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Steam washingcan you connect steam and epic games FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS gameplay Andthere Music And there And there game the Epic series of Fallout New Vegas Fallout New Vegas was released in the year 2010 for the platforms of PC PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is this game here it contains equal elements practically default three but it is not a sequence of lighthouse of three in Fallout New Vegas does not have any of the characters related to the series The History of Fallout 3 has some elements from the Lighthouse of the previous ones for example Mutantes Marcos default2 is present here in Fallout New Vegas well guys I will keep a series that is better than me I did it on the Fallout 4 channel or bring one mission per part I will not bring all the missions in the game because talking to TIM we have several options to choose the characters destiny so I will bring what I will choose I path that I Im going to take the Fallout New Vegas series some missions will be long or transmissions will be short to keep the organization of the series A always post a mission by video Ok a hug if you want to follow a series I made of Fallout 4 it will be appearing there on the cards in the right corner of the video I want to take advantage and thank the more than 35 thousand views that I had in my IOS software settlement that I did in Fallout 4 well guys So I got the translation from the Gamer tribe website Ok lets go here to options the graphics here, in fact, everything is fine now, the subtitles are on, the general subtitles are on, and the graphics are off and I left everything in Ultra Fallout New Vegas. We regulate the graphics before entering the game. downloadable So its all there must money the game is complete this Hertz honest hearts Im playing on Steam on the PC a Ok or the bus far away are holds the ball back Mercenary pack Classic Caravan Tec pack Cancer encumbering the signal is also Music Well, lets start a new game then Music Andthen theres Frank Sinatras music in the background guys And there Andthere Music is the first part that probably wont I wont be able to attach one that s that one she Vegas guys ended up becoming New Vegas here in the game its a piece of Las Vegas youre the main city still Fallout New Vegas and thats an ncr soldier my California republic to the way I I will follow I will join them this is the only Fallout that I have played so far that I am not on the side of the Brotherhood of steel Tom Rider And then you are the regions of caesarus for those who enjoy customs Roman customs Yeah an option to join also but edition of evil and and the guys on the floor and in the characters UOL the entry here has no translation I dont know why its because its personal a lot to talk about it has to be a birth of the you go inside your eye great and Rust the market then the disaster that happened after the motorcycle was bombed by the by atomic bombs for many of you the wrong deck can Red Mary Kings Western United States Flag uk the flag of my California Firefighters from Rio Max is from the block the peace of my tablet broke about acne Skin House Suites sequim Territory and Health and Ryan Lewis Wings of tomorrow 2018 desert to die to die here where princess Elsa do Siri where for the hard but Its worth stressing the world and great World Is beating you down River the biennium mobilize man the hoover dam in Rockn Roll and I start Walking i a pack of paprika another Suicide room and reflect best Place worth mechanic equestrian esters Jesus Lead me on and that was it Fast House hotel The dam Girls Birthday Of An installation is one Legend of Sleepy and the crust folder is theatrix finishing of the legion of Caesar there guys Training on the plural of New bag Street Style perfumes ano da kids World mysteries of Sea Monster House and so me of which are three Balls unhappy whats hum hum what the time huh lets go with do later will give a quick Express you reminded hackers to New Vegas strip on if it was a simple blog by LeBron James #option on the crown is Hi Gabi Uchiha superior and Criminal in there o for many years living character who thinks and the money I play Goiás and the webcam on Skype baudalulu here on the face the beach Feng tag and a half of elastic I remembered who it is its just and cat likes it give it to me like that you died In it, the maximum is right there and For sure I got more rich ones in the spotlight and it went bad And then What begins our journey guys Oh Music and look, I think I showed more than 50 parts there, right, in this series, good to teach IPEC only Santa was kind of weird shes very good Andthen and thats all the items that should be additional content a caption will work and Im going Hillary her and the smallest Rose hairdresser White