Why Is Fallout: New Vegas SO AWESOME?!

Buy steam games cheaper vpnback 4 blood xbox game pass and steam FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS gameplay you got the views you were after so pay up youre crying to the subs pally guess whos waking up over here time to cash out will you get it over with maybe cons liked fallout 4 but i aint a think dig Music youve clicked on your last video kid sorry you got twisted up in this review from where youre viewing it must seem like an 18 carat run of bad clickbait truth is new vegas was awesome from the start Music the fallout series is easily one of the most recognized and beloved in all of gaming with its nihilistic tone diverse characters and factions all with deep history and lore fallout defines the word nuclear new nuclear nuclear i mean just look at how cute vault boy is fallouts also unique because its really funny and cheerful at times try not to smile so wide baby you might break your mouth you know because post-apocalyptic stories arent usually happy kills dog but in fallout youve got this really dark sense of humor stop what the  __  are you doing my brother died at the battle of hoover dam youre desecrating a war memorial youre a little  __  and your brother was too oh no its on but to truly appreciate what an accomplishment new vegas is we gotta head down to the strip baby why are people able to put thousands of hours into this single player game how is the combat customization and rpg mechanics why is the story and characters so captivating is new vegas a world worth diving into and why did this snazzy looking man just shoot me in the face well lets patrol the mojave wasteland grab our pip boy and make our last delivery kid straight into this caught off guard and Music with the first two fallouts releasing in back to back years it would take another 10 and a complete buyout of the ip from bethesda to turn fallout into what it is today which oh  __  that wasnt supposed to happen go back how do i turn this thing off most people entered the franchise with three considered one of the goats but for some hardcore fans fallout 3 was missing something that two and one had yeah whatever  __  regardless its difficult for any developer to snatch a series away from its creators and still keep the same feeling and identity often we end up with something that feels like a knockoff other times the world is tortured with the release of something like believe it or not fallout already has a cheap knockoff its called 76. honestly bethesda deserves a lot of credit for taking the series into 3d if you dont like three just remember we wouldnt have vegas without it but there was room for improvement and while bethesda was busy developing the only good game theyd released for the next 10 years in 2008 they reached out to obsidian with an exceptional offer so you want us to make a sequel to fallout 3 todd mcboy thats right but heres the catch baby you got 18 months dig 18 months are you mad better get an 85 on medic critic or else you wont be getting a bonus kid you aint a fink are you  __  dont you know how long this takes we wanted to make sure when looking at the mechanics for the game that we werent trying to reinvent the wheel a lot of people like fault three a lot a lot of people like fault three so the experience should feel familiar to them obsidian didnt have time to reinvent the wheel what we ended up with was more like a spin-off expansion since it looks feels and plays almost identical on a technical level bethesda couldnt have contracted a studio better for the job coincidentally obsidian was made up of many who worked on the originals clearly this was a team that understood fallouts identity something that bethesda is really struggling with nowadays obsidian also made knights the old republic too which if youre following the pattern here was also a sequel to a critically acclaimed game that for some reason was given less than two years to develop both new vegas and kotor 2 were extremely ambitious had fantastic writing large in part due to chris avalon seriously this dude deserves way more recognition to make anything halfway decent in the game industry typically takes two to three years you somehow obsidian just pulled it together on new vegas just as they did before so without even getting a glance at doc mitchells fantastic mustache new vegas is already an accomplishment simply because it exists fallout new vegas has been the most requested review on this channel for the last two years large in part due to the efforts of the ncr trooper patrolling the mojave wasteland almost makes you wish for the act man to do a why was fallout new vegas so awesome review yes i see patrolling the mojave wasteland almost makes you wish away only after i put 50 hours into new vegas and stood atop hoover dam waving the flag of a two-headed bear did i finally understand why so many people love this game new vegas wastes no time in pulling you in as the soothing voice of frank sinatra massages your ears you see some troopers waving flags on the dazzling streets some robots go by and then provo six going dog priority one we see a different group of troopers head into the city the camera pans out further to a remote location and we hear the all too classic phrase Music war war never changes ron perlman gives us the juicy backstory the atomic war vault and everyone who emerged to form tribes in the wasteland we catch a glimpse of the two most important locations hoover dam and a city untouched by nuclear fallout the narration might lead most everyone to believe who the good guys and bad guys are but new vegas plays with a stacked deck baby and this is one of its many tricks more importantly the opening