Fallout 4 - Cleaning Up Goodneighbor

Bissell poweredge steam mopinstall steam archlinux FALLOUT 4 game this world is trash this world is trash why are you what the you have one of my guns I know you do just go until six because it probably takes like an hour to fast travel there fair enough get out shut my bed I should have slept until seven oh no did you kill seven yep dont have to worry about her anymore no seven yeah very bad well Kyrie is upset now we gotta reset uh yeah you ever hear about the calendar Thief he got 12 months and his days were numbered and I shot him I love you seven nope no dont you dare dont ask me how I know so much about super mutants lets just say I have a friend of a friend who smuggled me some samples okay maybe he wasnt a friend just some guy I met you might even say I know a guy flirting with people is like a dance it doesnt work if the other person is so great no better than great whats like the highest level of greatness well whatever it is youre it Im in hell right now this is Hell theres so many people talking to me I wish I was dead I hate being praised lets scrounge around in these Alleyways see if we cant find some delicious food whoa as a duly appointed Federal National I demand to know what youre doing paint your concern move it uh so what are we doing back here what were they doing the sabotaging the generator literally nothing yay we just killed a bunch of men for no reason were you guys literally lets go check out the underground drinking area yeah yeah that is a surprisingly modern jacket hey it will be coming right there well the bear still ties to save jobs like  __  goodness all right lets um just your place Charlie just keeps the floor clean and drinks dirty so youre buying a what sounds like a conflict of interest so Hancocks the owner huh thats right Im a run mayor of this whole bloody towel trust me never get on his bad side stay clear now watch your poison yeah bodyguard doesnt seem like a problem Hancock has a bodyguard the condescending stare trust me now something about her aint right now Im trying to sell drinks here you mean no I I want I want work dirty boy to do some dirty dirty work Im a dirty boy that kind of sounds like my alley I like doing stuff well I only hear the details first though I got a certain Anonymous client whos playing top py locations everyone inside no Witnesses only catch its all in town the old warehouses so I cant use my regulars to noticeable thats where you come you said were regulars though I dont know three locations is a lot of time and a lot of bullets well I guess we could sweeten the puck 250. not enough give more 300 more money all right all right Ill do it you better now go up man and bust me whats that supposed to mean you and you you yes back on your Podium before you start singing into a microphone all right were leaving goodbye how wonderful someone new is it true youre from one of those faults what I met a few of your kind once before back in DC Charming people badly dressed but Charming all the same youre badly dressed I suppose its better than the reverse clothes you can change but you cant buy a charm you can invest points in the charm though great tell me about this place they call this club the third rail because if you touch it youre likely to get a venereal disease thats not how trains work you are a terrible train spotter very well kind of murder some some political adversaries not political adversaries randos squatting in buildings and theres the last one of this place I think clear tomorrow is that all of them and then we moved on to the next one next building Mr Rebels the first cat in space thats cute I love that poster theyre gonna be hostile what are you an idiot see I told you oh yeah and theres one and theres two and well drop them all yep were gonna defend the show Point never mind were gonna stand in the middle of the Joker and get shot this is a great idea oh you shot him in the shoulder and then the chest youre a right up Jake hell never find me hiding in the mannequins hell never find me in these mannequins oh  __  oh no you found me miss new booty now where were you keeping your playing cards I havent found a single one pack of duct tape damn it not good enough so sneaky theyll have no idea whats the hold up a lot of boxes okay just hold on to your ass its like all Im good for is waiting around Jesus theyre actually looking for something apparently oh yeah the fixies in think anyone noticed that time why did he say rat attack before he hit me with a no rat attack here comes the bat I dont know what else would you yell but also why would you say rat attack cat before you hit someone with a baseball bat Im not very familiar with sports maybe maybe its a baseball reference maybe babe rat a tat tat Ruth babe rat a tattoo he was that was actually the Babe Ruth that hid under Babe Ruths hat it was a little tiny Babe Ruth did he pulled his hair and made him swing the baseball bat very few people know that Babe Ruth was controlled by a mouse its true actually true thats where the idea for the movie ratatou he came from that was a big controversy they made him French when everyone knows how racist Babe Ruth was against the French oh Western the spoon Trail what is this early audience internet Humor Magazine its the spoon Trail holds up spork LMAO boss Ill hold it well lure my husband out onto the bridge and then Ill cut the rope to the bridge so it falls into The Gulch and then no one will know that were actually together I got a better idea honey how about I just shoot him is actually got kind of a genese quoi about all right well Im not leering over Im  __  magazine why not youve learned at everything else today oh  __  oh wow the dust storm rolling into town did I breathing in dont breathe lets go lets go back underground Charlie surfs the drinks I deal with the trunks I know I know that you were just doing a job for Charlie because the whole  __  town could hear you laughing and joking out there peace brother Ive heard some exterminator cleaned out the rats in the old warehouses wouldnt know anything about that well yeah I dont know what youre talking about oh Brian lets hear what you want uh whats the word around town damn dude the fog has not dissipated ah its still foggy smoggy Foggy Bottom Dusty Foggy Bottom something like that yeah thats a train station in Washington DC I was unaware Foggy Bottom never been except that one time I was in Washington DC Ive been twice yeah two times two times two times follow Washington Monument yeah its cool its neat you know you can see a line on the Washington Monument where they pause construction and then they started construction again I I did not know that yeah there was a there was a big period where they paused construction on but in in between it so theres like a theres a clear dividing line where you can see they use two different types of limestone is that what its made out of I cant remember maybe its the same type of limestone but one is slightly more aged no its its its that its its Limestone from two different places so thats why like theres a clear dividing line on the on the Washington different colors huh yeah its like theyre the same color but its like eggshell versus off-white okay so its like yeah theyre the same color but not really the same color scalacube valheim without steam (85) Lets take a moment to tidy up this scummy town. With murder.🥽 🕊️ 🕊️ 🧞 🔥 👾 👾 Mods used: ** No, this isnt really multiplayer. Its just video-editing magic. 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