Max Gilberto on top of him I didnt care, honey, its unite, OK, lets go put the no Thats the name Im going to put my name here and I cant put a capital letter Andthen Hi beauty the cancer the time we ran quality no goodsprings slippers shot in the head Moreno there look at Liberty Hall mine go take Penápolis the add-on one ok here so Fallout Fallout classic always that way today right now to create the character some Mutants appear take the man here the theme safari American Asian Caucasian making a Caucasian Caucasian here what we can get pre-defined Zap And then there is the age here oh oh making a young one here Andthen nothing has changed expensive the young one looks worse than the old man we can customize the shape just one a cut here guys so it doesnt take too long this part of the creation here Ill be right back there look guys I did it there in the character got a crazy face but thats ok hi there a anymore Hi son Music and lets break the whole screen of the hoverboard theres the move test its tested no ok our characters face is made the chosen name Andthen and now lets go here in the look so far And then And then Ah beauty so here we have and if the tradition here didnt translate anything, right? perception the intelligence is also important in Carisma also the guy Im going to take it out Im going to leave it alone U2 and Race Ah yeah 7 in strength Carisma 7 Andthen the guy I think Andthen Music Andthen the reception is good to stay in case use of weapons or strength I like it because of the amount of weight that the guy can carry, I think Ill leave it like that. your Mug rug your boat Whatsup Whats up and give it to stay interested in me that of the person in the first person, isnt it, it was born or to a force So its played And then And then the night is Good night silencer sell a o b****** crush light oh mother dark bro um Hi Sandra come here I had there and comes down and she bites a new hope for every Week and it is always the best in prague Spring of you and what is not a lot of Bye my special soul antonilson Floating 1 Andthen the conflicts are not in my mind rain Andthen I Im going to leave according to wanderly in the Northeast why and To the lifestyle Center suddenly a and a miss World Brazil and is on And then one of them my problems on love scanner so there rage happens is a minute this is a broken chain in a chemical reaction a shadow under the door is a bloody wound an ant with two angry heads is the guy i dont even know what to hit oh im too ashamed to say it looks like a pencil One 1 Neto is showing up the bearded man Andthere it is, letol Chevrolet E So thats not Bravia television day And then the game according to my choices was more or less like this the unarmed case I dont want the dialogue is good the survivor skill increases the points of the debt you receive from food and drinks also helps to create and that is consumed in bonfires I want to repair the weapons too and it comes with this one is good right Andthen to pay but it is And then and not and remove but Im going to put break-in and radiate News Anymore blood get this phone shape here it is the choice of a maximum of two specialties or none Andthen Music I m going to see here Music the claustrophobia and there are some things that are not translated the half half hole with this game tradition Andthen Andthen I want to see if anything related to damage And thats it here its good you gain 25 pounds more you in marriage the capacity but I suffer one less to all the attributes if I carry less than 160 pounds So you have to be careful Whats up Whats up oh damn this one is bad the guy knows here the guy wins more he loses too oh damn love Andthen the energy gun you shoot Twenty percent slower but Twenty percent more accurate I know Im going to get it bro Whats up Whats up whats up Music whats up whats good I get another day old but my limbs are more easily mutilated music whats up whats up dude i think thats it bro yeah whats up whats up whats up help the band well help you And then Whats good? my way no way and the best brands Allen Andthen if you shouldnt have messed with my stuff really right people really ball o Music um ok here o Hardcore mode Fallout New Vegas allows you to play in the new Hardcore mode that increases a lot challenge of the game in this extintex mode with the passage of time means tintex heal over time so if you are not in Hardcore mode and use this pack HP increases once in Hardcore mode at the time it heals slowly and the stimpaks in Hardcore mode they do not heal mutilated limbs So you will have to need another item to be able to heal the mutilated limbs let me see what else I radued it here broth and that thing that removes the radiation right This is the same style as Kristin Peck the side and it doesnt eliminate the radiation for good its slowly and the ammunition has weight