Fallout New Vegas Mods - How to Install Mods for Beginners - (NVSE Modding Gameplay Guide (2021)

Can you play chivalry 2 with steam and epic gamesbaked potato steamer FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS game now i know youre rather excited to start modding fallout new vegas immediately but please do listen to this intro its actually important because modding fallout new vegas is rather different to modding more modern games because fallout new vegas is such an old game if you add too many high resolution textures or complex scripts the game will just constantly lag and crash its a nightmare if you dont know what youre doing so in todays video im going to show you how to set up fallout new vegas for modding meaning most of the mods in todays video are performance fixes script extenders patches and other mods required for the cooler mods to actually work in the first place so this is the video you need to watch to lay the foundations for all those glorious mods and we have an entire mod list and installation order for almost every bethesda game on our website but if you are new to modding i highly recommend following this video step by step and not installing a whole mod list in one go like i did when i was 15 years old so subscribe with the bell icon if you want to stay up to date or favorite this guide so you can use it as a reference now before you start make sure that you have at least started fallout new vegas once since you installed it as when you start it actually generates files that will later need to edit upon its first launch now im going to timestamp everything in this video and add an faq in the description if not on our website in case you have any questions now if you want a quick fix to make the game look pretty i suggest watching my other part 1 video on installing just an enb which gives you a big graphical enhancement and its much faster to do but if you want to follow this video series and complete fallout new vegas mod list youll end up with the ultimate fallout new vegas modded experience with no stuttering no gameplay lag or performance issues so let us begin now before you install any mods you need to make sure that your computer has all the appropriate files to run fallout new vegas because its such an old game theres certain things we need to do to make sure the game is runnable and also moddable and if youre new to modding this may seem a little bit overwhelming but do bear with me its actually very simple you need to click the link in the description thats going to take you to the official microsoft website and here we can download the visual studio c plus plus which ranges from 2015 all the way to 2019 now you can see here there are three versions we want specifically the 86 times or the 64 times version now if you dont know which version you need the easiest way to check find your local disk where you have windows installed and youll basically see program files and itll say times 86 which means i need the times 86 version if youre running the 64-bit version of windows then youll need the times 64 version so im going to download the times 64 version by clicking on it and as you can see it will start downloading in the bottom left here the other thing we need you scroll down is just here the visual studio 2013 vc plus plus 12. if you click this top link just here it will take you to another page and then once again if you scroll down you need to basically find the right language version for your computer even though im in the uk im using english united states so im going to click on this link and thats going to do another download just over here now the final thing we need which youll recognize if youre a gamer is the latest version of directx end user runtime web installer theres also another link in the description for this page so obviously youre going to want to choose the right language i am using the english version and then im just gonna hit download and you can see ive now got three different downloaded files just here so ive put all these three files on the desktop so you guys can easily see them and starting off lets do the directx install just go ahead and double click it and say yes and then say i accept next untick install the bing bar because obviously you dont want that crappy advertising press next and then it will go ahead and install it takes a little while to interlize but after that it will start installing it and then you can just press finish next were going to install the 64 version gonna press agree and then click install like so and then just say yes when it comes up and again it will take a while to interlize and then it will start installing and then it will say you must restart your computer before you can use this software for now were just going to close it and ignore it and were going to install the reddist64.exe so agree to this and install and then we can just do one restart after this to make sure both of these boxes are ticked setup successful there we go so now weve installed everything we can actually go ahead and delete these exe files because we dont need them anymore and then just go ahead and restart your computer and then youre ready to start modding now before you start installing any mods you need to know where your fallout new vegas game folder is and the easiest way to do this is through steam just find fallout new vegas right click on it and then go to properties and then you want to go over here to local files and if you click browse it will then open the main folder for fallout new vegas you can see the fallout new vegas launcher is just here and if i go ahead and double click that it will launch the game this is the folder were going to be installing all the mods in todays video within so im going to put that over here and then im going to open another folder with my downloads in it and just put that next to it so the first mod youre going to be installing if you check the link in the description is the fallout new vegas 4 gigabyte patcher now the reason you need this mod is it actually doubles the amount of ram the game will use if you dont use this then the game will end up crashing whenever you start installing large texture mods or anything like that so you really do require this to actually fully mod fallout new vegas and installing it could not be any easier all you need to do is go to the nexus page and you will need an account with the nexus which is completely