sparks no shortage of questions and sets the player on a journey for answers who was this man and his accomplices who told you that mohawk looked good why did he want us dead where can i get that suit what were we delivering and to who find out next time on fallout ball z new vegas gives you just the tastiest slice of everything it has to offer over the next 40 hours in roughly 5 minutes so having been shot in the head and left for dead in an unmarked grave you the courier cheat death oh man my head i had a dream i stopped playing video games for a day whoa easy there easy youve been out cold a couple of days now how about your name can you tell me your name my name acting mailman i cant say its what id have picked for you but if thats your name thats your name if you didnt just take a bullet out of my head id kick your ass doc theres a lot of angles to this caper complexities are plenty now its time for one of the best character creators in gaming and no its not cause of the visuals the music is oddly soothing and unsettling at the same time Music really powerful piece and to my knowledge its the only time you hear it dr mustache wants to know who you main in league of legends what sort of playstyle you prefer he does this by asking your opinions on some fine art yo thats definitely two bears high-fiving now this is such a great way to introduce decision making to the player the world of new vegas is defined by the vast stretches of the mojave wasteland but what really drives the players experience in that wasteland is how they build their character and that is new vegass greatest strength choice immediately i could tell there were tons of deep mechanics so much so that its very overwhelming in the beginning maybe my parents didnt put enough points into my intelligence but starting a character is pretty daunting whats this how does vats work what does crippling limbs do how in easy petes name do i hack terminals no seriously what am i supposed to do why does my gun only fire when it feels like it i dont really feel like it if youre new to fallout and trying to understand how everything works right from the start just play it fake it till you make it youll get the hang of things unless youre stupid like me and didnt know how to equip different ammo types until 35 hours in nor did i ever use a workbench to do anything besides recycle ammo and thats when i had a revelation it got me thinking how many ways i wasnt using the sandbox and tools around me what quests did i miss which areas did i never visit what else is this game hiding from me its these very questions that have no doubt led people to put thousands of hours into a single player game uncovering every nook and cranny possible a lot of rpgs fall into the pit of focusing too much on the numbers mason how high is your light level guardian nobody cares zavala you dont like the light most first-person shooters dont have rpg mechanics and those that do are often pretty shallow about it new vegas caters to fans of rpgs and shooters because you can play the numbers game if you really want to whoop ass but you can still survive the wasteland if you dont what makes new vegas special pun intended is just how many ways you can play it this is where all the different skills and special stats come in these will do things like get you better prices at shops repair weapons easier or do you want to blow  __  up and send peoples limbs flying across the desert want to be a skilled marksman who snipes from a distance you can do that but what about the perks baby lets do a little comparison this is how many perks were in the original fallout heres two this is three four and this is how many perks are in new vegas some perks will give unique dialogue options theres something i like about you you just seem really understanding help you see better in the dark give you an extra special point allow you to tame animals a lot of perks are going to be based on your play style lets say you want to sell a bunch of stuff but are tired of managing your inventory well theres a perk that lets you fast travel while youre over encumbered so just head to good springs drop all that good  __  off bing bang boom youre on your way this is how perks are supposed to be in role playing games not just a number boost but you should be unlocking a part of the game that you couldnt previously use in fallout 3 you can become a godlike being and excel in absolutely every category new vegas forces you to create a more specific play style you know in other games when you can convince people to jump off a cliff or kill their best friend you know fun stuff no but even in one of my all-time favorites whether or not you convince people to do good or bad things is determined by a single stat credits will do fine so if you put points into that you can breeze through every conversation new vegas is different its genius because while there is a speech stat that handles most of those conversations sometimes you need to be an expert in another area like if you dont know squat about explosives ezp wont help you out and then what are you gonna do too dangerous sorry blow yourself up blow your neighbor up blow the whole town up at some point or another every skill has an influence on dialogue some more than others but you wont be able to win them all third floor access is for executives only please identify i got you some ice cream thank you sir have a nice day you literally cannot experience everything new vegas has to offer in a single playthrough if you put all your points in a lock picking you can open everything but you cant convince this kid to buy drugs from you and thats a real tragedy red brick never touches kins new vegas is based on trade-offs