Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas With Only A Straight Razor?

Saturated steam table calculatorinhale steam for sinus FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS at the beginning of new vegas whenever the player wakes up in doc mitchells house they are quickly taken through the character creator where they can then fine-tune exactly how they want their character to play by assigning their special stats and tag skills but the tag skills do more than just affect what your character will be skilled with early in the game as they also determine what weapons and items you will start with one of these weapons is a straight razor which is widely regarded as one of the absolute worst weapons in the game due to low damage and durability so normally you would look to replace it with a better weapon as soon as possible but what if for some reason you were stuck with it throughout the whole game with no means to unequip it well thats what todays video is about as i aim to find out can you beat fallout new vegas with only the straight razor things are relatively normal for once during the character crater no real hideous abominations this time for my special stats i essentially just drain perception and charisma as it will both be useless for this run and just assign the rest of the points around strength intelligence and luck strength and intelligence are pretty obvious and luck is just my preferred stunt as its great for extra critical chance in just about any build and as a nice bonus it makes earning caps later in the game a non-issue as mentioned before tax skills are especially important this time around as picking malley weapons lets me start the game with a straight razor my other two tag skills were medicine and barter just to help with medical supplies throughout the run finally for traits i took skilled for an extra five points in each skill right away and wild wasteland because who wouldnt when i finally get our weapon of choice its in a pretty per condition and with no real way to repair as of yet in good springs i do have four weapon repair kits from the curry of stash dlc but im keeping them for emergency situations like if im in a fight with no way to repair my razor and its about to break now sometimes chat will sell straight razors but as of right now hes fresh out so instead i sell everything i dont need and use the caps to buy as many stem packs as i can ive also noticed that the people of good spring seem to be lacking any barbers around the town therefore being the model citizen that i am i take it upon myself to give everyone the saloon a haircut free of charge seemingly not impressed by my hairdressing skills i left the saloon and let joe cobb and his merry band of misfits take over the town not like that was much of an accomplishment however as the only person who was there to defend the time was doc mitchell after that was over with it was off to prim nothing of worth happened on the way there other than this weird dog that i sculpt i decided to help save the deputy as any experience is good experience plus i wanted to see how effective the razer was in an actual fight honestly against the light or unarmored convicts it works pretty well the extra crit chance and damage works well with the 10 points i put in luck at the start of the game the escaped convict leader could have proven difficult but this game has bethesda on the front of the box so its pathfinding glitch and he got stuck on this couch and just ran in place while i slashed him to death well with the convicts out of the way and beagle rescued it was time to find a new sheriff for prim theres only one real candidate here that suited for the job that wont cause the time to be run in the shambles good luck on the promotion slim yeah with the time now in good hands i began heading towards mojave outpost as major nightmare can fully repair any weapon so he is going to be pretty important if i cant find any other razors for a while on the way i nearly snapped my razor with the head of a rad scorpion before realizing i was in the wrong neighborhood when all of his friends practically jumped me i then began running for my life and into the loving arms of the ncr luckily it only costs 29 caps to fully repair my weapon so needless to say i think ill be fine in terms of money for a while continuing the path im currently on has me arriving in nipton where i promptly slipped the throat of oliver sonic as ive went too many playthroughs recently where i havent killed him the real reason im here to do a quick mission for vault base as i was planned to side with the legion this time as its something ive never done even just in my own casual play threes in the past i usually side with house if anyone is curious thatll be the next video well turns out this quest is just me fast traveling back to the mojave outpost and telling this guy about nipton was hoping for something a bit more but this is fine for some easy experience i suppose before i left i got a little close for comfort with malcolm holmes if im being honest i didnt feel like taking the road to novak yet so i went back to good springs with the idea to take the shortcut and actually take the monorail to the strip this time on my way there i decided to mark hidden valley on my mop as i would be blowing it up later so this will save time i also watched the scorpion get swallowed by the earth as i arrived which is always an issue around these parts it seems first attempt through the valley went pretty pearly when the death club decided to reenact his favorite scene from the lion king second attempt and i decided to take a different path near dead ncr soldier which also lets me get a uniform to use the monorail meaning i dont have to worry about trying to take out an ncr soldier outside of camp mccarran i learned about this thanks to aaron kendrick thanks a lot man you really saved me a lot of time for getting into the strip well now dressed as an ncr soldier i navigate my way to safety and towards camp mccarran and get ready to board the monorail when the game predictably crashes excellent trying again and this time the game doesnt crash and im able to get onto the strip and head straight for benny one great thing about the straight razor is that its a holdout weapon meaning i can take it into just about any restricted