Modded Fallout 4 Has Officially Peaked!

Five nights at freddy's game steamsteam game awards stream FALLOUT 4 game modded Fallout 4 has always been an edge that Ive wanted to scratch however the incredibly difficult entry to modding this game has always left me on the edge today however that changes as we are finally playing as requested by many of you guys the lost world mod pack a stalker inspired mod pack that leaves no stone untouched as it completely changes the game for the best and if there is one thing that Ive realized and started playing the mod pack is that when you think everything is peaceful and quiet it never really is yep thats exactly what I mean there were three zombies there and I only saw two because one of them was Heaven behind the last one theres one more coming in oh man yeah there we go thats the thing about Fallout you think everything is peaceful and clear you start blasting and out of nowhere everything changes its crazy and its crazy good too so you got a couple bats here and a fireplace my guess is someone was sleeping here but Im guessing theyre long gone and then we have this thing uh the Saiga is so good Music but with that said we do need to get some shelter now the thing is its about to get night time and in this month back the nights are super duper scary now we have a building right in front and you know what it might actually just work out let me check it out we need a place that we can either fortify or close the doors that could be it actually no theres one more inside I think so we are in a rail yard I think its a train station this one what the hell you know Im starting to realize that Im pretty sure the zombies are actually following me and I really do not like it its like if I dont stop in one place if I just keep moving Im fine but once I stop theyre just all around me all over again plenty of them too like big groups you know not just like four or five Ive seen like 15 zombies at once and its actually really scary and a big ammo dump as well so I found myself a house and once again they just keep coming up but I do believe this is a good place for me to stay because I can close the door so lets do that and wait for the daytime its gonna be a tough night Music Music Applause foreign Music was actually pretty insane those noises never stop even when I was sleeping crazy stuff man so we do need to do a mission today or I want to do a mission and show you guys how things are were gonna go with the memes so a settlement needs our help and once again look at this man the zombies are all over the place Im not gonna shoot him this time no this time Im gonna go around because if I keep shooting every single group of zombies that I see I will run out of ammo Im guessing though will they come upstairs man dont think so I mean it was hard for me so I mean theres a couple of them that really wanna eat me yup got them either coming upstairs Music awesome so the mission actually have to go all the way down south over here to the corvega assembly plant theres some Raiders there and we have to take them out now hopefully through the power of editing here we are thats the big Beauty building we need to go fortunately though theres actually some tunnel hmm I think its a machine gun there we go wow that was loud might as well kill the light as well but if this is how the catacombs look like I can only imagine what the rest of the building is Music well we are definitely not stealthy anymore they uh definitely know were coming Music wow that guy took a lot of bullets Music two down there what is this place though one thing I do like about Fallout is the interior design Im not a big fan of the entire retro style of the game at least not on the outside especially not the cars but holy crap the game does have a really cool vibe to it I mean just look at this its so good you know it has its moments I think Ive been sleeping on Fallout for a long long time and now I have like to get my time back or something wow and then you have the Wrangle animations just like that one that are incredibly fun to watch so you just want to shoot people off Ledges just to see how they react its actually pretty funny that almost got me off guard as well I think I should be paying more attention now the real  __  never been to this place in fact the entire game is new to me pretty much so so I dont know there is a guy here somewhere I do hear him walking okay it was a lady sorry for that I think she was stuck on something so classic Bethesda I guess but yeah theres a few guys here yeah I do love this AK Ive got plenty of weapon mods on the mod pack and then others I added but this one is my favorite more people here too hmm I see one of them Im going in thats actually really fun the ragdolls once again man so good just want to shoot people just because lets check this side out no this helpful way way yeah you know sometimes I dont even know what to say about things like these we have a sniper rifle might as well make use of it right so theres one guy right there wondering if I can shoot him through here Music awesome it didnt clip through oh we did the mission already okay well this was actually easier than I thought Im actually really surprised wow we nailed it so we do need to find shelter now um big radiated storm coming in they happen all the time you do you need a gas mask so clearly I have one I just do not have enough filters so I think its just better off if I just find some shelter find some shelter and sleep it away I guess I dont know uh oh theres more than I expected oh my God he just quit didnt he right this looks like a good place to go so lets check it out theres definitely walking here so Im not alone I think its zombies though yeah yeah interesting foreign so its actually fun so Im guessing the zombies here were like hibernating or something and the moment I came in they heard me they walked up and then they got shot thats my way of looking at it its just that it probably just render them but I do believe I can deactivate the turrets though Its gotta find the password find okay we are not alone here thats just scary the hell there is one right here surely not the last one though is he doubt it okay lets try this one more time lets try that oh okay so we can deactivate the turrets nice let me see if I can open up anything no offline error so I guess the system is completely offline Music kind of useless then bro that guy has been chilling there for 200 years or something oh here we go Tesla Science magazine Ill take it stash oh an sa-55 okay its actually not too bad 308 weapon really powerful in this one and yeah just a bunch of project notes that I guess if you like the lore you could read them but yeah so this is the weapon we got the sa58 foreign you know if theres a way down Im definitely gonna take it not expecting much though damn this is another cool place I hate this once the invisible ones are the worst man I hate them so much and sometimes I dont even know what I find like what the hell is that is it a mutated zombie or an irradiated zombie I dont know cool and I want to shoot it hmm actually wasnt too powerful was it kind of odd isnt it sometimes the ones who look the scariest are actually the easier ones to kill and the ones look easy are the hardest ones so that was a dead end uh-oh man Im telling you Music these things are the absolute worst they are not that scary in the tunnels but once you go outside its like specially at night uh the mod pack comes with a mod that makes the knights like super duper scary the mutant activity is off the roof I do feel like theyre faster and everything like men Im nervous just by talking about it but I do hope you guys have enjoyed the video so far I have definitely been sleeping on Fallout especially the mods and its something I do want to bring to the channel so if this video does well I will bring it more often I promise just and I never say this but just make sure to click that like button you know comment if you like that all of the good stuff next you know dont be dont be a stalker like that one theres one more awesome so yeah I guess we are sleeping here today not the worst room I have definitely uh slept on worse places well anyways I guess Ill see you guys on the next one until then have a really good one kisser plays checking out or whatever it is I use as my outro because I never do the same thing satisfactory save game location steam Thanks For Watching Everyone! 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