traits give you positive and negative bonuses right from the start and these are gonna severely affect your play style best of all if you picked wild wasteland you get to fight aliens and see all sorts of crazy stuff often in rpgs at some point your character becomes so overpowered it takes all the decision making out of leveling up because youre gonna kick the games ass whether or not you can be noticed underwater every time i leveled up in new vegas i took a solid five minutes to look over my options skills perks traits stats challenges all these mechanics work together in harmony thats why this game has such a satisfying progression and fair challenge whats that oh yeah i guess were still in the tutorial well thanks for the pit boy doc hope i dont come back to kill you later and now my friends let the great journey into the mojave wasteland begin Music patrolling the mojave wasteland almost makes you wish new vegas would stop crashing normally itd be a lot more critical of what in the god damn do i really gotta talk about the desert sands and ruined roads we seem to be experimenting some technological differences if it wasnt a stupid decision to make this game in 18 months whoever decided to stop patching new vegas you gave it a bad rap i get it playing older titles you got to lower your standards but if i have to install mods to make something playable im sorry but you lost karma with me new vegas is far from a perfect game and thats what is so tragic lets say it was remastered and played on a new engine bam just like that its in the conversation for top 20 video games of all time bethesdas legacy is so inescapable that even when they commission other people to make games for them theyre still riddled with bugs and not just ants hey that really sucks writing combat world design music everything else is perfect but thats the thing all of my problems with new vegas are on the technical level would have been nice to spruce up the animations improve the visuals make the ai better why dont we just wait here for a little while and see what happens but i imagine the jankiness crashing and lack of polish were all due to the rush deadline so if you can bite your tongue when the game inevitably crashes if you can look past the technical problems and you really should what youll find is an experience like none other so your first goal is to track down the man who shot you and also find out who these two goons are answers lie in new vegas if you talk to folks around good springs theyll tell you how to play the game and this series of quests introduces you to every single mechanic and its brilliant you get to barter with a merchant talk to an explosives expert repair a radio theres a terminal you can hack you learn about karma and fame theres some geckos and manuses to kill the starting area of goodsprings offers something useful for every single skill and that informs the player hey this is what you can do with this talent in the future but shucks we need some conflict turns out theres a fierce rivalry between the local powder gangers and the citizens of goodsprings which is an identical set up to the final quest youre given two options if you defend the town you need to visit each person and rally them together but convincing them to fight requires a different skill thats just good game design the tutorial ensures that no matter how any person creates their character theyll be useful in some way the other choice is to side with the powder gangers and kill everyone  __  yeah thanks for teaching me how to shoot a rifle sunny these are the type of gut-wrenching choices the player has to get used to making but what new vegas is what the mojave wasteland really is is freedom when will we be free you think we can make it freedom you looking for a pat on the bat my mother is dead at this point youll likely head to prim and follow the main quest as thats the obvious direction youre given dont you want to find big dick ben yes i do but the people of prim need me to find a new sheriff and restore order to this lawless land the kaisar has marked you for death and the legion obeys but of course an ambush by legion ruffians how dare you destroy niften whats this ive stumbled across a bitter rivalry between the ncr and the great cows weve got a situation with some great conjuring old soldier i shall negotiate with their chieftain what the hell oh its one of the guys youre that courier benny wasted back in good springs youre supposed to be dead am i not but wait a minute what if i wanted to go back all the way back is it possible to head directly to the strip right from the start obsidian discovered the secret to eternal replayability most of the factions and quest lines in new vegas can be accessed at any point was that meant to be a shocking revelation theres never a moment where you get handed a quest and some nut sack is like excuse me sir i wont speak to you unless youre level 13. none of that this gives the player an enormous amount of control over the events of the game and what order they play out if you know the way you can skip right to the second act but the route to do so is much less obvious and more dangerous why are you running and that ensures only experienced gamers will know how to get there right away i completed entire subplots before even being asked to all right listen trooper if were gonna defeat caesars legion i killed him already uh what yeah he said mark my word you piece of  __  and then i killed him well the youre gonna have to recruit the boomers to our side this is a group of explosive experts who will kill anyone that gets near their base theres gotta be i already made it over there oh come on what can i say the boomers love me for the