Fallout: New Vegas: Jornada a Novac e Dicas de Jogo (Hardcore mode) (1/3).

Gates of hell game steamtop most played steam games FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS game Andthen Andthen And then a year ago from Brazil the video of the spectrum and the great builds Vegas 1 a year ago, a little while ago and I decided to come back with a drawing of the promises I made in that video Andthen And then its because its the name of character one and thats why the singer here the time that a new game will start here because Im going to want to make a video explaining some things that the game doesnt count and tips too even if its an old game something very played I still saw that video that I posted a year ago some people saw it I was very happy and with Up perfumes and I think it helped a lot of people I also want to give tips on interesting Costa ecosystems like money in New Vegas or how to make the game simpler or in Hardcore mode I will try to do this these the Fed video here for these two videos and until you reach imprinting and thats where you my house there I asked a lot of people who to get there have a lot of difficulty to lose a lot of things Im going to do and how to get to primm in a simple way and have a good stable Gameplay in any difficulty man you like New Vegas 1 game and playing in Hardcore on very hard If you know what you are doing its very simple and Im going to create it quickly here it doesnt matter a lot I never Look at Beto a doll anyway so these parts like that Im going to accelerate because I think everyone already knows the beginning is the best Ill be playing in the difficult world and in Hardcore its just that it doesnt seem like the difficulty to know the tips Im also going to give you a tip for the two game modes but its the last of the two and I wanted to say hi hi and the game is in Portuguese as you can see with a different purchase some templates downloaded but they are simple bites Ok so there it says that it changes Gameplay too much ok you see what you want in the translation I can put it in the description and even be as low What is so simple like that I also thank you wonderful there translated in full and the propellers So youve never been able to play the whole game in Portuguese just say it and then its good after we do this I recommend you start collecting the items you have in his house andthen its good for those who are starting the energy video a laser energy weapon here with plenty of ammo even in They are more for those who want to carry rebuild their medicine items there that are medical bags music Era An essential body part to control in Hardcore is because you are not talking about need and I In this bible of mine Im going to put survival so Im not going to take any items from a doctor I was nt surprised that you were leaving them behind and I said important things like an empty syringe these things Im too dark I dont know what the core nothing but ok and the other tip I always picked up every item you think the value for example that cigarette cigarette always gives a lot of money take it and New Vegas You get it very easy and effortless So you dont need to fi also be worried about money in the game the tip getting food because food is how Im going to stick with this build Im not worth sticking to the list Pack the Lip little different the patience chapter can create some stimpacks Other Drugs and theres a weapon that you You can notice if you notice I dont have any of that, okay, always take that part there, right, thats when the glue from pot three, also that never. a lot in the whole game its wonderful this train here a and its super world before you find the place part i deleted everything dont die i got it yes thats right its going to give the outfit thanks Decathlon in Mateus its horrible youre reading a lot ok good but if you are playing for the love of God read all dialogues do not skip anything and heal me And now next to entering the game tutorial right there song smile it will handle Hardcore here ok but Ok Im playing I dont recommend it but Im also going to talk about Hardcore mode the game for me ok its ok to play it changes some things like hunger thirst but its very easy to be bought Ok if you want the propellers you ll probably have started with all these clothes here oh a lot of weapons as you can see already come back equipping the same Charm more sure to sign but not the main one at the beginning of the game and along with this 12 if you didnt have it If you start only with probably if you have more Skill in energy weapons you click laser staff and you have nothing more ballistics mask 9 minutes the game starts with youre not here anymore it s too strong if you think this will ruin your Gameplay there is a house here in goodsprings you can save your way of leaving Andthen Im going to this first video, Im getting closer to the Gude Springs area, there are all the items that are good to get before us and it starts the tutorial excuse me here well only see later there in Book 15 it starts more or less close must be because Victor the robot that saves us now this mailbox is gotta have enter the tico Brazil from that grave here to ask him several questions about the story, its going to be playing Gabriela many times, so if youre always talking to him every time you can, you can see whos playing first, youll be able to get the games quests, understand the story and we have a society and it doesnt come out straight what to talk about with anyone and it asks for a lot of content and you dont go back in the game You stay way behind and Ive seen a lot of videos of people __ each other too much some fights like against the last boss for example others slide-on Im going