Fallout New Vegas – 6 Unique Weapons to Get EARLY for the Best Start!

Vincular epic games con steamsteam gift card purchase FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS game welcome to fallout new vegas my name is eso danny and ill be showing you six of the best unique weapons you should pick up early on in fallout new vegas all of the weapon locations in this video are very easy to access early on in your adventure meaning that you can find them for free or steal them at the start of the game so pick the best weapon you see for your character build and lets begin with our sponsor g-fuel the sugar-free energy drink for gamers im out here in the wastelands enjoying sour green apple this week and ive seen so many comments from you guys trying g-fuel for the first time and loving it so if you want to try it yourself use my code eso for a discount and the link is in the description if its your first time i recommend getting yourself a shaker and some sample flavors starting out with weapon number six is an insanely powerful knife with mental dps you can actually get a secret melee weapon that does 280 damage per second right at the start of fallout new vegas its actually an easter egg from the fallout graphic novel once owned by the great khan chance get it here on the map just north of good springs at this unmarked location left when you come out of the doctors house in good spring from the petrol station you literally want to go straight on up the mountain and carry on going north make sure that you do bring a shovel with you though because youre going to need to dig up chances grave to get his iconic knife carry on heading north over the mountains until you get to this location on the map and then look downwards and enter sneak mode and youll see a unmarked grave you can use the shovel to dig up chances knife and his great khans outfit the knife attacks four times per second and with the correct melee perks it can do 41 damage per hit for a total damage per second of 280 making it one of the highest dps weapons in the game youll notice the knife is still stained with the blood of the fiends gang now before you leave the gravesite make sure youre still in sneak mode so you dont trigger the high level casadors just down the hill from here and you can actually just fast travel back to good springs so you dont need to fight them next up we have weapon number five the best shotgun in fallout new vegas is big boomer owned by old lady gibson which is actually an easter reference to mel gibson who played mad max and also carries a sort of shotgun just like big boomer it actually fires two shots at once doing 140 damage per shot with perks if you want to get big boomer for yourself come here on the map east from good springs to the gibson scrapyard just north from novak sadly the only way you can obtain this weapon is by pickpocketing boomer gibson or killing her one shot to the cranium or to do it hi there im old lady gibson take care now obviously youll then need to kill the dogs so they dont get hungry let me know in the comments if you think its worth it the big boomer shotgun fires 14 pellets at once in a very accurate tight spread thats actually double the amount of a normal shotgun which only fires seven at once the main drawback of the big boomer shotgun is the reload it requires after each shot since it fires both barrels at once which is why its damage per second is so low at 54. but for the trade-off of 140 instant damage at point-blank range it really is very satisfying to use even if it is a one-hit wonder early on in the game you literally just obliterate everything you come up against with it but now we have weapon number four another incredible movie reference because you can actually get the same iconic gun used by the main character in blade runner called that gun it has a green light on the side that turns orange once you run out of ammo and it hits for 30 base damage and does 90 damage per second without perks it also has one of the highest critical chances in the game you can obtain this gun for yourself for free south from new vegas at novak just here on the map near the bypass the town has a giant dinosaur in it so you cant miss it inside the dinosaur gift shop youll find cliff briscoe who will sell you the gun for 1 300 caps but if you crash in the corner and wait until 1am you can actually lock pick the very easy lock to the back room and steal that gun from the shelf for yourself like the video for more its also worth noting that this is one of the few pistols in the game that can use armor-piercing rounds but make sure that youre not spotted while youre stealing it because otherwise it will become completely unobtainable and its rather expensive to repair next up we have weapon number three another movie reference with the unique golden knuckle dusters with love and hate etched onto the front but theyre also an easter egg reference to the night of the hunter