How To Fallout: New Vegas

Steam game card kaufenoster rice cooker steamer FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS game fallout new vegas is a tumbleweed simulator from obsidian software warlocks incorporated who managed to make a better fallout game than its predecessor and if you dont think thats true or ive somehow mislead my audience let me introduce you to fallout 3. a game that tried to show us what life as a cannibalistic humanoid dwelling underground might look like if it took place exclusively in dc subways my journey with fallout new vegas starts like this so i go into gamestop one day and i go over to the one shelf that is now reserved for pc games and next to a box set of warcraft 3 which was in turn next to a box set of diablo 2 was a new game fallout new vegas i didnt even know it was coming out i wasnt that in the games at the time but i was really in the fallout so i snapped it up eagerly and when i got home i opened the box and instead of finding a disc as was the custom at the time there was a code printed on a label in the place where the disc should have been this game that came in a box was nothing more than a steam code wow what a bamboozle that was huh and here i was thinking i was buying a game but how naive i was in fact simply buying the rights to a game okay not a great start but it was a new fallout game so i told my brain dont you ruin this for me i never make you do anything that you dont want to do so dont screw this up then i waited for it to download off a dsl connection that was on a cusp of too far away from the access point and sometime around midnight i got to play it bethesdas logo came up then obsidians and then it came up the desert ranger looking fly as  __  with that music playing i literally just sat there looking at the screen for at least a minute or two as my mind instantly went back to those fairly recent memories of fallout the fact that i never thought i would actually get to play another fallout and at this point i had not only gotten the play fallout but i got a new sequel and the original guys at least most of them were handling this new one it felt like there was finally justice in this world they managed to take the same kind of mashing together of genres that they did with fallout 1 and fallout 2 and they managed to do it again this time they smashed together post-apocalypse with a western very literally cowboys and indians the ideologies might not match up with the two groups but the aesthetics do and i understood all of that just from watching the intro of this game and seeing that main menu the music the graphics it all worked together so perfectly where things began so shall they end i mean when you think about it the fallout series is a freaking heros journey the game series has a character arc i started up the game saw doc created my character stepped outside into the blinding light and then it crashed i think we all know the story behind this game obsidian signed a ridiculous contract to have a shot at an ip to help create in the first place and then got screwed out of their bonus by a single point discrepancy in their metacritic rating thats right bethesda kept that money in fact its  __  like this that actually kills companies so yeah bethesda almost killed obsidian new vegas ended up shipping 15 million copies all said and done so thats a lot of royalties that obsidian got screwed out of and all of that is the reward that you get for hard work kids remember that do the bare minimum trying only leads a failure and whatll really boil your  __  yam bags about this whole thing is that they did all of this in 18 months thats right they only had 18 months to do all this and when we get further into this video and we start talking about some of the crazy things that they actually tackled in 18 months youll be very impressed by this number i assure you fallout new vegas is a game that in my opinion changed the way rpgs got made i mean the pacing the pseudo-linear nature that can be easily sequence broken without the pacing breaking emergent gameplay possibilities hell after 2010 it felt like rpgs required an open world to even get made and those that didnt got forgotten and tossed in a rubbish bin of history thats why dragon age inquisition was inquisition and not dragon age 3. ea didnt want to stink a part 2 to tarnish the polish cat turd that was inquisition fallout new vegas was able to take what everyone loved about the original iso game that kids nowadays think is poison and make it work inside of a terrible game engine so as a result the gameplay holds up very well and it is an experience that i highly encourage anyone who likes video games to try because it works for so many different types of gamers fallout new vegas is a gateway to more mind expanding products so if youre worried that this game drives like a 1990s ford f-150 worry not my dudes this games got an automatic transmission and everything and it only breaks down once you try to peg the gas so without further delay lets figure out how to new vegas shall we Applause Music first off this  __  was not easy to get running sure itll start for you and you could probably play the  __  that way but you dont want to trust me i got special circumstances see im coming off of a fresh install of windows and god damn does this game need a lot of help getting its old ass up these steps my old install had a year or two to age like a fine wine it had everything it needed for fallout new vegas geriatric ass to get up them steps even had one of them wheelchair escalators but this  __  well first it was the audio i was on stream and people were like why is your audio screwed up turns out the game needs you to install a bunch of codecs to make the music play without sounding like its coming out of a hand radio so i installed them played the game and everything was good for a while then i played for over an hour and once again audio stuttering and i didnt even notice it because i kept the music turned down when i played i didnt notice it until i got the nipton modern so i did more research and someone suggested reinstalling ffd show from sourceforge a fresh install later and the game ran fine until it didnt i noticed that the longer i played the game the worse the audio stutter seemed to get so i hesitantly decided to reinstall the annie stutter patch then everything was good again for a while then the  __  started crashing again so if you find yourself in this unpleasant position dont worry i found a fix its called nvtf or the new vegas tick fix just like nvsr it removes the micro stutter but its more targeted at the actual problems and plays nice with windows 10 and modern hardware so it doesnt make the game crash all the time a must have mod indeed after i installed it i found that i was smiling more at dinner conversations about 10 percent more which is a big increase because it used to be zero if you never played this game before you might be looking at it wondering how you can play it without your eyes spontaneously combusting and youve got a point this game looks tired like it had the worst nights sleep ever the kids woke them up fighting at 6 00 a.m and what the hell were they even doing up that early in the first place then it got called into work because lucy this dumb  __  can you believe it she called out so long story short fallout left the house without waxing his mustache and thats a less abstract way of describing the look of this game than you think its got bags under its eyes is what im telling you mass effect 2 came out around the same time as this game and yet every single female model in that game is totally  __  i mean look at these ladies whereas these models well shucks mister i dont know id kiss you but it looks like your upper lip might tickle me a little bit this game is a game that was focused on the open world the characters and a flexible story i mean this game is bendy as hell if you were to ask me does this game  __  yes it does indeed  __  but well get to that soon enough this game is ugly there i said it its a product of a weird time in game development where studios were getting better and better at this whole graphics thing and obsidian was stuck making a game in 2010 on an engine that looks like afghanistan in 2002 but not to fear ill not rest until this game no longer rapes your tender moist eye socket first thing we need is the four gig patch from nexus mods as well as the new vegas anti-crash patch yes theres a patch thats supposed to stop this game from crashing and it seems to work almost 100 of the time so this makes the experience much more bearable because this game vanilla holy  __  does it crash it crashes all the god damn time but dont touch the anti-stutter patch because you dont want it because it just causes more crashes than its worth like what the hell is the point of this thing dont waste my  __  time then youre going to want to install the new vega script extender which youll have to do that manually and its as simple as extracting it to the game directory and running the patch i used mod manager 2 to manage the rest of my mods and found it worked really well so i suggested for your modding pleasure the next mods are some graphical enhancements to be honest with you i never really liked modding the graphics in this game because it never really quite fits the way the vanilla game does like with the nmcs texture pack in some ways the textures look better and in other more subtle ways they dont i think that this comes down to a personal preference thing and i prefer to not mod the graphics but if youre looking at this game like theres no way i can play this like this then you want to mod these graphics its just to me that it looks very uneven in fact i realized that i have this very old sentimental attachment to the old graphics i kept asking myself why do i hate this oh my god what did they do to you easy pete so i ended up uninstalling it all scrapping my install and repatching everything and just played it normally because as i said this is one of those games i have really fond memories of i form bonds with the way things look and really i like it when a mod keeps the essence of what is the original and just bumps up the resolution and detail in eog textures i dont even want more polygons at times because itll too drastically change the silhouette of the characters have you ever felt this way or is this just my autism flaring up i only recommend these mods and newbies people who havent tried the game yet because the quality of the graphics might be a turn off for you and if they are understand that my gripes are not with the quality of the assets but with the way that theyre applied and its all informed by an old bias for example the re-texture can be hit or miss but when it hits its really nice like in a gas station here the original game had these oddly clean looking textures for the metal overhanging structure but the retexture rightly slaps on some rust and makes the place a lot more believable also notice that with the rocks they have a less gray tint and are now more red like clay which is more fitting for the setting but i honestly dont recommend these mods for anyone who remembers this game fondly because it always  __  with me that someone would want to change something that was this cohesive environmentally i mean sure the npc models are iffy sometimes but thats the charm of the game for me because those graphics never took me out of the game no matter how janky they looked if im being honest i feel exactly the same way about morrowind then we come to the question that everyones likely asking which is will he be playing project nevada no for a couple of reasons i personally feel like it changes the game way too much for this format of video and the point of how toos are really to tell someone how to enjoy something that they may not want to play and make it palatable for current day tastes aesthetically trust me when i say that project nevada is a must-have if you can figure out how to install it that is it adds a ton of quality of life stuff and when i play for fun i play with this mod before we get started we need to acknowledge the voice acting that went into this game see we got chandler wearing a daisy suit we got hellboy doing war war never changes and spike spiegel doing additional voices thats another way of saying he voiced about 50 of this games characters including the really old guys that sound nothing like theyre old well it happened at night around 11. wed recently made some caps off a bit of scrap we found and wanted to invest it wisely felicia day is veronica and dave foley plays dave foley you blew it up thats just funny because that army seems like the secret weapon that was the whole point of you know im just kidding yes man is the best character in the game if im being honest but i think it was a bit of brilliance casting matthew perry as a 1950s wise guy because his voice just works for the role but he also put a little stank on it because i couldnt even tell it was him at first when i first played the game i knew he was in the game i just couldnt place him hes sort of lost in a role which is a good thing file new vegas has a lot of things going for it and one of those things is the intro cinematic its full of epic moments like when this guy says the thing we all know hes gonna say from where youre kneeling must seem like an 18-carat run of bad luck Music truth is i wish i was dead so chandler bing steals the platinum chip puts a bullet in the spot where my skull used to be and i wake up in a house i dont recognize then a man with some mighty fine face decor tells me to simmer down before he goes out and gets a switch whoa easy there easy youve been out cold a couple of days now why dont you just relax a second get your bearings lets see what the damage is how about your name can you tell me your name i cant say its what id have picked for you but if thats your name thats your name what he hands me a big clunky ass mirror that acts at the character creation screen and i set out on his journey with this goofy-ass character generator to make a human version of paulie walnuts which isnt all that easy because paulie isnt exactly a spring chicken so shut the  __  up about it but for some reason in the desert all aging seems to do is make it look like droopy dog gone through dialysis and this game does that super special bethesda thing where one slider changes the shape of the entire head and my god is it ever fun trying to work with this  __  you move the forehead and the goddamn chin disappears shits nuts eventually i got paulie to resemble the poly in my brain but i was unfortunately unable to acquire white streaks in my hair which is some  __  i think somebody needs to make a mod for this stat anyhow i locked in my changes and doc walks me over to the vigor tester and this is where we enter in our ability scores now i want to preface this whole thing by talking about the character creation in these games i really do hate it i i hate that it takes you through a multi-step process thats disconnected from previous processes to in order to enter in things that affect derived stats that you have no insight into because theyre not shown on the screen the original fallout had everything on one screen and every time you updated one of your scores the derived stats would update as well and you could see everything so you didnt have to wonder whether or not this thing that you were investing in actually worked which is a real concern because there are stats in here that say they do things but like elix dont actually do those things so just like older iterations of the game you got 7 ability scores you got 7 derived stats and 13 skills i wont go over everything in agonizing detail so heres the quick low down strength is important for melee damage carry weight and melee weapon skill gets a bonus to its starting percentage and can go as high as 20 points and each attribute acts this way and which attribute you concentrate on can at times be dependent upon how you play for instance agility is only really important for people who plan on using vats or for those who want quick attack speed bonuses from the slayer perk because unlike popular belief agility does not increase your move speed it affects your sneak and guns ability and the speed at which you pull your weapon and the time it takes you to reload if you were to take say revolvers as your weapon then pick up rapid reload with a tenon agility you get an 87 faster reload time which is really important when youre loading those bullets in one at a time but charisma and perception on the other hand are sort of useless for us and in general for charisma the reason is the lack of charisma based dialogue options speech is more important and charisma is only used in a handful of conversation options and not worth the investment because it does nothing for you it doesnt increase the amount of companions you can have but it will increase your companions