Tetris steamsteam clues 2022 ESPIRE 1: VR OPERATIVE gameplay what is up everyone my name is ghost Captain 47 welcome to s bar one finally finally tripwire interactive has held this game back several months but I am so excited to get started playing were just gonna jump right into it so follow along image huh and that repairs me alright sounds good to me okay theres little five pretty sure I dont have any was it a laser oh hello century gun see if we can do something about that okay woo can i deactivate that with the repair tool do you think yes I can why mister century alright this is really cool okay should be an emetic piece still on the desk upstairs pneumatic what is this oh its buffer my partner in crime number one real re so it seems like I might have well I guess I have an Aussie handler and I have a Scottish quartermaster he married me almost completely silent try firing around okay its not automatic pull the piston back to ready another dark okay its not exactly silent mug yep yes I can youll need to reload it wipe the weapon near the magazine on your waist and aspire will automatically reload cool so I only have one of those to get out of here youll have to break the lock off that a event why dont you shoot it with the tranq pistol maybe right into the air all right body movements artificial Crouch is a button my office good doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo you keep a padlock on your air vent found a fry pistol on your death stop security right see security security all right okay exactly got somebody down here IQ do you copy this is one fun Gilbert other sneaky sneaky behind this guy hands up buddy good night at work I was watching there was a tranquilizer hes not dead but you know might as well be okay here we go how do I find out where Im going lovely where is he yet excuse me sir can you course like every go stealthy stealthy so stealthy theres more expert 1 units how do I deal with that can I can I move him yeah I can move them you can sleep right over here yeah my sleep right there up stealth left no Im interested in this holding up thing freeze so what now well I wasnt sure what to do but Ive got to them now I cant hold them okay we have first level security clearance yes I do off we go up we go up we go call it in straight away see ol checking on the corner out all right HQ this is one for Bravo 1020 securing the fall division agent if you get lost take your repair tool and drop it on the ground itll show a path towards the new virtual oh very nice locked to open it flip the breaker switch you can see it up near the ceiling on the gantry okay buddy can i yes I can no no nothing at all no at all hey buddy are you by yourself are you are you feeling sleepy yeah youre feeling sleepy okay almost jack that one up Oh most screw that one so am I gonna wanna wanting to hide those guys is this the breaker that were talking about here it is okay okay no you dont see me you dont see me how do I deal with these guys we have been infiltrated all right theyre all awake theyre all awake now now how do I get around this that way shut up I dont see anything Music okay they all got knocked out this guys right here can you get knocked out again alright lets go this way so what do I do Oh whos shooting at me whos shooting at me bugger off oh were trying to go stuff with this but I guess not hey that work and I get through can I get through can I get through which direction any intruders huh you wouldnt mean me would ya I mean I was already here Oh repair needed nice repair lets repair okay we are repaired I didnt realize I got hit that many times okay on high alert huh of course I capture think Im an amateur and this actually makes a vision pretty decent when it does that whole little tunnel vision thing be quite honest get in our guys a crime for the go code second thatd be nice now we dont have eyes inside the Beast so you need to handle anything else that comes up on the flag REI puppet string systems marry all right lets go shall we nice looks like part of an Iron Mans hall of armor right there and it acts as a huge aerial that hooked up to it I thought she said schastye yes chassis next in two ounces well marry that thing wouldnt work yeah tenday you probably havent heard of it jenji what is that much a military only thing okay maybe I shouldnt have said that Im controlling it why wouldnt you say that Id like to know Id like to know things pay attention to the environment okay looks like were going up again okay this unit youre strong why do they look a little bit like the rubble recall robots - Im not saying theyre biting off of it but its kind of hard to go differently when youre trying to make your own engineering I didnt weve lost contact with these files theres a guy right there is he gonna be able to see me micronized back up youth repair tool on the control panel to power them up it wasnt like I was trying to have them discover me I didnt know that I was opening a garage door to freakin human central Cartman you can possess one of these new units okay okay youre to e23 all right weve got three so far now where do I go hey its not gonna tell me okay this way excuse me all right were right over here I have to drink you drink somebody welcome behind-the-scenes agents yes is where blood sweat and tears went into developing the Aspire units protective armor your current prototype is pretty lacking in that regard is it really central battery unit lightning in a bottle basically inside is a matrix of graphing super capacitors for quick turns long hold and rapid discharge malleable 3d battery systems patent-pending these stuff runs under the skin all around the unit skeleton and face the actuators magnets and energy when required we can even charge a spire up while you stand there listening to me explain okay charge me no no no you didnt see anything no you dont get to talk anymore what are we got here we were developing the most advanced telepresence robot in the world easier said than done good only imagines every movement to a huge metal puppet is not a simple task the Mary AI system was developed to make an AI interface between you and Mary is the strings no excuse me what were you doing were you trying to sneak up on me huh dummy oh hey I didnt notice that earlier oh I can go up lets go up lets go love how that that huge breath of air we go that huge breath of relief once I get on to something now can I deal with this camera from here no I cant around this okay we got around the camera I guess he wasnt really into the whole freeze thing what should I have done there good night good night not exactly stuff but Im definitely moving pretty quickly what is it what are these Oh cameras on my gloves cameras on my gloves this is so good I have cameras on my gloves heck yeah so you want to call it the search and lower the threat level except now theres alarms going off everywhere shut up I am NOT efficiently