Steam deck web browser in game modebuilding steam games ESPIRE 1: VR OPERATIVE gameplay Music hello everyone and welcome back to the show today so you can see today we are going to revisit quite an old game actually uh thats by ones been out for quite some time its one of the first games i played when i bought my og quest uh back in uh 19 so yeah theres been a lot of big updates since uh invictus update which i have no knowledge of at all i really know nothing about maybe its uh an expansion to the story uh more more challenge modes im not sure uh theres been updates uh previous to this that ive not even played because theres been so many other games uh released or ive just been uh so involved in in other games ive not played this for quite some time so its going to be interesting to see uh if theres any big sort of like visual improvements for quest two it does look a lot brighter in here already im only on the menu screen so what were gonna do is resume click agent one it says 181 centimeters which is like six foot which is untrue amx 90s on there that should be 180 welcome back agent missions oculus challenge what challenges and oculus challenges wow okay um Music yes lets have a little your rank sneaking challenge theyre going to give me any more information and maybe when we deploy let us deploy lets have a little look around lets see what it looks like in here oh yeah theres my hand another lap reserving the dropper whos resuming whos there my hands do look fantastic i cant use one at all uh infiltrate one of copperheads hideouts uh built into an abandoned underground hotel this is a sneaking mission so vice versa will constitute a mission failure we dont want to you know i mean we dont want to fail the mission but ive not played this in a long time and i feel like im going to be looking around and being all like oh this looks much better and oh my god look at that over there Music Music otherwise uh you wont be able to hear anything im saying a little bit apply that okay um what else actually will i still be able to hear uh no theres voice volumes on here ill still be able to hear him saying um lets do another lap or whatever it is they say uh no no no no no no ive got cameras in my in my hands i press my trigger put a little camera pops up ive got my screen here i can pop that camera around the corner have a little look someones patrolling oh theres just nothing here all right um lets go oh yeah then i dont know what it will come up that way okay i cant oh  __  oh hello im going to get seen oh no hes not very good at his job can i have that gun can i use that as a distraction i can im not actually holding in my palm somehow thats strange oh that didnt work wow do another round oh  __   __  go go go go go resuming control that was definitely on the left lets do another round its spooky oh no please oh yeah oh wait okay stay focused oh okay another left its not this way though stupid you wont see us fluffed it Music Music one minute remaining one minute oh ive taken oh  __  oh  __  its all gone wrong Music lets try that one more time try and be a little bit oh actually well go back to some of the other look at the other challenges greetings s by agent probably these oculus challenges are new well they might be new theres combat challenges weapon challenges pistol shotgun okay ah okay so these are more like target run throughs no more challenges on that stealth combat objectives weapons rescue climbing person of interest lets have a little go and ive not played this game such a long time so i do apologize if im awful but initiated i didnt read the thing i shouldve read oh no yeah Music these guys quick i need to shoot him in the face im gonna knock him out with one of these because he is fully armored no oh hello oh somethings wrong i think weve got come oh me you  __  done wrong weve got company possible youve evaded capture lie low theyll be on the lookout okay stand down stay focused resuming patrol i turn on this weapon  __  i need to wait for him to come around this corner first if it comes out should be oh  __  i was gonna shoot wow burn Music i did not look to the gold plate alive oh oh okay in which case lets lets try that again i know i didnt read the thing i feel rather silly our person of interest is somewhere upstairs maybe he wants to clear a puff before knock him out bring him back to the gold plate knock him out and give him a  __  karate chop about making one of these do a little radio call before and can i just get can i just  __  off Music no no it didnt work too much armor on no it did work drag him away for  __  sake is he gonna come out this door dont come out this door stay focused once more around what was that it oh no its not going to kill him yeah it must have been  __  it as long as they stay over there all right lets move huh holy  __  the targets there its getting lower thank you lets climb this  __  real quick theres a guy oh theres a guy lets do another round lets do another round two minutes remaining get no its up get in were in run run oh god there he is that might be him maybe this is that flamingo whos that okay 19 seconds remaining what 90 seconds on this guy being there im never gonna do this now oh  __  i fell down ive fallen down run hes dead all right now we grab this guy because weve just knocked