damage and defense quite a bit but honestly thats only important if youre doing a gimmick build but there are mods out there that make charisma much more useful in game like making it so that not only can you have more than one companion but the limit is dependent on how much you smile and how much teeth you show when you talk perception on the other hand doesnt increase your accuracy in vats so i never take it because it doesnt affect anything terribly important to me sniper is a decent perk but if youre not using vats again its useless perception does affect how far away we could see our enemies on the compass which can be helpful so if youre concerned with that take the four eyes trait pick up glasses in docs house and the sheriffs hat soon after youll have foreign perception which should be fine in general you want to rely on your eyes that you have in your actual real-life head to spot enemies so lets take a look at my build i took a six inch strength because its the minimum we need for certain perks but well be getting this up to 10 with intense training and implants because the higher our strength the more damage we do i could have went with a 9 to start but a low starting strength is not that big a deal for what i was going for so i kept it low perception isnt important for this build so dump it it doesnt affect accuracy in or out of that and the only way that will be negatively affected is in the range we see enemies on the compass a5 and endurance is the minimum we need to get the toughness perk and the toughness perk we will be getting but since this is a melee build and well be spending the time picking bullets out of our skin having a ton of hit points is helpful for surviving big fights again charisma is a waste of points for our build and depending on who you ask the entire game so in the interest of min maxing this is a one according to many sources there are no charisma checks in the vanilla game or dlcs so the only thing it does is boost the strength of your party members which could be useful on modes where they can die intelligence is important as it allows us to get extra skill points each level you can go higher than this if you want in fact an intelligence 8 will give you access to all the dialogue checks associated with that ability score of which there are a lot in this game you could do that with an intelligence mod however agility will be needing at a 7 for the slayer perk and even though we dont really need agility for this build that one perk makes it necessary if you rely on vats maybe agility is important but im going to advise you against using vats in hand to hand its suicide in a lot of fights because it makes you stand still and if youre not using the side and back power attacks knock people down or disarm them then i dont know what the  __  youre doing with your life luck is for critting also a high luck is required for succeeding in a high stake surgery later on in the game so thats nice but what we really want luck for is for the gambling a luck of seven will allow you to get kicked out of just about every casino in the game for winning too much okay thats that no more games for you go rob the tops youre done here once we got our skills dialed in doc mitchell sets us down to show us some inkblots and asks us a bunch of stuff about our personality and these decisions act as the initial choices the game thinks would be good for our character and instead of using those i tag speech unarmed and explosives ill be concentrating on the following skills as i level unarmed is our primary attack skill we could do all kinds of neat  __  with this and every unarmed weapon has a different kind of modifier on it that determines what kind of damage it does for instance did you know that the boxing glove and the boxing tape can render someone unconscious for almost an entire freaking day you can knock people out faster than you can kill them so imagine going through an entire room full of really hard enemies knocking them all out and then throwing a big stick of dynamite on top of them and watching them get blown up its fantastic melee weapon ill be trying to get this up to about 45 before we get the cam searchlight theres an axe there called knock knock that has knock down chance and a perk that we can get at level 8 called super slam that were really gonna want well still mostly be using our fists and the perk works for both unarmed and melee so its a flavor kind of thing knock knock is a really good axe though dont sleep on it explosives now you might be thinking why explosives and i ask you why not explosions put an exclamation point at the end of whatever youre trying to communicate to the enemy and when knuckles fail to get the point across a stick of dynamite will slam its fist onto the table demanding the rooms full attention sneak well be trying to sneak as much as possible but honestly this build is pretty versatile and it focuses on mobility sneaking is for the big boys that wont go down to a single uppercut those guys require that little extra oomph that comes from a sneak attack critical now speech this is for role playing paulies not very charismatic but he knows how to  __  people there are a ton of speech checks in this game and this will help us get some of the better dialogue options in the game repair will be using this a lot to patch up our armor and our weapons so this is a must-have ability because well be using it a lot now you might be thinking im going to talk about the next stat but instead its a surprise self romo thats right folks subscribe to my channel leave a like hug a kit and spank your kids then head over to my patreon a consistent channel requires consistent funding and patreon helps me keep this channel going so every single dollar adds up to a lot im a guy about your favorite games  __  you thanks now throughout the game youre gonna get perks and theres only a few perks that are absolutely necessary for this build one of them is the piercing strike its very important skill for this build because it will negate the damage threshold which is a problem pretty much throughout the game so any armored opponents rad scorpions things like that 15 of your damage will bypass damage threshold completely so its a very important skill but so is toughness and intense training i usually try and take intense training and get my strength up to 9 and then get it to a 10 either with power armor or with upgrades you can actually take this to 8 get an upgrade in town and then get the power armor and thatll bring you up to 10 anyway so i would say use intense training to get up to eight take maybe two rounds of toughness super slam at level eight intense training again if you wanna really up to you like i said if youre not gonna use power armor its probably good to do that you can also take purifier at level 14 but honestly i didnt do that instead i ended up taking a bunch of utility stuff but then at level 24 the most important perk in the game is slayer you get it if you have an unarmed of 90 and a strength of seven and an agility of seven this will give you a total of thirty percent extra attack speed which is insane take it and never look back with regret as you become a creature with buzz saws for fists and then theres a bunch of unarmed perks that you get just for playing the game so for instance theres a scribe counter and you get this by giving veronica something girly to wear it works by blocking a melee attack and then hitting attack right after its a counter and its pretty damn useful the ranger takedown allows you to perform a takedown move that knocks the opponent down now you get this by helping out that gimpy ranger in novak and what it does is every time you use a backwards power attack youll knock somebody down and if youre in the third person camera mode youll see that the move is actually a sweep and its actually easier to hit in third person so this move ends up becoming a very reliable way to crowd control and you get it basically for free and then theres beautiful beatdown which gives you a discount to your ap cost to unarmed attacks and all you have to do is cause 10 000 damage throughout the run time of the game so you basically get it for free then at the end of all this youll get two different traits that you could pick heavy-handed and loose cannon are the traits i picked but its really up to you built to destroy gives me a total of 12 percent crit chance but the weapons i use to grade 15 percent faster but to be honest it feels more like 30 and if you dont feel like dealing with that mechanic especially since theres not like a million fist weapons like there are varmint rifles just pick heavy handed or nothing at all its up to you and your play style at the end of the day i went for loose cannon because at level four will be taking a perk thatll negate the throwing distance debuff after that doc mitchell will wait patiently at the door for us to rob him of every single thing in his home including the last thing his wife ever wore before she died because  __  it why not like honey always said if it wasnt for  __  like you there wouldnt be any fever in this world would there hes got to do a better job of locking his  __  up throughout this section youll be given opportunities to do certain things like repair a gun but if you didnt take the repair skill then you wont be able to fix it until later the point of these activities is to give you a very tangible reward for investing into certain skills like repairing the gun gives you a 9 mil sub machine gun for free early on the same thing happens in conversations but these cant always be come back to you later so for example in this conversation it seems that paulie might be drunk because i think he might be asking to perform a sex act on him but unfortunately wed fail that speech check so well never know if we could send doc mitchell to the moon or not i guess you could call it a dick theres a lot of speech checks in the game but speech is not the only thing that matters there are intelligence checks and dialogue as well and nearly every ability score has a dialogue choice associated with it including low intelligence which ive never done doc mitchell is a good person to talk to if you want to get a rundown on all the important people what youre shooting he mentions victor a robot ai that youll see wandering around town so doc mitchell gives you a lead you follow up on that lead and it ends up leading you into a side quest and the side quest is basically training it trains you on how to use the weapon how to use vats how to kill things and so on and if you already know all that you can skip all this howdy partner might i say youre looking fit as a fiddle so on the way over to the bar i talked to victor i thank him for pulling me out of the grave and saving my life dont mention it im always ready to lend a helping hand to a stranger in need but what i really need to know is who shot me in the head cant say that im familiar with the rascals some of the fine folks in town not be able to help you out with that everybody saw something but nobody saw nothing typical if you ask if something about himself we get a strange piece of dialogue i moseyed into town over 10 15 years ago before that i i cant quite seem to recall odd im a securatron robco security model 26 db if you ever see any of my brothers tell them victor says howdy yeah im not gonna do that have a nice day rap  __  easy pete is a fine example of what the team at obsidian was able to do at gambrio while most of the characters in this game look just a little off his character is fantastic looking his face has the texture of an elephant foreskin which is exactly the kind of texture youd see on a face that spent most of its life wandering the desert salvaging gear for sale pete doesnt like to call it that though but never liked the term way i see it salvage means its broken near worthless me ill look for the good stuff guns chems spare parts good money in it pete is a great source of information too because everybodys got their opinions on the faction war going on and the people participating in it and those opinions vary except with how people feel about the legion that pretty much is unanimous theyre slavers led by a guy named caesar or kaisor not sure how youre supposed to say it a couple of years ago they tried to take over hoover dam but the ncr beat them back the ncr didnt or couldnt finish the job though the legions got its strength back and is getting ready for another round at the dam my money is still on the ncr winning but you never know weve been hearing stories about legionaries on the nevada side of the river so keep a gun handy you dont want to get caught by them Applause the first major choice you get to make is about which faction you side with in a lot of games this choice might affect the rest of the game but not here this game lets you pivot at certain points change your mind turn code whatever you want to call it but for role playing we need to make our choice now and stick with it and that choice is which brand of  __  do you want to side with the kind of  __  thats come to steal your water and divert it to a desert where people really shouldnt be living at this point or some with  __  wearing football pads the obvious answer is the legion because this is strategy right and i only do melee builds i mean sure you could play as ncr and do hand-to-hand but come on its a lot more fun to cosplay as radical desert terrorists am i right no im not but ill get to that later on for now know that i want to side with house in this playthrough and ill justify it using my characters internal logic aka role playing but i can already hear some of you complaining about the legion and the heinous things they do but this is a game if this is your first time through sure kill the legion go for it its cathartic but i want to make an argument that you should play through the legion to experience the legion from the inside caesars legion is none too fun of the women folk but i think this might be a misinterpretation of whats going on over there at the baseball furys hideout kaisar is a man with an abacus taking stock of the human lives he has in inventory and placing them into roles no matter how cruel so long as the outcome will be favorable in the end no sacrifice is too much kaiser believes in what he does so much that hes able to treat people as chess pieces sending children and men alike into a life of certain death like a passionless demigod while using others like organic tools the legion at the time of the events in new vegas is in a bad place theyre a backwards lot considered by the wasteland as the worst type of savage offspring of conquered tribals their legion for their many and because they are many they harry the ncr without relent and thats their only power so they have to be careful how wasteful they are with their soldiers kaisers vision for the future is a modern day room with new vegas at the center of it all the place where rome will rise again but short find in a supply depot the legion are without technology that they need to fight off the ncr once and for all and this has forced kaizar to take a form of brutal calculus like any dictator would in this situation kaisers form of brutal extreme functionalism is what gives this faction depth because its not what is said that matters but the internal canon that forms around what is said for example lets look at the life of a typical child in the legion im harsh on the children but theyll be excellent legionaries im quite proud of them run faster or i will throw you off the side a child is born into the legion from a slave this slave was either born into the legion like the boy she just birthed or she was kidnapped by the legion and turned into a slave but all women in the legion are slaves shes livestock essentially used to create more fighting men and more breedable women shes even traded to men of the legion as favors and rewards for well-fought battles its a way to keep up the morale of the slaves for the men of the legion are also slaves a slave that must be motivated to fight for something other than the love of his god king kizar can fix two problems with one solution keep the fighting men happy and replace them when they die and if you just so happen to be born gay well wipe your dick off and get back to work you got child quotas to meet oh and dont let kaiser know because hes going to have you killed at least thats the scuttle butt but the brotherhood knows it and cass knows it the legion mount their chamber boys as much as they mount their women the law is only there to punish those that turn against kaisar using their laws and excuse to punish those that kaizar finds to be a threat to his power its the same reason he has his own bodyguards fighted at death its a way to control through fear you never know when its going to be you lets get back to the pregnant woman she can expect to give birth to a dozen or more children in her lifetime when a child