area in the game upon just merely looking at benny i level up and im able to max out my melee weapons meaning that i am not going to be doing as much damage as i physically can this run i begin talking to benny as i tar over him and agree to meet him up in the suite my original idea behind this was that his guards that attack you up there all have straight razors and therefore i could use them for repairs but turns out those guards are the same ones that are following him around the moment so i make the bold decision to just kill everyone the tops and wouldnt you know it it went surprisingly well this is probably due to the fact that benny just casually stood there and watched as i killed all of his bodyguards right before his eyes and then let me wheel away on him without even trying to fight back with the tops now painted head to toe in blood and hair clippings i made my way outside where i leveled up and took the bloody mess perk because any extra damage is good damage i then thought since im in the immediate area i may as well stab mr house not wanting to sit through the glorified unskippable cut scene i opted to just ignore house and make my way straight to the control room where i would most certainly have died if not for all the stims ive been hoarding so far anyway heist dies before even getting a chance to say anything and i begin making my way to cottonwood cove before the game inevitably crashes again oh never mind there it is on the way there i murdered a random prospector for the prospect of having a new hat to wear i also interrupted this ghoul who may have been the middle of his village people interpretation Music arriving at cottonwood cove has me take the boat to the fort where for once in my life i talked to caesar with my words and not my fist this leads me to heading down into the bunker where i am repeatedly ripped to absolute shreds by turrets the protectrons are easy enough when fighting one of the time but even trying to fight the turrets is a bad idea as a resulting explosion from their deaths causes a decent amount of damage to me whenever i manage to run past and get to the generator room im faced with another problem for some reason the straight razor cant be used to blow up the generators i mean i probably shouldnt be shocked that a piece of shaving equipment cant be used to destroy multiple metal generators but i digress so i made the decision that as far as im aware these generators are not alive therefore it is okay to use this plasma rifle i found earlier to blow them up i did make sure to destroy all the nearby protectors first so the generators exploding wouldnt hurt them on the way out i briefly and i mean briefly considered trying to fight one of the securitrons but im not that crazy so i just dipped them in my way back to caesar upon reporting back i get a weird sense of deja vu as im told to go and list the aid of the boomers just like i did with the ncr last time i also level up here and take the hilariously amazing super slam perk that gives every mali weapon a chance to knock down a target which would be great for when i eventually have to fight multiple enemies at once in close quarters i nearly didnt make it through the boomers bombardment because i took a different route for a change but they were nice enough to give me a little push to just help speed me along once again im deciding to help the boomers so this time i prepared appropriately by having the right number of points in medicine and repair so i could quickly heal up the injury boomers and more importantly so i wouldnt have to go all the way to helios one due to it being so far away and also the fact that at this point the ncr is liable to shoot me on site the semi-exploding ants werent an issue mainly thanks to the super slam perk i just mentioned as they cant fight back when they are being tossed around like ragdolls that said by this point i was running low on stimpaks and since doc mitchell is now somewhere beneath good spring cemetery i had to rely on chat for healing supplies and he is less than adequate as more often than not im waiting around for multiple days at a time for maybe two or three stem packs on my way to raise the bomber for the boomers i instead got sidetracked when i realized i was fairly close to 1888 trading post so i put the boomers quest on hold momentarily while i picked up veronica and brought her back to the hidden valley so that she could be an unknown accomplice in the murder of her friends and family as soon as she let me inside and i was sure they werent going to put a slave collar on my neck i dismissed her because she isnt a straight razor and made my way down to the lower levels to start stealing some key cards well simply put that wasnt going to work as my sneak skill is far too low to reliably steal all three cards so instead i stealth killed headscribed taggart for his card and i made my way to harden and began chipping away at him as well i got lucky and that he missed most of his shots and took him down rather easily this is where the stim packs came in handy however as i was immediately attacked by the elder as well as two more brotherhood paladins thankfully the elders easy enough as those ropes protect him from jacks squat and i had enough healing supplies to survive the fight with the paladins now i just made a quick dash for the self-destruct console as usual and then immediately left without paying any mind to the increasingly aggressive tin man following me with the brotherhood now out of the picture a lot sooner than they needed to be i got back on track to raise the bomber from the lake this time making sure to take a different path as to not deal with the brain blast crabs i informed pearl of a job well done and that now she works for the legion which is honestly no different than when you side with the ncr i thought there would have been a slightly different dialogue but it seems not no matter i fast traveled back to the fort to get my next mission from caesar which is to strike up an alliance with the white gloves which went about as well as you would think needless to say he isnt best pleased with my form of diplomacy and goes to give me my next assignment but seems to have a rather difficult time of figuring out exactly what that is Music well after the mans finished rebooting i inform him that he most