him out and then we get the  __  out of dodge go go go no lets wait go go go go which way was the way out this way go go go for a second got 30 seconds to get the  __  out of here i dont know where i imagine its where i started theres gonna be two guys in there theres one dead down come on come on come on come on no no get on stay on the thing yeah congratulations nice okay i suppose we will go back into welcome especially the main game for a moment missions the mission resume mission i was i do remember i did start a new game when i first got uh my quest to well its been that long video challenges oculus challenge leaderboards and more next update wheres my ah wheres my all this  __  Music there has been a lot of visual upgrades to this lets see all these little like dots on your hands and fingers nothing that was quite as detailed before am i doing this without a stealth approach really i mean that guys gonna see me straight away ive got this guy weve got lasers i mean im talking for a start it should be able to hear me anyway whats my objective again oh  __  im injured oh yeah this little tool sort of like appears all your why would it put me in this situation why would it just yeah you guys definitely have been comfortable i think i cant just push through this what even is this come on is Music lets restart let me show okay connection to the aspire beta unit seems stable mary is still all green agent weve lost access to the other aspire prototypes if you lose a unit no i just wanted to restart from the checkpoint theres an exit out there this new aspire model has a few tricks up its metal sleeves to keep track of enemies in the area raise your hand to your head and pull the trigger this will fire the proprietary multi-sensory tactical interface we call aspire vision trained to detect all threats in the immediate vicinity what i know about all of that me thank you very much theres my old i was in that aspire unit and then i got in another one and this is yeah a little bit ways back from where i was as well as being a next-generation tele-presence-controlled combat droid the aspire units entire body acts as a bleeding edge sensor array we only show you one visual feed but every millisecond over 300 nanometers scale cameras all feed back to mary basically a little model of water running around dimensional life tactical feedback and threat awareness simulation basically for anyone that dont know this game is about uh tactical espionage and you are basically your consciousness is put into a a robot of sorts lasers just underneath the laser the first set of lasers but watch out there might be more lasers in very close proximity uses spire vision to see them was it just hero wheres my ball is that the ball that must be the ball oh wow there is a lot more light and whoa whoa whoa youre not getting past these lasers in a hurry looks like theres a breaker box just above you flip the lever for the circuit to turn them off descriptive completed i remember this got access to a feed across the hall who are these people whoever they are this operation is firmly under the rug agent follow those offices head for the airlock on the far side of the hall look at the state of the left here over there im sure theres a guy out there weve got this guy oh yeah weve got our  __  lasers go go go go go go go go go go hes not going to see man hes not going to see me hes not going to see man lets do another round resuming patrol my camera marks the targets nice one oh  __  theres a guy over there maybe ill collect a little break for those boxes there before this guy starts coming back maybe maybe not another lap lets start moving yeah lets do another round youre over there hes going to start coming  __  lets go this way okay stay focused controlling maybe resuming control security protocols with their own if the attackers have packed our security systems servers might open up that airlock for us agent make for the reach division run a power cycle Music oh no  __  go go go go go but proceed with caution they know youre here now so this is where all the aspire funds put your  __  hands up bro move ahead through these caves youll find a side entrance to the reach division get in there and power cycle the security system those are radio signals theres somethings not right there um hey hey weve lost weapon control aspires unarmed what doctor not my fault it looks like oh yeah forgot about this it wasnt radio god its been such a long time it was a high frequency jammer but wasnt there one of those back in the labs no that was unknown rf jammer here theyve triggered a full wireless lockdown must be a reach division security measure the unit will lose its most dangerous functions first like its trigger finger now my fault i need a couple of minutes to re-optimize the code with the weaker command agent let me on im trying to go man let me on this club down what way well go on is gonna see us even after weve been shut down reach us still blocking our work bloody travesty Music weapons should be free any second okay have re-optimized the connectivity called weapon lock disabled okay no sign of the enemy resume your patrols dont look down there bro shot in the face okay weve got guy there yeah now were getting back to where we just were oh for  __  sake hello Music hours mary