is born in the legion theyre taken from their mother who will likely never see the childs face and wouldnt recognize it among the several shes already had anyway and this child is raised by another slave woman given the role of priestess the priestess of mars is a teacher of sorts shes there to teach these children to worship their one true god kaisar the call to mars believes that he was chosen by mars to conquer the earth and to deliver the wasteland from the savageness of the untamed human spirit the child is taught that these dictates like women being for breeding and men for conquering was handed down to caesar as commandments from mars kaisar is merely the enforcer of gods will forced ignorance through punishment is enforced as well you know a slave only knows what a slave is allowed to know because after all the boy is a slave he was a slave the moment he was born even if he didnt know what that meant yet now pretend to be this boy for a moment in your adolescence youve seen many horrors youve seen children your age executed men impaled on spikes you were even forced to cut out the tongue of a slave who was teaching another slave how to read youll learn that nothing but pain is gained from standing out so you become a ghost blending in never rocking the boat keeping to the program then one day on your 16th birthday your training is put to the test against the traveling band of scientists from the children of the apocalypse you return with two sets of ears your first day out and before you could process the battle and dwell on the look that that one man gave you before you cut his throat youve been called into the incultas tent youve performed well to reward you for your valor the inculta has given you a breeder for the night its here for the first time that you start to associate the thrill of battle with the pleasure of sex you spend a dispassionate night with her never knowing that this girl was your sister i mean how could you know after all because you dont have a brother or a sister or a mother youre a slave a slave has nothing i know that some of you out there are big dickiness  __  right now like yeah yo i would like stand up to kaiser and tell him to suck my dick no you wouldnt shut up kaisar is the type of guy thatd be having failing kidneys hooked up to a dialysis machine but still be able to give a dude so before you go getting all judgmental put yourself in those shoes imagine what it would be like to be a child in the legion from the moment you were a child youve never known anything of women but as slaves breeders filament for the system to imagine them as anything else is like seeing your own shadow outside the cave take you from your mother and teach you about the greatness of a man you have never met be brought up to believe that hes an all-knowing godling then imagine confronting the idea that things could be different youre taught that these people that youve killed all of this blood thats on your hands its just the blood of liars  __  cheats cowards who act behind your back to think of them as anything more than slaves you dont wear chains yet is absurd to you confronting that you might be a monster is an inevitability well all think about that but believing that you are is unlikely its a way that the system separates you from your mother your sister and your family and make you and everyone around you a slave it echoes reality and thats why i like the legion not because i want to be a member but because its an extreme version of the subtle legion that were already a part of the point of all this is that people often judge the legion as if theyre all complicit in kaizars evil but theyre victims of it and when you look at it like that you could justify what theyre doing in a typical lawful evil way by justifying the evil if it civilizes the wasteland which it does unsurprisingly i mean these lands are awfully free of raiders dont you think and i mean yeah they got an enclave but theyre boxed in nearly irrelevant youre welcome kizar says so another way to look at what the ncr is doing is killing slaves nearly defenseless slaves often times teenage slaves when you see nipton burn to the ground you might be aghast at what youve seen but the ncr is gunning down literal  __  kids every single day you see its easy to sympathize if you try to empathize with the individual you hate instead of judging the individual by the society that created them youll realize that this  __  isnt the individuals fault its societys fault garbage in garbage out educate or murderly its that simple for the ncr so maybe you might play as a caesar fanboy and then at some point you maybe have a change of heart because of the legions abject cruelty maybe its the mission where you have to destroy the brotherhood of steel whatever the case may be youre likely to want to render your fist into kaizars fat  __  head but thats kind of the point of the game theres not a single faction in this game that appears at the end that you cant in the last moments betray you are not stuck with any choice you make and as such the longer you work with each faction the more you may come to dislike them so the developers left you an escape hatch this faction system is one of the best that ive ever seen and i really just wanted to highlight it the problem is none of this is canon in this game i made up that story based on what the game tells me its my internal canon its what the legion says they do but isnt being shown doing there is a severe lack of show dont tell in the legion storyline and its a huge blemish instead of a faction with depth that defies the expectations set by the rumors youve heard we have a faction thats essentially camping tents and people standing around in an infinite loop like a place time forgot they are the least developed faction from a design standpoint in the game and that is by a football field in length they miss the mark by a  __  mile imagine a legion with the kind of stories above like you have a mission where you have to help a pregnant slave escape the legion with her child or punish her for abandoning her post that is what the legion could have been if obsidian had enough time to actually finish the  __  thing and bethesda wasnt trying to get the tip in while they were picking up groceries dont get me wrong the ncrs got a lot of decent fork in it its just that they make you part of them whether you like it or not towns like good springs and prim dont stay independent for long not if youve got something the ncr wants still the ncr keeps the legion away now to the other major faction vying for control of your attention and thats the ncr the ncr is modeled after the old world placing values on american style democracy which i mean is that is that even real theyve been expanding from just shady sands to take over territories in oregon and nevada and because of this rapid expansion theyre plagued with things that sound familiar if youre only slightly paying attention fast corruption scandals loyalty issues desertion and so on have stymied the ncr and now theyre on the verge of losing the hoover dam which would effectively destroy all hope of a foothold in the desert tell me if you heard this before theyre expansionist putting their hands in all kinds of pots overextended short of resources corrupt and the continued expansion is threatening their entire empire and to make it worse the people of the mojave have their gripes with the ncr they believe that theyre treading the same soil as the imperialist who came before them and that led to nuclear war but to talk fully about the position that the ncr finds itself in we gotta look at its past and weve got two people that we need to look at eridesh and tandy of shady sands if you dont know who these people are check out my fallout 1 video or better yet go out on youtube and look for fallout 1 analysis anyone on this platform has a better video about fallout 1 than i do anyway eredish was the top man in charge of a small town called shady sands just west of their original home vault 15 and if you played the game you would have stumbled into and met aradesh and his daughter tandy the game canon states that tandy was kidnapped by raiders and the vault dweller came to her rescue and liberated her he crushed the original cons and drove them out of their surrounding area shady sands became an agricultural powerhouse and as such their food and resources were shipped all over the desert and as a result of all this trade shady sands became powerful and influential meanwhile the khans were moving further away into the mojave to lick their wounds and gain back strength after having been defeated twice and driven from their homes the ncr was founded by popular vote in 2186 and three years later the ncr expanded into five union states and with the acquisition of the hoover dam the ncr had a steady supply of water and electricity but then president tandy died shortly after and thats when things started to take a turn for the worst see president tandy was what you might call a bit of a bleeding heart and because of her benevolent nature she was loved by her people and i think shes even quoted as saying that the vault dweller inspired her with his or her actions lord that was a long time ago hardly remember who i was then just a naive girl the one you call the vault dweller is he still alive yes theres a resemblance youve got the same fire too youve got some freaky dna and i want to see whats in your jeans i was always afraid that he was nothing but a skeleton somewhere in the desert figures well i was pretty young when we met one mothers day 70 years ago the only man i ever loved walked out on me there was a gang of raiders the cons who had gotten hold of me things were looking pretty bad when all of a sudden this stranger shows up and rescues me your vault dweller i used to envy him that some snot eating bastards say it made me a bitter woman i wanted a life of adventure but i stayed here and took over as mayor when my dad died before i die id like to be supreme overlord of earth been running this place and building ncr ever since guess it turned out to be a pretty big life after all now im off to some charity bs for knocked up teenage  __  and as such she was a champion of the downtrodden and under her leadership the people of the waste enjoyed not just subsistence but a measure of quality of life then tandy bites it and president aaron kimball comes around and without a vote or agreement of the people annexes new vegas im an equal opportunity ass kicker this gave rise to the legion and as a result locked the nation into a long protracted war with a savage group of murderers the ncr really  __  the cat and with good intentions and all that jazz goes into bitter springs and  __  annihilates the great khans men women and children alike the scandal of it spread and the ncr were forced into a politically tricky place being that this is democracy and you cant just do what the legion does and take the family dog out behind the shed and shoot it you have to act diplomatically so they allowed the cons to resettle so long as they super cereal promised not to be raiders there was a pinky swear and all that  __  regardless of all of this  __  farmers traders and businessmen keep flooding into the mojave to get in on the gold rush there and as they do money leaves the hands of the ncr and ends up in the pockets of mr house this along with the threat of the legion is the reason that the ncrs power is waning in the mojave that and the complete and utter military incompetence of their leaders including general lee oliver whose decision to amass the center of power at the dam is draining resources from the soldiers who are trying to protect the settlements from raids and hostile wildlife of the desert basically everything that the ncr resides over is in a state of disrepair prim so understaffed that the ncr cant handle a few criminals and the town gets taken over criminals take over a correctional facility and all their dynamite and with this incredibly powerful weapon go on to harass and take over entire towns and surrounding industry nipton is just plain  __  gone novak seems to be holding on by the tips of their fingers and when you stumble upon the ncr what are they doing well you find these young outstanding soldiers of gods army standing around doing  __  nothing theyre so  __  lazy they wont even clean up the dead bodies they got laying in their bed cams searchlight is a glowing pool of goo and how did this happen incompetence sheer and utter laziness and incompetence the legion should have been gunned down by turrets but the turrets werent working but that was after the communications went down a few weeks prior this place was crumbling before the legion even got here then he got the smaller factions like the brotherhood of steel knight ken  __  like that and its all very good but the ncr in legion is where its at when you look at a game like fallout 3 you might ask yourself whats new here besides the gameplay and you would find very little but new vegas has something to show you they had the best writers and creative minds on this project and it really does show interacting with these factions is easy because it stems naturally from exploration you will before you reach the strip run into several members of each faction and by the time you get to the strip youll know if you like either of them then its just a matter of seeking out folk who need help in either faction either at the ncr ford operating camp or a base of ops like with the legion an empty town they just liberated you find a leader ask for work do the work become well liked just like they say about hard work in the real world except here it actually works now where was i oh yeah good springs once i entered the bar im accosted by a dominant looking type with a baby hair mustache cheyenne stay dont worry she wont bite unless i tell her to yeah i guess theres a thing or two i could show you sounds like you need all the help you can get after what theyve done to you meet me outside behind the saloon and if you agree shell give you a free weapon and some ammo and if instead of shooting the bottle you drop the ammo at her feet then tell her you lost all your ammo shell give you more perception check failed am i right i knock the bottles down my bare hands and deal with them execution style if you know what i mean if you do our whole quest chain youll get exp and supplies and its very much worth the time but when you come back to the bar theres a surprise waiting for you im done being nice if you dont hand ringo over soon im going to get my friends and were burning this town to the ground got it well keep that in mind now if youre not going to buy something get out what the hell is your problem well youve been causing quite a stir glad i finally got to meet you welcome to the prospector saloon looks like our little town got itself dragged in the middle of something we dont want anything to do with about a week ago this trader ringo comes into town survivor of an attack he says bad men after him needs a place to hide we figured he was just in shock so he gave him a place to lie low we didnt actually expect anyone to come after him no one ever thinks extinctions coming for him until it does thats what positive thinking gets you and how the hell has this cobb guy not found ringo yet its not like theres a whole lot of room to hide cobb hasnt exactly been looking for ringo too hard i think hes afraid that ringo will ambush him which is probably true i get it hes a coward and god hates a coward so lets go have a talk with this guy what do you want hey oh hes up with the attitude there slick just wanna ask you about that ringo guy hes some traitor who decided hed rather shoot than paid a toll for being in our territory hes hiding somewhere in town would serve these idiots right if me and my guys shot the place up after we got paid back from ringo none of your damn business you ought to know better than ask man that kind of question i got a lot on my mind these days i dont need this  __  there we go Music come on give me a while ago well this narrows down my options a bit too bad the kid had to have such a smart mouth could have made some money together but i dont imagine him and his friends would be too happy i murdered their bestie so im gonna go and talk to that ringo  __  and find out what i can get out of him i can still goon for that guy at least thats close enough who are you and what do you want with me hey you know that cobb guy i shucked him oh uh thanks i guess cobb wasnt the problem though i could have handled him if he ever found me cobbs friends with a bigger problem and when he doesnt get back theyll be coming here for blood theres no way i can fight them all ah well i think thats where you and i could come to an understanding you see i help you kill these powder ganger  __  and you give me some cash and we get out of this situation alive what do you think we just end up sharing the same grave