free to actually download it navigate to the files just here and then come to the fallout new vegas 4 gigabyte patch and you need to manually download this so just click manual download and then im going to click on slow download and you have to wait for a few seconds before you can download it if youre a free user and then you can see its downloaded on the bottom left here so as you can see its now appeared in my download folder now in order to extract pretty much all the mod files that were going to be using in this video were going to need a program called winrar you can also find this program linked down below in the description if you go ahead and click download winrar just here and then you go and click the download button just here you will download that as well this is completely free you never have to pay for it its just a free trial that infinitely goes on forever now to actually install winrar just double click it and then it will just start installing and then you can access the contents of this folder but im going to go ahead and delete it because ive already installed it so now we want to install the fallout new vegas 4 gigabyte patch so all we need to do is double click on this file and its going to come up with this and winrar will warn you that after 40 days your trial period will end but it never does end ive been using this program for over 10 years now and that trial period is still going so now we have access to the contents of this file you can see the fallout new vegas patch file just here so just right click this and then go to copy file to clipboard like so and then in your installation folder where i showed you how to get here earlier uh just paste it in here and there you go now the fallout new vegas patch.exe is inside here so the next thing to do is just double click it and as you can see its now patching fallout new vegas.exe and it will literally be instant fallout new vegas is patched press any key to continue and youre done now one way you can double check that its already patched is just double click it again and it will say fallout new vegas is already patched so youre done now before you go any further i recommend double checking that you can actually launch the game so there you go the game launches absolutely fine and now we can quit out we can also close this and you can delete this file now we dont need that anymore so the second mod were going to be installing is the new vegas script extender nvse as its also known you can also find this page linked down below in the description by the way now what is the new vegas script extender well its the most important literally one of the most important foundation mods that you need to install because a lot of other mods like animation mods press mods and so on all rely on the new vegas script extender mod so it is one of the most important mods that you will definitely need to download if youre downloading some of the more popular new vegas mods so to actually go ahead and download it you need to download stable version 5.1 b4 just here the archived version make sure its the stable version just click it like so and as you can see its now downloading so as you guys can see here is the folder and once again im just going to double click it and now were going to go ahead and open this nvse51 beta so click on that and youre basically just going to copy all these folders here at the bottom now if you like you can hold down control and you can get rid of the text files the ones that end in readme dot text and whats new dot text you dont need those files theyre just like wasted space really and now were going to right click on this and were going to go copy file to clipboard and then were going to right click and paste those files into full out new vegas folder like so and thats it weve now installed the fallout new vegas script extender so we can close this and now we need to test it and youll notice theres a new file thats appeared called nvscloader.exe now it used to be that youd have to launch fallout new vegas always using this file just here and if you like you can still do that you can make a shortcut for it and everything but since we already installed the fallout new vegas 4 gigabyte patcher we can actually start the game using the fallout new vegas.exe and it will just automatically start with the patch activated so i double click that and there we go the games now launching now in order to test if its actually working what youre going to want to do is open the console command menu and to do that you just need to press the key to the left of the number one button and then a little sort of dash will pop up and you can actually start typing stuff in the bottom corner so if you guys dont know where it is ill highlight it on the screen for you with a picture of a keyboard and now you just want to type in get nvse version and then press enter and now it should come up with nvse version 5. now obviously if that doesnt come up youve not installed it correctly in which case you need to go back and re-watch it and make sure you copied all of the correct files over and didnt miss anything for some reason but after youve done that we can just go ahead and quit again we dont need to actually like jump into the game or anything we know thats working weve installed it correctly so now you know youve installed it correctly you can actually go ahead and delete this file too because we dont need it now to make things easier in future when launching the game i recommend you right click on the fallout new vegas launcher and then go ahead and send to desktop create shortcut just here and then what that will actually do is it will create a new shortcut version thats actually going to open the game with the with the full out new vegas script extender actually active so if you have that old version go ahead and delete that you dont want to use that anymore and you dont want to launch the game from steam either you specifically want to launch it from this launcher that we just made thats really important and just so you guys know if you also double click on the fallout new vegas the old launcher what you can actually do is you can still click on the options from here and you can change the graphics just so you know you can still access that now another minor tweak we can actually do with the fallout new vegas script extender is go ahead and make a new folder like so and were just going to call