Fallout 4 Gameplay Reveal - E3 2015 Bethesda Press Conference

Can i play origin games on steam deckstrategy games steam FALLOUT 4 gameplay Music youre gonna knock them dead at the veterans hall tonight hon you thank you absolutely now get ready and stop hogging the mirror right and this is where you create your character by simply selecting part of the face and sculpting such a cute nose what do you think huh beard or no beard were gonna speed up time here and show you just how easy and powerful this is to create all new characters by just sculpting and making changes wherever you want in the face no series of sliders hey my turn big guy and of course you can play as a female however you leave the menu as is who youll play and this is an entirely dynamic system its the same system we use to create all of the games NPCs we even generate a baby based on the couple you make thanks cosmic nuka-cola ice cold sugar bombs 100 percent daily value of sugar good money vault-tec kali vault-tec remind me again why were about you sir and helping secure your future you see vaulteq is the foremost builder of state-of-the-art underground fallout shelters vaults if you will but theres room for my entire family right of course of course miners you robot naturally in fact youre already cleared for entrance its just a matter of gara fiying some information Applause wonderful thats everything just gonna walk this over to the vault congratulations on being prepared for the thanks again hmm its peace of mind thats worth a little paperwork right your codsworth say my name that isnt for the demo we actually have recorded around a thousand of the most popular names for him to say how are the two most important men in my life doing spin the mobile a bit he loves that Music reports of nuclear detonations in the Orkin disfigure my god we we need to get to the vault now Ive got Shawn lets go almost there I love you both of you we love you too hold on now were not going to be spoiling or talking about the game story tonight but you do survive and get lowered into the vault events transpire but you then emerge 200 years later as the sole survivor of vault 111 this is an enormous dynamic world where you can create any kind of character you want go where you want and do whatever you want player freedom remains our absolute number one goal Music this is running on a next-generation version of our creation engine features full physical based rendering as well as dynamic volumetric lighting codsworth youre youre still here so other people can still be alive - its worse than I thought no no thats not possible I wasnt after that long what fool yeah sure I need a minute a thing like that even our dialogue is dynamic its not a mode youre locked into you can play it in first-person you can play it in third person you can walk away whenever you want you shoot him in the face if you want youre all by yourself you want to come with me pal okay then lets stick together hey head over there and yes you can give the dog commands by simply pointing at things in the environment activating them its all contextual grab that ready to get back out there it is from here that youll explore the most ambitious and detailed game world that we have ever made culminating in the massive ruins of downtown Boston you Music steamed hard boiled egg Watch the first gameplay demo for Fallout 4 at Bethesdas Press Conference at E3 2015.Follow Fallout 4 at! Official Site - Visit all of our channels: Features & Reviews - Gameplay & Guides - Trailers - Mobile Gaming - Like - Follow - Stream Live - can i bring a steamer on a plane the best indie games on steam top coop games steam steaming artichokes can you play call of duty on steam deck