking at more like reinforcement learning autonomous decision making like mary better than mary were talking the sort of ai that would make mary look like a knock-off siri the work itself isnt surprising im just curious what project its for i wish there was a jump button Music wow really okay okay a few few little mess-ups and im still kind of trying to find out what situations did it actually discover me in got me am i supposed to be here Music lets do another round fix it fix it Music uh Music oh hello run run okay i think im just gonna be good yeah im a professional i cant climb the door Music oh so bright please dont shoot me werent we here before i swear to god we were here before hey someone there nope back up shots fired from an unknown oh  __  well this is just awkward for the both of us really you know ha ha ha ha yeah man what Music that was awkward for everyone involved oh two tranquilizers oh i thought this was like a semi-automatic pistol my bad my bad my bad Music oh hello Music right neither of these scenes are the enemy is going to be much more vigilant now Music whoopsie thats not how that works where am i going yeah beat the  __   __  out of you whens this robot still moving its okay buddy real little hip-hop youre doing good i dont good everythings good everyones great actually now that im thinking about it im assuming im just like going back out the way i came yeah hi buddy Music ah there we go oh okay Music not as like super stealth soldier as i would be ideal but hey Music you just kind of kind of gotta roll with this sometimes you know um right Music show me the way Music okay i hate this back to patrol gotta get back Music do another round give me a sec to have these security gates roger that okay agent please stand by objective complete you can literally look behind me yes congratulations agent all right starting weapon available cool right badges possess the reach next to spire model before the before the weapon lock timer expires what you know its going to come before still take down on every enemy in the mess hall without being spotted complete the mission without using espar vision thats just memory like you need to do that a couple times dont kill dont engage dont repair dont be seen dont kill dont engage not repair dont be seen okay so thats just super stealth mode uh id love to get all these on every mission im not gonna focus on it right now i i might do a bit of streaming of this game attempting to clear these missions without being seen and  __  maybe set myself like an automatic fail and unlock summary starting weapon cool some that silenced okay okay and lethal pistol same thing but green and silence very nice okay im very hot very sweaty god damn okay well that was that mission that means lets see of this stream guys welcome to the first live test of the aspire project this is an important day for the ifa not to mention our wonderful team heres lead technician ashley baker to lead you through the procedure what were we doing the rest of this channel subject 12 judging by your aptitude test were confident about todays work you might just be able to successfully form a neural interface with a telepresence robot yeah im killing experienced in the field and know your combat basics in and out today we want to put that to the test as well as our shiny new hardware weve prepared several virtual challenges for you select one and well jack you into a simulated fill test marys ready okay you are now wearing the aspire 1 vr system in our proprietary control theater so its time to drop you in standby please select a virtual challenge from the menu is this part of the main game i literally need to do a challenge uh weapons is what i was doing im pretty sure uh no it was combat was combat challenges shotgun havent used one of those sounds fun and challenges combat no as weapons those weapons and lets go with pistol because i think im going to be using those the most and i have a much better handling of the controls now for real for real drop it load the gun for real Music that was terrible you ran out of time you need to be quiet i dont bet on that before im not in the stream like that i want to at least do well begin going down Music Music oh literally one tiger left mission failure you must complete the mission within the time limit try again wow go  __  yourself im doing that one more time im gonna rock this  __  out of this watch this watch this watch this im  __  ready yo give me that goddamn gun reload is the most annoying thing here its hard to get the site lined up and that was sloppy 30 seconds remaining ammunition depleted stop glitching im not doing that Music no  __  you okay whatever whatever i had that i had that come on that was fortunate anyway thanks for watching the stream guys hope you enjoyed it this game is so much  __  fun like i heard sketchy reviews about this  __  but im hyped as hell this  __  is slick just look at it uh uh yeah obviously im ive only played this for like maybe two hours now uh its been a while since ive done anything vr so im a bit rusty with the controls and these ive never actually had controls the way these things do so uh you know im just gonna need more practice but yeah im definitely gonna stream the whole story ive ive no idea what the story is i have no idea whats going on perfectly honestly but im going to stream the story leave that on youtube and then im going to come back and play more of this on twitch and trying to earn the badges and doing the challenges and well see if i can get any high scores because apart from like the uh the jankiness of the control like my hands totally still right now and this things you see it moving and then when i like try aim it up too high it starts going like so its its a little bit janky but im having so much fun with this i hope i hope you guys are enjoying playthrough too um and yeah that this was aspire one part two and come back for poetry im probably gonna do that tonight yeah either tonight or very early tomorrow so yeah  __  hit me up guys hope you enjoy give me some feedback much love you you steam droid game Just a foul mouthed asshole having some craic!!!Saving the channel for story based games and highlights and compilations, other streaming will be done on twitch under same name slow download speed steam steam pressure in boiler how to link rockstar account to steam run games without steam steam deck game system