Fallout: New Vegas: Criação de Builds com SPECIAL e Habilidades.

Games gratis steammech game steam FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS gameplay Hi hi good game and for the actually new jury in more than 90 hours again the penalty the first time i played it was 2016 i.e. its been a while i didnt remember much not that not again and i learned a lot this time i had I want to make a series of videos linking the things Ive learned to help create bild other things Ill talk about in other videos. change you can only increase them right and for example you started with three strength in your character you then held 45 admire Play I know you will never have the high points right the you started with so many scart right that I ll explain that from now on little Justin seven species and 13 skills I hope they are they command the skills in them they rule they are the masters like this for example in strength He commands Mili right you start with low strength points you too com starts with low points Emily so this goes for everything Im going to explain what each one does one of each commands Im also going to try to help you create your bild which is one of the coolest parts of the game because youll have no percent of harnessing how to do it then by force He commands Mili as mentioned earlier in that of your skill in a body the color he will also measure your inventory size at each point you have strength not 10 kilos more So if you talk to a point you it has 150 Kg to carry but it has five it has to have 200 with this one with 10 years 50 right so the following and I never recommend you to discard with force discard what you simply take your points in the attribute and put it in others right you talk to two but dont do it with strength strength important you need inventory you will carry a lot of intense picks weapon armor and has healing in strength at least five any bild qu and you have but you use mature take them your pistol that the lighter weapons there you can start with four I give three for example I always start with five I use amateur the medium all coming to there you mature medium with energy water I always do it, you know its amazing Im just going to have more strength if you want to make a Mili table in a heavy way if you only even heavier 7 ok if you want Mili then I think 8 is ideal But its around seven eight and that at these points you will have access to parts of this these feet right and now perception for many people a kind of useless a lot of people discard with perception but let me explain It governs energy weapons and explosives and breaking into the lockpick and it facilitates the distance you perceive enemies in your compass below your life there is a compass there and it has red dots When the enemy is close to you this is what perception does no it does not increase accuracy had debates ok it does not do this I think it s from Fox classics he cut four that came back OK 3 New Vegas didnt have this thats why we change it were going to discard it but Im the builds two parks that you can expect the design and they are very good its an increase the questions and criticism and another one increases the chance and accuracy in whats even in the head for many builds these pigs are very good so and you want to have access to these pigs put six of perception if you want to have a build to focus on energy weapons something explosive I recommend starting with seven more than that I think they dont need perception ok Soft Its seven And in case you dont even want to build energy weapons or explosives and also dont care about the parks with better crit or better than there are impacts Then you do discard right discard you its good to talk to two of perception even one in case you dont want to give up now for me there who is starting to play is a kind of essential and you didnt get the hang of the gameplay You dont know the damage you do what resistance it will define your initial life your resistance to radiation EA poison and look resistance to poison in Fallout is too good because there are enemies in this game My God from heaven if you dont have it before Im youre dead Its amazing ah and also in half it also governs the ability unarmed for me its one of the most useless units ok And also survival And then it comes if its a very cool skill is the following it will define the amount of implants you have in your character there Say what I think I explained this Where you have it you can put implants in your character every one point of resistance is one more implant, right and the number of resistance is the only before only 5 implants and the game is smooth with 9 implants that is if you want to see all 19 points then I recommend you dont need all the resistance you will focus if you want Mili builds and only a thousand iter that youre going to join with force because youre going to have to go in front of enemies a lot because I think that Im a kind what I like is not essential so I, for example, discard with resistance because I never simple the points of resistance in other things in just art or intelligence which are my favorites and after you get the hang of it you dont need that much life or resistance but for those who are starting to play now I recommend at least 17 points right E if you want to build Emily I recommend you start with very straight ok and then 19 until right Ah ok I dont use Resistance is my opinion Because for me the best attack the best defense is the attack so I always discard resistance but its more of an opinion even in terms of style of play, Charisma, now for me one of the most useless spaces, he commands negotiation and says that its Charisma, right ? cargo point you have, your companions have five percent more Dani armor, that is, talking to five you will have twenty-five more points of Dani armor than companions, however they are strong. Regardless of whether you have Charisma or not, you can having one of Charisma they will still deal damage they will still have a lot for you thats why I think Charisma is one its essential that you discard and use those four more points on other things or you will only have Charisma even if you want