How to steam artichokes in microwavehow to use bamboo steamer FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS gameplay What makes this game, this question varies from person to person Of course, some graphics, some awakenings, what games in depth with his father can change the answer to this question, you cant just say there is no hit while playing, or where are the dialogue options while playing Melis, my brother, the game also shapes your expectation from the game, a human being. we always want the same games we want to get closer one day we want to make a word another day comes our hearts want to get the package We quit. I swear, if he saw it, I left it in one go. I played forty hours. I saw the end of the game and I didnt open it again, but I wondered if its time again. Then I thought of fallout 76. They are living a great shame right now, how can I forget it, you can forget it with my heart I talked to me and explained the situation then I said ok our game wont be fallout 4 Its my game its the same I have to close our game or something New Vegas I will finish New vegas which is shown as one of the most folate game ever Longing welcome welcome I told you, I said these are our videos. Aha, these are those boxes. There are 4 of them. There are Çeliker Çeliker, there was a surprise apocalypse. One of the safes is an economic safe and the other is a monster one. So your choice is up to you according to your budget and needs. For your information, itopride, we would like to thank you again for their support to my videos links in the description fallout New Vegas Now lets get to the core of the event, the Polat brand, as you know, is very Soylu, a bad role-playing game series that was missing in the early 90s, took this genre away and became ecstatic This is only because the companies that made these two games turned into financial problems. Just like they did, you can see the taste of polar 3 if you look at it, but its not what you know in years. I think it was dioxin. Thats why it didnt give me much excitement. But more importantly, as Saturated as the game, it was technically the same, so there is, but there was no visible difference, Memduh satellite he It will happen in years, when there are games that represent the peak in a technical sense, such as a sect or two, I saw a 2008 safe, this did not open the mind to me at that time, ignorance heard it was buried many times over the course of ten years Ive read an article that says that its good. I swear Ive heard those who argue that there are four better ones, now its time to turn it off, its time to play full a new Vegas Because I want to play LPG, I want to get lost in such an action rpg rpg game, I want to look at it or I want to go diving What happened to this crazy heart of mine, I remembered a lot of things. Actually, the character creation parts that are engraved in my mind like the opening Intimacy are ugly to the death like this anyway, the characters of the betest game have never changed from here, I need to be mikelanj in order to reveal something beautiful in this game I wondered if there was any of our friends translation It didnt happen because he didnt do it. There is the case of collecting things, there are dialogues, there is discovery, there was this, you had this, you fall and you are a person who was shot and created for a reason, you remember why when you open your eyes they tell you they said we took you from the grave They say I was breathing hard they say what is going on here you are looking to investigate the event And after that its all up to you. Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, do whatever you want to talk to, you have a limit, dont force it, there is a whole world for those who only want to explore, and more importantly, this world Bazaar has a story with seeds to live, see the story, the story, the direction, the experience of different lives, the key points in these matters, the game action So will a game to be played will be the head of the nation in the open world. But this game includes listening to the story and sending the stories again. Now I can share this fact with you. You give it to you in a town. You ask about the towns. You say here, my son, when we bring it, they say, What are you doing, robots, I know you, I came from outside, I pulled you out, I pulled you out there Elif says I dont know where are we going, here she asks the headman, were going to this side of him, sister I say. I say that I am an older sister who passed this, I say, Wait a second, she is having an argument with someone else. How many days ago did they look at me? At this point, do you have guests of a moral dilemma, or if your armchairs really try to be afraid, this is their dilemma, from now on, were getting into it, I decided, if you want, this little town can move on without problems. he has an advantage if you help in the town, they will do me differently, if you help, they will express me in a completely different way, the first step is to send the need with choices, this is the first step here, there are these tasks, the most basic task is to stick to choosing sides, and some stories fall into such a dilemma. You know that when you were calculating there was a serious minus, you know that if I do business, it will cause trouble if I say something else, nothing will happen for now, but I think it may cause trouble for me in the future. I say thats the reason we entered that door in the game, Im new in its own filling machine and I stopped. Think of it as the opposite, you almost saw it, it gives you a piece of