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How to claim steam decksteamed clams on the grill ESPIRE 1: VR OPERATIVE game mary should be online shortly thanks victor uh right were starting a story is to send you in via aspire thats right the aspire program is being revived over a year after the powers that be sheltered this is how it looks pretty cool i looked at the readings it was like three out of five one time opportunity its okay im just gonna check it this is operation signup i also got possess the aspire unit secured i also got and opened up time incorporated i might upload him baker all green colonel pyre 26 aspire units detected in the facility only one accessible via back door and primed uber marionette online mary synchronization 100 okay well brief you further as you go possessing aspire units now oh looks like our back door works cradle doors are jammed agent use the emergency card of course i have my hands swapped i dont know why games do this like you turn on i thought it would be like whichever controller you turn on first would be the correct way of your hand but its not some games just have it tour grab the emergency release handle and pull i get it i get it it should be just to one side get it i got it im swapping hands but i guess this game is like this okay just make sure its all good well this is already so cool now checking basic functionality agent can you move around the lab for us use the motion controllers in your hands to move the aspire unit no meltdown your network things are interactable thats so good stupid head oh i i want to touch that shovel oh wait no thats a broom yes sweeping up the floors saying you cannot okay what is that annoying noise what do you want me to do again i was not paying attention grab a gun or something looks like the only way out is up ident grab any metal surface or any edge to climb aspires hands are full of high-powered actuators and electromagnets clench your faces to grab anything metal and climb out of this area when youre at the top push the edge down to your waist and the unit will volatile yep whoa oh my god okay this game is already pretty sick oh just kind of just teleports me so ive been getting pretty used to vr youre now coming youre doing a project ill get motion checked out easily before when i first started uploading connection completely uploading more just because three thousand clicks first objective is to find a weapon it should be something in mind its hard to grab things off the ground ah the old stomping ground i cant believe they left it all like this come on get get okay whatever supposed to go in here i need a card i mean i still get pretty motion sick but its not as bad as it used to be can i break these boys out hold on hey what the heck im able to no oh did i just push the game okay i almost pushed the game i dont want to do that again okay looks like this thing still works lets calibrate your holsters so the s5 unit can carry equipment well start with the sidearms reach out with your hands and try to grab great now lets test your belt holsters hold these guns near the utility belt on your waist and drop them how do you drop them lady shot it okay okay belt holster magnets initialized grab those next up your primary weapon now you can actually grab the full grip of this weapon with your other hand to steady your aim while firing its so cool so lets test the primary weapon holster place the gun near the front of your chest theres blood coming out of him okay nice the holster is working primary weapons are holstered across your chest near your collarbone now pick up the weapon and place it back on the table okay finally well configure the holster for your repulsor your repair tool by dropping it near your chest it sits opposite your primary weapon calibration complete just uploading the new preset to mary you can use the calibrate option in the port menu to adjust the and more and with that i think were done here punch things bro i saw on the trailer like this dude coming down and bop bopping and doing the head so i hope i can punch things can i grab you hey my body suit now boy okay the turning is kind of slow were down here and lets get out of here okay woman electrified agent youll have to pull the trigger over the damage orbs good whoa whoa that is so cool oh what is that can i destroy whatever whatever i dont like you okay its been a while there should be a pneumatic pistol on the desk upstairs nice bluey oh my partner in crime number one reload freak out my favorite dog try firing around like i dont i dont know youll need to reload it swipe the weapon near the magazine on your waist and aspire will automatically reload to holster your weapon let go of it anywhere near your chest or waste to get out of here youll have to break the lock off that air vent why dont you shoot it with a drag pistol all right youll have to crush get in there just duck into the air vent aspire will mimic your body movements i didnt crouch to get into the vent in my office so uh you keep a padlock on your air vent and oh i was actually very interested in security all right xxx where is x oh there you go i was actually crouching okay okay im guessing i have to climb this now because like i got some climbing powers or whatever yeah whoa dude this game is so cool i wasnt sure if i was gonna