to having a build of focused companions is like that it doesnt start with me you will start with low points in talk negotiation but the pandu you can already leave this number acceptable right and you dont need to be afraid and worry and you dont want a network of companions put a and keep in mind that even if you have one of Charisma you can still have the companions you can still do their pests you can still enter to have the whole right the more ease than the gravediggers have razem doesnt change much, okay, so stay calm. In terms of intelligence, its not the best Special because it helps a lot. earn half. The more So its essential for you here to master the skills Ill earn more points to distribute this is a lot I always recommend starting with up to eight or nine is the direct and if you want to have the direct I gain 15 ponsability I can with 10 I dont recommend using with 10 because you can pay for 10 after the implant, right? your action points to be used sinvax it is very important. 100 watts does not increase it is always according to your agility, you can even have parks where you use less action points here in general it always stays the same it also determines the speed of drawing Aim and reloading weapons and command the skills of ballistic weapons and stealth I always recommend agility most builds Always put the six of agility type even for new The Unkillable Entity di however if you want to have a build and focus on normal weapons or even Emily I recommend eight points straight is very good agility will leave faster you will charge faster you hit with weapons faster so it is very important you can even discard with agility it is worth it if you do not use watts Then yes you can start with three points for example I do not recommend vacancies in Fallout it is essential man it helps a lot in everything torch is my favorite Special He is the games virtual data, right Mainly commands your critical chance d and I hit every shot you take in Fallout no chance of crit Im going to make a video of the policy system still that will explain it in detail but here like this at each point of luck that you have a percent of crit that you have then starting with 55 Ben 10 from Sponge gives 3.10 percent crit or youre screwing discard in cases of builds where crit doesnt work like its home in saw these positives here explosive weapons are zero multiplier i.e. the five times they were zero i.e. it doesnt crit so its pretty useless on those occasions luck also influences all the skills in the game theres a formula on the screen it calculates your initial points, you know, it uses the master attribute, like without Mili I always talk about Emilly a master attribute does an account with so much that you have in strength and also luck that goes and goes there the result of the initial points consequence possibility and it also influenced card games since Fal lout New Vegas has this special in my blessing the country the Casino you want to do well in the card game you have to be lucky ok so the following luck you will only have if you wanted to do a build focused on critical and it is also a build one and it accompanies very well the energy weapon your bigger computer I will explain in another video too and it also works for basic weapons it will also just not work if you use more large weapons or weapons with explosives for example then you can even dispose of them good luck and thats basically it Okay, I said the mirrors now Im going to create my bild here Hi and Im going to explain the skills now and the specialties thats next so example Im going to create an energy weapon Build here right What do I I said that its good and a weapon of energy, perception and luck, right? Charisma Im going to leave it I m going to put Nova in luck for me to have nine percent critical chance with energy weapons thats going to double thats why I like it a lot Im also going to put 9 intelligence for me to put Im going to have four more points of additional skill activity new with the cap but I think 6 is a good number this bild and perception Im going for seven thats it mild bear Im going to leave it normal and resist resistance Shopping 3 put less life so yeah I m going to be a little affected but I dont need it and I go there for these three points just to be able to buy three implants I m going to put an implant in luck an intelligence and agility thats going to be that the joke my humble one right if youre humble here Emily I never wanted a video of me but you have to think about it right because the points are scarce and Im not going to do it here because I dont know about me go whenever you go to test mabilde Stop me and think about the things you want to use and not what er to use right that fear of me but I dont want to be lucky for example I want it to be more blurred then you put a strength you know or and agility so you can have more points like that for the ovaries with him he didnt even talk about me because Line me Vegas is a very strong build and you get it right if you do it well there are milinho Vegas weapons and they destroy here its very good I created my bild now were going to the skill creation part Ill explain it there too and show some parks and they do the first negotiation ok negotiation it is clear and obvious you will buy cheaper and sell more expensive the more points you have like i put ares none i talked to only nine points but i take those nine points to points are good right? its difficult, its also can work as a substitute for speech, right, which is Stitch and I dont recommend it If you want people to focus on Speech focus on negotiation if you want to buy cheaper money I live in Fort New Vegas its not a problem Im also going to make a video on how to farm money a liter of lid rivers of lid and I dont focus so much on trading sometimes its interesting that you can demand more expensive payments for the Quest that you do but I prefer crap Of the things I go to pine forest to convince I prefer to say the place more energy, its quite simple the more points you have the more giving you give one more thing I need to make it clear when you have 50 points in energy weapons or in normal