Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition - Review

Steam boat new orleanssteam link game pass FALLOUT 4 game Music hello this is photography gamer welcome back to the channel today Im reviewing fallout for game of the year edition for the ps4 the game is also available for the Xbox one and Microsoft Windows fallout 4 is an action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios the story takes place in the year 20 to 87 in an open world following a post-apocalyptic event in the city of Boston you play as the sole survivor who is cryogenically frozen as the bombs start dropping and you re-emerge from the fallout shelter years later while in the freezer you witness your partner being murdered and your child being kidnapped so your main mission in the game once you wake is to find your son the game of the year edition features all the DLC including the story based map snooker world and Far Harbor so what is the game like to play well firstly you have to make your character you can choose a male or female protagonist and the options are fairly extensive with plenty of face sculpting options haircuts unique scars and features after the initial prologue you emerge into the radiated landscape in your default jumpsuit and the Pip Boy the acts as your in-game menu interface you get to choose your preferred statistics and perks to define your character if you want a heavy-handed melee fighter or a stealthy assassin or just some charming person who can avoid combat altogether then you just need to allocate the appropriate stats thats one of the best features of fallout 4 the ability to be whoever you want to be and make the choices that fit with your own personal allegiances but youre not alone you have a variety of companions who can travel with you on your adventure these range from dogs robots mercenaries or even mutated monsters the post-apocalyptic wasteland is a dangerous place so youll need to scavenge weapons clothing armor and random items to craft all mod specific things you can alter weapons where heavy duty power armor to protect you from the radiation and the game uses a vats system if you want to pinpoint a specific limb or body part of your enemy in fallout 4 is definitely a sea change from the previous games in the it feels more like a first-person shooter than the previous games did in the previous installments ammo was really scarce and there werent that many weapons but not this time after a few hours of play you will have a massive Arsenal at your disposal now maybe this does take away some of the danger from the experience but also it makes the whole game a lot more playable and a lot more enjoyable but for me the strongest aspect of fallout 4 is the story and the narrative as with previous games you have branching conversations and the freedom to choose which side you want to align with you can become part of the Minutemen who are like these old-school sheriffs you can join the brotherhood of steel who are heavy-duty Marines theres the Institute who are a secretive tech firm or there are several other variations you can join the main story is excellent as are the side quests in fact sometimes its really hard to tell the difference between the side quests and the main quest because theyre so rich and detailed the choices in conversation give you that real sense of freedom and in general the game world feels alive as you often seem to encounter these random events happening around you like completely separate of your adventure one new feature to the Fallout series is settlements you can take control of a small plot of land and build bases defenses and attract settlers to form various communities throughout the game world and this finally gives a purpose to all that scrap that you find around the world as these can be used to build things in your bases you can even allocate guards armed your settlers and decide what they where you can create supply lines where settlers will share resources with other camps and if all that wasnt enough this version comes with all the DLC which is a huge amount of content youve got far harbour which is this creepy fog covered island with weird cults and mysterious creatures lurking around you have Nucor world where the favorite drink of the apocalypse is manufactured and includes some excellent new quests youve also got DLC for creating your own robots and all of the other DC everything really just adds to the experience its a really fantastic package but theres more you have mods these come in two types youve got the paid mods of either creation club which theyre okay but I wouldnt go too crazy on them for me the best mods are the free mods that are made by the community graphically the game is a bit of a mixed bag the environments are quite drab and are inspiring and the character models they are wooden the game and the game does suffer from some technical issues but you know overall the I like the art style its that classic fallout art style that kind of vintage II futuristic vintage mixture its an atmospheric world although it could have looked a lot better I think the in-game music is excellent as is the environmental ambience throughout but the voice acting really does steal the show all the characters dialogue is well acted and the amount of dialogue in this is incredible the characters have a real depth and the performance and choice of voice actors really were fantastic okay whats good and whats bad whats good the game has an excellent story and a fantastic bunch of side quests the freedom of choice is liberating the combat feels more user friendly and accessible than before the settlement building combined with mods adds almost infinite replay value and the game world feels realistic and alive whats bad the game does suffer from several graphical and performance issues the settlement building system is a bit slow and cumbersome to use and it does feel a bit too easy when compared to previous instalments so what is the verdict fallout 4 is the best Fallout game Ive played it may be a bit of a departure from the previous games in terms of its difficulty and the abundance of guns and ammunition but for me this is a positive change and it makes the whole experience of playing much more fun the dialogue is engaging and the sheer volume of variety of quests out there is just staggering the mods give the players options to tweak the experience to suit their needs and the addition of settlement building really gives a community aspect that really fits with the rebuilding of the post-apocalyptic world its a fantastic game albeit one that is riddled with issues but for me the issues werent game breaking they were just a little bit annoying you know I completed the main quest I think Ive put about a hundred hours in I did the main quest I did some settlement building I did some side quest to finish the main campaign and usually when I finish a main campaign Im kind of done tonight I move on I must have put another hundred hours into building lots of settlements setting up supply chains doing all the DLCs doing all the sort of side quests and the same Ive never done all the missions because theres just far too many its very difficult to do everything so its a really good value value for money package its an amazingly in depth huge game and one that you will get a lot of pleasure from so my score for Fallout for Game of the Year Edition is 9 out of 10 ok that was the review thank you for watching if you enjoyed the video please like and subscribe this is photography gamer signing off thank you Music epic games on steam link Join this channel to get access to perks: Gamer reviews Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition for the Playstation 4. 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