Brotherhood Outcasts? – Fallout 3 Let’s Play (PC Gameplay)

Sinus steambonelab steam key FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS gameplay thank you for clicking on this video ladies and gentlemen today I am going to be starting the Battle of Anchorage or whatever the hell DLC with the mission aiding the outcast another radio signal I must investigate here we go all right oh here we go come on what the  __  was that young guy thinking with my alien weapons and defaults I would not and Im in and not approach me under any circumstance Here We Go Again Fox my sleepy Meetup friend if you would help me that would be great come on mom yeah Im doing some damage I think I hope all right I cant get any closer quite frankly getting closer would absolutely damage me because he would shoot me and Target me oh my Lord how many shots is he tanking man oh oh oh um all right um Im in a pickle now he wants me dead Im not surprised Fox my super meeting friend ah he targets me for the feud and then oh right arm crippled okay that should help me I think that means his accuracy gets decreased or something Im gonna hold oh boy oh boy come and get me oh come on hes nearly that come on people I got this we got this oh oh um wheres my supervisor friend Fox man oh come on can the barometer steal not just kill him please I dont find C9 it was anger me at this point oh there we go do we have to deal with them not fine we will come on You Were Meant to stay dead Okay The Enclave has been destroyed Ive killed your leader Eden and Ive killed Colonel Autumn you really think youre gonna win now just stop wait seriously like Ive taken out two of their leaders and they still have the audacity to try and kill me its rude its an insult wasting my time come on dont think youre getting away now come on you are dead you are dead oh you are dead dirty scummy Enclave right I think Im approaching where I need to be box who are you fighting now why is he all the way down though okay you know what leave him do what he wants to do hell run to me eventually right I think Im finally out where Im at oh Jesus Christ come on come on you have messed with the wrong month come on what are you gonna do holy moly holy moly holy moly I need to get away from any car but yeah I finally got to where I put he need to be after enough fighting maybe Ill get it oh Jesus Christ another explosion lets try to equipment I need to give you my  __  because quite frankly Ive got too much shite there you go and you can have the spacesuit lets go and dont Dilly tally please mate weve done enough fighting and Dilly dallying all right here we go this is the door if Im not mistaken Yep this is the door so Im clearly able to go in here okay its really interesting I dont really know too much about this DLC its the one I dont really know much about well one of them anyway so this is something going to be interesting Im doing a blind play through pretty much oh hello Ive got tons of healing items well the consumables on me so I should be all right actually for now oh here we go Music yes we have one again nothing in there yo what an idiot would you go against if youre a ghoul go against this thing with a gasoline laser I dont think you would what idiot Googles man girls are idiots right Im gonna be ambushed at one point I think arent I no okay Ill take that I guess there we go metal gate to Baileys Crossroads investigate the outcast radio so come on yeah thats what Im doing oh  __  hell I shot myself then I thought I was I thought that was like a fork spot an enemy um hello you got a Death Wish walking through a war zone no listen local if you want to be of Youth help us clear the mutants between here and our base games all right not stay the hell out of our way all right right lets go its only a super meter bro Ive dealt with an overload oh all right there are a couple of them there are a thirsty oh boy there are a fair few of them but Ive dealt with worse trust me oh God thats a mess to be fair and literally destroyed the big alien spaceship with a death laser that I could destroy the entire planet so I think its a couple of superior agents you know you know I think Im fine again assuming you know what I mean I dont think this is gonna be much trouble Music come on brotherhood Outcast interesting I never knew there could be outcast in the Brotherhood but yeah lets go no provide outcasts are dying get off them Music yeah what happens hello get him help me there we go theres so many of them to me yeah what are you gonna do yeah yeah oh oh oh my weapons broken actually you know I dont need a weapon come on there you go just I just I bloody proved it oh my Lord we dealt with a lot of them didnt we anymore wanna try and fight me and try and kill me all the wrong oh  __  up there are quite a few more I Im  __  for that though not at least you know shooting at my Ally Forks because he is also a super meeting if you havent guessed obviously oh yeah I mean Ive got like no stim packs left but yep there we go my health is on a good level hey oh oh okay taking the memo damage then I can take I meant to sleep the supervisions are pointed off a good fight hello come on boy oh there we go ha ha well two minute ladies and gentlemen come on what the hell are you gonna do come on see what I mean theyre not gonna do  __  all right anymore super mutants outcasts Outpost all right whatever tongue twister hey screw you me do you know how many super mutants Ive just have these Slaughter behave all right how do I go down Defender Muriel is going to want to talk with him rice out the outcasts of the board is still its very interesting that I wonder how they tie enough to promote are they just like hmm oh boy are these people no longer a part of the broad are they just like shunned away if you get me who the hell are you and what do you think youre doing oh boy whoops this isnt the Vault silly mate must have made a wrong turn nice place you got here mind if I look around wow what is this place some place you locals aint supposed to be why but um since youre down here lets go have a chat with the boss all right then I thought he was a girl you know he  __  sounds like one