battle of hoover dam you have to visit the brotherhood of steel and boomers at nellis but i just happen to cross these places its not just the order in which you can do things that makes exploring the mojave so dynamic its also the quest design itself the whole premise of fallout is about giving the players at least three ways to solve each quest for instance in the brotherhood of steel quest line youre told to get rid of an ncr trooper thats stalking them by convincing him to leave or killing him thanks for the information you may have saved my life next you have to recover three lost hollow tapes in three separate locations and can do so in any order but then you have a choice between showing the contents of those tapes to paladin harden or by giving them to mcnamara hardin wants the brotherhood to continue exploring the wasteland and realize the brotherhoods true potential and mcnamara wants to keep everyone locked down and safe during this pandemic do you notice how every single quest in this chain offers the player some kind of choice do you see how it gives you a sense of agency and control siding with the powder gangers in the fight for good springs isnt an obvious option but even right from the start new vegas gives you options this is what i call the tree branch quest design and it has to be the most time consuming type of quest and game to write but to take this style and apply it to literally every objective in the game is absolutely insane cyberpunk was developed over five years and it only managed to do this in one single quest just to put things in perspective heres another example when allying with the boomers you need to gain fame with them but youre not given a linear series of chores instead pearl says hey heres 10 things you can do but you only gotta do five like helping a dude find a girlfriend raising an old bomber from the lake talking to children ugh listen to the history of the boomers come on theres got to be a boring quest in here somewhere go kill ants there it is god damn it even this has layers these ants are different from every other ant in the game in that they explode if you shoot them with energy weapons but also if you have enough repair skill you can make a sonic emitter thatll kill them all for you this is the new vegas secret to eternal replayability with every storyline consisting of so many different choices and outcomes it would take hundreds of hours to see and do it all no quest is ever as straightforward as it seems theres one where youre hired as a guard for the van graffs weapons store and you have to decide who to let in if you let this guy in turns out hes a suicide bomber theyre all dead one of my favorite happens in camp mccarran where you come across dr hilder who says hey buddy go recover some data from an old vault theres a lot of plants in there and its really cool well that sounds like a straightforward fetch quest i thought it was a fairly straightforward assignment i just said that as soon as you walk out the door his assistant stops you and says one of the other scientists hilder and sent out there hasnt returned if you go back to him and ask with enough speech hell tell you he sent at least eight other people there i have no evidence that theyre dead a thousand things could have happened between here and the vault oh none have returned gee i wonder if anything weird is going on over at vault 22 using this knowledge you can negotiate for more caps and just by spending a little bit of extra time talking to people youve not only learned more about the quest and the story and potential danger youve gotten a better reward for doing it we see that the plants have grown throughout the entire vault creating these spore crawlers and other nasty plants terminals are scattered everywhere detailing what happened how this got out of control and you find the missing scientist keely and the data she wants you to destroy it so that nobody else uses this to weaponize it and now the motivations of hildern become clear you can lie to keely and not force a fight take the data back to hildern and just forget about it or you can destroy the data and return to him empty-handed new vegas has so much more going on behind the scenes than its willing to admit but if the player is thorough they can uncover it its the most authentic choose your own adventure story ever told in gaming that said yes you can kill everyone except children of course that wouldnt be fun most of the story is all about who you help and why but being a selfish  __  and killing everyone is literally always an option too someones been murdered man thats whats so cool the game doesnt break if you kill doc mitchell only your heart will i love you new vegas has incredible writing and characters but what makes it dynamic is how the story adjusts to your actions nobody is so important that the game has to arbitrarily block you from killing them you triggered my trap card if you kill kaisar or the president of the ncr they still wage war against each other just led by different people its possible to get an ending slideshow where all the main characters narrate their deaths at the hands of the courier there is a contingency though obviously the player needs certain information so oftentimes theres like notes or journals should you silence them before whats awesome is how npcs react to your actions throughout the game caesars dead betty didnt see this coming when he was having his coffee this morning the legions aggression will outlive caesar indeed theyll try to take the dam as a tribute to his memory you know that legion furry vulpes you meet in nipton well youre supposed to talk to him later on after you meet mr house but if you kill him then another