if its just the two of us youre saying i cant handle myself i was thinking to myself actually whos gonna watch my back while im watching yours so this guy sends me back to sunny smiles and without hesitation she agrees to help us as if the thought of killing someone was reward enough even though joe cobbs dead his friends will come after the town eventually however between you me and ringo we arent exactly a force to be reckoned with a lot of people around here look up to trudy if you could convince trudy to join us some of the folks in town might decide to help out as well thing is it still aint enough they got six people we got three it dont take a genius to know those numbers dont compare so i had around town trying to convince everyone to help us fight some guys that are only coming to kill us because i got mad and if you can manage all three checks you get the dynamite leather armor and a bunch of stims to help you on your journey but it doesnt really matter because i have a way of making this fight fairly trivial the best way to approach this fight is to run straight for him dont delay put the shirtless guy between you and this boulder here so they dont throw dynamite at you from that distance because that stuff really hurts real bad i use the boxing gloves even though the damage sucks it knocks the enemy out and when they get knocked out they stay knocked out for a very long time which gives you and your friends plenty of time to shoot at them while theyre laying on the ground this whole set of events can go differently however if you help the powder gangers take over and im gonna be honest cobb is still an  __  even if you help him take over to town so i dont feel like that option is as satisfying as helping the town at least thats what i thought so i went made a new character to see what the other side had the offer his names teddy k he likes nail bombs and writing manifestos and the powder gangers are just his kind of people Applause teddy k was not a fan of good springs it seemed too much like people were acting as society demanded and people like trudy were demanding what they expected themselves out of others and my boy teddy k hes got some major problems with that Music clear the way these werent people to teddy k but puppets bouncing around their lives happily acting as petroleum for the machines so it wouldnt matter if someone you know came and blew off all their body parts i was pleasantly surprised by how much different the game plays and ends up feeling when you work for the powder gangers first off nothing much happens with good spring so every time i did this mission in the past i just reloaded a save and did it the other way because it feels real bad killing doc and sunny and trudy especially easy pete that was a tough one to take but i never went any further than that with other playthroughs with teddy i went all in and headed over to the ncr look at you walking in here like youre one of us dont you know this is powder ganger territory yeah all right figure you could help us out the way you helped out cobbs crew over in good springs and talk to a guy named eddie turns out this place went through a major makeover recently when the inmates splattered what used to be the warden all over the walls the ceilings and peoples clothes havent smelt the same ever since it was a real mess i like what theyve done with the place it really screams down with pigs so eddie gives me a series of missions one mission to kill a powder ganger out there doing some extracurricular work i threw a stick of dynamite at him and called it a day but then i noticed the guy had a dialogue option a speech check so i reasoned with the guy told him if he didnt get the  __  out of here i was going to make a ball bearing bomb out of his skin and mail it to his mother we made eddie happy so now eddies going to make us real happy ive been thinking that since youve been good to us we can be good to you weve got plenty of spare powder and dynamite around say the word and we can give you some of it every couple days and theres nothing that teddy k likes better than things that make you go boom i got two more missions the final one has me going to spy on the ncr and prim so unlike with people who sided with good springs if you go with the powder gangers the game actually gives you a reason to go to prim other than its in the way i get an option to talk to the ncr folk and ask them if there are any plans to you know do something about that gang thats held up in the ncr and theyll stonewall something about operational secrets so i go back to the residence of prim and ask what the hell is going on and this nash guy has the balls to try and extort me i might know something but my memory aint what it used to be sometimes it needs motivating how about we see how far i could stick this dynamite up your ass and still be able to light it maybe thatll jog your memory no need to get upset youngster were all friends here i swore not to say a word to no one but an ncr deserter passed through some days ago and traded for supplies according to him the has decided enoughs enough and is going to send in a mess of troops to take back the prison any day now at this point teddy examined his options hows he going to stay alive working with a group of people whove got no laws no coda ethics what keeps them from turning on him one day and putting dynamite in his pocket while hes sleeping so teddy did the only thing he could do holy  __  he made a mess and this is what im talking about with this game the fact that you could turn code at any time and betray the factions in a myriad of ways is what makes this game so goddamn fun to play it puts the role in the post-apocalyptic role-playing game if you go the other way with this eddie will say something along the lines of well you got what you want so get out of here while you can he basically gives up and just assumes you wont stick around to protect him because why woody his entire organization is built with people who only care about themselves so if you turn coded on this guy youd be justified in doing it hello there its good to see a friendly face i almost took you for a raider i did names malcolm malcolm holmes dont suppose youd care to trade im missing a few essentials and ah screw this line just aint in my nature thats a shame grenade because its definitely in mine give me a while ago hey where the hell do you think youre going prim is off limits some convicts from the prison up the road have taken over the town everyone inside is either dead or in hiding whats more there are two tribes of raiders causing trouble in this area as well youd be safer heading back up to good springs  __  baby its your ass dont say you werent warned theres a second group of convicts that escaped the ncrcf they broke away from the main group after the riot and snuck in the prim under to cover a knight and cut the  __  sheriffs head and his wife said clean the  __  off and are currently harassing and holding hostage the most useless  __  wasteland prim is a real place in real life and stuff its like your typical nevada tourist town slots hotels and maybe even a hooker or two if you look hard enough and by hard enough i mean go outside in fallout lore the towns claim of fame is a little casino called vicky and vance and that has a knockoff bonnie and clyde car complete with bullet holes and a robot sheriff looking dude whos got corrupted memory that a sciency guy could fix for some lore right now prim has an infestation of  __  and the way you clean them out is simple you run up and boop boop boop the snoot until the guy falls down and goes boom but before i did that i went to the ncr we were sent out here to hold back the tie to convicts from the correctional facility and hows that been going as you can probably tell we arent doing the kind of job we could be doing clearly so uh what you gonna do about it skip did you lose your balls in a sledding accident or something the mission isnt a problem the problem is with supplies convicts are better armed and organized than our intel initially suggested im trying to get some reinforcements here maybe some guns with some firepower but  __  things are just going slow exactly youre a worthless piece of  __  see the thing is is that i gotta get in there and we got psychopaths with dynamite in there blowing people up so i searched the town found out that the deputy might be being held hostage and well hes the only  __  in this town that knows about daisy suits so i gotta save this  __  bird before the trail goes cold but the ncr is in the very early moments of the game showing you just how incompetent they are and its not that the average soldier on the ground is stupid its the leadership general lee oliver of the ncr forces given one of the dumbest orders ive ever heard he demands that all outposts in the mojave divert as many soldiers and supplies as they can afford and even more than that in most cases and send it all to the dam the marshall up a large enough force to fight against the legion but in doing so hes left other strategic resources like prim and the ncrc have to fall at the hands of escaped convicts and have no plans to do anything theyre essentially watching to take over a prim which seems ridiculous to paulie i mean all you do is go into that hotel dip some rags and paint thinner put it up in the rafters and make it look like an electrical thing bada bing bada boom you got yourself some dead  __  gangsters but these ncr pricks they got moral codes and  __  but we dont so we blow the bastards to hell theres probably a better way of doing this but i prefer doing things this way its much more satisfying to knock a dude out or blow them up than the other methods but what i can tell you is this if you think that the risk associated with dynamite is not worth the results well a single stick of dynamite can kill or seriously wound an entire group of armored ncr troopers while a gun can only kill one of them at a time unless its a really big gun so whatever you do dont sleep on explosives apply liberally to your enemies feet i dont suppose you came here to rescue me id cross my fingers but my hands are not worry a little more about what you give me well im deputy beagle and im being held hostage can you imagine id be most grateful if you would set me free so shut the  __  up about it oh thats just marvelous i think ill be making my way outside now the air is a little close in here we got to be taken care of oh why of course id never let you find my kidnappers with my help without it you lead the way paulie finds out that the daisy suit wearing prick already left and seemed to be heading south taking the long route to the vegas strip most likely guy like him with such sensible fashion taste yeah hes from the city all right before i left i spoke to nash and this whole area is a great example of what this game does so well create a mystery about itself theres a robot in this place thatll tell you about vicki and vance the abandoned couple who went on a bad check cashing spree across nevada and died in a hail of gunfire that wasnt even meant for him there is one memory however thats corrupted on the robot and if you have a smarter guide and pulley you can fix them and hear all about it then theres the room behind the bars and the locked door a wall of safes how do i get in there when you walk in here theres so much to see so much to know they managed to pack a lot of value into a relatively small area this nash guy is a bladed gauntlet which is amazing get it and we can finally start lopping off heads so after we freed a deputy we have another question that we gotta answer whos gonna watch over this town and protect it paulies got three choices he could get down on his knees which are totally shot at this point well with all the walking and while hes down there open the vicky and vances robot up and reprogramming and be a heartless law man or we could go find the sheriff thats currently a member of the powder gangers and well paulie knows that aint possible hed just end up killing everyone there our third option is the ncr but if they take over the towns going to get taxed 20 kicked up to the top just like in the mob except they call it taxes theyll protect the place call it their own and everyone on the payroll gets a piece its a real nice deal for the town and the ncr but this limp dick over here in prim dont make decisions so we need to talk to someone named knight over at the ncr mojave outpost way down south getting the outpost could be a little hairy lots of enemies on the road some rad scorpions and ghouls off the road just a whole lot of bad  __  for you to deal with but you could sneak up on most of these things and one shot them and theres a lot of good loot in these places if you bought the bladed gauntlet youll be okay not even the rad scorpions at the gas station know what to do against the weapon that penetrates so its best to investigate and salvage what you can a lot of these places have little bits of lore to help fill in the character of the world as you approach the outpost the first thing youre going to see is this big ass statue made of scrap metal and it looks like two people shaking hands what this is supposed to represent is the people of the mojave making a pact with the ncr but what it really is is showing the ncr taking the mojave away from the people of the mojave from the hands of the desert rangers the people who were supposed to be the self-proclaimed protectors of the mojave those two represents unification mostly good for shade wont do much else when the legion reaches us to understand a little bit better what the people of the mojave have to go through when they actually ask the ncr for help lets take a look at what its like to be one of these people right so when these people need help from the ncr theyre told to make a dangerous journey across the wasteland and fill out some paperwork just to get told that when they get there they dont have the manpower to spare the ncr rolls into town attracts these fuckboy legionaries and theyre just letting everything go to  __  because theres only one thing that theyre there for aka the only thing they care about and thats the damn and the electricity that it generates so yeah when you talk to the people in the mojave they seem more like conquered people than say a desert full of free people and thats on purpose because this game isnt just about one group of slaves in the legion its about the slaves who were recently free and have now become slaves again because a nation of people who had a lot of power and a lot of military and a lot of money stumbled onto something they really wanted in our lands and now we have to give it to them whether we like it or not doesnt sound like something a free person would say does it thats mathematics son you can argue with me but you cant argue with figures i mean the more you learn about the ncr the worst they start to seem a group of desert vigilantes needs help so they take over an entire territory and the people of the desert dont get to say sure the ncr doesnt own the desert yet but having an invading force setting up inside your own walls tends to have an effect on people who already lived there just need something for the log book keeping tabs on traffic throughout the outpost although mostly just in not out these days also if you need any gear checked we can get you up and running again once you fill out the work orders and sign for the parts of course oh yeah no no of course i gotta pay for the parts i mean why wouldnt i have to pay for the parts oh and i gotta sign a bunch of paperwork too oh no cool yeah fantastic no you know i only use these weapons to free an entire town full of convicts that have taken over to town from a  __  prison that you guys just let go free yeah but no of course of course i have to  __  pay for it of course i mean what am i thinking you guys dont have to  __  pay for it your times valuable what am i trying to do to you here yeah come on give me the paperwork ill sign the  __  dude give it to me and holy  __   __  look at these prices are you  __  kidding me what are you plating a  __  thing in gold this is why perks like jury rigging are so important right because the prices are so absolutely ridiculous and some of these items are really rare so you wont be able to find a similar enough item in order to repair what you got with jury rigging youre able to repair your own items more reliably because you can use a wider variety of items to repair the weapon youre using or the armor that youre using now as you walk around the town theres gonna be this error about everyone i dont know how to quite describe it its not quite depression but more like the next phase where you just decided well im not gonna kill myself so i might as well get used to feeling like  __  you know like youre just youre just satisfied with the level of your life at this point and youre like its never gonna get any better so  __  it coming