where robert mitchum had love and hate tattooed onto his knuckles they do 42 damage per hit and 140 damage per second with the right unarmed perks you can get them for yourself here in bonney springs not far from good springs where you start the game once you arrive in this ghost town youll need to kill the viper gang leader to actually acquire the unique knuckle dusters do take care though since she is armed in full combat armor and once defeated you can loot the gang leader for the love and hate knuckle dusters these are the best unarmed weapons you can get early on and they can be snuck into any weapon free location regardless of your sneak skill without any perks they hit for 30 damage but obviously being unarmed they attack super fast giving you 76 damage per second now if you have the unarmed perks they will actually be doing 42 damage per hit and 137 damage per second also a secret tip all unarmed weapons actually do double damage in vats next up at weapon number two honestly if youre finding this video helpful at all so far make sure you subscribe for all of the best early armor locations and ive got a lot more weapon guides coming out soon as well specifically for fallout new vegas but at weapon number two we have another well hidden collectible its rather easy to miss this unique version of the cleaver called chopper that does extra critical damage and almost double damage to enemy limbs allowing you to chop them off like a butcher its located here in wolfhorn ranch in the very south center of the map near the highway once you arrive make sure you bring a shovel because theres actually tons of loot to be found inside the grave at the very top of the hill by the campsite its just across the bridge from the windmill but inside the abandoned farmhouse you will find the unique machete chopper located on the oven but dont forget to take the lockpick magazine on the floor next to it next at weapon number one and probably my favorite weapon on this list we have the best sniper to get early in fallout new vegas is the rat slayer it has automatic night vision depending on if its night time or daytime along with an extended magazine and a silencer the stock shows how many rats the rifle has slain 69 so far to get it come here on the map to the brock flower cave south from novak the cave only has giant rats inside so theyre pretty easy to kill once you arrive make sure you loot the hollow rock by the entrance if you just carry on taking all the right turns and following the lit torches you wont get lost just take care of the copious amounts of radiation barrels and then youll eventually come to a secret science lab with some rad away on the desk and some skill books and then the unique rat slayer rifle location interestingly if you have the wild wasteland perk these rats will be named rodents of unusual size instead of giant rats without perks the rat slayer rifle hits for 23 damage per shot and 27 damage with perks that may not seem like a lot but this gun has a critical multiplier of five one of the highest in the entire game it even has extra scope magnification so you can easily get headshots for instant kills if you actually use the finesse perk and then youre wearing the first recon barrette and have 10 luck its possible to critical hit every single shot with it pretty much one hit killing most enemies in the game that youll come across early on making it a fantastic early game weapon choice let me know your favorite weapon on this list in the comment section or if you have a favorite weapon thats not in this video check out the next video linked below because its probably in that one this video ended up taking a lot longer than i expected to make so i hope you enjoyed it the next ones linked below steam gta 5 Fallout New Vegas 6 Unique Weapons to Get EARLY for the Best Start in FNV! 🥤Get GFuel Here: 30% OFF Code: ESO👉 All Weapon Locations: Fallout: New Vegas was released 10 years ago by Bethesda Softworks and created by Obsidian Entertainment. To date it is belived by many to be the best Fallout in the series. Today I’ll be showing you how to get the best weapons in Fallout: New Vegas including unique weapon locations, best early melee weapons, best guns early, best unarmed weapons early and much more! Fallout NV also has lots of easter eggs and movie references to find too. Hopefully this Fallout guide helps you get the best start in Fallout New Vegas! ➖ Follow me! ➖ 📸 Instergram: 🐤 Twitter: 📘 Facebook: 👾 Chat On Discord: 👕 Merchandise: 🟣 Twitch Streams: ➖ Support Me! ➖ 💙 Get Channel Membership: 💚 Support Me On Patreon: ➖ My Other Channels ➖ 🧨 FPS Channel: 🥃 Whiskey Reviews: 🎲 Tabletop & Painting: 🟣 Twitch Streams: ► CREDITS: A Special Thanks to my BIG Patron supporters: Seven Fangs, LatorTazor, Abdubari, Rick M, Konna G ------------------------------------ popcap games steam install steam games on usb drive how to see game version on steam steam cooking game bissell power steamer pro