legion guy takes his place and mentions it your crimes against the legion including the death of the fearless wolfpace in kulta are hereby forgiven recruiting boon will often make ncr troopers say wish i had a first recon guy looking after me once you get the platinum chip you dont even have to talk to mr house you can just straight up murder him killing him before anyone asks you to will give unique dialogue that you wouldnt get otherwise now that thats out of the way lets see mr house was a concern but someone conveniently dealt with him for us oh that reminds me you might be happy to know that your efforts havent gone unnoticed the world of new vegas is always changing around you where you go who you ally with what groups you destroy the weapons you use and how you build your character it all matters and makes new vegas engaging from start to finish every playthrough is gonna be different this is the ultimate sandbox game i dont enjoy killing but when done righteously its just a chore like any other but for all its successes new vegas sure does take its sweet time getting to the good stuff the right stuff yeah thats what im talking about i think the writing is spectacular but sometimes i just want to shoot things so often youll run into a character ask a simple question about a man in a checkered suit and theyll be like oh that guy let me tell you about my life story first if you dont explore off the beaten path youll be begging for a group of legionnaires to ambush you but when things do get rolling the actions intense new vegas was able to blend two polar opposite genres together in a way that i dont think any other game has youve got the fast-paced first-person shooter action mixed with the slower more tactical strategy of a role-playing game when you slow things down by using vats its almost like swapping to a turn-based game while this mostly kicks ass the combat is often interrupted by the same thing that plagues a lot of bethesda games having a menu that does everything want to swap weapons pull out the pip boy trying to take drugs kid whip out the pip boy need to heal pit boy if this game ever got remastered id love to have the option to quick select healing items weapons and drugs dark souls quick select item slots are just so perfect i dont know why games dont do this more it keeps the combat moving but shooting games are only as fun as the tools you use and enemies you fight real quick how many different weapons you think there are in new vegas take a guess you dont know this 178 its impossible counting unique weapons and dlc that is straight wild i felt like every five minutes i was finding some cool new piece of tech its got to be challenging to make a hyper unrealistic setting like the end of the world feel genuine but they did that obsidian wanted to make the tech reflect the world around it so you have modern firearms like m16s nine millimeter pistols stuff that people maybe brought out of the vaults thats considered old world then you got makeshift energy weapons things that people probably made in the 200 years since the atomic war blending futuristic western and modern eras together so successfully is what makes fallout well fallout new vegas never had me question if any part of it was realistic or not based on your reputation certain areas can be inaccessible at least not without killing everyone depending on who you travel with certain companions will straight up tell you just so you know i hate the legion and ill murder each and every one i see man woman or child its great boone im gonna leave you here and go strike a deal with kaizar but you can sneak into these areas by wearing the outfits of each faction not to mention every weapon is given a role and in order to conquer what the game throws at you youll have to pack a variety of different weapons some weapons like the flare gun have unique properties that can scare off animals others pierce armor better theres one pistol that calls down a laser from the sky a mysterious magnum that plays a jam every time you pull it out the gatling laser is something jesus christ would use but it burns through ammo like nothing else some melee items like the thermic lance are good even if you dont dump points into the melee skill boy cast didnt last long in my playthrough i rocked everything from grenade launchers to snipers revolvers shotguns plasma rifles shoulder mounted machine guns its a beautiful dance of death and you are deaths courier but i got a question what sort of enemies would you create in a game that takes place in a post-nuclear world mutated humans ghouls giant fire-breathing geckos two-headed cows radiated scorpions dinosaurs in the mojave youre bound to run into some drugged out creatures and its such a neat detail that most of the animals are reptiles because reptiles like the desert more importantly new vegas answers the question what would happen to animals in evolution post-nuclear fallout rather than doing what cyberpunk did and just cluster the same enemy type together in a thousand locations new vegas is actually smart where they place the enemies theyre careful not to throw anyone type at you too often so the mojave is constantly throwing different things at you some baddies might seem overpowered but they all have weaknesses and this is where crippling limbs comes into play kazadors can close the gap in seconds but if you  __  their wings they are laughable knight can use stealth boys so a high perception is required now there is somewhat of an exploit by using a stealth boy and just sniping the toughest enemies in the game from afar but i guess in that case you need to find these things before you can exploit such a strategy while i love the game the