to start and the game is played calmly exploring picking up the item Mel pacifier is delicious going into this warehouse and this guy the boss wants to say some things I want is to buy a part with him ok one thing you will also do is contact with a shovel and she will lens a good weapon Mili she is we will spit some videos with her lets go to our body account money OK money we will get a lot later Selling the things you are going to use and For the time being nothing to sell and Julião is going to and now I have to talk to her smile a smile Pilar tells me ok and shes going to be going to give us useful things and Hi here is to be software and Im going to talk to her there shes there behind the the salon right and its not and Fernando here shes going to give you ahi deprive me thats the worst weapon in the game between Im going to use it right here its more for nothing and the goal is to hit those bottles and Vegas the shot is kinda ok it s not the best game in the world in terms of shooting the gameplay the accuracy is always stationary is greater posting remember that youre going fast you lose a lot of accuracy the best way to shoot enemies crouching 160 everything like that and now with it and accept its worth it gen youre getting some money with that, get more ammo in a little while and ask for war and cat meat that if you make a food survival video thats how youre going to jump hunting and not using stimpack a skin if Im not mistaken it has some armors that you can make one are so good just coffee stylish the price we go there we saw that the dog came out dog faster than lunch or not Andthen the bus mods glue of the dead that Im using here in case anyone wants it is as it goes on here how much you charge to take it can only happen even there save me when you go then it gets in the way a lot Hi and the production even if it changes something in the Big Boy its easier to start in Hardcore mode it already shows how cute the church of staying is boring to ban it Tip here a gentleman option to arrive stealthily pass your spare number or and the crazy like Im going now very easy here ok if its playing dont use deprive me but thats it This weapon sucks because its slow It uses ammunition that and other weapons much more than it uses a more expensive version and it uses a lot of Action Point to take it see I can do it twice its just much better you start with 9 millimeters it use very little less action point it wont do great on enemies too its the name I want Millennium Vegas stronger threads in the game theres no doubt Hi grandma Hi for lunch again Its the stimulus Welton Nike Air E then ink keeps delivering cap ammo I always do this mission Andthen Ok now that we have the option to save this girl how do I save but it is not necessary in pure water, right ? and now talk to her again and also a little cap and now she will teach household items that I think she will use a lot in survival mode and not and she will teach how to do the can heal which is the equivalent of this PEC not if Are you focusing on medicine or resisting pectus or are you focusing on the anthem of the event you do You can put it on the bonfires use the same material whenever you find it take flowers from buds and roots of Xande that name is right I think thats it Chang Xander that yes Hi and this mission now we complete these items that one goes to school going to Springs another to the cemetery okay we will go back there please to talk now and I recommend and you can do everything here I dont need you and you can do everything in New Vegas its in Úrsula below my life there are those triangles those triangles over there that are empty it means that there are places that you discover in enemy and theres some Quest always talking and you go to a place like that and youll find following they are very strong, it just got all very fast, takes a place and leaves after you are stronger, you come back and do the mission. the buses here are very easy to kill they are coyotes and if you have it Hi Adriele gray Machete you dont have to use the pa you bought the APAE its great this part here Andthen I ask which one we just pass the knife on them there is and they are a lot going on now OK but as Im saying look and we have the darling in japaraíba or praying mantis right Im going to be eating some meat here they have this pan and its for life and its a death in the beginning its with our mind it doesnt have much life and it doesnt have much maturity Even more seeing very hard here the following is another thing playing New Vegas playing on the F5 keyboard da se fast with its good the vacancy se fast in front one declared that we give Cap and you Another game ends, right Hi free of be quick in simple places here there will be a lot of Coyote exclusive music because you wont have been positive so Im not going to use it so I dont steal it Im going there right there Im already using a weapon to get stronger and Andthen and he its very simple you have to be very good to kill it even with the shovel, it s also very good that its critical, its all better than giving it the hottest look, and here were going to find a lesson in the energy law and update Im not going to be using it Im going to be selling these weapons but for you to bring a video of an energy weapon its already great thefights inplain sight the fiction actress the other thing wont declare but it has no weight I dont think you already know this because just remembering that making a police coffee and passing me was there quickly I like it very cool a and now we go and get the roots make it simple for when I get home from school Ill be right back And then Andthen its good the school she is literally d the side of the house at the