record this or not just because you know i didnt know if it was like good or not okay thats kind of abrupt seemed kind of good though so far get up get up hq this is one five delta oh i think this is the punch 10 43 i think ive hit the payload over oh my god you copy this is one delta either all right  __  good luck transmitting through the rf jammer chief my sisters in the recording now okay wait were not gonna go now ill just move this aside wait no im climbing it yeah i dont i just oh im gonna drop Music down Music yes okay give me a gun no give me his gun yes so hes asleep right okay hed be asleep i think the telekinesis thats pretty cool all right is there anything over here i need a key card okay all right the journal is kind of slow Music youre gonna climb back up or what i do the artificial crouch oh its a guy okay we loaded another shot in if theres someone there come out come come yes lets go okay did you have a key card look at my dude oh i can grab them oh you cant punch like oh you kind of can though im sorry im messing around with the body right now but okay whatever so wait so he he had a key card hes about to open that another gun okay no up stealth hold left hold up get close say freeze what up stealth left hold up get close today freeze freeze what wait does it actually listen to me no wait it doesnt actually say like when i actually say freeze its not actually like freeze right like im actually saying it because if it is thats actually really cool what we got here okay nothing uh i think i should go back up here i dont know what it means by left up that was cool you just say freeze and then they kind of free i thought it was supposed to be like freeze and then like you would be like oh well im a surrender now no it was like actually freeze thats cool okay oh im stuck all right im just gonna have this out because i feel like pretty important opened up full division uber server room all right open it up oh im waiting huh okay speed run butter right okay so we need a key card but i dont think were gonna get a key card hey i see this this is a game counter pandemic oh my god a meme boss says this might be the place if you find the payload call it in straight away see ill check in on the quarter hour hq this is one for bravo wait so can i get closer say freeze over agents if you get lost take your repair tool and drop it on the ground itll show a path towards the next objective agent the main shutter door is locked to open it flip the breaker switch you can see it up near the ceiling on the gantry can i like hang on the stairs grab my gun i can okay theres no point hanging on the stairs now i should probably got him wait i want to try the freezing again that was so cool freeze okay oh he actually froze i thought he was about i thought he was about to freeze its been embarrassing freeze he doesnt freeze like what all right i dont freeze what youre supposed to freeze i dont think its actually safe freeze well now were in trouble Music maybe its just get close and then they actually like i dont know freeze for some reason because he went out of my freeze mode real quick can i get up thank you i mean weve been spotted so theres no point trying to fight now Music yeah when you get close i want a punch can i punch oh what oh i actually punched him now she knocked him out whoa thats really cool okay what do you want me to do about this okay so you just get close and it says it says to say free so it makes it look like youre so cool but no you dont actually have to say freeze you just have to get close and theyll go slow dang nothing cool feels like voice commands okay no put that back in we still have a lot of ammo left or not i wish it was freeze thatd be cool oh god i hate these abrupt loading screens i mean theyre fast but theyre pretty abrupt agent your objectives are twofold first unlock the facility so that our troops can get in our guys are primed for the go code second you can find out who is attacking the facility we dont have eyes inside the base so you need to handle anything else that comes up on the flag that means our activity system mary is translating your actions onto the aspire unit shell be giving us live feeds from your units sensors okay oh why am i still crashing okay so i think im supposed to go punch punch okay whats up daredevil all right whatever dont get distracted oh unless you actually have to go up there because no other way please climb the ladder sir still point at this yep okay i hate to turn im about to change that whoa the aspire chassis acts as a huge aerial that hooks up to a 10g network without constant connection to our servers and mary the thing wouldnt work it doesnt work yeah 10g you probably havent heard of it 10th generation wireless mobile telecommunications technology is still very much a military-only thing maybe i shouldnt have said that Music theyve lowered the security level dont let them discover you again okay whats in here caution or gerbil are banned okay open okay what is this though do i gotta climb i dont mind climbing oh thats climbing just okay no i have to climb okay man oh my god why do i suck at climbing why do i suck at climbing its fine like this no no climb slowly no okay im guessing that wont work agents if you get lost take your repair tool and drop it on the ground itll show a path