Fallout: A Tale of Two Wastelands - 113 - Conquering Fears

Steam deck screen replacementsteam awards 2022 nominations FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS game okay lets test my theory before you sting me can I take out your stinger if I shoot it a bunch oh thats her just staying right in the vagina thats thats great anybody home no is this the mailman oh I do hope my fall catalog has arrived nope I was just uh I was just checking on you but uh Evan King sent me uh what do you think with the family all they do is terrorize us they taunt us to open our doors throw bottles at our houses and scream at us just going to put my pick right there hello mothers home oh a bottle head for repair uh do I have anything in here that is incriminating as something that says hey I no he actually looks pretty legit just a bunch of ammo well I was kind of hoping he actually had all these very incriminating documents on him it does not appear to be the case I was kind of hoping he was just a bad person and now Im the bad person for breaking and entering because yeah hes got zero information wait whats this hes a baber but theyre just theyre nothing its fine and in your fridge you have some whiskey I could go for some whiskey right about now but all right well your doors unlocked its gonna be terrible if the family comes oh I dont think Im delivering a letter anytime soon bodies of the wests have bite marks on the neck area that go to the Bone the lack of blood stains on the sheets is strange as anybody wound of that depth should have caused massive bleeding foreign corpse to indicate what had happened oh God thats nightmare fuel all right Im getting the out of here what the was that okay somebody would have had to do something theres no way they could have come from any other direction so that that was legitimately a good scare in that building okay Im not delivering any letters but Im Im here and Im invested so what the happened what did they tell you everyone okay uh clearly not do you know the wests are dead the family must have gotten to them in the last attack sons of damn it if only we had more men we could stand up to them Im sick of them terrorizing this town wait a minute when you search the Wests place did you find this on Ians body no I only found the parents this has to be the work of the family Ive caught that weirdo leader of theirs talking to Ian Down by the River look I know Ive asked a lot of you already but you have to find that kid he deserves better than all this uh yeah it listen they get bite marks on the next does that mean anything to you bite marks on their necks thats the strangest thing Ive ever heard the family must have attack dogs with him or something oh this is all I needed right now what am I going to do theyll keep coming back until all of us are dead and Ill figure something out thanks kid youre all right all right uh I have a message for the West family theyre all dead but is there anything you can do with it I cant take that youre just going to have to bring it back to Lucy or to Ian if you can find him all right cool next time I see the family theres going to be hell to pay okay what the hells going on here I Im just really confused uh free ammunition Ill take it and its about as much as Megaton keeps giving me do I have a quest for locate the family but theres literally no location just so they they used to take a liking to them down by the river which implies somewhere on either side actually are they mirelurks they couldnt my lurks would they I dont think so lets go in this house over here I am a little low on ideas but I figure any chance that I give the rad scorpion to come back hes going to oh I cant go into this building can I okay these are all rotten Corpses which implies that wasnt done yesterday and this building for sure has oh my God hes back what the I cant hunt for the family is it this rad scorpion is this whats been terrifies in this family what the all right thats fine it is cool I just had to stay very far away from wherever I think he is this is the strangest um situation I think Ive ever been in and followed in my life okay well thats fine down by the river is where the family is so sure hang out around the river Im gonna feel a lot safer on the other side of the river if you get my jam are you Enclave youre probably not the family um but youre probably going to kill me so Im not going to entertain that too much okay cool Im glad we had that conversation that was very insightful what the hell is the family uh okay so teeth but the way that it was done implies either dog or Music um implants whats the word Im looking for dentures that was the word I was looking for maybe Dentures well anyway theres a couple of buildings down this way so but I think Ill do see if I can investigate I mean theres a whole lot of cars they actually might not have been a building at all I dont know what I was thinking but Im definitely not seeing a child unless thats the child but I kind of doubt it nobody in there I mean theres a bunch of dead mirelurks around and the mileurks have made sense but they wouldnt run up and terrorize they would just kill right is that how Meyer lurks work okay there is a house here in the thats not a house theres a shack here in the middle arcs in the water no theres a scavenger up there could it be the scavengers Maybe Maybe a family of scavengers Maybe nope you seem to be fine fine yeah have you seen a family around uh also I dont think I can repair anything okay do you have anything for sale I dont even know what I would really need but its not looking like I can get anything from you cool okay um this definitely is not where the family is which means the family is somewhere else but Ive also seen zero signs of what the family could even be is it Ian is Ian the crazy person whos terrorizing he just found some friends I mean kids will do that kind of stuff you never you cant trust them kids are kids are crazy but all right I I yeah I dont know I guess Ill keep circling and Ill let you know what I find if anything but Im not seeing anything right at the moment although there is this up here is this anything this scene oh this is the Billboard I think this is where I first encountered the rad scorpion