Is this the best VR stealth shooter?! Espire 1: VR Operative VR Gameplay

Free cute games on steamsteam games for 3 players ESPIRE 1: VR OPERATIVE gameplay whats up guys welcome back to virtual reality today well play aspire 1 we are operative the highly expected stealth suit and virtual reality so we will check out how hows the story how does the gameplay feel how are the controls is it worth to go stealth or can you just rush through and stuff we will check that out my name is booty you can find everything about be on air on this channel thanks to my sponsors because we are upon you and events ironic sanity felt sorry ambassador and alpha blend interactive lets have some fun with the video and lets go ok guys here we are and there the guys are coming lets give me the stealth scandal amongst there theres no one no no no report so we can be silent but we can also use the big weapon and rush through the enemies and for now I dont see any reason to go stealth because you can just rush through they are really stupid and easy to the enemies but perhaps this will change so we have let me go to a area very very small light like here and we have our position see on our chest to mount this weapons here this is the stealth Canon and then we have our repair tool I can use to repair ourselves or activate stuff then we have another weapon here yeah and we can go down of course and when we dont know where to go we just throw this repeater on the ground and then we see where we have to go thats awesome so the way to our next objective lets go here this is it nice use the repair tool on the control panel in the center of the desk great the unit is now online open the aspire console to possess the new unit Oh okay this is the aspire console UI Oh click on the possess button possess what what does that mean this one this is the possession interface whenever you lose your link to a unit youll see this from here select an aspire beta unit cool so we have actually controlled this one and this one is available select an active aspire beta unit to possess it nice look at this that mission success so look at this we have tools weapons Music ammunition looks good we get more points when we go stealthy unit seems stable Mary is still all green agent weve lost access to the other aspire prototypes if you lose a unit well hop you in back here theres an exit out the back of the Aspire test chamber fire model has a few tricks hi guys welcome back keep trying virtual realities you hung to your head and pull the trigger this will fire the proprietary multi-sensory tactical interface we come stop agent Marys detecting laser signatures could be a defense system use the spire vision to find a path through put your hand to your head improve the trigger Oh hitting me as my unit head pace let alone in the house I see as well as being a next-generation telepresence controlled combat troyd the aspire units entire body acts as a bleeding edge sensor agent youre past the first set of places but watch out there might be more careful agent lasers in very close proximity use aspire vision - I know whoa whoa whoa youre not getting past these lasers in a hurry looks like theres a breaker box just above you flip the lever for the circuit to turn them off so we can climb with any metal surface cool Oh a lot of guys there got access to our feet across the hall who are these people this operation is firmly under the rug agent follow those officers head for the airlock on the far side of a hall look at the state of that place so I think we have to  __  lets just go Im here lets try to be more stealth go here okay thats good yeah I think back to control Oh lets do another round problem is wrong when I kill him the other guy will see that Music did anybody see that I dont think so so let him back to Patrol out the camera park Oh No there is one oh  __  whoo that was close didnt see me past past go go go Music looks like the airlock security protocols no we wont be getting through here in a hurry Marys detecting a lot of radio traffic in the reach division upper side of the mess hall behind the kitchen reach division if the attackers have hacked our security systems smuggling reaches servers might open up that area for us agent make for the reach division run a power cycle Music oh  __  oh  __  I know your unit okay then lets Music oh that was the magazine Music this is where all these aspire funding is going nice hey hey weve lost weapon control at five on armed dektor not my fault it looks like weapon lock chatter coming here it was a high frequency jammer but wasnt they one of those back in the lab no I cannot use my weapon and the jammer here theyve triggered a full wireless lockdown must be a reach division security measure the unit will lose its most dangerous functions first like its trigger finger oh no dicta now my fault I need a couple of minutes to reoptimize the code with the weaker connection agent keep going  __  we can just hit them with the weapon thats okay I cannot use my trigger finger that sucks hahaha its crazy they cannot do that oh my god this is great I love it so this is free of course much more difficult now we just still blocking our work bloody travesty Music  __  why cant I just eat you know get up do that but loading weapons should be free anything repair fast okay we have reached a man yes a very cold weapon haha Music youve taken damage repair to along