speak with the outcast leader this oh Im Im interested to learn about these why are they Outcast look wastelander Im not sure what brings you here but we dont like surprise visits from the local populace youre lucky you werent killed but maybe theres more to you than the average Rubble dweller that computer there on your wrist maybe you can be useful to us after all so my Pip-Boy makes me unique and you need my help because a lot so you do have half a brain Ill keep it simple I need you and I need that computer of yours you help me out and Ill do what I can to help you this isnt an offer the outcasts extend to anyone so you really should think who are you guys you guys treat Outsiders like  __  but you still beg for help typical if youve got a paint job Im in whats the situation hmm I know what do you want me to do records indicate theres some high value Tech in this base but we cant get to it ah robbery is sealed by a blast door and we cant get it open ah Im pretty sure anyone who completes the facilities VR simulation program will gain access but it requires a certain interface aha unfortunately we dont have one you do right there on your wrist I say I need you to go into the simulator and complete that program which will unlock the Armory youll get a share of the gear of course huh its the liberation of Anchorage Alaska from Chinese Communist it was a pretty significant event in American history according to our scribe I wont lie to you its heavy combat safety protocols disengaged that means you die in The Sim your body goes into massive Cardiac Arrest  __  youre still listening so Im going to assume youre interested the times wasting simply can take you to the Pod Olin will get you brief if you want to walk away youre free to leave my men wont stop okay huh its right straight to the point is on get in the chair and well run the simulation there we go lady killer well slow down can we just talk for a bit oh oh Im sorry things have been tense here lately oh and Im afraid its getting the better of me okay I shouldnt be taking it out on you did you need something can you tell me more about what youre doing here were doing our jobs locating technology preserving it making sure it doesnt fall into the wrong hands okay someone has to safeguard the future of the human race right I guess Paul thinks theres something of value here I know not everyone agrees but based on what Ive seen I think hes right what can you tell me about this simulation dont you know this Sim had to have been one of the most important of its time its the liberation of Anchorage Alaska from the Chinese not up on your history huh back before the world was nuked the Chinese had invaded Anchorage Alaska that really amp things up eventually the Americans went in and liberated the city okay there were heavy losses this simulation trained soldiers for that engagement okay anyway the technology here is impressive but somethings a bit off records suggest even some of the people who built this didnt understand it what well exactly Gene why yeah the simulation needs an external interface device to run correctly Im not exactly sure why the records on that are spotty at best we figured out that your Pip Boy there will suffice since youre kind of attached to it you go along with it fair enough you should be fine assuming you can actually get some results okay okay I guess Ill get to forget to put the neural interface suit on first we cant hook you up until youre wearing it oh boy yeah okay that lady killer poke may turn nicer to me maybe okay and I got the other one from the last episode okay is a big bonus let me tell you oh they are another one on the east Church okay did I get in one of these in Vault one one two and get trapped I was nearly trapped in there for eternity oh Jesus oh my head down get a headache enter the simulation pods well Ive done that hey hey wake up come on its not bad okay Sergeant Benjamin mug shoe punched up like that I thought you were gone hope the other guys made I dont think their patrol spot it was coming so at least we still have to jump okay you still have your gear so Im gonna let you know you why guns please then blow those artillery guns down okay just watch yourself Reds up here dont take prison good luck this is my only weapon so ladies and gentlemen that is going to conclude My First episodes on the Battle of Anchorage DLC its interesting I want to learn more about this outcasts why are they our casts the main Brotherhood of Steel also yeah in the next episodes of this series Im gonna be screwing up the Chinese Communist by invading some sort of building Fortress place I dont know but Ive got a silent pistol Ive also got a beefy trench knife so the dirty communist are screwed anyway thank you all so much for watching Ill see you all in the next one can you play steam on ipad After slaughtering a Yao Guai, a Super Mutant Overlord, and remnants of the Enclave, I found myself working with Brotherhood Outcasts, BOS soldiers that split from Elder Lyons’ group, to recover and preserve some mysterious pre-war tech found in the VSS Facility. However, to get the powerful technology I had to enter a simulation of “the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska from occupying Red Chinese troops.” To unlock the armoury. But if I die in the simulation, I’ll end up having a major cardiac arrest… Was I able to find this pre-war tech in this Fallout 3 Operation: Anchorage let’s play video? Watch the FULL VIDEO to find out!Make sure to watch my series on Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4! Fallout: New Vegas – Welcome To The Mojave Desert! (Part 01) Where is Shaun?! – Fallout 4 Survival Mode Let’s Play! (Part 1) Or perhaps another series of mine? The Wolf Among Us Episode 1: Faith – A Brutal Beginning… Captain Price Returns! (Call of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign) An Epic Fail! – Shadows of Evil Spawn Room Only Challenge (Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies) If you have an idea for a new video you want me to create or to suggest ways on how I may improve my content, reach out to me! 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