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To steam broccoliwhat is steam learning FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS gameplay Music hello and welcome to a new video for the channel after a while of not seeing each other for a month and a few days that I did nt see you anymore you didnt see me anymore you didnt listen to me well because you have never seen me and what am I doing here appearing out of nowhere because I start with a new game instead of continuing the ones I already have well because I only had two I had skyrim and I had to be dual and a game in which we are already very advanced so well I think its a good time to jump in fallout new vegas I already had thought to put it only that with what happened in lantern 4 you can not put it before also because I start directly uploading this and I do not upload the next chapter to be the same and for example well because the next chapter I think it was the 42 of star one and I have recorded it for a long time since before I started to stop uploading videos this chapter was already recorded only that I never edited it I could never avoid it because well I was in times of a lot of stress in this month that I did not upload videos so believe me I did not want to bring that stress here to the gameplays I did not want them to notice that so I preferred to take a break until I felt better more than anything because that was the reason why that I was unemployed and since this chapter was recorded before I stopped uploading videos and I hardly say why I stopped uploading videos, the one that we already increased in subscribers we already exceeded 4000 and for that reason I wanted to give priority to this because I want to thank to all the people who subscribe that I notice a lot of activity on the channel every time I strike its as if they want me to get out of here just kidding dont take it seriously just kidding because if I noticed it very active a lot of people commenting on me though They comment to me about things that I have explained in the case of being dual and, in the end, many people commenting to me, many people subscribing, which surprises me, about 800 people already subscribed after I stopped upload video and well, I really appreciate that support more than anything, thats why I decided, well, Ill upload another game to talk about instead of uploading a chapter from a little over a month ago where I practically didnt explain anything, dont worry, today they will be New Vegas This tomorrow will be skyrim I dont know if tomorrow I know skyrim or tomorrow is to be the same and well Ill also show you here that Im already taking up the recipe guide again that I had all of them unemployed I had the earring of good the guide already had a process of the bees the guide to the recipes but damn my head exploded and I wanted to put everything on hold I didnt want to know anything about this of this world anyway without any more drama lets get here to what we come first lets go to settings and lets go to audio because I had turned down all the volume to start talking but today I spoke no one else is interested in listening to me and I dont know how difficult it will be we are going to see the game difficulties that I dont know if I should make it difficult d of the game is very difficult people because I already finished it on hard difficulty and on hard mode and believe me they dont have a very __ time so lets say so were going to try if I think its too bad and it decreases it decreases it but were going to leave it in the meantime Its very difficult lets go straight to a new game and if the story comes for those who dont know it damn thats not the story its the intro right Music thats here 38 the casino of Mr. House we are in the strip an area protected Music lets say a very popular popular area in the mojave desert these are the soldiers of the dncd the secure and tron ​​ belongs to mr. house and a ranger from the fnc republic of new california an antimatter or antimaterial rifle I dont snuck as it was called a 50 caliber or not the maniacs and caesars legion war never changes when atomic fire ripped through the earth those who survived did so in dugouts when its inhabitants opened up they left for the ruins of the old world to create new societies establishing towns and forming tribes several decades later what had been the american southwest united under the banner of the new california republic was devoted to the values ​​ of democracy and law of the old Music as the repubblica grew they said their needs explorers went east looking for land and wealth in the mojave desert on their return they said they had discovered a city that had not succumbed to nuclear warheads and there was a wall along the coronado river rmc mobilized its army and sent it west to occupy the hoover dam and get it working again but on the other side of the colorado river another society with a different flag had arisen after the conquest of 86 tribes was created a vast army of slavs the region of caesar la repubblica has been fighting for four years to retain a pre sa before the attack of the region the legion does not withdraw to the other side the forces accumulate art do not remain and the drums of the training sound the street of new vegas has remained operational under the control of its mysterious supervisor Mr. el house and his army of tribes and police robots you are a courier hired by the mojave express to deliver a package from the street the new vegas what seemed like a simple job has turned into the worst of nightmares you have what you were looking for so pay for what is done chest so you dont know who s waking up around here now its coming you can get over it the prisoners may kill without looking at their faces but im not a standard snitch this was your last installment mate sorry i got you into this mess from there knees must seem like a streak of bad luck decision 8 carats Music the game was rigged from the start Music we only have the intro of pal or ni vegas and we are going to skip the rest what remains there come and he took out yellow- this type of suit was called come and I will tell you little by little these are all the excess triball objects added from the classic package added mercenary package a caravan package well someone Im silent about not having managed to wake you up which is not a small thing wow yes I like it very well you have been unconscious for a couple of days relax take your time to orient yourself it will be better that we check the extent of the injuries whats your name do you remember your name my