Lets Look At: ESPIRE 1: VR Operative PSVR Gameplay Is it Worth it?

Best classic games steambest multiplayer survival games on steam ESPIRE 1: VR OPERATIVE gameplay agent again thanks for making it in here so quickly I know its short notice at OU 200 hours this morning one of our high-security R&D black sites came under attack the target was an IFA facility in the Northern Territory a hostile force infiltrated site and placed it under lockdown we need to get in there ASAP and keep our people safe for now our only option is to send you in via a spy thats right the Aspire program is being revived over a year after the powers that be shouldered this is our last chance to prove that thing will work a one-time opportunity this is operation sign on possess the aspire unit secure the facility and open the place up for our people time is of the essence Baker all green Colonel pyre 26s fire units detected in the facility only one accessible via backdoor and primed uber marionet online Mary synchronization 100% okay will brief you further as you go possessing us buy a unit now looks like our back door worked hmm cradle doors are jammed agent use the emergency handle to open them now checking basic functionality agent can you move around the lab for us use the motion controllers in your hands to move the s bio unit no melters over here movement and I cane youre in networks looking Stabler hmm looks like the only way out is up I dont grab any metal surface or any edge to climb aspires hands are full of high-powered actuators and electromagnets clench your fists to grab anything metal and climb out of this area when youre at the top push the edge down to your waist and the unit will vault up right okay so this is aspire one and VR operative sorry the jaw read youre controlling is that telepresence controlled combat chassis it was developed to make conflict zones and life-threatening operations safer and less cost intensive as you well know the project was cancelled last year the core AI system that drove the connection between you and the unit was just too unpredictable deep neural networks work well until you apply them to the human brain all right it takes some getting used to grab metal surfaces to magnetize to them when you reach the top push your hand down to your waist to vault up get this eventually okay my hands down to my waist didnt do it but there we go okay gotta say the tutorials not exactly great oh you can press the X and circle button agent youre now coming to a quick turn a spy unit no bells and whistles on this one merry connection completely stable at all 3000 clicks first objective is to find a weapon should be something in my office head there ah the old stomping ground I cant believe they left it all like this clearance level five okay Im going to assume that thats not something we can do just yet you gotta say that the graphics arent loading very well either wait before you leave you should calibrate the Aspire unit mm-hmm you need a repair tool as well stand over the holographic okay agent to carry equipment we need to calibrate a few things first up your utility belt pull both triggers in thin air to show the utility belt release the triggers to confirm the positions next will position your chest holsters place your hands on your chest as indicated and squeeze the triggers release the triggers to confirm the positions how does it feel everything match up place your hands on your chest as indicated and squeeze the triggers release the triggers to confirm the positions how does it feel everything match up didnt really place your hands on your chest as indicated and squeeze the triggers release the triggers to confirm the positions how does it feel everything matter up now aim your hand and press grab you can pull anything to your hands from a distance to holster any weapons or items simply drop them near your chest okay wheres the drop button grab a pair tool mister to your chest but its not dropping X circle no okay you ready head out into the hall it is the square button I dont know why my controllers showing up there now does it feel everything match up okay you ready head out into the hall okay some of the controls are a little funky but is what it is youve taken damage repair to along your chest pull the trigger over the damage all good okay interesting okay something over there Music all right that worked didnt get shot all right okay its been a while there should be a pneumatic pistol on the desk upstairs I like pistols tranquilizer rounds only should be almost completely silent try firing around its not automatic pull the piston back to ready another Dart youll need to reload it swipe the weapon near the magazine on your waist to holster your weapon let go of it anywhere near your chest or waist aspire will magnetize it to a holster to get out of here youll have to break the lock off that a event why dont you shoot it with the tranq pistol sure lets do that this one youll have to crouch to get in there just dock into the air vent aspire will mimic your body movements I didnt Crouch to get into the vent in my office so you keep a padlock on your air vent and a tranq pistol on your desk Im very interested in security all right the forward movements a little a little wonky in terms of the directions that itll actually go HQ this is 1/5 Delta 10:43 I think Ive hit the pay line over hqb of copy this is 1/5 delta however good luck transmitting through the RF jammer in chief its like I would like if it went forward the way that Im looking not like that direction I dont know why its going that direction its kind of weird how that okay yeah kind of has to do with where your bodys aligned not necessarily where your face is aligned Music should be able to pick them up I think maybe theres only specific grab points or its just that my camera doesnt go down far enough to where I can actually grab him thats kind of annoying all right well it is what it is I guess Music yeah not having a super reliable way to tell exactly where youre gonna be walking in terms of directionality is kind of annoying its like I dont know if Im gonna walk into a wall near me here were not agents if you get lost take your repair tool and drop it on the ground itll show a path towards the next objective Music its like this kind of movement would be really nice if it was based on where youre looking and not where your body again is cuz then it would make some of this stealth stuff a bit more reliable Music yeah because constantly walking at a diagonal is a little annoying Music could probably walk through there Music Im stealth left hold up what still left hold up oh like what were gonna do for this guy closest a freeze freeze now whoa easy oh okay I would say anything just let me go uh I dont know if there are any other commands I can do well okay why am i walking that way want to walk this way oh its based on where your hands are that is weird and should have been explained well says this might be the place if you find the payload call