this nvse and then were going to double click on that folder to open it and were going to right click again and were going to make a new text document just down here as you guys can see and then were going to name this nvse underscore config and then you want to delete the dot txt and instead we want to name this dot i n i like so and then just click off it and it will say if you change the file name extension the file might become in usable do you want to change it yes and now were going to double click on this and it looks like a normal text document but we can now actually input commands so what were going to do is youre going to check the description below and ive actually copied in memory default heap initial all ocmb equals 400. ive copied this in the description below and youre going to copy it into this document that youve just made now the reason why weve done this is theres another mod that were installing later that is going to use this information weve inputted here and its going to reduce the amount of crashes that we actually have in the game so after youve saved that exit out and go back to the fallout new vegas main folder but weve got some other mods to actually install now so in the next part of this video were going to start downloading some mods that are going to fix the performance issues in fallout new vegas and stop the game crashing and also patch out a lot of the bugs that the game has to do this next part of the video were going to need to download ourself a mod manager now for this video i am using the vortex mod manager which is the official nexus mod manager i will leave a link in the description that will take you directly to the download page for this on the nexus mod site so once youre here just go to the files and then youre just going to go ahead and manually download vortech you dont need the custom installation go and click on slow download and then after a few seconds you can begin and the vortex vortex.exe will start downloading now once its finished downloading it will appear in your downloads and you can just double click it and start installing it if you want a full guide on how to install and set up the mod manager i might do another video and link it down below but its fairly straightforward essentially youre just going to go to games and then it should be able to find fallout new vegas for you or you can show it exactly where it is the other thing i recommend you do though is go to settings and then if you go over here to mods youll see that you can actually change where your mods are being stored so mine is in my g drive in the vortex mod section now also in vortex another little cool trick you can do is if you go over here to extensions and then you actually search script youll see theres something called script extender installer now weve already installed our script extension for fallout new vegas but one of the really cool things about vortex specifically is that it will automatically install it for you now if you check that the script extender installer is enabled if its not enabled make sure it is and then you go back to games if you actually start fallout new vegas while vortex is installed now it will actually come up with a notification asking you if you want to go ahead and install fallout new vegas script extender and then if you come to the mod section youll actually find new vegas script extender just here and you can go ahead and make sure its enabled and essentially what that will do is it will install the script extender which obviously weve already done but it will also if you double click it it will tell you what version it is and it will also keep it up to date for you meaning you dont need to do anything else so its actually worth just doing anyway then were going to click on downloads and then we can go ahead and minimize this so the first mod were going to be downloading is one that fixes the stutter in full new vegas you can see every few sort of steps my game kind of like stutters a little bit theres like a little bit of a frame drop sort of lag where just there you guys see that like i can slow it down for you guys so you can actually see it but Music there you go you can see it just there it kind of drops a frame every now and again and were going to be fixing that because to me oh god its so annoying and theres nothing you can do unless you use this mod to actually fix it whoa whoa that was a hell of a swing veronica so the mod we need to fix this is called new vegas tick fix there is another mod called new vegas stutter fix but that mod doesnt really work with windows 10 or at least i couldnt seem to get it to work so instead new vegas tick fix is 100 working it also allows me to play at 60 fps even though im on new vegas and it was actually updated a lot more recently on the 22nd of december 2020 not even a month ago and this mod really does solve all your lag issues go into the file section and then click mod manager download and it will warn you that you need additional files in this case now firstly you have the new vegas script extender which obviously we already installed in the video so weve done that and then theres two new files that we must install firstly visual c plus plus redistributable 2019 x 86 and then press download and actually start downloading it and go for slow download like so and youll see its downloading from nexus on the bottom right here go back to the mod page and youll see the new vegas tick fix has now appeared now before you actually install it i recommend restarting your pc to make sure everything takes effect and then after youve restarted you can go ahead and press enable and then it will go ahead and install itself like so and youre done its as simple as that so now were going to go ahead and start the game again and reload a save just to double check that this mod actually works so as you can see we are now back in full light new vegas and were testing out this mod and as you can see it is smooth gameplay that is what smooth gameplay looks like my god we have fixed the infamous stutter issue my friends now the next mod youre going to want to download also linked below is the uio user interface organizer it sounds so boring doesnt it but this mod honestly so many other mods on the nexus that youll love rely on this mod doing a ridiculous amount of background management and maintaining all the ui hud extensions that are added to the game by various mods that