combat the weapons and the enemies the ai is still pretty basic i think new vegas struggles to maintain a strong difficulty curve lumbering across the west ruined treasures repossessed resurrect the old soul of america if you told me there was a game that combined the time periods of ancient rome futuristic western and world war ii era id say that game is probably batshit crazy but the last thing id imagine is that this combo would actually work while the writers did a kick-ass job of molding all the factions together in a cohesive world its also in the level in world design that obsidian went above and beyond they took the setting of vegas and slapped a post-nuclear skin over it taking inspiration from real locations right down to the nitty-gritty details i wanted to sort of immerse myself more in especially the desert sort of style i took a motorcycle trip through the desert basically going all around the outskirts of vegas i mean they literally toured these areas to build the look and feel of the game and i think thats why it stands out so much its authentic they actually made a real hoover dam because of this game thats just insane now i gotta be honest new vegas is kind of an eyesore for 2010. i cant tell you that it looks much better than oblivion theres a lot of gray dull colors rust everywhere its a wasteland act man what do you expect i dont know most outside areas look dry and yellow while the inside of buildings is all gray but when you see the lucky 38 shining in the distance it makes you feel like maybe theres hope the city of new vegas is a shining beacon while youre  __  around with casadors or doing whatever its a constant reminder of your ultimate goal and by keeping this landmark inside of the player from so far away it makes new vegas seem like a mystical place which it is one of the only locations that still holds a feeling of old world civilization because of the setting in different themed casinos the strip feels like an amusement park of sorts an escape from the dreary atmosphere outside theres one quest where you can recruit people to perform in the tops casino and before you do this billboard doesnt have much text on it but as you recruit people you not only get the coolest magnum in the world but also see the names of the people you brought in this is one of the many ways the level design changes based on your actions new vegas proves that you can make an immersive world without cutting edge graphics and radiant ai with wild west style saloons futuristic atomic bomb museums theres a lot of cool stuff to see and do through clever use of landmarks theres always something interesting off in the distance it might just make you want to see what that giant dinosaur is all about then you go in and discover a quest and thats whats so magical about these types of open world adventures but new vegas in particular you can pick any direction you want and eventually youll find something interesting youll discover new stories locations and people howdy folks its mr new vegas and i have a good feeling about all of you listening after i confronted that son of a  __  benny what in the goddamn i decided to give this cool cat a chance to explain himself oh who would have guessed this two-timing fink would double-cross me and send some hitmen my way what the  __  now however you choose to deal with benny it kick-starts the second act and soon the player will get a chance to interact with each major faction but we have a big question to answer why are politics in video games so bad dumb memes aside new vegas is the epitome of next level writing nobodys dicks that long i think the best games are those that get you to think on a deeper level by the end of the story the player will have made a choice of which political and social ideology they put into power whether you realize it or not new vegas is asking you philosophical questions about what the most ideal type of society is ladies and gentlemen this is how you put politics into a game and make it interesting there are literally 125 000 factions in fallout new vegas were probably gonna have to cut some of them theres ncr theres caesars legion theres the pta mickey mouse club alcoholics anonymous is in there right now but who is most fit to rule the mojave one things been made clear so far in our travels this place is  __  someone needs to step in well lets meet our contestants mr house current dictator of new vegas who wields an army of securatrons new california republic the old soul of america a democratic organization that suffers from internal corruption caesars legion a brutal imperialistic totalitarian dictatorship based on ancient rome and yes man an independent robot seeking to liberate new vegas from the other three but the mojave is also made up of smaller but still important groups the great khans a nomadic tribe of raiders and drug dealing hippies grew delicious the brotherhood of steel a militarized secret society bent on preserving technology and human knowledge the boomers an isolated band of explosive fanatics now obsidian did a phenomenal job giving personality and backstory to each group more importantly obsidian answers the question what kind of groups would rise from the ashes in a post-apocalyptic world set around new vegas a bunch of elvis presley impersonators thats for sure the thing of it is we dont even know what his name was all the posters just referred to him as the king this is where new vegas reveals its royal flush all the factions are at a poker table and the courier is the dealer able to stack the deck against whoever they choose at first i was like well these two are dictatorships and im not a big fan of those and we need some kind of government so yes man is