from the north must be crazy to brave those roads outpost mojave outpost watching a lot of nothing feels like a big brahmin pen for caravans now check it out this location is different than all the others because this place has a guy where you can repair things and up to now you havent been able to repair all your equipment youve had to get another piece of equipment to repair the piece of equipment you have but this guy can bring this stuff all the way up to a hundred percent so hes really valuable but hes also really stupidly expensive and you wont be able to repair all your stuff and you wont always be able to repair your top tier items either but the fact that this is the first time youve run into a person who can repair your stuff is one of those things that new vegas does really well in a lot of games having resources in a town is a gimme you go from one town to another and you can rest assured that the town will have at least one of each vendor or services available because its just a decision that wasnt thought about like no one stopped and asked should all these places have one of each specialty or should people of skill seem like a scarce resource and new vegas treats them as special and therefore doesnt feature one of each and every town in fact some towns barely have a merchant to speak of and that makes sense in a world like this the population is low so if specially skilled people are like lets be generous and say 10 of the population might actually go out of their way to learn a trade when public schools dont exist and most of the population cant even friggin read then 10 of hardly anything is even less than hardly anything its yet another way that this game pulls you into its world by never breaking the believability of the world its designed next we talk to major knight to see if the ncr can take over prim prim these units are stationed up there were having problems with some of the ncrcf convicts what can i help you with id like to help but we cant spare any more units we have to maintain a minimum head count at the outpost orders from the west so we need a barter of at least 20 to get this guy to agree to send people to prim but paulies not too good with numbers hes more of a people person but ive got just the thing because if ive learned anything from andrew carnegie you know the rich guy its that a smile will make an adversary a friend or some  __  i dont know i need to get  __  faced goodbye goodbye children i see the wisdom in that ill radio for a unit to head up to prim and offer some additional support see this heres the problem you gotta convince these ncr  __  to do anything you gotta grease their palms you see even a low-level guys now im not a stranger to it im just saying im usually the guy getting paid here this is all  __  backwards they got a real nice racket going on here while im at the outpost i meet a real nice young lady named ghost shes got these young people eyes that could see halfway across the desert and she noticed that theres a lot of smoke coming from the direction of nipton a town where the ncr guys go to get their tips wet since this outpost is so undermanned she was hoping someone like me might happen along and go and take a look so paulie agrees he cant turn down the request of a lovely young lady like this or dude i dont know what is that thing on your face niptons where most people start asking questions about these two factions that theyve been hearing so much about general olivers strategy or tunnel vision as i like to call it has been to mass troops at hoover dam he wants to out fight the legion in a straightforward slugging match and then when they route pursue and destroy them in detail a crushing decisive victory of this sort would overshadow the tactical ingenuity of chief hanlons defense four years ago you see all right i got you so like general oliver got a baby dick and hes got a complex over it too all this so he can prove hes the better commander yeah well  __  this is what ego gets you buddy because you got these ncr folk who are all holed up in their bases basically watching people die i mean  __  they got a front row seat in prim the facility was run by the ncr for a time but the prisoners overcame their guards and now use the prison as a base from which to conduct raids what puzzles me is why these men have been allowed to run wild for so long unchecked why has the ncr not retaken this place see heres another thing that this game does really well i love it when other factions comment on other factions behavior right like if you have a powerful faction and they  __  up so bad that youre just like how are you so powerful then it should be addressed by other people like yeah can you believe these guys  __  up like that because then the writer is acknowledging like yeah it seems ridiculous but these things happen and other people notice it so its not just you i think its important because it lends it a believability of things like this when youve got a faction as powerful as the ncr yet as bad at doing their job as they are youve got to address it and oddly a lot of games dont do that anyway yeah back to the ncrs incompetence and the people the mojave seem to know their game gobble up territory by calling it in the interest of national defense and people will accept you hesitantly at first of course dont get me wrong the ncrs got a lot of decent fork in it its just that they make you part of them whether you like it or not towns like good springs and prim dont stay independent for long not if youve got something the ncr wants still the ncr keeps the legion away but eventually the people in mojave will become complacent with their role of providing the western desert with all the fresh water it needs to you know water their stupid  __  lawns or continue living in a desert i mean for  __  sakes you people import your trees from florida you dont need trees youre in a  __  desert okay maybe you guys dont live in a desert but youre definitely  __  surrounded by them not exactly where i would put millions of people to live anyway this play through had a ton of firsts for me it was the first time i ever killed goodsprings and betrayed doc mitchell the first time i ever blew up the ncr it was also the first time i ever used mines as a weapon man oh man are these things powerful just take a look at what they do to your average scumbag Music i love explosives in this game though the skill name is a little misleading because it isnt the explosive skill its the throwing skill throwing knives work with the explosive skill as well like what the  __  kind of sense does that make you throw minds too and they seem to go further after you pick heave ho but god damn is it fun to blow people up have the ai trip over to mines for once instead of you it feels real good to watch your legs pop off like an action figure Music Music did you see that that crazy  __  just attacked me out of nowhere no none at all weve been traveling together since i picked her up a few days ago and shes been friendly this whole time oh hed actually been flirting a little when she suddenly pulled a gun out and began yelling at me to hand my caps over now that i think of it though she laughed when i threw her my money i think what she really wanted was my lucky charm necklace lets whack this  __  would be dumb Music what the hell i will what the  __  yeah who won the lottery i did what lottery the lottery thats what lottery are you stupid  __  that ill say it again what the  __  Music are you  __  kidding me first i get my legs smashed and then in walks the powder gangers grim  __  reaper what the  __  have you got against us man you go to public bathrooms what the  __  do you think  __  your average mens  __  is a  __  sore jesus  __  christ if you want me dead just give me 15 medics and ill  __  od for you okay  __  or to look after his physical condition when you say his knees and niptons in a really bad way right now seems the legion moved in when the ncr had its pants down both figuratively and literally and well dont worry i wont have you lashed to a cross like the rest of these degenerates its useful that you happen by i want you to witness the fate of the town of nipton to memorize every detail and then when you move on i want you to teach everyone you meet the lesson that kaisars legion taught here especially any ncr troops you run across where to begin that they are weak and we are strong this much was known already but the depths of their moral sickness their dissolution nipton serves as the perfect object lesson nipton was a wicked place debased and corrupt it served all comers so long as they paid profligate troops powder gangers men of the legion such as myself the people here didnt care it was a town of  __  for a pittance the town agreed to lead those that had sheltered into a trap only when i sprang it did they realize they were caught inside it too yes and herded them to the center of town i told them their sins the foremost being disloyalty i told them that when legionaries are disloyal some are punished the others made to watch and i announced the lottery each clutched his ticket hoping it would set him free each did nothing even when loved ones were dragged away to be killed this speech that volpes gives you is the first bit of first-hand knowledge youll get about the legion and it really does flesh them out everything you know about them is that theyre essentially marauders who take slaves from their conquered foes but this conversation paints them as more of an avenging sword righting wrongs and sins as they see it punishing the innocent for the sins of the few they support because for them there are no innocent people just shades of gray none of these people here without sin they supported and helped maintain the power structure that used people and sold people to others like cattle turning on their protectors simply because they could get a payday out of it every one of them was an accessory to a crime those that saw it happening and did nothing those that conspired to help those that heard rumors and never followed up all were accountable all were sinners to be dealt with by the cruelty of random chance this lottery what a device this lottery is they gather up a group of no goods and disloyal people to the city square and they sit there rooting against their neighbor hoping they have the winning number and the other one doesnt each one hoping that their friends die before they do the legion reduces people to animals before they kill them that way its less like killing a human being and more like killing cattle i mean at the very least you gotta respect the poetry that goes into their punishments they wield hope like a weapon fall face tasks us with a mission to spread the word of the legions atrocities to sow fear and discord into the ranks of the ncr as if they needed any more of that so we head back to the outpost and let ghost know what we know and while were there we tell everybody about the  __  up  __  we just saw down the way you know to keep the capos on their toes maybe the fear of being crucified will make them rethink their non-interventionalist policies theres a couple of ways this open world sets itself apart from others the fact that it seems more linear than it is is chiefly among them and probably the first thing most players will notice but there is a shortcut north you could sneak past the casadors or just run through them there are ways to sequence break and its very satisfying if you follow the intended progression youll see that the game is designed with hubs like the original fallout where you spend most of your time exploring the borders of the cities like roots branching out from the middle theres another way in which this is unlike its predecessor fallout 3 was a typical bethesda rpg with bethesda type tropes big old open world with a ton of side activities dotted throughout but theres something else i noticed about bethesda games while playing obsidians take on the same formula if you go like i have been doing from one major location to the other without getting distracted by points of interest on the way the journey from one end of the map to the other is quite boring because its not like youre taking in the sights because theres nothing really to see its sort of the same argument i had about oblivion its that the journey from one place to another is just bland scenery punctuated by the occasional fight but if you take away the dungeons for example theres nothing really to see or marvel at and its the same problem that oblivion had morrowind had this to a much lesser extent because the things you saw in that game were quite magnificent and alien looking and i was often in awe of what i was seeing the first time i played that game but i havent felt that way since then with any bethesda game save for a few scant moments in skyrim i just wanted to share that thought because it became so apparent to me after having played new vegas again its almost like both companies are using a point of interest spacing to distract the player from how bland the game looks also understand that i could just be speaking from a place of bias but this feeling of are we there yet never really went away when i was walking from one hub to another now i assume that this was because there were fewer pois in new vegas than fallout 3 i mean what with the amount of time they had to actually make this game it made sense but uh i couldnt have been more wrong i mean very wrong there are way more waypoints in new vegas than in fallout 3. so why do i feel that way well heres the thing i dont i dont know if these games should have been open world in the first place or instead had a tighter open world because what exactly is interesting about looking at a game that takes place in a desert after a nuclear holocaust destroyed everything am i right i mean theres not much to see in that environment just a bunch of  __  up buildings and most of the time youre walking youre doing nothing but walking in one direction unopposed by anything other than the occasional burned out car shell so you dont even get to navigate in these games really you go for the most part in a straight line for a predetermined amount of time and whats supposed to happen is youre supposed to be exploring the outskirts right but im just not that type of guy i usually go from one place to another in search of content and i think maybe ive gotten a little too used to games that send me to a hub and send me to every side quest in that area from the hub and out to the branches im not saying i like it that way im saying im used to it i think its time that the paradigm shifted a little bit and also one last thing about maps in these games exploring something thoroughly is a lot easier with the world map that fills in as you explore it sure the local map fills in but that shits kinda hard to read id like a world map that fills in details as i explore so i could take a look at the map and find locations i havent explored yet the local map is too zoomed in to be comfortably red but i have another idea its just the seed just an idea looking for water bethesdas fallouts take place in dense urban areas which give their games an entirely different feel to it than new vegas and that doesnt mean bad just different but i think that the environment in new vegas is far less interesting than say the capital wasteland visually at least its in the content where i think this game really shines walking through that desert and seeing nothing but blasted to death wilderness than coming to new vegas strip for the first time well its like stumbling onto an oasis its very satisfying so in a way i guess it works but it always makes me wonder how this game would have been if it had been smaller denser and the team had more time to polish the content that was there instead of trying to compete for the game of the year award for the most amount of points of interest in a video game plus these games would benefit from less but better content but if ive learned anything about what it is that people want we may say we want better products but what we really want is more product not less so i know it sounds like to some of you that im talking out of my ass but let me explain it this way lets say there are two ways to expand content right you either expand more content or you make less content that can be experienced in different ways so for example lets say you only have 10 main quests in your game instead of 50 but those 10 quests each have three to five different ways they could play out and affect the content that comes after them creating permutations of events which means that every time a player experiences this content theyre experiencing it in almost 50 different ways an incredible amount of content that requires less land mass less  __  around and a tighter more controlled experience with less bugs and glitches due to complexity introduced in the open world to close out this discussion when i talk about this game