Espire 1: VR Operative Gameplay Part 2.

Xbox game pass vs steamovercooked 2 steam and epic games crossplay ESPIRE 1: VR OPERATIVE gameplay Music Aspire console 0.032 welcome Aspire agent welcome Aspire agent Music foreign Music this might be the place if you find the payload call it in straight away see I will check in on the quarter hour HQ this is one for Bravo 1020 securing the full division over agents if you get lost take your repair tool and drop it on the ground itll show a path towards the next objective agent the main shutter door is locked to open it click the breaker switch you can see it up near the ceiling on the gantry I dont know foreign Music foreign Music Music Music foreign Music Music Music youve evaded capture lie low theyll be on the lookout Music foreign Music agent your objectives are twofold first unlock the facility so that our troops can get in our guys are primed for the go code second find out who is attacking the facility we dont have eyes inside the base so you need to handle anything else that comes up on the flag our AI puppetstring system Mary is translating your actions onto the Aspire unit shell be giving us live feeds from your units sensors Music Music foreign Music acts as a huge aerial that hooks up to a 10g network without constant connection to our servers and Mary the thing wouldnt work yeah 10g you probably havent heard of it 10th Generation Wireless Mobile telecommunications technology is still very much a military only thing maybe I shouldnt have said that Music finally get the merry AI system working by remote possession but while our offices are understood I cant believe it hopefully this is enough to get the project back on track agent keep moving through the facility primary goal is still to reach the surface open the base up for our troops Music foreign s if you get lost take your repair tool and drop it on the ground itll show a path towards the next objective foreign Music Music agent weve lost contact with the Aspire units back in the lab but these showcase models will make for a nice backup use the repair tool on the control panel to power them up foreign Music T use the repair tool to activate those showcases fire models then if we lose this great these units are now live if you lose the one youre currently in you can possess one of these new units foreign this is where Blood Sweat and Tears went into developing the Aspire units protective armor your current prototype is uh pretty lacking in that regard thats a four-time scale model of the Aspire Central battery unit lightning in a bottle basically inside is a matrix and Rapid discharge throughout the chassis is a supporting network of graphene oxide fire a malleable 3D battery substance patent pending this stuff runs Under the Skin all around the unit skeleton and feeds the actuators magnets and sensors with quick hit energy when required we can even charge it fire up while you stand there listening to me explain Music Music one of the Aspire projects many many cast off as far as we know we were developing the most advanced telepresence robot in the world Music mirroring a peasants every movement to a huge metal puppet is not a simple task the merry AI system was developed to make an AI interface between you and the legs AI which links up with essential nervous Ai and Mary manages all these systems feeds them golds you are the Puppet Master Mary is the strings Music be careful the enemy is going to be much more Vigilant now Music foreign Music Music foreign Music Music Music Music ER Music foreign Music Music they know youre here now foreign rowenta steamer handheld steam music player hotkey can i use eb games gift cards on steam steam potatoes in instant pot does steam deck come with dock how to run pc steam games on mac