isnt it Maybe I think that thats just the driving yeah yeah okay yeah Im gonna do some some digging and we will have to reconvene because I have no sweet clue what is going on oh I found a my alert came this sort of hanging around I thought Id just quickly take them though you never really know uh what they could do actually now Im a little terrified that the albino rad scorpions going to come back uh it is a Perpetual fear actually I am going to go to sleep and just sleep with my eyes open because you dont know if an albino red scorpion is going to be there to meet you so well have to find out no I couldnt find anything uh regarding the family and I obviously cant deliver Lucys message so what Im actually gonna do is Im gonna re-talk to Buddy he mentioned the water but that didnt really helped there wasnt really anything down there before I talk to them what can a Trader offer me looking for that special something oh hey its Crow I feel like I havent seen you in a dogs age I am here to buy have a look see if anything calls out to you all right well the only thing that does is the stim packs although Im still at 22. so I think Im probably going to leave that beat however if he was to repair what could he repair I mean he could repair the Goss rifle about 50 well 250 percent it would cost half almost half of my caps options options of the terrible shotgun cost a lot Im just gonna leave you a b keep it on the level and everything will be fine thats the plan okay so thats not inherently going to solve anything but thats thats fine lets go see if we can talk to the Buddy up here I forgot what his name is but lets see if he has anything to tell us hows the search going any sign of Ian no I I actually couldnt find anything where do you think I can find them I think they live somewhere East or Northeast of here problem is they always travel in the dark so I cant see exactly where they go theres all kinds of places they could be hiding like Hamiltons Hideaway the old Moonbeam Cinema or Northwest Seneca Metro Station okay well we have some directions I admit me kind of running off when he said water probably wasnt the best course of action regardless we have some locations he mentioned the Moon being we actually do the cinema Hamiltons Highway and the Northwest Seneca station so I think for the first bit I mean weve already been to the cinema but did we really look over whats there I dont think so lets go back to the cinema see if we can find anything worthwhile all right well here I dont even know where I could look I would have to assume nothings here not that I really thought there was but the only thing that could be here is that goddamn rad scorpion and apparently me breaking something off of the old cars yeah Im not seeing anything here at uh at the moon the beams uh place so probably not the cinema which means were probably gonna have to check out the Hideaway Now The Hideaway is clearly elusive as it I didnt know it was even there what is that this little area down here does it just have a fancy name oh maybe its this little boat thing you know theres a lot of things it could be I know that theres just boats all around uh no I didnt did I find this book I feel like I did find this boat but I dont think anything was here well theres a bunch of ammo millimeter rounds you cant go wrong oh a locker pack of cigarettes fives money Cool cigarettes Im not gonna bother taking moves because Im just about out of storage and of course we have an easy safe and that means that a big bada bomb three more money and a bottle cap cool not really much of anything but that might have been The Hideaway although that was an incredible amount of lag and thats a mirelurk where are you going its going straight to hell have I nope I ran past the area somewhere over here its also getting dark can I fix that oh wait hold on please tell me its not albino hello God gave me just a regular one oh am I gonna enjoy doing this never mind did nothing to you guys are invincible yeah yeah good all right now like I was saying is there any way I can make it not you know almost dark there we go for some reason the thought of it being dark with the ever looming threat of an albino rad scorpion is a little too much for me to Bear unfortunately so were not gonna Were not gonna play that game now where is this Hideaway its right oh its right here is it a cave uh maybe this survey says whats that little is it that little crevice it must be that little crevice all right let me just scooch on up here ah crap it as a cave well we know the drill Im probably gonna die its also gonna be dark I dont want to run my light you dont know whats down here uh because literally oh God its dark as hell down here Im gonna have to run my light I dont really want to well there goes being stealthy out the window didnt I have an area of stealth I feel like an area styled in a prior episode where I was running a stealth Boy except I didnt have but I had my light on which completely eliminates the entire point of of a stealth Boy because I can just see her light coming out of your puff boy and then youre just an invisible light walking around which is rather not helpful speaking and not helpful I do not like dark areas in this game I dont know what it is maybe I have a problem I mean lets be real its its probably just me uh workbench I saw something I could grab a hammer and a bottle cap mine but were not gonna worry about those obviously the biggest threat that I could find in here would be my game crashing so were gonna make sure we maintain those quick saves although I think that for all intents and purposes I might find a ghoul or uh maybe not a ghoul but some kind of creature but Im not seeing much down here well theres a dead wastelander with some Medics on him apparently I have a thing I didnt even know I had oh boy that gets the heart going okay apparently just have this I its some fancy-ass thing I have I could hear somebody walking do you guys hear that I mean it almost sounds like a bloat fly I dont think its a float fly but I cant see a thing this is a running this is just a theme I cant see anything uh oh its a albino red scorpion are you are you me can I open up doors I dont know if they can open up doors I I thought it