there are only a handful of missions i can remember from beginning to end and those are good springs because i played it the most prim because its short brotherhood because its an awesome and memorable series of events that expanded on the lore and fantastic flourishes and novak because its a fine example of content expanding outwards instead of upwards now lets take a look at novak easy pete is looking different nowadays got a new job too good for him novak is for no vacancy but the place has plenty of vacancies and you know what this has always been something thats bothered me so i need to say something for places that are supposedly hubs of trading and activity where money changes hands constantly the place is leading from the mojave outpost which is said to be one of the busiest places in the west all of these towns that act as checkpoints on the way to the strip are awfully small and you know what they might be small in real life thats fine but these places seem extra tiny like theres less than two dozen people living in this place think about how damn vulnerable that makes you as a town yet this place novak is able to not only stay free from caesars legion which is just a hop skip and a jump away but theyre able to defend this spot with a gimpy ranger and two ncr snipers sure the dinosaur is great for defending the bridge but it does  __  off for your rear and i mean three people listen the powder gangers took over prim by sneaking in one night and killing the sheriff and his wife all these guys live in the same hotel so one stop shop if you bring enough dynamite you know what i mean just saying that the fact that these places are so tiny is one of those things that ive always had a problem with ever since fallout 1 to be honest the towns are just too small to be believably protected from the elements and the ravages of nature like wheres all this food coming from where are the farms the farmers and the cattle and livestock supplying the stores i mean the guy who is a cattle farmer here hes only got like three cows left what does the wildlife live off of you know i feel like the smaller the town the more questions i end up having because keep in mind novak is the most direct route to new vegas so so that means a lot of passers-by will be stopping here resupplying here resting and so on some would even settle down here theres plentiful salvage around and plenty of clay in the desert so why are these places so small i mean i know the answer to that im just commenting that cities in these games in any first person rpg game with next level graphics are just incapable of conveying the scale and scope of a real city even a post-apocalyptic one either the technology forbids it or the lack of time scales division down or designers find it much easier to have a smaller city because its less overwhelming for the player to explore you might be able to chalk this up to well its the wasteland of course theres not a lot of people so answer me this then did everybodys dick just stop working because i know a dude that makes minimum wage and has 12 kids first person you might notice as you head into town is victor you know the cowboy robot from good springs and you might be asking yourself how in the hell does he keep winding up in the places that im just arriving at how is he always ahead of me but also always catching up to me when i need help dont rightly know i just got the notion to make my way to new vegas reckon ill find out when i get there seeing how this is the only road around id be a sight more surprised if we didnt run into each other from time to time some people believe that hes been following you but thats not true victors an ai in the network that is swapping himself in and out of robots as you approach you could tell this is happening the first time you entered a strip proper victor greets you as you enter and then his screen turns back into the face of a police spot then victor reappears at the top of the steps at the entrance of the lucky 38 in a different robot victors only interested in one thing and thats keeping you alive hes not worried about your feud with daisy sued or any of the various plights befalling the towns on the way to the strip he has one job and that is delivering us to his master no dont believe i did but you might ask around the novak folk usually see anyone traveling this way he wont even confirm or deny if were on the right track because if we did somehow catch up the daisy suit before he could deliver us the house it could mean our deaths which would jeopardize everything the house is going for and at this point in a story thats not even a spoiler see back in good springs if you talk to chet about mr house he has this to say im afraid i dont know much myself mr house has got his own casino lucky 38 but nobody goes in or out except his robots the other casinos follow mr houses rules so i guess that makes him the leader of new vegas as far as i know nobodys ever laid eyes on the guy i think that robot who pulled you out of the dirt belongs to mr house if mr house is looking after you its got to be a good thing right what do we know so far well we know that house is powerful and no one has ever seen him this means two things to a first-timer it means that house is either an ai or some kind of immortal recluse we know hes powerful if hes leading a place where money is flowing like vegas and we know hes looking out for us because all these robot guys are under mr houses control and one of them is looking out for us directly which means house is looking out for us which in turn means were valuable to his plans in vegas this game is very good at delivering a lot of info to the player without saying a whole lot about it it lets the player put the information together from what little theyve been told and when you create mystery like this you get player buy-in which is important because it keeps them from asking questions like why is the vegas strip two roads in a water pump novak has a notable mission which everybody already knows about so i dont think im going to cover it you go into a repconn facility meet a dapper ghoul named bright kill a bunch of purple super mutants who forgot to take their meds and send a bunch of naive goals at our death on nuclear-powered rockets aimed at the ground the more interesting quest in this place is boone and his missing wife they knew when to come what route to take and they only took carla someone set it up i dont know who my wifes dead i want the son of a  __  who sold her boone is the kind of character that i always ignored because i thought he was a prick and he is a prick but god damn is he good at killing other pricks so this time around i decided to do this mission i usually pass but i remember the first time i played this mission i was surprised by who actually did it and its another way that the game is showing you who the various factions in the game really are you learn about them both through what people say about them either conservative estimations or vastly overemphasized stories and the other way you learn about them is through what they do look at this woman i hope youre finding everything to your liking i know she sounds older than she looks but thats the hide to sneak she really is nothing that wouldnt be wrong with any man who loses a wife i suppose poor dear i know he thinks she was kidnapped but im not so sure she didnt just run off on her own you could tell she was thinking about it ever since they arrived see shes got the voice of someone letting a pie cool off on a windowsill but what you dont know is that shes been poisoning the pie hoping your rotten ass kids will come over and try to steal it she sold boones wife off to the legion to become a broodmare for some legionary soldiers but why why did grandma shanghai boones wife carla was a knockout whenever boone walked around with her he always had this funny grin on his face like he couldnt believe his luck i know we couldnt that wasnt the only reason she stuck out though that girl never minced words if shed had better food or hospitality shed let you hear it trouble was she usually had i dont think she meant it she really was a sweet girl i think she just wanted to remind herself that theres still nicer places in this world than novak who could blame her for that this  __  this  __  right here she could because boones wife was an uppity  __  so she had it coming you know what i mean now at this point you got boone up there and a dinosaur head acting like a semi-auto turret for whoever you decide to bring out front so if you were to say bring a certain ranger out front you get a free set of ranger armor and a cool new york yankees hat with a 360 brim im killing this drip thats what it is im a trip slayer but i suggest getting rid of this  __  right here shes gotta go watch out for strangers see what i mean she even says bye weird okay if thats what you think Applause Music submit to a credit check or present your passport before proceeding to the gate trespassers will be shot now by this point you should have well over 10 grand saved if you didnt i suggest you go out and do some looting because you need at least 2 000 caps to get past the sakuratrons you can easily raise this money by playing blackjack at the atomic wrangler or you could do the main missions for the kings and if youre wondering if im gonna cover the kings quest line im not its probably one of the most boring quest lines in the game like honestly i mean especially from one of those standpoints of well this is like a main quest in the game one that most players are gonna run across and probably do theres two different endings one ending where you kill all the ncr and one ending where you dont kill all the ncr but either way it all kind of ends in the same exact way the only reason you do this quest is to get the robot dog and then put the rabies-filled brain of a reavers dog inside of it theres three ways in total past this robot if you have 2 000 caps to do a credit check you can get passed if you have 80 in science you can convince the robot to let you through or if you get in good with the kings and have someone put in a good word for you and if you have the gun runners arsenal you can get mick to show you the real goods and get access to a power fist at level 10. howd it partner youve come for a piece havent you welcome to new vegas sorry rambler i know youre fixing to serve up some vengeance but im gonna have to point you to the lucky 38 first mr house the head honcho of new vegas is itching to make your acquaintance hell help you serve that cold dish of yours extra chili intrigued paulie heads to talk to mr house this meeting has been a long time coming hasnt it youve come a long ways literally and i suspect figuratively as well i have to ask now that youve reached your destination what do you make of what you see oh come now dont play the fool vegas has fools enough a superfluity of them theyre what makes it so profitable they come to vegas chasing penny anti dreams of high living to feel like theyre big shots like theyre winners you see that you and i are of a different stripe dont you we dont have to dream that were important we are so when i said that we felt important that could be because we are or because mr house wants us to feel like were important either way he puts the words what we can only feel as a background sensation the business is this one of my employees has stolen an item of extraordinary value from me and i want it recovered simple enough my only concern is the recovery of the platinum chip what happens to benny i leave to your discretion when you bring the chip to me i will pay you four times the delivery bonus stipulated in your contract hows that well enough return to me when you have the platinum chip in your possession any final matters for us to discuss any questions well have to wait until paulies had his revenge now i think we all know how paulies going to react to seeing benny but how could another calmer person react well you could agree to meet benny in his room and if you have a hole where a penis would be then benny might try to put his no-no in your sacred place or you could just agree to help him and see where helping a guy who tried to kill you end you up at we head to the tops to square up with benny get the chip and whatever the prick has in his wallet youve recovered the platinum chip lets have it such a small thing isnt it and yet so capacious so very dear decades of hiring salvagers out west to search for this little relic in the ruins of a place called sunnyvale back then anyway thats where the chip was printed on october 22nd 2077 it was to have been hand delivered to me here at the lucky 38 the next day but the bombs fell first suffice it to say the delivery was never made a great deal shall be happening a cascade of events with you taking a central role at the moment however all you need to do is take the elevator all the way down to the bottom level youll understand soon enough a few moments later step closer to the demonstration area if you would i expect youre well familiar with my securitrons by now the titanium alloy housing that protects its electronic core deflects small arms and shrapnel easily enough its x-25 gatling laser produced to spec by plastic house ink is deadly against soft targets at medium range and for close range suppression or crowd control the securatron is armed with a nine millimeter submachine gun all of this you probably already knew what you did not know is that these are the securatrons secondary weapons all this time my securatrons have had to get by running the mark one operating system which lacked software drivers for their primary weapons today with the delivery of the platinum chip all that changes behold for the first time securitrons running the mark ii os the m235 missile launcher gives the securitron the ability to engage ground and air targets at significantly longer ranges and a rapid fire g28 grenade launcher ensures the securatron is deadly in close range engagements the software upgrade also includes drivers for the securatrons highly sophisticated on-board auto repair systems altogether the mark ii software upgrade confers a 235 increase in combat effectiveness per unit the city of new vegas finally has soldiers worthy of protecting it return to the penthouse now we have much to discuss trips to the basement are rarely so educational dont you think well youre right about that most trips to the basement just end in emotional scarring ive since broadcast the upgrade to every securitron in range of my transmitters and i must say its causing quite a stir down on the strip but now paulie says youve shown your hand that the enemy now they know your plan and they have time to prepare a defense and this is why paulie didnt kill house and try to take over the strip for himself hes not a leader he knows that hes the kind of guy who follows great men and after house is big reveal he doesnt so much as doubt him but is eager to prove himself to his new boss im surprised you can still underestimate me after everything youve seen i havent shown my hand ive shown one card ive given my enemies a single provocative datum upon which to fixate they have no idea what other cards im holding its a strong hand believe me i dealt it to myself and while theyre watching what youre doing over here they dont see what the other hand is doing the next step will require you to infiltrate caesars camp at fortification hill i want you to open a hatch in the basement of the derelict weather station atop fortification hill youll recognize it on site the hatch bears the logo of the lucky 38 same as the platinum chip okay just so ive got this you want me to walk into the heart of a base full of people who ive been mercilessly slaughtering this whole time look a warlord in his eye lie to him then break into a bunker under their base without anybody getting wiser to it all right sounds like fun but tell me this what does paulie get out of this im not offering you an incentive as crude as money though therell be plenty of that what im offering you is a ground floor opportunity in the most important enterprise on earth what im offering is a future for you and for what remains of the human race paulie agrees to think about it but we need to get to know this house guy a little better before agreeing to do anything if you have questions house is ready to answer them for you since you did what you were hired to do itll help you get the measure of the man youre dealing with when you ask about benny and why he didnt seem to care what happened to him mr house says this thats because he ceased to be relevant when you recovered the platinum chip revenge doesnt interest me progress does sorry to deny you a moment of primate triumph but youll have to go elsewhere to sound your barbaric yorp he seems to be above the petty squabbles of the strip at this point he doesnt care how many people die so long as his plan and his property are safe you