its head use it on the noise I know okay guys what Mary says the units a generator room shall be at the back of this department Music nice Music youve evaded capture Milos theyll be on the lookout Music be taken damage repair - along a test yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I know Music just wait this way this way Oh mission safe Oh close this is the place everything Wow its something all right ivory take to the departments power infrastructure to function as a second aspire atrium its new units active possess one of them now I dont know okay I have to choose one but which one generator right oh they are on generator kidding what these units have s by an instinct that was an experimental feature agent see if it works press the signified button to slow down time slowing down relative time with us by an instinct we only ever had that down on paper however each done this what they put a power switcher up on the podium get up there and cycle the power what what should I do that I didnt understand that I do I can slow the time somewhere I dont know the doors lock is malfunctioning theres a circuit breaker behind that fan in the wall agents this new SPO model has a feature called inspire instinct press the signified button to slow down time and shoot the circuit breaker but dont stress yourself Mary will keep the dosing within safe margins promise what button all this button nice okay thats the B button ha nice it was grab that dial and twist it all the way to the right to cycle the power thats it power should be back online any second  __  multiple hostiles inbound all star power system is cycled but you need to flick the master switch to start it up again to get to the large power unit as a fire into the generator room and power it back up yeah okay you should go up to here because yes directly agent power cycle these generators then head back to the next wall all these oh no Jess theyre causing mayhem around the base we just fried the aspire units back in the atrium agent youll only have access to the backups in this room moving forward oh no I cannot I cannot chew me are they stupid what damn go go go you taken damage repair tool on your chest use it on the noise well holy  __  that wasnt Mary says the unis chassis has been impaired find a quiet spot and fix the damage with your repair to so this you guys aided capture Milo theyll be on the lookout Music Music youve taken damage repair tool along its head you can Im annoying Oh No lets just go Music Mary says the units Shasti has been impaired find a quiet spot and fix the damage with your repair 200 haha hey what hmm here we go what that you taken damage repair tool on your test use it on the noise Music find a quiet spot and fix the damage with your repair to Music you takin damage repair - along its head use it on the noise dance to Denton nice okay lets go here Mary says the unit shopping has been impaired find a quiet spot to fix the damage with your repair shoes youve taken damage repair tool on its head use it on the noise thats really awesome begin search here we are Music Music the damage with your repair to objective complete here we are guys license ident we have a new weapon new weapon stuff thats great so guys I think weve seen much of the game and lets go back to the studio and talk about it okay guys we are operative so the game is good I had fun but I must say even though Im a totally new pin most of the games because I dont play them till the end I dont have time for that because of my full-time job and the other full-time job and stuff so um even me I tell you this is too easy this is too easy you can just ignore the stealth part and just rush through and shoot everybody doesnt matter how many enemies are coming and they will die even though in the past where your weapon is deactivated you can just hit them with the weapons Im height behind the corner and then hit them when they come its no problem even when they shoot at 5 seconds on your body you are still alive so this is not what I expected from a stealth game so there must be a penalty when when you get caught by an enemy and he calls to other enemies he shouldnt have a chance to survive and that would be better or it would and if they had two difficulties one like this and one like hardcore mode or something like that perhaps they have I didnt see that if they have please write it in the comments below I didnt see that also the comfort mode they should asked the player as soon as the game starts if we want to have comfort mode or without comfort mode so most people if you watch the reviews they complain about you cannot disable the comfort mode you can but you but later in the game you cant cheat a little bit if you hit the steam button go out of steam again and then you are in the menu as well you then you can deactivate comfort mode but they should let the people choose it as soon as the game starts however I love the game Im not a player that loves extremely hard games because I dont want to play the same scene 1000 times so its fine for me I will give this game thumbs up its 28 bucks and you can play it on all of you our headsets what do you think about this game write it in the comments below and thanks for watching see you next time in virtual reality see ya woody Music steam nft game Espire 1: VR Operative is a stealth shooter in VR. 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