well be using for example to give you guys an idea this over here is the fallout character overhaul and it basically gives all of the npcs in the game beautiful looking faces and actually makes it begin to look like a modern game you know if you scroll down and look at the requirements this mod actually requires the uio user interface organizer so we 100 need this mod and were going to go ahead and go to the files and then were going to click mod manager download once again now youll see that this mod is telling us that it requires the new vegas script extender nvsc which we obviously already installed because you guys have been following this video right now we can click download without a care in the world and now you can see the uio user interface organizer is ready to be installed so were going to go ahead and enable that mod next now the next mod were going to need equally as much as the mod configuration menu now many mods that youre going to download in the future basically have in-game menus that allow you to change settings within the mod while youre in the game and it is so so useful for personalizing different things to your taste so i highly recommend grabbing this also some quest mods actually require you have this in order to function so lets go ahead and go over to the file section mod manager download and then obviously just go ahead and enable the mod like so so after youve installed those two mods its actually worth going ahead and starting the game again and launching it now its always a good sign when it doesnt crash upon startup and you make it to the title screen but youre also going to want to load up a save and just run around for a bit to double check that these mods are functioning and youve not just broken something in the process of installing it somehow its always a good habit to get into just checking each time you install a mod or two because if you just install 30 mods in one go and then start playing the game for half an hour and realize theres suddenly an issue youve got to figure out which one of those 30 mods had the issue in it which is so much harder than just taking your time and doing it a little bit slower now in this section of the video im going to be showing you guys how to patch all the bugs and potential game breaking issues that exist in fallout new vegas and also add some performance and engine tweaks too to make the game perform even better now this obviously sounds like a really boring thing but trust me if you do this you will definitely thank me later because there are a lot of bugs that still exist in the game and fans have basically patched them out using a selection of different mods that ive grouped together into a selection of mods that ive linked in the bug fixing section in the description of this video and on the website firstly we have new vegas anti-crash this basically just fixes tons of bugs with the engine and reduces the frequency of any game crashes happening so if you go to files and then go ahead and install it there we go and once again weve loaded into the game with no issues so we can go ahead and quit out again now the next three mods we can actually install together and then theres one more mod after that that relies on the other mods so firstly we have ice chewies ai tweaks now later if you get into modding this is actually a very useful one for customizing things personally but for now we just want to grab it for its engine fixes and bug fixes so go ahead and go to files and then download stewies tweaks we dont need the other stuff yet it requires new vegas script extender which we already have installed so go ahead and download that the next mod were going to want to install is called jip ln nvsc plug-in and again these are all linked down below in the description but do make sure you follow this video and install them in order now this plugin is basically an extension to the fallout new vegas script extender which we already installed it adds 900 new function which many other mods do rely on and it also has more engine bug fixes and tweaks as well even restoring several broken game features so lets go ahead and install this as well also requiring the script extender which obviously we already have and finally we have yukichigas unofficial patch or yup for short now this is basically an unofficial fan made patch that patches all of the bugs that were never fixed by the original game creators theres so much stuff thats going on in this mod i cant even listen all but its just a comprehensive patch of the entire game now if you go to files there are multiple language versions im just going to download the english one but youll notice that it says the base game and all dlcs so obviously if you dont have the downloadable content for fallout new vegas which is included in the game of the year edition youre not going to want to download this mod you can buy the fallout new vegas ultimate edition for 15 pounds currently though usually its on sale way cheaper than this so i wouldnt buy it for this price maybe ill link in the description a cheaper place to buy it or alternatively if you just have the base fallout new vegas game youll also need the lowson road dlc the old world blues dlc honest hearts dlc and dead money so now youve got all the dlc just go ahead and download this with mod manager i thought it was worth mentioning because not everyone has played fallout new vegas before now before we install the final mod were going to go ahead and install the mods we just downloaded so starting out with stewies tweaks click on enable then youre going to install the jip ln nvsc plugin which is just here and then finally we have the uk unofficial patch which we can go ahead and enable next to install youll probably get a notification at the top here that says the mod unofficial patch yup base game and all dlc contains multiple plugins just say enable all like so you can actually go to the plugins section just here and you can see that those plugins are enabled now weve installed everything we need so far but now before you go any further youre going to want to start up the game and just double check it works again so as you guys can see the game is still working perfectly and now we can go ahead and once again back out of it to download the final mod patch this patch is also linked below and its called the unofficial patch plus now before you install this patch you need to install the other three