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Mtg on steamhow to download older versions of games on steam ESPIRE 1: VR OPERATIVE gameplay hey spy here welcome to aspire one VR operative a game where we are a guy whos controlling a robot drone thingy and we have to stealth around and take out some bad guys by the way thanks to the developers for sending me a key to this game and lets begin open console console 0.032 welcome aspire agent whoa agent again thanks for making it in here so quickly I know its short notice at OU 200 hours this morning one of our high-security R&D black sites came under attack a hostile force infiltrated site and placed it under lockdown we need to get in there ASAP and keep our people safe for now our only option is to send you in all green Colonel pyre 26s fire units detected in the facility only one accessible via backdoor and primed okay will brief you further as you go possessing us by units now looks like our back door worked hmm cradle doors are jammed I dont use the emergency handle to open them so here we are in our inspire drone soup thing and we are ready to begin by the way sorry about this little HUD thing on the screen here its supposed to be like a little helmet thing youre probably seeing out of my right eye eye here so you could see me shooting some bad guys but lets begin now checking basic functionality ident can you move around the lab for us yeah here we go use those motion controllers in your hands to move around in it whats its a broom oh nice check this out what thats how you know were an actual super soldier we could throw brooms okay so where do we gotta go theres a door here but thats locked so I assume we got to do some climbing right up here thats what I love about VR you could do things you wouldnt normally do in actual other video games looks like the only way out is up okay I dont grab any metal surface though any edge to climb well his hands are full of high powered actuators and electromagnets i power clench your fists to grab anything metal and climb out of this area so you mean I can do this push the edge ball to your waist and jeez thanks Im getting used to yeah it does okay lets try this good hey I did that a little better nice we made it youre now commandeering a prototype alpha aspire unit first objective is to find a weapon okay so we got to get to our office but look right there theres a turret I dont know if we could see us through this glass but we gotta be careful once we get over there okay lets sprint through this were gonna take some shortcuts were gonna jump right over this boom see oh wait boom we skipped half the level half the level whoa are those like prototype suits up there I think thats our old suits okay just up here wait before you leave you should calibrate the aspire unit okay thats probably a good idea first up your utility belt pull both triggers in thin air to show you the utility belt release the triggers to confirm the positions how does it feel that looks good anything match us now your hand at the repair tool and press grab to holster any weapons or items simply drop them near your chest this is cool okay you ready yeah head out into the hall okay that really scared me what do I do here mary says the units chassis has been impaired find a quiet spot and fix the damage with your repair to repair tool oh okay now I think were done here so we got to watch out for this turret here youre gonna have to do some sneaking okay go go go go okay I think were good oh geez okay we made it we made it go this way okay you know there should be a pneumatic pistol on the desk upstairs oh right here grab it tranquilizer rounds only should be almost completely silent try firing around okay here we go whoa to get out of here youll have to break the lock off that a event that one why dont you shoot it with the tranq pistol okay here we go just duck into the air vent aspire will mimic your body movements alright I think the tutorials pretty much over and we have bad guys Im pretty sure lets open this quietly hello dont say hello this is one fallout Delta I think Im gonna zap this guy right in the butt cheek were gonna crawl up to him and poke him okay here we go here we go nice and quiet and man oh okay well I think that went a little further than the butt cheek but we have a brand new gun and a lethal gun one thing I have trunk eliezer darts okay lets go were gonna try to be as sneaky as possible we can go up on the roof there lets go with this way though hello any more enemies Im not sure but were gonna climb this thing here and get to the roof well those guys coming those guys coming right there lets try to get this guy here we go got him okay is there any more there might be some more enemies theres a camera there hello enemies oh we got a guy right here were gonna zap this guy as well grab our zapper Unni sneak up to him and poke him I dont know if hes gonna see me wait we could see freeze freeze put the gun down do anything put the gun on the ground or Im gonna zap ya what you get for not listening I dont know if we even need to zap him he might have just surrendered there here we go okay where are we Im not too sure but we have to go up now yeah hello Oh guys arent there here you go oh jeez oh jeez take your repair tool and drop it on the ground it will show a path towards the next objective just like this agent the main shuttered doors locked all the way the breaker switch you can see it up near the ceiling on the gantry right there I see wait what is this this looks like a zipline okay I want to do this okay hold on here go oh yeah hold onto this lets get her gonna wait wait wait there he is got him lets climb up here we got to get to that control panel to open that door just up over here is this locked yeah thats locked okay lets pull this oops get out our tranq gun yeah thats bad I think enemies are coming through yep enemies definitely are there we might be able to sneak around them here we go hello dont see me please crouch oh no theyre right there Oh oh geez got him okay I was trying to hit that guy there but what no fire will take and damage repair tool on your chest use it on the nodes pull this up go go go in oh we made it okay were doing some stealthy even though they did see us first unlock the facility so that our troops can get in yeah our guys are prime for the go code okay second find out who is attacking the facility I can do that alright just up here okay this is the area we had to go it looks