in the mode Hardcore ammo has weight and in the mode that is not Hardcore it does not count as price and training dehydration a constant concern so in Hardcore mode we get thirsty too and this mode is only recommended for advanced players you can activate and deactivate Hardcore mode at any time in the game menu but if you activate it now in Hardcore mode keep it activated throughout the game at the end you will receive a special reward you like I was going to activate an hour of hardcore yes so we are going to face this series here in very difficult difficulty and Hardcore So these guys that are our menu What skills ó ó Andthen hello special skills special skills bonuses in general good then guys What are the items the weight we can carry 245 kg HP caps clothing Hi here is some meaning of the acronym only What is there Music What is ammunition What is it What is there Music What is there the radios I will not be able to activate the crazy radios because otherwise it will give a lot of copyright on the map the location of the house there for Mundial has not yet been opened stay we have the missions there well so if the first mission was it is not a kick in the head I think this one mission in English was in der here that still prays I think the same table has a song that has this line not even in the game I think its from Mars If Im not mistaken but then thats it guys it goes wrong so the first part of the series of Fan llout New Vegas I will always bring a mission there Ok thank you very much everyone yes said steam deck force close Fallout: New Vegas se passa durante o ano de 2281 e em volta da região em torno da antiga cidade de Las Vegas (agora chamada de New Vegas), cerca de quatro anos após os eventos de Fallout 3, e aproximadamente 204 anos desde a Grande Guerra de 2077. No tempo em que o jogo começa, três grandes facções buscam o controle de New Vegas e seus arredores – A New California Republic (NCR), Caesars Legion, e Mr. House. Desde suas últimas aparições em Fallout 2, a NCR ficou sobrecarregado e mal administrado, porém sua expansão para o leste permitiu à eles o ganho da maioria dos territórios no Mojave, com a única ameaça deles vinda dos escravistas, forças com exercito no estilo romano, liderado pelo seu líder Caesar, que conquistaram e uniram 86 tribos mais ao leste, e agora planejam conquistar New Vegas, quatro anos antes do início do jogo, ambos os lados entraram em conflito na Hoover Dam, um importante ponto de referência que fornecia energia para New Vegas, que no qual os dois lados buscavam o controle, ambos os lados se prepararam para o segundo, e inevitável conflito sobre a barragem Hoover Dam, Mr House, um misterioso homem de negócios que presidia New Vegas, sendo de fato líder com um exército de Securitrons robôs de segurança, e que também tem interesse no controle da barragem garantindo que nenhum dos outros dois lados ganhe o controle, e esta nos estágios finais de seus planos.Muito do jogo se passa na Mojave Wasteland, que abrange partes dos antigos estados da Califórnia, Nevada e Arizona, Juntamente com as três principais facções, a região também possui várias facções menores; os Boomers, uma tribo xenofóbica e isolacionista ex moradores de Valts, fortemente armados que se abrigaram na Nellis Air Force Base; os Powder Gangers (Arruaceiros da Pólvora) um grupo de condenados violentos que escaparam da NCR; os Great Khans (Grande Khans) uma tribo de traficantes de drogas e invasores descendentes dos remanescentes dos New Khans em Fallout 2; e a Brotherhood of Steel, remanescentes do desejo tecnológico do exercito americano que estão tentando proteger qualquer tecnologia que poderia causar algum prejuízo ou dano, Juntamente com a Hoover Dam e a Naellis Air Force Base, a região possui pontos de referência adicionais, incluindo seus próprios Vaults e a usina de energia solar HELIOS One.Modo Hardcore Um opcional modo Hardcore proporciona mais realismo e intensidade no ambiente de jogo. Durante uma entrevista, o diretor do jogo Josh Sawyer admitiu que a modalidade foi inspirada por diversas modificações de Fallout 3. Como a dificuldade de jogo aumentou, os jogadores são encorajados a implementar estratégias eficazes, fazer uma cuidadosa consideração na gestão dos recursos e táticas de combate e prestar muita atenção ao ambiente em sua volta. A dificuldade é aumentada de várias maneiras: Stimpaks e itens de cura, incluindo alimentos não curam o jogador imediatamente, mas durante um período de tempo, a cura de membros aleijados exige um Doctors Bag ou como alternativa uma visita a um médico; munição tem peso; o personagem tem que comer, beber e dormir para evitar a fome, a desidratação e exaustão, respectivamente. Plataformas PC / Xbox 360 / Playstation 3 steam use key sharing games in steam which game uses steam card flash games coming to steam equinox steam room