Mr. House Joins The NCR - Cut Scenario In The Main Questline Of Fallout New Vegas

Free escape room games steamsteam locomotive boiler explosion FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS game theres a cut outcome in the main quest line of fallout new vegas where if the player chooses to destroy the securitron army under the legions fort mr house instead of just becoming hostile would have made a decision to join the new california republic and agree to the annexation of the strip be advised mr house has voluntarily decided to become a citizen of the ncr this outcome never actually appears in the final game and we only know of this option because of the existence of a cut note titled offered to permit annexation as well as the different npcs throughout the mojave with voice lines reacting to it never thought id see house settle for being an ncr lap dog what the hell happened ncr military radio keeps talking about mr house agreeing to join the ncr what changed his mind the annexation note written by house reads upon further reflection i have determined that it is in my best interests and the best interests of the new california republic to transfer sovereignty of the vegas strip to the ncr if all terms are agreed upon annexation would occur one year from today which is something a gun runner npc comments on as well mr house finally wised up and said he joined the ncr in a year or something like that good news all around continuing house lists the terms a i am to be granted full status as a citizen of the ncr an immunity from prosecution for any activities prior to annexation b i will be recognized as the sole proprietor of the vegas strip a commercial property of odds when mr house transfers sovereignty over the vegas strip to the ncr he will remain your sole proprietor have a nice day c i will be subject to all laws of the ncr including personal and property taxes the ncr functionaries will police the strip i will retire my securatron police force and limit their movement to the grounds and interior of the lucky 38 please confirm that these terms are agreeable i do not foresee any objection on your part robert edwin house there are a bunch of different characters from different factions commenting on this outcome god damn that mr house for selling vegas out to the ncr the whole mojave will have to join up never imagined mr house would concede to the ncr wonder what convinced him how signing up with the ncr you here can sell out i always knew house would give in sixth state of the union here we come you hear how mr house said uncle vegas is gonna join the ncr so much for free side even that old house bastard gave in to the ncr were the only ones to make a stand a funny rumor can also be heard from one of the locals in freeside about house rumor has it mr house joined the ncr on account of some secret love child he never even knew he had some of the gamblers expressed their happiness about the securitrons being removed from the strip as per the agreement im glad those damn bots are gone for good im glad those damn bots are gone for good there are also some voice lines from all three of the strip families about this so mr house sells vegas out to the nci eh i always knew that freak was a rat if mr house is going to lower his standards well just have to raise ours house selling out to the ncr who would have figured him for a think what do you guys think is this something you would have liked to see in the final game let me know in the comments below and thanks for watching steam whistle brewing Removed Outcome of Mr.House Becoming an NCR Citizen and Joining The New California Republic with Cut Voice Lines & Reactions steam games with low storage can steam cards be used for anything other than games steam games with most positive reviews steam room temperature pan fried or steamed dumplings