likely has a brain tumor but thats okay because i can fix it so one quick trip to the doctors office for some surgical supplies later and its time for me to become a brain surgeon if i hadnt killed caesar in just about every other playthrough ive ever done i probably would have intentionally messed up the surgery but for once i wanted to see what happens if he is alive by the end of the game he congratulates me for my efforts and gives me the best task a soldier could ask for im going to go assassinate the president please dont use that clip out of context on the way to our regularly scheduled international incident i make a quick stop in boulder city to help out the great cans as i was under the impression that i would need to meet them but apparently thats not the case when siding with the legion whatever they still got all sliced bits in the end after that i meet up with keiro who is meant to be helping me with the assassination but he really doesnt do much other than give you a bomb for the vertibird if your explosive skills high enough first attempt and i have plans to just offer the president a free one-back and sides but the sheer number of nearby soldiers and rangers rather abruptly put a stop to that plum second time around i played a bit smarter and rewired this console so the gun the president is standing in front of will malfunction and explode meaning i wont have to fight the entire military might of california with a razor blade needless to say it went much better no clue what happened to kiro though as he just ran inside the hoover dam offices as soon as it happened so he is probably dead now with that it was now time for the attack on hoover dam once again but this time i left the fort to go get as prepared as i physically could first off i went to the boomers to get as many medical supplies as i could afford which was a lot more than chat was ever going to be able to offer me at this point i then slapped on my ncr uniform and made my way to mojave outpost and had major knight fully repair all six straight razors i had been carrying with me all the while completely unaware that these six razors are about to topple the government he works for once again at the end point i gotta say its awfully surreal to be starting leggetts camp and make my way back through where id normally come from in every other one of my playthroughs the ncr on the top of the dam really do not put up much of a fight especially when im able to knock them down with super slam so frequently i made things even easier for myself outside when i opened the way for the legion and the sewers as well as taking out the snipers and the watchtowers the first part inside wasnt too tasking either turns out when you have a dozen crazy men with swords and sledgehammers by you per said anything is possible i need to go back to school this all changed however when i reached olivers compound the soldiers in here arent much tougher than the ones that were outside theres just a lot more of them i was able to take out the first wave and i got them stuck inside a bathroom where i could take them on one at a time it was the second floor where things took a bit of a turn as the room is filled with tripwires explosives and all other manners of traps as well as two rangers one with a 0.44 magnum and another with an anti-material rifle on most attempts i was able to take out the one with the magnum easy enough as any healing supplies i may have used didnt matter is he had a lot of super stim packs on him that i could just take afterwards as for the one with the rifle most times i just ran past him if i could but even if i did it didnt matter all that much because while oliver is a complete pushover due to his lack of armor the heavy troopers that are with him with the super sledges are a different beast altogether the heavy trips with the guns were okay to deal with as once they were knocked down it was basically over for them but since the others had melee weapons they just more often than not blocked my attacks and then would gang up on me and finish the job eventually i got a lucky enough attempt in which i killed both of the rangers on the second floor without using all that many stims and then could take the ones that they dropped for the fight with the heavy trips i then made a run for oliver and killed him again first as usual to get him out of the way and then began trying to focus on the troopers with guns because if they died first usually the troopers with the super sledges would then take their guns and use them instead which would then in turn make them easier to kill i was so insanely lucky during this try as i was almost constantly knocking the trippers down as well as landing critical hits i also made sure that as soon as one was dead that i would take his armor and wear it as by this point the leather arm that i was wearing had basically turned into dust through persistence and lets not kid ourselves 10 points in luck i was able to defeat all the heavy troopers and make my way back outside delanius finishing the game and proving that yes you can indeed beat fallout new vegas with only a straight razor okay so that ending segment was way way more difficult than i thought it would ever be but i guess thats to be expected when youre using a melee weapon against people who are able to block just about everything you throw at them also in case anyone is wondering i do know about the legendary straight razor you can get from one of the kings but i decide against using it as it does four times normal crit damage and i thought that would make things far too easy as the idea of most of these weapon challenges is that theyre meant to be difficult regardless thats going to be the end of this challenge video if you enjoyed what you saw consider giving the video a like and if youre interested in more challenges in the future feel free to subscribe as i try to have one of these videos out every week my name is nerd stay safe everyone and ill see you all in the next video Music you hunter steam game There was many a Close Shave in this playthoughRules:- I can only use the Straight Razor in combat no exceptions - No using speech to cheese my way through the game The twitters: #Fallout #NewVegas #Gaming Music: steam deck change game resolution how 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