beginning of the game there we need to red the friends present here a new the simple Gods for the house to kill take none is a communication lesson in them and here are the roots and the little legs of it also good then school And then in dark places in the period that although you can see it obviously ok Another thing I need to talk about here are some links that I recommend you take What is scrap metal serial scrap Três Stooges so here I dont remember now its adhesive the spanner e-mail also the puninhas will have our first first a mini game to unlock that was in If you didnt finish if you have it there stay you use the glass straight away I dont have either of them yet she cant open it later shes using a magazine to open it I think which Im just going to do until we have a hairpin to be able to open the glue machine also one of the I recommend its all on the screen then I ended up forgetting them in the middle an idiot a but then Im on the screen for you to see and Im reading the magazine and it allows you to open the magazine, it looks like I dont have it ok, no unfortunately youre going to stay right there videos ok so you can open that 25 book at least there and I have how much and where is class 11 like Im quite far away even though the easy ones opened Andthen Well lets go there so now at the cemetery Ill tell you nearby Ill come back and remembering always take it I always see the mailboxes and theres well there some ammunition magazine sometimes And then Andthen its coming here for you hoof scorpion it was very easy to kill this scorpion wines You dont need to worry and we arrived at the cemetery Good morning were going to use PA well then the flies here here it only appears there its very simple Andthen and here is the lotus flower root there, right and now I already had pa the door here is the tombs of ammunition the weapon is practically Look this here is very important this one for you can create items if youre using the survival to create the ingredients there G1 Andthen here were going to have the collectibles this here gives a lot of money always take it you find the block from O Globo de Neve good and you give it to you Mister House already money in exchange is a lot of money so and Go in Search of it here look and I think there are two caps each around plus ammo and I think thats it here and dont venture into this area and there are enemies here that are very strong for giants you youll die right away in the old days, but there in that Cross and in that house we go to so many interesting geographic regions, it s also the most difficult part of Fallout is in the beginning when you dont answer, and then you dont Aventure because you need the multiples side because you You re going to come across a giant view and Carol has no chance of survival and Andthen And then and not getting here, I would go to the little house first Im here in the house like this worse on the floor because and there are many items that go unnoticed like Jet adhesive Magic glue we will use a lot and only for those who use weapon repair a and here take a very good family for you who are starting cornstarch also lack of food is also one of the essential items a building enough repair doesnt have to be looking at it, cling to it, you already got out of the ammo box with a flamethrower stop course and I think that was all it was and now what matters most is that it was that painted blouse were going to find the first one strong energy weapon and 41 And in this case it is and in the tomb that is here and it is not it we have a laser steak here and it is many times Ive seen your plasma son that I also dont know what that didnt come from Plasma here now is to ask for very good ones here and a lot of ammo mainly Im going to get everything look and Here we have it weve been using its one more place I recommend going there the cuts close here say that its dangerous the roasted lid on it feel the bag that is pr onto our music another little place to explore car inside the devil to me Rosa doesnt say anything to me no and they can very many times ok I preferred to run away I leave her and they are not worthy enemies and bye Im not going after that no and here we are were going to have boxes of ammo anddepending and were going to have some in the hydra I didnt take it not decorated in my head all the videos out there ok but I always recommend exploring everything nice Andthen Andthen the property is Anderson Ah ok and now were going to go back there and funny to be able to build the item thedemand is very very good Mc caro Orna o its simple its just having a block sheet at once leaving us already make this sideboard two here And there very beautiful to make the burn here that will do with a place we this poison for example that is very good I have to pick me up in the months of June and Nena and you can make poison to do a lot of useful things here and now go pa glue de new hi and it will say the weapon bench job market I can explain that too if you want a and now it will not ask to speak with the tour o and start the first important mission there in boot springs which is some Power Games but I will stop here good morning to have a Picadinha In the beginning I will continue the others now until I reach primm I am not new here is a city that is here more or less two do all this way the best pron games on steam Esse video é o inicio de uma pequena série de New Vegas dando dicas de jogo e mostrando como jogar na dificuldade máxima do jogo pode ser uma experiencia tranquila, vamos começar em Goodsprings até a cidade de Novac, onde você consegue sua primeira casa. steam cloud best game on steam reddit games like harvest moon steam persona 3 portable steam solasta steam