weapons one explosive Yes everything is already explained here you are giving a base you still understand 50 points and when you have less than 50 points you are doing less damage than the weapon has to give a base you are increasing your weapon damage after 50 points When you reach 100 points This means that you are doing 1.5 times the damage of the weapon, yes, it will increase. Babi with a sword of fire throwing flamethrowers right I love this one right how I want your Bible more energy Ill later put my specialty here the positives now here a lot of people like it Ive never used it Exclusive in none of me we have explosive weapons in New Vegas that do a lot of damage there is a specific one that a mursi and you find it unpatched Clau and game animations is great it will increase its owner with all the grenades our mission fat Man 1 And then cool and also you can use mines right And he said that not Vegas everywhere, no, but many places in Minas where you can step on and die between having focused on explosives, you can use these mines more, get them for yourself or even sell them the weapons, right, as the name already says, it will increase the damage with conventional weapons that use conventional ammunition ok Sony Vegas weapons most are conventional weapons ok and their ammunition is the cheapest so its recommended for those who never play u are starting to play the Loft now a simple break-in thats in four levels of top that also goes for terminals right but Ill explain below 25 You can open all the locks very easy ok you need 25 points to be able open As Faces 50 for the medium 75 for the difficult and voiceless very difficult and New Vegas is full of lockpick ok its much more than ending so if you want something to lot you have to focus Lap Ok if you dont focus and even a rare weapon I think you cant pick it up with the snipper I really like to come it helps a lot ok but there in your bild Think about it, you cant replace lapic with terminals its here in science lockpick much more numerous ok so think about it A Medicine, right, its one of the healing stirrups in the game You can also use Survival it, the more points you have medicine, the more it heals. From what you take, there are many dialogue options with medicine, even whole quests accompany it, medicine is very good, but if you want to focus on Survival, dont focus on medicine, I dont recommend you focus on both. put in another tribute Oi Mili weapons melee color right another one more. You have it but giving it to you after 50 ok Its a simple repair one of the most appealing skills in the game If you use it well, the more points you have money for the more your weapons take longer to degrade, right And you can also create ammunition in the workbenches from work at home very well for those who are using conventional weapons from a lesson ok repair is one of the essential skills in me there is a post that you get as soon as you acquire 90 repair points you have the option of park difference and you can repair weapons in family, right, the example you take a Magnum and it does absurd damage and they noticed that a 9mm pistol is very strong, its causing normal weapons ok, it also combines very well with energy because it recycles energy whenever you used energy in the game, theres a chance of the song you just played and use this silenced and stored in the inventory so being aware you can go at a time when teeth and loves will be back in action, you being able to reuse it again is essential because I was running out of energy, I got a waste of ammo, the stealth is much lower now I feel the more points in futility you have more difficult its his he has to be there whenever you are in stealth and shoots someone remember critical its used the right way its very short and Vi yes works smic and they are very good Ok but I never used Snake me I dont think even Fallout doesnt suit this type of gameplay very well, but thats really a matter of taste . You have you manage to convince people to do things and you want it will benefit you so opening neoupa shortcuts quoting your life a lot remember one thing that the front neckline three and four is no longer imposing to sit gem or if you need a minimum number to convince someone for example or you are doing a Quest with a guy and you want him to give you a weapon you need to have 50 of speech if you have 49 it is not enough anymore there are magazines in this game where you can consume a woman temporarily attribute spintos ok and we talk more rare and important focusing on speech It is certain that you will be able to convince most people if you have the number you ask for it is a 100 percent chance ok I think a better system like this survival another more urgent you have the food of the Game EA drink gives you more life and you can create consume in bonfires ok its a substitute for medicine I never focus on both I always on one of them ok a vase is very good also you can even create a drug that a turbo and everything is fast Where are you fast and Im very Alert slow motion not bullet time is very good there are foods looks it a lot of life is unarmed its for me one of the most useless but who focuses Mili also focuses on unarmed most of the time it increases your damage with fights where you use your hand or for example powerfit are single right because you only have to take and unarmed but then its a matter of good game Im here now I hope that Finn helped by a little less and taught some things everything I said here has a source so in case you want to read and learn more in the description Ok I will make more videos next I will make a critical system and a system here for me one of the coolest to play I I want to explain everything, everything is cute, okay, do this what I taught you How to make your character, now you just take the information and search the internet out there and create your bild what you want and have it without asking. so enjoy it if you have a lot of fun best emulated games steam deck Oi, meu nome é Ruy Neto e esse é o primeiro video de uma minissérie de Fallout New Vegas, onde eu vou explicar mais sobre o jogo. 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