bug fixing patches because this patch requires the other ones to actually work and essentially what it is is its just even more patch and bug fixes that can be used alongside the yup patch fix that we already installed these two guys actually work together but they just post their work separately and one requires the other and i highly recommend using this version as well download the unofficial patch plus and you can see down here that it also requires all the dlc and it also requires the jip new vegas plug-in and the uk unofficial patch and the script extender which we already installed anyway so we can go ahead and download that if you ever see something in addition that ive not shown in the video that you need to download its always worth downloading the mod authors suggested stuff or even reading the page to double check what you actually require and now youll see the unofficial patch has appeared just here and were going to go ahead and enable it to actually install it and there we go we are now done so just go ahead and jump into fallout new vegas again and test it and then we just have the final mods to install and if you guys are finding this video helpful so far please do leave a like so the next mod were going to be downloading also linked below is called johnny guitar nvse now this is basically just a script extender i mean dont the the description is literally just a meme but its a script extender that you really really need for some other mods that were going to be installing as part of our mod list in the next video like dynamic crosshairs hit markers visual objectives a mod that adds sprinting into the game and a weapon hot wheel and bullet time just go ahead and click on files and then install with nexus mod manager like so next were going to be grabbing new vegas heap replacer this is basically a library that replaces the in-game heap with a faster more optimized version so it decreases load times removes stutter and improves your frame rate once again go to the file section and you want to install the nvhr avx2 version to just download it with the mod manager then we have the fallout mod limit fix so this plugin fixes the fallout new vegas mod limit bug and it allows a maximum of 255 plugins to be loaded so its essential for our mod list and also if you want to mod beyond our mod list as well so go ahead and install johnny guitar there wont be any conflicts there and then install the new vegas heap replacer there also wont be any conflicts there either and then next were going to install the fallout new vegas mod limit fix lets go ahead and enable that now later on if you do get any conflicts with this mod make sure you always load it before so now load up the game and play it for an hour and check you dont get any lag or crashes and then we can start modding fallout new vegas with high resolution textures animation improvements new weapons ui improvements quest mods and much much more ive already posted a quick guide on installing an enb mod as well which improves the graphics instantly ill link that guide below but there is still an installation order to follow that you can find on our website linked below if you guys really want we can also post another video guide on how to install our entire mod list which ill link below but really if you install mods individually and then you load the game and play for a while each time you will not encounter many issues and if you do you will know exactly which mod the issue is with but the idea behind our mod list is that weve already tested it completely so you guys can install it in order and really not have any issues with it i really do hope you guys found this video helpful if you did id appreciate a like for the youtube algorithm and if you want to follow our future series on fallout new vegas make sure you subscribe with the bell icon too this channel is all about modding games and role play game guides in general so thank you so much for watching me eso and ill see you in the next one have a fantastic day and goodbye steam replay 2022 how to see How to install Fallout New Vegas Mods - a complete beginners guide!βš™οΈ FULL MOD LIST: How To Install an ENB: πŸ₯€ESO GFuel: 30% OFF Code: ESO In todays video I’m going to show you how to start modding Fallout New Vegas including how to install NVSE New Vegas Script Extender, how to make Fallout New Vegas work on windows 10 in 2021 using the 4 GB Patcher and other fixes to make the fps smoother and Fallout New Vegas gameplay better. You should follow this modding guide on how to install and patch performance before you start installing FNV graphics mods, 4k textures and quest overhauls because many of the quests require the base mods we install in this video. The full Fallout New Vegas mod list is on our website linked above. βž– Mods You Need βž– βš™οΈ Updates & Programs βš™οΈ - Visual Studio C++ Update: - DirectX June 2010 Redlist: Google Them - WinRAR: - Vortex: βš™οΈ Mods From This Video βš™οΈ - 4 GB Patcher: - Script Extender (NVSE): - Tick Fix: - UIO: - Mod Configuration Menu: - Anti Crash: - Lstewieals Tweaks: - JIP LN NVSE Plugin: - YUKICHIGAI Unofficial Patch YUP: - Heap Replacer: - Mod Limit Fix: - One Tweak: - Unofficial Patch PLUS: - JonnyGuitar: βž– Time Stamps βž– 0:00 Before You Mod Fallout New Vegas 2:05 Update Windows & Programs 5:35 How to find the Fallout New Vegas game folder 6:20 Step 2: How to install FNV 5GB Patcher 9:31 Step 2: How to install NVSE Script Extender 12:49 Creating a shortcut to launch the game 15:17 Step 3: Installing Vortex Mod Manager 16:49 Installing The NVSE Script Extender with Vortex Mod Manager 18:07 Step 4: Fixing The Stutter Lag 20:45 Step 5: More Performance/UI Mods 23:23 Step 6: Patches & Update Mods 29:22 Step 7: Final Mods you will need to download 31:37 Step 8: Full Mod List Memory DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB=400 βž– Follow me! βž– πŸ“Έ Instergram: 🐀 Twitter: πŸ“˜ Facebook: πŸ‘Ύ Chat On Discord: πŸ‘• Merchandise: 🟣 Twitch Streams: βž– Support Me! βž– πŸ’™ Get Channel Membership: πŸ’š Support Me On Patreon: βž– My Other Channels βž– 🧨 FPS Channel: πŸ₯ƒ Whiskey Reviews: 🎲 Tabletop & Painting: 🟣 Twitch Streams: β–Ί CREDITS: A Special Thanks to my BIG Patron supporters: Seven Fangs, LatorTazor, Abdubari, Rick M, Konna G ------------------------------------ darktide gamepass and steam crossplay mac os catalina steam games scariest game on steam rent a steamer ps2 games steam deck