out of the picture that leaves the ncr surely a democracy is the best choice right i love democracy whats that colonel you want me to assassinate the leader of the great khans i dont enjoy killing that sounds kind of evil but we dont have time for diplomacy all right if its for the greater good so there you are helping to rebuild america you go back to the colonel and she says hey can you exterminate every single last person in the brotherhood of steel um is is there a peaceful option no good thing i sided with the ncr in no way am i regretting this decision at all new vegas has such a unique approach to morality because the big four all have compelling reasons for why they should rule but also have crippling flaws the new california republic is the antithesis to the legion a revival of old world values like democracy liberty freedom law and order but everywhere you go you hear people complaining about their lack of organization the bureaucracy that prevents them from making real changes the water rations still a problem and the ncr doesnt look like its going to do anything about it anytime soon some say the old world values they parade around are the same ones that led to nuclear war in the first place the bear grows without structure follows a symbol without knowing its history as you travel the areas controlled by the ncr are often plagued by raiders internal conflict something the legion doesnt suffer from the ncr is spread so thin that troopers are constantly requesting your help because they have no reinforcements no backup communication the ncr simply doesnt have the manpower or resources to truly unify these groups hell they cant even unify themselves people turning against each other when the mojaves at risk of falling the republics sinkhole progress doesnt kill us greed will you can actually use this knowledge to convince the final boss legate lanais to back down on his campaign the ncr also seems to be incapable of negotiating peacefully with groups instead opting to just kill everyone theres a shocking lack of diplomacy and discipline across the ranks ive told him he could make my job a whole lot easier if he would just let me shoot anyone who talks back to me this is the woman in charge of interrogating prisoners in a democratic society and shes a lieutenant you could say the ncr has good intentions but its hard to put faith in the way they operate the ncr hasnt proven that their type of society will work long term as a young man i was taught to venerate president tandy of shady sands the founding mother of the new california republic did you know her presidency lasted 52 years and that her father aradesh was the republics first president does that sound like a democracy to you or a hereditary dictatorship caesars legion led by one of the best written characters in gaming the legion operates as ancient rome did by conquering smaller tribes destroying their culture and merging everyone under a single banner and culture throughout your travels the legions brutality is always on full display youll see crucified bodies wherever they go ask anyone and theyll tell you tales of murder war slavery and death worst of the worst a tribe of degenerate losers led by a creep slavers killers and all other kinds of trouble even legion soldiers will tell you of how their tribes were conquered they dont tell you how theyve been brainwashed to believe in this brutal society caesar himself rules with an iron fist and punishes his soldiers harshly for failure the legionaries are lined up in ranks every tenth man steps forward and is beaten to death by his brothers it instills a certain robust obedience how could you possibly find any good in the legion when its portrayed as this horrible empire while the kaisar does make compelling arguments id seen what had become of the ncrs attempts to emulate the culture of pre-war america the infighting the corruption rome was a highly militarized autocracy that effectively integrated the foreign cultures it conquered it dedicated its citizens to something higher than themselves to the idea of rome itself civilization after the nukes was basically reset to a blank slate and despite all of ancient romes problems it was one of the longest lasting civilizations of all time is it really so bad to unify everyone under a single banner for the time being much like rome and its glory days the legion doesnt have much trouble with raiders criminals and chaos its a very structured society and there is peace within it through threat of force but at the same time caesar is also just a man who found some ancient books and said yeah this will work for the next thousand years i spent two centuries searching for the platinum chip its my invention my property mine now be a good courier and deliver it give me that chip no sir and then theres mr house the man responsible for saving vegas before the nukes went off and he has remained its sole proprietor ever since restoring power to the city through hoover dam mr houses life work has been to restore new vegas to its former glory revenge doesnt interest me progress does hes cunning shrewd and looks down upon the legion in ncr as groups that havent learned from the past mr house 2 is a pretty compelling choice give me 20 years and ill reignite the high technology development sectors 50 years and ill have people in orbit 100 years and my colony ships will be heading for the stars to search for planets unpolluted by the wrath and folly of a bygone generation he got vegas this far right but by siding with mr house youre putting all your faith in a single man a dictator whos hidden himself from the rest of the world i prefer the term autocrats hes also a firm believer in not dictating what