information that will go away for money, it stops you for you to discover, we have heard about an incident here, we have nt heard of anything. we talked about how an open world game would make you feel like I live in another video, sometimes many people have made a work of GTA V when viewed from a distance, visually there is a similar situation, but even though they have images, they have a long conversation with the characters outside in this world. You cant, you dont have a father there anyway, hes different, he migrated slowly, on the other hand, it contains a certain place, you can talk, it is difficult to say that there are some characters but a world that lives like its colors. Because he had different kingdoms for his purpose and they do things independently of you. He doesnt have a good conversation and you dont say hes a good man His world He doesnt live from this point of view He lives among the kingdom, like the one who does not look at the wide frame, he goes his own way, it doesnt look like two ways Technically, when you look at these situations, what happens is breathing. You dont say death. They make different moves. But how did it do it? Its a real thing. Its what people expect from the game. All of the characters that are like goods are more detailed characters than the old ones you see in any of them. You can chat with them. Can you do this in GTA or we cant do it in houses 2 Because their preferences are different. Look, I m not saying you cant eat it, but when we look for an answer to the question of whether the open world is alive, Im just talking about sticking to the outside. Karsan is of course a thousand times better than that, but its an rpg experience Im looking for. Thats an rpg experience Im looking for. Thats a thousand times better than that. My son, I lived on the ground, my brother, I did not call yourself a different group in the game. I sat down with the answer units that tried to maintain order but were corrupted while doing so, I talked to them, technology turned their backs on American places, this life is living flu channel, I got away from the streets of the city for the last 50 years, I told them about the outside world. I chose whether to help them or not. We worried about how to help them, let alone a group or something, God I saw walking in post-apocalyptic environments, not just one, I wonder whats inside, it made me want to enter and it was just something he did to go from 32. bow down, these other victories were in hush games. Even if every house is empty, every campus has a life inside, you feel it, and its not an easy job to make you feel it, brother, you cant find it anyway, you cant find these real rpg games, look, even a drive, New vegass right to do this. what we start behind, we do not play, we rob you, you love it knowing your deficiencies, dont love this blindly - nothing is missing, lets count the troubles we may encounter while playing according to our finger as much as possible, this is not sleepless intense, the first one was a bit of a disaster when it came out in 2010 Teknik was a disaster, still so I had two crashes throughout the game but if the cage ratio or something dropped ridiculously, its not a stable neck, but its not at a level that cant be played. If you prefer to play melee weapons, youll say, oh my God, what did I do? Even in 2010 Technically, think about the old fill size, now how would it make me feel. It was hard for me after I painted it, I felt like a balloon was standing in Vegas, so dont choose melee weapons as hot as possible. gun November If you ask me, even if you ask me, do not use any gun, but the ability to speak only one, it is very simple to focus on one in the game, so my speech ability is very fast, I knew Fulya after filling it up, it will Manipulate people with some runner you see They will enjoy it a lot anyway hop who did it I say give up on our speaking ability in games our Power becomes power you have fun Luckily we were talking about you as soon as you walk a lot at the beginning of this game you can have a Festival later of course but I couldnt stand the first setbacks he did nt leave he will swear its too slow dense character Also, I found the inventory weight thing a bit too cruel in the game, my inventory was full in the first two hours of the game, they saw me on top, I didnt take you on top, I didnt take you to the top to manage the inventory per step by the very So I also increased the console weight issue again, hartkorn and the results for me You will be angry, but there is nothing to do, they are requested, I cant change the feature. What should I do? Were going, it doesnt take long, it doesnt cause any trouble, so the technical game has already been downloaded, if you play it in at least 30 hours, I say at least, look, I gave it to people after I finished it. It doesnt take off four to five days You can understand before finishing 30 pages in this field. O subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe viveport games on steam Dakikalar:- konuya giriş 00:01- Sistem kampanya 01:12 - Oyuna giriş 01:49 ÖNEMLİ BİLGİ: kasa fiyatları döviz bazlı günbegün değişkenlik gösterebilir. (Videonun o kısmını erken yaptığım için aklıma gelmemişti söylemek. Ama maalesef dolar çok hareketli bu aralar. PC parçaları döviz bazlı fiyatlandığı için haberiniz olsun. Zaman zaman düşedebiliyor, yükseledebiliyor. Takipte kalmakta fayda var) Kasa linkleri için: - - - - *** Bugün yıllardır adam akıllı oynamadığım için bir ayıba imza attığımı düşündüğüm bir oyunla karşınızdayım. 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