can see this as pragmatic or you could just think of him as a narcissist i mean maybe its both but he shows moments of humanity when confronted with his memories of what the vegas strip used to be it was a place of splendor as magnificent as todays strip may seem its but a shadow of the neon paradise that was las vegas i grew up not far from here and though i traveled the old world extensively i never found another place like it by 2065 i deemed it a mathematical certainty that an atomic war would devastate the earth within 15 years every projection i ran confirmed it i knew i couldnt save the world nor did i care to but i could save vegas and in the process perhaps save mankind i set to work immediately i thought i had plenty of time to prepare as it turned out i was 20 hours short on the day of the great war 77 atomic warheads targeted las vegas and its surrounding areas my networked mainframes were able to predict and force transmit disarm code subsets to 59 warheads neutralizing them before impact laser cannons mounted on the roof of the lucky 38 destroyed another nine warheads the rest got through though none hit the city itself a sub-optimal performance admittedly if only the platinum chip had arrived a day sooner the platinum chip was printed in sunnyvale california on october 22nd 2077 the day before the great war it was to have been delivered by courier the following afternoon but by then the world had ended the chip contained vital software upgrades but not just for my securatrons every aspect of the missile defense grid would have been upgraded too given that i had to make do with buggy software the outcome could have been worse i nearly died as it was software glitches set off a cascade of system crashes i had to take the lucky 38s reactor offline lest it melt down for nearly five years i battled power outages and more system crashes until i finally managed to reboot my data core with an older version of the os i spent the next few decades in a veritable coma but i survived obviously and eventually thrived this man whoever he is is a goddamn legend it sounds like he managed to not only defy the grim reaper but the nuclear powers of the day but a bad calculation ended it all for him paulie knew who he was going to be working for mr house was the only answer hes the only reason that citys still standing and hes probably the only hope for it to stay standing so paulie is off to see the savages on top of fortification hill halt what business have you in cottonwood cove outsider you were the mark of kaisar you must be who curser lucullus is waiting for you may continue but be warned mark or no we will not tolerate aggressive action by visitors in the camp and boy oh boy is that a  __  shame because these guys truly do deserve an ass whooping were being held here against our will i beg you help us im just glad someone is doing something the last thing i need is to be made some legionaries  __  and sent off to god knows where see i told you mancy this guys worried about getting his pooper breached and look at this they got kids in cages aint that something oh its just awful here cant you help us ah thats cute but no i cant now the first time i came through this place paulies instinct was to kill everybody here i mean after seeing the kids in cages he just couldnt stand it he was like these fats just  __  gotta go but after killing my way through kaizars entire legion i thought to myself you know itd be nice if i could actually hear what this kaisar guy has to say maybe hes got some good ideas who knows you know the sun shines on a dogs ass at least once a day right if you do decide to go and kill kaizar i got some tips for you uh his little area that you have to fight him in its not great hes got like eight bodyguards and they all dog pile on to you all at once so what ive found the best way to do this is to pull out annabelle you know the missile launcher and just start running away and hitting them with rockets it works really well these guys cant muster a defense against that anyway see this guy hes in charge of taking you up the river to get to the fort and i guess thats all he does is he just uh he just operates the boat and then when you get there they want all your weapons yeah youre not allowed to have your weapons here you can keep a hold out pistol like you can in the casinos but it aint gonna help you very much against these guys remember when i said that theres not much to the caesars legion faction it really isnt i mean you can look around and tell theres nobody to talk to theres only like maybe two npcs that actually have any dialogue and the dialogue that they have is not all that great and the only thing there really is to do here is maybe enter into the arena but if you have a vagina you cant i suspect youll be a valuable asset to the legion assuming youre really on our side of course yeah yeah of course im on your side i mean what the  __  are you talking about man of course now volpes will give you a mission and you know you could do that mission if you want but im not gonna do it because its a side mission and like i said this is only about the main story but itll help flesh out the whole gamora storyline if youre really all that interested it is a great honor for anyone outside the legion to get an audience with kaiser yeah thats nice but uh im going to be honest with you i expected a little bit more from this kaiser guy i mean kaiser kind of looks like a dude from a cialis commercial if you know what i mean no legit la niuse is kaiser second the leggett replaced the burned man after the legions defeat at the dam several years ago the burned man was kaisers advisor in general when the legion was originally formed the burned man led us to a disastrous defeat at the dam on kaizars orders the burned man was covered in pitch by the praetorian guard lit on fire and cast into the grand canyon kaiser has forbidden us from ever speaking his true name again and so we simply refer to him as the burned man its interesting to me that kaiser has decided to make sure that nobody speaks the burned mans true name its almost like speaking his true name reminds kaizar that this man was once his trusted friend and advisor and ally the way to dehumanize the man so kaiser doesnt have to feel a human emotion Music not going to happen again thats all i have to say about it and ive heard its a bad idea to tempt the wrath of kaisar change the subject youre the courier who caused so much trouble for my legion and yet you dare come before me the garrison i established at nelson has been wiped out that was a paranormal event so tell me this because i really want to know i am feared with good reason but you of all people dare to come here and stand before me the mighty kaisar what were you thinking well i figured id come here and blow all your asses up with a rocket you know i mean what are you gonna do  __  punch me hes asking me im telling him maybe i should have you struck blind so my face is the last sight you ever behold stop getting  __  look you do know why i wanted to meet you right a man nearly kills you so you track him across the breath of the mojave you arrive on the strip and waltz into the lucky 38 like someone left you a key under the doormat you assassinate the head of the chairman in his own casino and get away with it then something happens to mr houses robot some kind of military upgrade next the blind will see in the lane will walk when you set your mind to something you get results i like that the question is are you ready to get started you remember before where i was talking about how some factions will comment on the actions of other factions well sometimes those factions will comment on the things that youve done and this is a really good bit of dialogue because it communicates to the player that your actions are important theyre important enough for people to not only recognize your actions but comment on them and theyll either condemn you for it or congratulate you on it its just a really nice way that the game acknowledges you for the things that youve done and the choices that youve made and makes the gameplay feel unique in that way right like the game has tailored itself around the experience that youre trying to experience and it gives you the freedom to experience in any way you want right like i never felt at any time during these playthroughs where i was just like man i really wish i could do this because i always could do that its really a fantastic game the time is fast approaching when my legion will assault the great dam and invade the west before that happens i want mr house knocked out of the game a quick one-two punch with you doing the punching i have eyes and ears everywhere it behooves me not to invade the west blind and death it hasnt been hard to track your progress its not as though youve been keeping a low profile down the hill at the west edge of camp is an old building it was here when the fort was taken in 2277. inside the building is a hatch and inside that hatch are two steel doors that bear the sigil of the lucky 38 casino now that same sigil is on the platinum chip you were carrying isnt that interesting even more interesting theres a slot about the same size as the chip on the console that opens the hatch so you know what i think i think the platinum chip opens those doors doors that cant be pried open or drilled open or blasted open because all that i tried i want you to destroy whatever you find in there and then i want you to come back here and tell me about it so go to the building and take this  __  platinum chip with you my legionaries will meet you there with your weapons and equipment goodbye now this next part might not seem like much but trust me it really is because when i first experienced this series of events i was shocked that i could do this so heres what happens kaiser wants you to go down into the base thats underneath the fortification hill and he wants you to destroy whatever house has got down there heres the thing he doesnt actually go down there to check to see if youve actually done it so you could trick him into thinking you did the thing while actually not having done the thing at all and youll suffer no ill consequences for it either because you completely fooled kizar you know this this super intelligent ubermensch guy and all you had to do was just tell them a little lie thats it your work here is done return to the lucky 38 so we can discuss next steps you have a very bright future ahead of you thanks to your actions today so does the rest of mankind game takes betraying factions to a whole other level i mean holy  __  the amount of interactions between you and the factions is fantastic it took what bethesda normally does with its factions which is allow you to join whatever faction you want and  __  around for both of them and do all their missions and everything and it said but what if what if you could betray them i felt the ground shake a while ago ill take that as a sign youve got the job done what if you could only join one faction but in reality you could be a member of all the factions working for all of them while in the background working against them it makes you feel like youre a  __  spy like it makes you feel like you are committing espionage its awesome if you have any questions for kaiser nows the time to ask him because he seems to be in a chatty mood my praetorians embody the martial ideals of my legion each one of them has done enough conquering and killing to deserve the rank of cantorian instead i invited them to join my guard so the invitee chooses whichever current guard he thinks is weakest and challenges him the fight is to the death it keeps them from getting complacent see kaiser is a cold  __  he dont care about nothing but results he dont care if youre his friend if youve been his bodyguard for a decade you dont give a  __  if you cant fight no more he dont want you he dont want nothing to do with you youre just a waste of resources to him get the  __  out of my camp lucius has been the head of my guard for five years now he was a subordinate guard for eight before that no invitee has dared to challenge him yet maybe its an issue of respect he is getting on in years if you ask khaizar about valpas he has a lot to say and in fact this dialogue about volpes it actually gets pretty in-depth as to what these inculta or these frumantari actually do in how the disciplinary situations inside the legion actually work and how kaiser will actually subvert his own disciplinary actions in order to keep valuable personnel around woolpes is the best of my frumentari a remarkable individual from an unremarkable tribe south of the utah he was brought into the legion as a boy survived training fought well enough as a legionary to be promoted to the rank of decanus then in battle against an unimportant tribe he broke ranks and led his contubernium through a hole in their defenses to capture its chieftain well as contorian wanted him crucified for disobedience so i made him a frumentari the rules are only rules if they serve kaizars purposes if they dont he disregards them entirely whatever i require infiltration assassination dramatic atrocities to break the spirit of the enemy etc theyre mentally flexible they operate behind enemy lines for extended periods imitating the enemys customs without becoming sullied and all these things wolfhas is a master so in a way the rules dont really mean anything its just like the idea that you dont have rights if they could just be taken away from you anytime somebody wants thats the world of double standards that these people live in now kaiser has one more weapon in his little bag of tricks and thats linnius his battlefield commander he was once a member of a tribe called the hyde barks in arizona and apparently he was so savage that not only did he impress kaiser but he scared the  __  out of all the legionaries when after several months we found and surrounded the hyde bars camp their chieftain raised a banner of surrender the warrior who was not yet linus went insane with rage he struck down his chieftain and attacked his own tribe he killed 15 before they brought him down he didnt die obviously i had him tended to he was maimed most of his face torn off it was days before he regained consciousness when he did i went to his bedside and showed him the helmet id had forged to cover his face i said he could have it if hed fight for me he accepted on condition that he be allowed to kill the surviving males of his tribe i said make it the adult males and you have a deal Music see this is what i mean kyzar is uh hes an interesting fella im veronica i live in a hole in the ground veronicas in an abusive relationship with the brotherhood he got a second the brotherhood is failing ive always known that if we dont change course were going to fall apart or fade away but until recently i havent understood where we went wrong or how to fix it i think i need to go home see she wants to have the brotherhood be a force for good in the mojave to use that technology that theyve been hoarding to help people and build civilization back up again which honestly they owe it to the people you know ive been thinking the real problem with the brotherhood is that we isolate ourselves our training is top-notch our technology gives us an advantage but when it all comes down to it were losing because we shun the outside world we always make enemies never allies we refuse to recruit outsiders or see the value in their simpler technologies i dont know im still thinking about what kind of role we could take on that would give us the best chance of survival but i think things are starting to come together i know the odds arent good but i gotta try i cant lose them  __  didnt your mom ever tell you that youre not supposed to try and change people you cant change people man they think theyre just fine the way they  __  are thats why they are the way they are theyve never examined their own life and said holy  __  am i really this bad am i really this shitty of a person yes very likely you are that shitty of a person but youve just never examined it and its the same with the brotherhood you cant change them you got to get out of this relationship girl you need to pack a bag and get the  __  out of town theyre cautious when they discover something they respect it learn its limits consider how to preserve it used to drive father elijah crazy he liked to learn limits too but only so he could push them thats not to excuse the other elders though they all covet technology for its own sake some are just more fanatical than others but the brotherhood is selfish and isolationist selfish cowards to put it another way she believes she can change them if she presents her argument well enough and after you give her something girly to wear shell trust you enough to do another side mission and that side mission has to do with you changing the mind of the brotherhood that they should be taking a more