says the units chassis has been impaired find a quiet spot and fix the damage with your repair tube im trying to put these guys to sleep man oh did i miss him oh Music to know that might be where i am going go go go go go go run victoria pipe like a rat up a dream bike well so much for the uh the stealth aspect of this game because thats gone youve evaded capture live right now nice day the door theres the door yes oh no the generator room should be at the back of this department i need to uh fix my uh im getting shot Music ah forget it mate this position theres another guy thats one guy i can shoot him from there possibly what am i shooting over there all my bullets bouncing off me wow thats a little issue in the game no boundary issues well i wanted to do that a little bit more gracefully Music Music Music they know youre here now whats that what is that im getting in there what a douchebag i dont want to go down there for sure yeah can i grab that grab that stuff no i cant wait there we go here we go again the lighting on the hands and the weapons knows its really quite good i dont feel like theres gonna be someone access to the generators should be up high above you this is the place they rebuilt everything this looks like a second fire patreon yeah what were they testing in here fries personnel oh im not sure whether this uh lagging just comes from the recording or theyve reached the departments power infrastructure to function as a second aspiring new units active possess one of them now oh nice one two or three oh yeah you have to uh possess shedlock as you get the choose number three we already said number three i dont know what that said well choose that anyway what these units have aspire instinct that was an experimental feature agent see if it works press the signified button to slow down time down relative time with aspire instinct we only ever had that down on paper oh its with my powers wherever i just watched the power you bastard is it whats that is that word just literally where i just was and hes got my gun oh no busted Music lock is malfunctioning theres a circuit breaker behind that fan in the wall agent this new aspire model has a feature called aspire instinct press the signified button to slow down time breaker but dont stress yourself will keep the dosing within safe margins promise here we are grab that dial and twist it all the way to the right im sorry sorry seriously thats it power should be back online any second and all the people are going to get to the large power unit at the far end of the generator room and power it back up oh yep yep yep oh are they going for these stairs Music these generators then head back to the mess hall should reset that airlock for us we just pried the aspire units back in the atrium agent youll only have access to the backups in this room moving forward agent get back to the mess hall and get through that airlock its not through there i want to be Music this seems to be this sort of like sometimes can you see me for that should be able to theyve called off the search but proceed with caution they know youre here now Music Music the dark you cant see me in the back stay focused once more around i cannot see me nothings happening im just hiding Music lets do another round stop doing rounds just everyone stay where they are another loop in the armor Music repair tool what you dont see me bro you wont see me Music when i think there is glass here there isnt one i dont think there is thats weird weird bit of laggy laggy lagginess can we go in here no why is it there then we go down yeah its gone and here we are heres where we  __  it all up before where are you going over oh my god when did i i havent been over there ive been over way now go ah stop oh thats right man im going this way yes Music was that its done no anybody here thats all right the guy knocked out earlier i was supposed to go oh okay Music when these guys just dont know how to uh ive got this camera look at this dead body weve got this guy lets just walk in here so were gonna move these guys you shoot these the laser sensors yes Music youre just getting shot me because ive had enough i want to get the  __  out of here yes give me a sec to hack these security gates roger that okay agent please stand by well that was some awful gameplay for myself hes not very stealthy at all okay unlock the cheat im sure i want any cheese look at these what is that whered you find that i want whatever that is uh silenced smg so we could continue there well im not going to i think well leave it there for now im going to review the footage make sure its not too uh theres not too many lags or it doesnt affect the uh the footage too much and also to make sure that the audio is in sync uh but for now leave it there until next time uh from me mr deathwish i shall say goodbye redeem steam Espire 1 has been out on quest for ages but the devs are still hard at it, making fantastic improvements the lighting on the hands and guns looks really good, everything looks really crisp. the challenges are varied and fun and i cant wait to see how the story missions have expanded. if you like stealth action shooters then this is one to own and just keeps getting better. games steam gratis how to see my 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