The Most Valuable Clothing in Fallout: New Vegas

When is guild wars 2 coming to steamlist of all free steam games FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS in fallout new vegas there are plenty of apparel options to suit your needs throughout the mojave and beyond from basic clothing to the heaviest of armors you are sure to find something to fit the type of courier you would like to play as all clothing is not created equally though and some can fetch quite the price from vendors which led me to look for the most valuable clothes we can find in the game in regards to non-armored clothing the search brings us to big mountain where the events of the old world blues dlc take place and for the most valuable clothes we have to look at the most valuable doctor on site dr mobius inside the forbidden dome we can find a chest that holds dr mobiuss scrubs with a value of 7500 this stands as the most expensive clothing item in fallout new vegas aside from the value the scrubs will boost intelligence by 2 charisma by 1 and science by 15 they also host the highest damage threshold of all traditional clothing we can find the unique unarmed weapon dr mobiuss glove as well and pairing these items with some glasses that can be found behind an average locked door in the think tank lying on the floor of the room that also belonged to mobius we will complete the mobius strip challenge for a bit of xp this whole outfit will fetch a high price from vendors if caps are what you are after but the fact that the entire ensemble is composed of unique items may just cause you to store it in your closet either way this is an outfit everyone will want to grab on the way out of big mountain hog killing time is steaming vegetables healthy The Most Valuable Clothing in Fallout: New VegasFOLLOW MANTIS: ►Official Site - ►Twitch - ►Patreon - ►Discord - ►Facebook - ►Twitter - ►Instagram - ►Merch - #fallout #falloutnewvegas #tksmantis steam games free to play star citizen steam deck braid steam free steam keys for games oculus on steam