active role in the defense of the mojave and to do this you have to find research and you got three different types of research that you can go and look for but it doesnt really matter because the brotherhood is slavishly dedicated to their ideologies your next assignment is to locate and destroy remnants of the mojave chapter of the brotherhood of steel house wants us to wipe out the brotherhood because he knows what they are given the brotherhoods fanatical views on technology they can be counted on to oppose my regime please put them out of my misery and honestly having the one good guy in this game forced the player to kill a faction that bethesda has been sucking off in a closet for years feels like obsidian forcing the player to come to a realization a hard realization theres nothing good about the brotherhood Music i think that the biggest problem that i have with the modern day fallout games is the way that bethesda has interpreted some of the lore i dont think they really understood the brotherhood and i think i may have romanticized them as well which is the power of simile in a way they stand in for knights in shining armor and we associate those guys with damsels being saved from dragons which is probably not true these guys were probably stepping on the necks of peasants for most of their day you know what i mean and the brotherhood is a lot like the reality of knights they are cultish and hoarders of technology just like knights with their armor and weapons they even try to kill you in the original fallout by sending you to the most deadly place in the wasteland and if you somehow survive getting absolutely torched by radiation the guy at the gate is gonna look at you like oh  __  youre back i didnt think youd live and its like dude youre gonna say that to me to my face when im standing within slapping distance theyre evil just not purposefully evil they deny help to the wasteland and actively try to prevent people from being able to defend themselves now that is some evil  __  theyre like the ovaldi police in new vegas you cant change the brotherhoods mind no matter what you do listen to how he talks about changing the course of the brotherhood veronica i hope i brought you a present this disc has secrets to breeding plants that can thrive in the wasteland high elder maxson didnt found us to be botanists veronica think about it no more trading guns for food total self-sufficiency its what we always wanted this wont get us hoover dam yes it will if we feed people theyll support us theyll join us what does the codex say a bunch of closed-minded  __  we do not help them or let them in but we keep knowledge they must never have give it a chance for me i cant stay here and watch us waste away im sorry well die out i know come on i cant listen to this anymore helping a brotherhood is like helping a playground bully steal your lunch money except theyll be stealing the entire mojaves lunch money you dont have to kill them but like house says theyll always be a problem and offer little in the way of help theyll always be a problem because theyre fanatical and no amount of reason will talk them out of suicide at the hands of hostility and isolationist policies welcome outsider welcome the lockdown has been officially lifted and everyone seems to be in good spirits with the surface open to us once again hardens already started talk of sending a force out to attack helios but i hope to dissuade him sure they might patrol the roads at the end of the day and protect them from bandits but they steal tech from people because of bigotry they have to die in order for the wasteland to thrive the death of the brotherhood feels awful because of veronica the game helps us identify with them by making us like her and because we like her we think well they cant all be that bad can they and thats the right instinct it feels bad to kill them because not all of them are this close-minded but they are led by people who are and nothing is going to change that in fact  __  the brotherhood oh no no no no no hello sharing knowledge with an outsider organization i knew veronica couldnt be trusted we tracked your movements a long way but it was worth to catch her in the act passing brotherhood secrets to outsiders is the lowest form of treason what have you got to say for yourself she has made her intentions plain we will not risk any further damage in the name of the elder i hereby sentence you to death they kill unarmed scientists and doctors  __  them like when i finally did veronicas questline and let her join the followers this happened the only reason these guys are still around is because bethesda brought them back they disappeared during the events of part two and are suddenly in  __  dc and 3k they were  __  in part one they literally sent you and many others to die providing false hope into an open or radiated grave i think that like with anything your opinion is going to be colored by your experiences right a lot of people who played fallout 3 never played fallout 1 like fallout 3 was their first fallout game so if youve never played fallout 1 you have no idea why people who are like bitching about how the brotherhood is portrayed in bethesda games you wont understand why theyre like that because youre like seem fine to me but its like you never seen what kind of bastards they were in part one eventually the actions of the brotherhood just becomes way too much for veronica and she admits to something thats very important for someone like her to admit god i did this this was my fault why didnt i see this coming of course theyd track me of course theyd assumed the worst sure i left them but that didnt mean id ever be free of them i should have known i was beaten before i began i just i had to try you know i did a poll recently and i asked people why they didnt side with kaisers legion and i had four options on there i did which is yeah i joined them the legion is evil i didnt want to be evil and didnt want to kill house now this third option right here i didnt want to be evil thats the thing i want to talk about right now i added this option because i wanted to know if people felt the same way i did and a surprising amount of people identified the characters actions as being like their own meaning they controlled the character therefore they were inflicting pain on other people this was okay so long as the people having pain inflicting on them did the same to others like righteous justice right and even those theres this separation between what well allow our character to do and what we would actually do in real life like you know killing 100  __  people like in a game like this there doesnt seem to be much separation between you and your character which makes people feel like they themselves are committing these atrocities getting this connection requires the player to feel connected to characters and with how wooden these animations are thats a real achievement because a good amount of people identified the characters actions as their own and it wasnt down to dust them controlling it it means that they would have to inflict pain on digital characters in a world that they identified with enough to not want to harm everything in it now you could do the brotherhoods missions and you could try to figure out for yourself if theyre worth saving and its fun for the most part and at the end you get to wear power armor but its mainly a lot of you running back and forth for  __  and after youve done the list of factions for house youll come to the final battle in the game hoover dam Applause as events in the wider world are coming to a head before we could go and assault the dam we gotta talk aaron kimball out of suicide at the hands of stupidity apparently he hasnt considered the effect on the troops morale of seeing their beloved leader get his brains blown out by a legion sniper president aaron kimballs gotta stay alive right house has his reasons for this but he doesnt reveal his reasons until after youve saved the president which i think is a real big mistake i think you need to let the player know why this guys worth saving because if youre thinking about like lets say holding control of hoover and keeping control of hoover dam away from the ncr then naturally your player is going to be thinking aaron kimball needs to die but house has some pretty special logic there and it seems to ring true and itd be nice to have known it before you actually go on the mission so im gonna play it for you now kimballs entire political career is inextricably bound up with the ncrs occupation of the mojave its his war if i compel the ncr to retreat kimball will be the sacrifice offered to the gods so decent ncr citizens can get on with their lives in retrospect the mojave and hoover dam will seem like one mans misadventure kimball will be blamed not me not new vegas then the hero of the mojave would become the martyr of hoover dam and when subsequently i force the ncr to retreat they lick their wounds and dream of righteous vengeance against new vegas hello embargo farewell tourist economy ive calculated and recalculated these probabilities kimball must live and after no less than two successful reloads and getting president aaron kimball killed twice youll then be told to start up a substation to get more power to your little securatron robots and then youll be told that the battle for hoover dam is now available and you could go there now if you want or you could spend another 100 hours in the desert  __  around this is what those in the biz like to call the point of no return its called the point of no return because you aint coming back from this so if you want to do any of these other missions well as they say the time is nigh now at the very end you get one last chance here you get one last chance to decide if youre going to work for house anymore or if youre going to work against him right you get one last chance to betray this guy in fact they even try to give you one more chance after you beat the game i mean its hard to explain how much depth it adds when youre able to betray these guys at basically any point in the game even up to the very end you know you could be the guy who just keeps betraying people back and forth playing both sides of the fence or you could be the guy whos playing the long game the long con letting house think hes in power and then the whole time hes working in the background against him now i could spend the next 10 minutes talking about the combat but the combat aint all that great i mean you get on the hoover dam they throw a bunch of kind of strong enemies at you and you just sort of steamroll your way through i mean if you got love and hate at the very beginning of the game youve basically been steamrolling through this game right so the combats not the highlight in fact i didnt even want to fight the bosses i just wanted to talk to them an envoy of vegas yet you carry yourself a battle if so you cannot truly be of that city of cowards when you ask leggett linnaeus why kaiser is not here to meet you in battle he has this to say kaisers will has made truth through me i am a hammer against all that defy his rule okay so youre just not gonna answer the question all right if you seek to stand against me you shall fall as the west falls oh yeah yeah yeah okay yeah totally well get to that but let me ask you some questions first i see you fight with words like all beneath the flag of the bear oh no  __  that this aint gonna be no west side story kind of thing we aint gonna be like you know  __  dancing around each other  __  sing fighting  __  that no were just gonna talk man i just want to have a talk you know we never talk anymore me and you let us hope your skill with weapons proves greater wow man you are a really angry dude the only thing you can think about is fighting you know i used to know a guy like you yeah his name was vinnie glitter this guy he was in collections right and he would go around to his people and if they didnt have the money to pay up what he would do is instead of breaking her legs or their thumbs or something you know something like outrageous that makes them realize like you better pay the next time i come around you know you know what he would do hed  __  him hed  __  him in the ass and it was only men and only at this one club it was really strange man and when youd ask him like hey man uh why are you uh why you do that theyll never forget it will they and theyll have my money the next time i come around but i think in all of that vinnie was kind of downplaying his own pleasure in the game you know what i mean and im gonna be honest with you right now leggett youre reminding me a lot of vinny right now i mean dont take offense or nothing i mean he was a good guy im just saying you know with the headdress and everything you know i dont know man you might want to like you know tone it down a little bit take it down a notch youre flying too high in the sky buddy youre gonna burn your wings our roads into ncr are hung with the bodies of those who attempted to negotiate with us save your speeches we will take hoover dam and move forward until our feet crush the setting sun beneath them all right well look im not trying to be negative or nothing but you guys have been trying to take hoover dam for a while now hows that been working out for you hoover dam has never seen the mass strength of the east only leggett such as graham who deserve the fire kaiser blessed him with now i am here and make markers of your people as the legion carves its way west now you see that reminds me of another story about vinnie glitter you know what he used to do how he used to get these guys and surprise him heres what he used to do its really funny man its actually kind of brilliant and its very relevant to what were talking about here see while one guy was in the bathroom at this bar  __  another dude he would come up behind him and  __  that dude see its thats whats gonna happen to you you understand youre gonna be too busy  __  the ncr and the east is gonna come up from behind you and  __  you you speak in circles yeah you know youre not the first one to say that actually i am the east and i will prove it this day yeah but now you got nobody behind you protecting your rear dude its like when youre standing at a urinal right you ever feel like this you stand in a urinal and you pull your pants down a little bit and then a guy comes up next to you and he starts taking a piss right but now you got your pants down right so youre a little worried that this guys gonna do something you know like i dont know stick his index finger in your  __  or something and he could you know because youre completely defenseless back there you know what i mean i mean you can clinch your butt cheeks as hard as you want but a dedicated man with a lot of motivation hes going to get in there the victory here shall be swift our forces shall take the dam secure it then build a road west on the bodies of the ncr i left a trail of dead legionaries behind me that says otherwise bro the east will hold once across the colorado nothing to rival hoover dam remains yeah but check this out bro you done wasted almost all of your troops all those troops that you gathered from the east fighting your way all the way over here you have wasted almost all of your troops and guess what you aint even put a  __  dent in the ncr not even a  __  dent and now you got the rest of the west to worry about because if you think that theyre not going to retaliate you are out of your  __  mind that does not mean we would not succeed i might need to know what your definition of success is because everybodys successful until they fail the east was a hard-fought campaign even now kaiser drew too much of the legions blood needed therefore this hoover dam is but a place i will not have it be the gravestone of the legion whether quickly or as you described slowly by attrition im glad we could come to an understanding there is wisdom in your words man of the west know that i shall return east i shall not remain there forever on that day the strength of the bear shall be tested if the west is one day filled with ones such as you perhaps it shall be a worthy fight indeed all right thats great now get the  __  off my damn you share reunion tour looking  __  get me out of here the only thing thats left to do is power up your robots and intimidate the hell out of a four-star general what is this the free economic zone of new vegas what the hell does that mean oh wait here we go demands ncrs immediate withdrawal withdrawal like  __  hell were withdrawing we just held the damn we didnt do it to let it go this paper of yours isnt fit to wipe my ass if you think after all thats happened im going to grab my ankles and take it like the legion all right youre not going to believe this but we were just talking about that let me tell you a story about a guy i used to know named vinnie glitter Music 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