handling my mo but they had no idea where the shots were coming from which is nice its nice what is this hi nice while oh Im a freaking essentially an Ironman suit with well just regular hardware but you know what sure Tony would have me on his team right big Tony what have you on his team can I deal with the camera now yes again its beefier than you carried out the unit buds tied beefy Oh unit no to the powerful cycle stop above you get up there and Ill walk you through the process flip all these first down go three and the fourth one or two and flip the mines okay here we go the pop do the aspire control deck is now open head back downstairs and get in there drop the repair tool on the floor to see your Waypoint youre not seeing anything you are not seeing anything you see nothing you see nothing our control desk great the unit is now online open the aspire console to possess the new unit okay okay this is the aspire console you are this is the possession interface if you lose your link to a unit youll see this from here select an aspire baby unit one word lets go to windward high okay okay connection to the aspire beta unit seemed stable sorry I wasnt really in the episode yet I still want to see whats going on with this weve lost access to the other aspire prototypes if you lose a unit will help you in back here okay back here also we lost theres an exit out the back of the aspire test chamber this new aspire model has a few tricks up its metal sleeves to keep track of enemies in the area raise your home to your head all of our part of the Hall of Order interface we call this Tony would be pleased agent Marys detecting laser signatures there would be a defense system use the spire vision to find a path proof but your home to your head oh okay I wasnt sure where thats gonna be uh okay let me remedied layer access to a feet across the hall who are these people dont really know whoever they are this operation is firmly under the rug that was done Galvez come I cant believe I fell I cant believe I fell I cannot believe I fell no nobody has anything save me sleeping course Ive evaded capture oh we want to be getting here here in a hurry whoa take care of that youre hurting cool functionality what parent is I hate that was interesting I know how I check that one out all right nothing nobody knows whats going on here nice reading boys their chat yeah where do I go okay were going this way we really like that disk space waypoint field its actually really cool who wants it who wants it Oh I walk into the land mine thats my bad thats my but I ran into a trip mind that was stupid very rookie oh theres another one huh Oh deactivate this guy yeah okay all right got it got it got it sorry about that guys that wasnt very stealthy at all was it excuse me sir could you not look at me waste tranquilizer bullets okay yeah Ill forget it all right here we go find my way around here okay hello access to the generators should be top hi I love you yes I know its something all right they reject the departments tower infrastructure to function as a second just new units active possess one of them now is this one of them one a shed la Birkins ad there we go these units have aspire instinct an experimental feature agent see if it works press the signified button to slow down time oh how I read on this very nice get up there and sample the power hey hang on over this way here we go malfunctioning theres a circuit breaker behind that Fanning hello agent this new aspire model has a feature called aspire instinct press the signified button to slow down time and shoot the circuit breaker okay dont stress yourself Mary will keep the dosing within safe margins got it right yeah I got it okay here we are grab that dial and twist it all the way to the right to cycle the power power should be back online any second Hey watch your face I dont the entire power system has cycled but you need to flick the master switch to start it up again and get to the large power unit at the far end of the generator room and power it back up dang sneaky-sneak is gonna be a little difficult if I agent power cycle these generators I would like you should reset that demo for us should love to where am I going in all right here we go stairway down here no ones here we just fried the Aspire units back in the atrium agent youll only have access to the backups in these were moving forward agent get back to the mess hall and get through that airlock mary says the units chassis has been impaired find a quiet spot and fix the damage with your repair - it looks like its fine there we go walk white here Thank You backup okay lets go up why do I never know where Im going there we go this way but that way let them be chasing their tails well Im out of here oh thank you hey dont shame me I would hope they do showing this pretty incompetent if they dont okay we get that crowd she didnt see anything nothing at all nothing at all for me then right through no I missed nobody shut up only had to do lethal a couple of times not exactly proud of that but you know what do you what are you going to do you know is this the room where yep sure that I guess whered you go now theyre sleeping he was tired what do you mean well Marion told me what theyre working on decision making knock Mary better than Mary were talking the sort of AI that would make Mary you look like a knocked off Terry knock off Syria the work itself isnt surprising Im just curious what project is for dont mean to worry about leaving behind a digital photo frame keepsakes our nomadic theres nothing theres nothing you didnt see anything hopefully be checking the back of your eyelids No a spine East line my unit is fine nobody is no nobodys reporting anything two more thats all okay back here they did capture Lyle oh theyll be on the lookout line freeze gotta get out of here getting out of here give me a sec to happen a security guy sure by standing all right who did that hacky black yeah ice that was the first episode of s fire one this is already starting to come a lot of fun going south its pretty cool to get into really easy to start with but its really easy to mess up as you saw guys leave a comment down below let me know what you think have you started playing this game as well and what do you think about it you guys havent already please smash that subscribe button theyve become it maybe share it around with your friends Im gonna be playing a lot more this year real soon and until then thank you guys so much for watching I look forward to catching you in the next one see ya sims 4 first person steam WHAT IS UP EVERYONE! I am back and TripWire has FINALLY released a game I have been anticipating since the reveal trailer! Espire 1 is here! Lets just jump right on in, guys! Playing in the Oculus Rift S. garbage day game steam download steam for chromebook can you play steam games on stadia steam railway steam wants to install already installed game