people do so he doesnt have any plans to fix the rest of the mojaves problems he just wants vegas to continue being what it is mr house lacks the ambition for change the other factions have what i did to you was rotten but if you think house the ncr or caesar wont kill to put vegas in their pocket i really did blow out your brains and finally theres the independent yes man programmed by benny with a plan to take control of the strip by using the platinum chip this option allows the player to choose what they do with the other minor factions but they will have to kill mr house and beat both the legion and ncr at hoover dam while independence sounds fine and dandy without a strong leader or system of government everywhere inside and out of vegas will succumb to chaos and disorder hot damn is that complex or what this is why the four choices are so hotly debated amongst fans even to this day which is the best option its entirely subjective theres so many deep stories here a lot of the themes with the companions and factions are all about letting go boones ptsd from the death of his wife because of a miscommunication and getting revenge because of it veronica wishing the brotherhood would change and adapt to prevent them from dying out and failing their purpose the great khans holding on to their past glory after years of crippling defeats my tribe deserves better than this caesar holding on to the ancient ways of rome unwilling to face the facts that his style of rule is brutal the factions all talk  __  about each other and whats interesting is theyre not wrong but they are wrong about themselves caesar is just as unwilling to admit his flaws as the ncr or mr house is and yet despite all their differences theres one thing everyone has overlooked war you people have lived in this chaotic hell hole for 200 years and you still havent figured out why war is bad and you shouldnt do it in fallout new vegas the people still havent learned to make peace despite that being a constant reminder of the state they are in currently obsidian went to such great lengths to characterize each faction and make them feel real and compelling in their own way its such a profound game where different ideals and philosophies clash against each other i find it immensely fitting that there is no peaceful solution in a game that begins with the words war war never changes and so the courier who had cheated death in the cemetery outside good springs cheated death once again and the mojave wasteland was forever changed finally there is the climactic battle of hoover dam and once you claim victory for the faction of your choice the end credits roll and lets you know how your decisions have shaped the world and people around you are you satisfied with them did you make the right moves at the end of it all i was still left wondering fallout new vegas is much more than a spin-off its easily one of the most engaging adaptive video games ive ever played and arguably the best fallout choice is its greatest weapon to be who you want to be play how you want to play to choose your enemies and your allies new vegas poses deep philosophical questions about morality it goes beyond just being a fun shooty shooty rpg new vegas is a game thatll make you think it has such a unique setting that feels real like obsidian thought of every single way in which these societies would operate new vegas is jam-packed with likable deep characters and the best quest design ive ever seen if this game had a remaster to iron out its still-present technical problems update the graphics and the engine it would be undoubtedly a masterpiece its successes are made all the more impressive with its short development time and the way it melds so many styles and time periods together is simply remarkable i have no shortage of good things to say about it and that is why fallout new vegas is so awesome Music is Music well thanks for watching everyone hope you enjoyed the video it certainly has been a long time coming i have been struggling with some personal issues and stuff the last few weeks so if youre wondering why the videos havent been coming out as often you know thats why but im really glad to have finished this video and i want to give a big shout out to all my patreon supporters all of you beautiful subscribers all of you are the reason why i do this whats your favorite mod for a good while it was halo online have you played persona 5 royal or hollow knight i have played hollow knight and its pretty damn good if you could choose the last two smash bros dlc characters who would they be oh imagine how cool it would be if it was master chief and arbiter whats your favorite fallout faction brotherhood of steel baby are you excited about resident evil 8 village ah kinda would you post other fallout reviews thinking about doing a review of the dlc for new vegas but other than that not sure will you ever do in other games that need a sequel video ive thought about it but for the time being i kind of just like the content that im doing is there a specific video you really want to make for the channel but are hesitant about doing i had an avatar the last airbender review all written and recorded back in september but just never followed through with it what comes after youtube can you imagine far enough into the future where you no longer create content ill try to keep this going as long as humanly possible ive always dreamed about being a fight choreographer for like tv shows video games or movies though what do you think of the wolfenstein series i have not played it enough alright folks thats all i got for today this is the act man signing out peace steam games to 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