it in straight away see youll check in on the quarter hour HQ this is one for brother 1020 securing the fall division over agents if you get lost take your repair tool and drop it on the ground itll show it half towards the next objective agents the main shutter door is locked to open it flip the breaker switch you can see it up near the ceiling on the gantry it said something about an artificial Monday I think he saw me didnt necessarily mary says the units chassis has been impaired find a quiet spot and fix the damage with your repair to right not exactly super stealthy youve taken damage repair tool on your chest use it on the nodes Music not exactly masterfully done but Music Music and that other guy go youve evaded capture Lyle oh theyll be on the lookout Music agent your objectives are twofold first unlock the facility so that our troops can get in our guys are primed for the go code second find out who is attacking the facility we dont have eyes inside the Beast so you need to handle anything else that comes up on the fly our a a puppet string system Mary is translating your actions on to the Aspire unit should be giving us live feeds from your unit sensors Music the Aspire Schatzi acts as a huge aerial that hooks up to a 10 g network without constant connection to our servers and Mary the thing wouldnt work yeah 10 G you probably havent heard of it tenth generation wireless mobile telecommunications technology is still very much a military only thing maybe I shouldnt have said that yeah well you did Haven objective complete this is hardware engineering agent weve lost contact with the aspire units back in the lab but these showcase models will make for a nice backup use the repair tool on the control panel to power them up great these units in our live if you lose the one youre currently in you can possess one of these new units okay good to know why can I access the restricted section welcome behind-the-scenes agents this is where blood sweat and tears went into developing the Aspire units protective armor your current prototype is pretty lacking in that regard deal with that guy probably shoot them charge thats you get your ass happy alright come on okay now I should be able to grab bodies yeah okay grab him really sucks not being able to move my controllers down far enough to do this Music hey come on there Music Music yeah probably not the best way to do that I dont know if this is what they want me to do but Im doing it Music yeah okay Music well pretend like thats what I was supposed to do Music Im assuming I have to get to that door oh hey thats cool thats something that would have been nice for them to show me Music all right so like if youre hiding behind a wall or something like that yeah the tutorial in this wasnt like great but if you wanted to like see behind a wall you could do this like behind a corner thats pretty cool but again they didnt tell me I could do that Music oh we can tag them too oh  __  you didnt see  __  mary says the unit stuff has been impaired twice spots and quick damage with our repair to Music now the easiest thing to shoot with tell you that much Music oh my god Music at the top of his head I cant really tell whats up sponge Im just trying to shoot this guy its not going very well Music Im all out of ammo huh all right yeah Im good be careful the enemy is going to be much more vigilant now were doing her gotcha Music come on what you got nice what are you playing Ill FIFA nice Music Music youve taken damage repair too along your chest use it on the noise Music where we know youre a talker Music if I got more ammo doesnt look like it Music I want to take this guy out Music thats good though that your your streams have been doing pretty well they pulled off the search proceed with caution they know your ki know up to 414 followers now got nine subscribers on twitch hell yeah dude hell yeah Im happy for you I mean it kind of sucks that its you know right now that your stream is kind of starting to kick off though just because of all the the Coppa nonsense you dont have to come over here all guns blazing okay no seriously thats going fairly well for me kind of consistent but thats about it nothing nothing i SuperDuper write home about or anything Im just kind of having fun with it Music Mary says the units chassis has been impaired we find a quiet spot and fix the damage with your repair - dont think theres a way that I can really get around this guy unfortunately womens drop youve evaded capture lie low theyll be on the lookout God is my little my little taser guy next Im pretty sure not even picked up any more ammo so yeah I got no thing Im coming for you better get that gun up nope Music do it Music Music go me be careful the enemy is going to be much more vigilant now okay right all a part of land remember this place agent your first rodeo this is where the magic happened theres a beta aspire model behind the security glass its beefier than your current alpha unit but its locked up tight agent to access the beta unit youll need to get upstairs to the power platform and run a power cycle its up above you to get up there and Im walking through the process then youll have some real power to fingertips gotcha Music Music good to the Power Platform there are four breakers you need to flip them all to start the system up theres the first breakup flip the switch now get to the other three and flip them too well alright well I cant climb this wall there are four breakers you need to flip them all to start the system up stop telling me about your stupid breakers Music Music Music theyve lowered the security level dont let them discover you dont tell me how to live my life that mice for now head over to the master panel and slip the minds breaker Music here is the master panel right next to it thank you this is one three kilo huge power surge in the fall division were going in over the path to the Aspire control deck is now open head back downstairs and get in there drop the repair tool on the floor to see your Waypoint Music Music oh no supplies for me yeah well  __  come on come on Im coming for you get bumped on son wheres the other guy probably went in here oh yeah there is got him okay this way yes this is it aspire control part of freaking this game has been so much fun yeah thats pretty good so far quartz thatll activate the new aspire unit great the unit is now online open the aspire console to possess the new unit ok this is the aspire console UI now click on the possess button this is a possession interface whenever you lose your link to a unit youll see this from here select an aspire beta unit alright this one select an activist buy a beta unit to possess it mission accomplished glad we recorded that good work ok complete the mission using only the tranquilizer gun well I mean not kill anyone I only had so much right okay tools weapons empty magazines thrown all right took a while okay well as far as the first episode is 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