like we had like a little landslide here lets climb up this rope here or these cables see where we got to go next Oh hardware engineering okay lets go through here its probably a lot more enemies over here though I dont weve lost contact with the Aspire units mechanism but these showcase models will make for a nice backup these once use the repair tool on the control panel to power them up okay I got to heal myself anyways lets put this here great these units are now live if you lose the one youre currently in you can possess one of these new units oh so its pretty much like a respawn point if we die can I have that gun this one looks awesome I want that one I got like a poopy little machine gun that we havent really used yet but were probably gonna have to use it pretty soon okay here we go big round nothing welcome behind-the-scenes agents this is where blood sweat and tears went into developing the aspire units protective armor oh okay well theres gonna be more blood and sweat once they get this guy here  __  got him okay the other guys gonna check on him Im pretty sure maybe not hes coming this way oh did I not hit him Oh got him there lets get this guy too oh I shot the gun out of ten got him cut okay so we got to go through here now hardware engineering chassis I think theres any reason here and lets climb up here and get a good view were gonna have the high ground and theyre not gonna be able to take us out oh theres a lot of guys here Keenan what Im using our machine gun for this lets see slow motion nice oh thats because they detected us got that guy and there we go I think thats all the enemies how do I reload this there we go woah look at this its like a production line of these aspire suits well I think we got all of the enemies were gonna pop over here and go through one of these rooms here really quick umm oh I hear another guy hello Oh Jase oh I thought it looked like a robot what is this this is like a test dummy okay I took the gun out of his hand can I put it back nope Bob is if I go whoosh oh Im sorry buddy hello anyone there well we got cameras there we got a ladder here so were just gonna climb this really fast there he is got him go around the camera here and up over here and now we have to go through this door generator room grab him a gun reload it Oh got a guy there well I missed so hes gonna be looking for us oh okay I think that one hit him there we go lets see if we can get this guy hey buddy got him Im not that good of a shot but you know what the enemies dont know were here okay theres a vent here so lets go through here instead theres probably some enemies in here I got no more ammo for this I got two shots left guy there got him anymore in there what went up there thats a long shot Oh i disarmed him freeze oh hes running hes running got him theres one more guy here got him as well to reload nice I like this game so far if youre enjoying it make sure to leave a like on this video if youd like to see more VR games on the channel if you have any suggestions for games to throw them down below in the comments okay is that all the enemies you think it is oh this is where we got to go anyways right through here okay theres a beta respire model behind the security honest very beefier than you carried out the unit buts its locked up tight yeah ident to access the beta unit youll need to get upstairs to the power platform and front of power cycle its up above you get up there and Ill walk you through the process whos guy right there Ill wait for him to turn his back and Ill go up to him and zap him in the butt cheeks again huh lets see if we can get him before he turns around hey freeze put your gun on the ground can I like hide his body oh I can thats just okay wait oh my gosh we could do a well I might want to try that out so we got to get up there though I cant really holster this so were just gonna have to one-hand base see this is what I love about VR like I said you cant do this in regular games flip the switch oh right here okay Im doing this alt with all one hand so its kind of tough lady did it get to the other three and flip them to okay Im just gonna put my gun here Ill come Ill come back for it if I can find it maybe Ill throw it right there theres one more right here I think its on every side yeah theres one right here too but the bridge is broken so were gonna have to do some more climbing and can I just like climb up this no I think we have to go oh there we go oh were tight-roping it tight-roping it okay last one now head over to the monster panel and flip the mains breaker all right all right I think this is where the enemies come out and we have to dual weld shoot them hey let me grab this other gun animate turds there was there only two of them so now we have to go up and around Im pretty sure and control room is just right there this is it aspire control oh wow this is cool use the repair tool on the control panel in the center of the disk thatll activate the newest fire unit thats our new suit there we go great the unit is now online open the aspire console to possess the new unit know this C what is this what is this oh wait oh its like a little camera okay this one okay this is the aspire console you I now click on the possess button possess this is the possession interface whenever you lose your link to a unit youll see this from here select an aspire beta unit is this the beta one activate all right we did it check this oh ok performance wait a second expenditure 93,000 is that how much we earned or wait I think I think thats how much we spent in this mission ok well thats a lot of money so its not my fault lets continue ok connection to the aspire beta unit seems stable thats our old suit this new aspire model has a few tricks up its metal sleeves to keep track of enemies in the area raise your hand to your head and pull the trigger this will fire the proprietary oil teas Sarika tactical interface we call aspire vision trained to detect all threats in the immediate vicinity thats cool well Im gonna be leaving this episode off here but if you did enjoy this game and want to see more in the future make sure to leave a like on this video and let me know down below in the comments but for now thanks for watching and subscribing and remember stay sweet bye cars steam game I mastered stealth as a Robot Super Soldier in Espire 1 VR GameplayBecoming a stealthy robot super soldier in Espire 1 VR Gameplay. 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