towards the next objective wait does that mean im lost right now okay apparently i got lost somehow i mean maybe its that this looks pretty bad another elevator objective complete this is hardware engineering agent weve lost contact with the aspire units back in the lab but these showcase models will make for a nice backup use the repair tool on the control panel to power them up give me dirt okay wait i have a repair tool so work your magic okay okay so whats all this oh little action figures first media ammo stupid action figures agent use the repair tool to activate those showcases fire models then great these units are now live if you lose the one youre currently in you can possess one of these new units okay so theyre live now so if i die i could be one of them pretty cool uh where do i go now theres oh im guessing thats it oh maybe youre going there yeah yeah welcome behind the scenes agent this is where blood sweat and tears went into developing the aspire units protective armor your current prototype is uh lacking in that regard me coming down Music you dont see nothing freeze you wish hey man i got enough of you Music and i was gonna plan to punch them go pop but thats freezing man its so freaking weird hows that hes knocked out i did not kill him all right lets try this guy then there we go i want to do more punch stuff people oh those robots hang them Music no ammo Music this is what i wanted full blown action Music why so where am i going the aspire units losing core functionality repair it asap okay i forgot about the entire repair Music i dont even know where this dude is hes like invisible whats the oh hes up there hitting me i could have climbed up there the entire time where is that guy huh Music Music what was that Music Music you come out now ill let you live dont let me live i cant refuse the offer just choking bye-bye all right maybe we should go stealth boy again okay then im here but really do they really though on me who did that its not me no hey hey no no no give me my comeback what are you dumb huh okay im guessing i have to open up this yeah lets go stealthy boy again this is pretty fun so i wanted i want to do the drop thing when dropping my bow thats really cool i saw in the trailer but sneak peek remember your first rodeo first rodeo this is where the magic happened i should wear youll need to get upstairs to the power platform your cycle its up above you feel faster and ill walk you through the process then youll have some real power at your fingertips all right go faster i dont care thank you but also i wanna huh there theyll be on the lookout good the power platform there are four breakers you need to flip them all theres the first breaker flip the switch now go to the other three and flip them too i gotta find all the other okay all right how do i make this okay i gotta go the other way ready ready funny Music okay this games actually pretty fun so far okay so i gotta go to this one Music how do i get through this one oh i got a tarzan my way through or just yeah do this now head over to the master panel and flip the mains breaker master panel all right uh move dang that in the master panel oh yeah right over here just climbing it how do i get to it Music there aint no lever open up hey master panel go down maybe its in there i dont know are these chirp wires but uh im not gonna be fooled by some media Music the master thing man its not even open Music theyve lowered the security levels is it back here where the Music i do not know where this thing is Music okay maybe i gotta repair myself or something prepare you you got some issues okay no one where um did i do the switches right this what the whats with this man didnt i flip you why does it come back up okay i gotta stuff that lets put this why you got red lights all over you oh get me on this freaking zip line right now hey get me on the zip line Music control deck is now open head back downstairs and get in there drop the repair tool on the floor to see your waypoint the man broke up its time to put him back to sleep wait no thats a different guy hi free freeze they know youre here now this is it aspire control my thoughts are nerdy whats up here though hello okay use the repair tool on the control panel in the center of the debt great the unit is now online open the aspire console to possess the new unit wait again im sorry im not paying attention youll need to open up the aspire console theres a floating button on your wrist like a wristwatch thats the menu button okay this is the aspire console ui now click on the possess button this is the possession interface whenever you lose your link to a unit youll see that from here you can select an aspirin activated hi there what the he was still there all right so now im im different success congratulations all right that was pretty good dane those are long or maybe im just dumb i could have found these what oh theyre probably secrets this is so cool i want that performance weapons okay well thats pretty cool i got a i thought i got an e but its probably not greetings all right so i think thats gonna cheat wow you can activate freaking cheats i dont have any any unlock probably all right thats gonna be it for the first episode uh see you guys later what the heck a pretty cool 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