Fallout 4 Gameplay Highlights - Ep. 1 - Killing Spree

Steam clorthaxfull steam staffing stockton ca FALLOUT 4 gameplay hey guys Mike the bike here back for you in another video today were in fallout 4 our objective currently is to travel from where we are sanctuary over to or to investigate Concorde so lets see if we encounter along the way now Im still sort of in the e3 phase of the game so you may have already seen a lot of this looks like weve got a dog weve seen this before alright it looks like were entering Concord greeted of course by some blood bugs just what we need theres some gun shots that could not be a good sign were gonna have to go investigate of course youve got some Raiders finally some other people these guys are going down still very easily thats of course loot up looting is wonderful in this game I really like how quick it is normally you kind of got paused this keeps you in the action Im trying to figure out how to go into vats but I seem to be unable oh lets see oh thats a laser musket up there Im not a fan of this thing being singled out but its certainly better than a 10 mil okay one thing thats quite cool I must say gameplay is much improved in this game compared to Fallout 3 thats just my first impressions absolutely a heck of a lot quicker and when you shoot people they actually react man I dont know who you are but your time is impeccable preston garvey Commonwealth Minuteman Sturges theres a crash vertibird up on the roof so lets get the suit you can rip the minigun right off the vertibird and do that and those Raiders get an express ticket to hell you dig but just some power armor just stand-in there okay thats kind of weird well that is awfully cool lets see looks like we got a minigun now so that definitely cant hurt oh hello oh yeah thats a great idea man yeah you should shoot me for sure can I just jump oh oh maybe I should sit in that but thats okay well that doesnt sound too good thats what I like to see those bandits are too easy always dodging my bullets what the heck okay sings almost down looks like we got him finally wasnt that bad actually last guy here I think is it all she wrote note one more that was a pretty amazing display hunters glad you are on our side thanks bro honestly Im not really sure how Im gonna make videos on this game its just got so much content but for now I think Im just gonna take us through a little bit of a quest because thats all I could think of so we our objective is to go to ten Pines Bluff and I guess were just gonna see what happens one thing which is much improved in this game is the looting before you had to go to a whole different interface and it was just a pain in the butt but with this its a lot quicker and honestly all in all I just feel like the game is a lot quicker it is in a lot of ways the same stuff you were doing in Fallout 3 of course with a lot of other stuff onto it like the base building and so on but a lot of this stuff is still the same you know you got vats you got looting you got dialog its just done better and I think thats plenty I mean it is a sequel its not a totally different franchise its not supposed to be oh wow those graphics though what the heck is this oh okay okay I see it as I see it is I got you I got you oh I mean it is brand new but still that youd think they have things like this polished I mean Ive ran into actually quite a few bugs so far like just random glitches you know people hanging in walls and a couple graphical things so that is kind of annoying but its expected in a follow game but thats not necessarily a good thing we got up ahead is that an animal looks like a moose totally looks like a moose is it an enemy moose okay okay thats very normal lets lets take this thing out yeah lets go for some head shot see I dont even have enough whatever okay thatll do thatll do looks like we got somebody here lets take a look simpler hey but wont you just hey there what do you want we dont need any more trouble around whoa children take it easy Im with the Minutemen Im here to help go with the Minutemen I didnt really think you fellows still existed is there something you need my help with yeah theres a Raider gang thats been giving us trouble for weeks stealing food and supplies threatening to kill us all if we dont pony up we know where theyre coming from but we cant go up against a gang like that well Ill take care of them thanks friend if you folks are for real this time itll be a welcome change for the better now thats the kind of thing I like doing killing Raiders well go take care of that thats thatll be fun well I hear enemies Oh suit we got here try to be a little bit stealthy your stuff okay lets try out our model 70 here oh crap lets see what we can do here lets go with a headshot lets see how that goes please work god damn it Ive been crippled oh my god stim pack time stim pack clang oh no my dough just getting a assaulted Im in the favorites menu oh my goodness this is not going well I would like to go out a third person please thank you oh my god this is - all right take - lets give this another shot all right all right lets see here yo chill guys chill guys you tuned oh crap QQ QQ q okay headshot doh headshot are you kidding I dont have enough okay go go go do your thing I got one okay this guy up there guy up there God another God another okay its going well so far making progress oh I did a sneak attack thats good thats good Oh oh my goodness okay shotgun time sharken time lets see lets see breach and clear breach it oh theres some guys that tommy gun down there or something where you at dude Im gonna sneak-attack oh yeah oh crap damn is it nice to it nice enough for me though what the hecks ow its a crow oh theres the other I didnt even know thanks bets well alright lets go check the sail lets see whos over here who is this feller its a ghoul oh its a couple ghouls Oh No please be easy to kill oh theyre falling apart oh oh I just made that one fall on the ground oh yeah oh my god theres nukes going off I thought that was like 200 years ago what the heck is this okay whoa just a big truck up here no biggie a Raider a Raiders up here oh my goodness these guys though talk crap thats pretty simple actually it wasnt too difficult oh my goodness have been nukes okay thats taken care of now wheres these nukes oh there it is Oh No okay we bought it gotta be real quick theres the bad guys theyre gonna try to nuke me I understand where are you at oh crap Oh see I think they just killed themselves thats even better okay there oh my god its a power armor okay I killed that guy instead honestly Im not having a good time with bats go away go away oh wait shotgun shotgun please Oh thatll do thatll do okay okay okay five hey bud hey bud oh my goodness oh my goodness stimpack were fine back to the bolte and lets lock on why is that a 4% chance okay kill him kill him oh nice Oh destroyed okay that one pretty well he had a fat man oh my gosh oh theres bad guys okay time to be tactical time to be tactical go for that headshot please maybe not there we go we got one oh my goodness that was interesting Oh some kamikaze guy he could not stand a chance hes dead actually well okay lets go at the musket cuz I dont have much ammo for anything else that does power okay hes dead good good good my FES is going down to Lake 30 right now this is hectic okay thats going pretty well try that again Oh short work of the turret almost there and we got him okay lets keep going keep going okay so on the outer side of this compound thing clearing out these bandits somebodys shooting at me again that was a lot in this game oh Ive been snipers from somebody up there I think I said that oh there is no is that him dude Im so blind you got that guy whos shooting at me down here what you three cute oh hes right above me ooh got some good things that repair bubblehead fusion core is less 10% longer thats cool now theres a guy up there I think yeah it is lets see what we could do here I dont think I need vets hes just wounded I dont have got three rounds left oh crap come on well we got our nice new gun revolver rifle lets see how this goes I think its its in 45 and thats just honestly all I need is something thats in a different caliber right now seems to dont pretty good job the looting is so nice oh no that is not so nice oh poor Doge are you okay buddy youre not good Oh submachine gun another new gun I like all new guns big fan of guns I think this is the Tommy gun there it is oh thats nice I really like that that is so nice how much damage does to do ten okay I should upgrade that thats kind of bad thats lets try it out this time whoa oh god Im it worked all that sit network so well got him okay so it took forever but we didnt clear up those bandits we got a heck of a lot of guns for that was nice yes it took care of him I took care of them no kiddin thats the best piece of news weve had around here for a good long time thanks again friend cool good to know duly noted anyways guys I dont know what the heck this video is gonna be its kind of like just an experiment cuz I really like fallout 4 I want to make some videos on it but Im just sort of experimenting let me know if you like sort of this montage you sort of somethingness I dont know do all the usual things thanks for watching guys and I will see you in the next video top games on steam 2022 Starting up my Fallout 4 Gameplay series.. not sure where thisll go but only time will tell. 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