occurred to me though I dont think I tried using alien weapons against the albino red scorpion and I feel like now is as good a time as any to test a theory not that I can see anything where did you go there you are oh yeah thats not going to do a whole lot of damage to him at all is this probably not what about the captains sidearm isnt that power module oh that is the alien weapon but its probably the same kind of Im gonna deal 6.9 by 6. I dont know math uh well six and six is 36 so atomizer is probably better I dont think I dont want to do this well look I set up a quick save for the off chance that I have to uh you know it was such a shooting I made him do some weird things hold on let me get over here what are you doing down there kill him no hes stuck in the ceiling youre trying so hard to get to me you got stuck in the ceiling I mean Im not one to look a gift horse in the mouth Im gonna let him get stuck in the ceiling take this out is that oh lets do our chunk damage see the real problem that you have oh hes really stuck in that wall but hes trying really hard to get to me okay thats thats something okay atomizer a good deal I think part of the problem is that because I I did I did I did think about it if I could walk backwards at a normal speed Id probably be able to get away from just fine the problem is my dumbass one of the mods I have makes it so that walking backwards is a whole hell of a lot slower than walking forwards why did I do that I dont really have an answer for you however I I do realize it has made things incredibly difficult jeez especially in the case of those albino rat scorpions uh in saying that I theres a giant rag scorpion I mean honestly I cant see him at all but Im not afraid of a giant red scorpion its like the only one thats causing me problems is clearly the albinos oh Lord I can you guys see anything I kill it I might have killed it nope definitely still there see I can kind of see it there definitely cant see it here just shoot straight forward all right but thats a lot of red dots on my map though that implies that theres a lot of guys around me now are they albino are they regular are they Giant I dont know Im just gonna spam Vats Maybe whats this blue light oh its a nuka-cola Quantum neat I dont think anything I need is in this area I mean for all I know there could be something real fancy in here however oh crotch oh I see a stem packs another one okay I can use this to kind of to get a birds eye view this is some Railway Spike some psycho some mentats Ill tell you what I dont think that buddy was in I dont think anybodys in here aside from you know rad scorpions I think that the people are relatively gone if there was anybody here um but I dont know if there was 357 Magnum rounds I will of course take those because you cant go wrong with Magnum rounds okay was this the entrance or is this a completely unrelated area and I am now lost I feel like I looped around I feel like the exits right around here then right hold on what is my local map tell me oh is that so my local oh Im never getting out of the capital wastings over here okay so I think I did walk around in a big circle and I dont think that theyre here which is fine fine by me I you know what Im all right the less time I have to spend in this cave the better yeah because Im definitely not seeing Im walking to the wrong area oh crap oh there was a theres a rad scorpion chasing me here we are and good night sweet prince okay I Im lost I mean this is common wait wheres my map telling me to go I went in the completely wrong direction I think its down that way Ill hold your horses hold your horses I see I swear I can follow a map I used to be so good at following Maps when I was a kid I dont know what happened I I mean I had a really bad habit when I was scared the out of me I swear to God something was there I I had this really bad habit when I was a kid where I just kind of beat my head off of things a lot and I dont know why I did it anyway he wasnt there just hold up before I continue this story you go to the Northwest Seneca station its over here Ill tell my story and then well get there um yeah I would beat my head off the floor a lot and I dont know why I think theres probably a lot of things that are not proper in my brain but you know we we deal with that its fine so anyway I I hit my head a lot I think that theres probably a correlation between me hitting my head a lot and me being really bad at the directions now because like I said it used to be really good with directions I might have just scrambled my brains or something oh Jesus okay hey Sentry Bots hows it going hey Google this isnt The Witcher I cant just deflect bullets imagine trying to take a and you just run into a mole wreck oh its so loud in here well somebody definitely stole some stuff out of here steam 下載 In todays episode, we tackle one of our fears head on. Ignore the fact that, they got stuck in the ceiling. We also find out the fate of the Wests and do some exploration in an effort to discover what led to the fate. Oh yeah, I also get lost.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy Paper Mario? Check out my series on Super Paper Mario (Wii)! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe you enjoy Devil May Cry? Check out my DMC5 Playthrough! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe, just maybe, you want to find more of me, except consistent and better at video games? 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Tale of Two Wastelands is the successor to the Requiem for the Capital Wasteland (RFCW) project. Many of the team members are the same, and the goal is the same. You cant download Requiem for the Capital Wasteland here (nor anywhere else really), and you wont find any discussion of it here. At this point, Requiem for the Capital Wasteland is outdated anyway, as many improvements have been made in the latest version of Tale of Two Wastelands. ( Base image for the thumbnail was made by imgur user Gradesh - find the image here --------------- MODLIST --------------- borderlands 2 epic games steam crossplay the best indie games on steam how to install steam game on external hard drive can you hide games on steam from friends steam best early access games