name By the way, the character in this game is known as the messenger, everyone is going to call you a messenger, but lets use my name Music because in lowercase I didnt remember this, slip work is not the name I would have given you. But Im interested, thats your name, what are we going to do? Im Dr. Michel and youre in Good Springs. I hope you feel at home. Anyway, I hope you dont mind, but I had I have to pick your brains out a bit to remove all traces of lead. I consider myself a good surgeon but if you see that you are missing something, let me know Music how did it go very well for you here it is about creating our beautiful staff that You know I always play with women and this is not going to be the exception I have a few mods I have 19 mods here that help me with the character design most of the mods as always the ones I have are aesthetic so if youll excuse me then Ill go to create my character, well, here we have it, I put a hair that doesnt look so fake because you know, some of them look very playful and they seem totally up there, two look bad but well, I hope that with that it looks more or less decent no the bad of the bad is that again the damn looks makes my characters are naked sure you want to finish your character yes I said yes in general I would say good to get it to fit the most important thing good p Well, I dont think it makes sense for you to remain at rest. Lets see if you can stay on your feet very well. Would you mind walking to the end of the room to the strength meter in the back, slowly, theres no hurry, this is not a race, inclusive My character has tattoos, I would like to show them to you, but lets see, Ill see if you look for now, because you cant see anything that shouldnt be seen, there they are, see that the tattoos start from the shoulder to the lower back, that seems to me to be a very good success, but now I can not show anything else we have troops very well subjected to a test with the force meter lets see if he has recovered all your faculties well here we have the one of all the fall out where we start with force perception all that and here they are not explaining what it gives you the strength that perception gives you a perceptive cowboy always knows if any dynamite fuses and all that explosives lockpick energy weapons unarmed health stamina survival ai charisma barter conversation partner intelligence agility weapon stealth speed degeneration of points here they are below in case you want to see it luck all the skills critical hits setbacks enemies etc. etc. yes now yes here are the points that we are going to give to our character that I will give him I, my character, without a doubt, am going to get into the intelligence agent, unlike fall out, here there is no big head, it is that you get points in your special abilities, here what there is is a clinic where later we can put ourselves as they say implants that can give us more one in all this if you have the resistance because the more they resist the more implants on that side it would be good to raise said resistance but from then on they know I think I dont know Im going to get one lucky and one charisma people I think so Im going to stay one to charisma and luckily I would have liked to put it on in strength or resistance a little bit per or not, Im going to stay like that because were going to play again in the difficult mode hey, who knows, anyway, the bullets did you a favor and have helped you recover your lucidity, well, at least we know that your vital signs are fine, but thats not it takes away that the bullets have not affected you in fact you have been half crazy because you do not sit calmly in video they go and answer a couple of questions to see if the neurons do not slip more than necessary now I think I should have gone up nine points to intelligence very well I tell you a word and you tell me the first thing that comes to mind cat house steal night bonfire enemy stab light heavy mother of cookie jar no I have some phrases tell me if they would go through yours the first thing I am not of a conflictive character I remember I usually ask others for help I strongly agree I always do my best to be the center of attention Your mother has a hard time accepting new ideas Doesnt she also take credit to the pr problems directly so were done here what do you think if you look at this tell me what you see a shadow on a doorstep a chemical reaction a broken chain a wound blood a work of art a boat water lets give them the last one a bearded man the nuclear dark be good thats all he wrote I have nothing to compare it to so you better take a look at the results and see if they look good to you they dont matter much what you answer there its just going to upset you a little these abilities but the important thing is in the special abilities depending on whether you give them a strength intelligence all of that will go up to you these that are here these that are marked with a dot is what based on your answers this subject thought you would like to have but In my case it is not like that, we are going to give ourselves a point to survival, a point to repair, and I would like to survive, well, do not barter, rather, I would like to barter, you do not know n that I could sacrifice repair and throw myself at weapons because I have very low weapons I could do this and barter is definitely that I want to barter as soon as possible because that is how the money is generated lets remember that I am on very difficult and I am going to play on difficult difficulty and At the beginning, well, if the matter is screwed up, as in all the fall outs, lets see what energy weapons you have to check with the lock pick, two medicines, I have these at level 20, the ideal would be to have them at least level 25, but good as First of all I wont need to repair so much with 21 its going for me although I dont know if Im going to leave it I was born before I gave you the final discharge I need to ask you one last favor I want you to fill out is a form it will help me to be aware of your history medic is a mere formality i dont expect to find out a history of point blank shooting in your family or anything like that ok here we are going to get two traits these skills are a positive it goes and a negative the first is that it chooses wild wasteland because one you will be able to see the aliens if you want to go for the alien blaster and other little things that do not make sense because well you could choose from several of these for example this when you use weapons and energy weapons you shoot faster although with less precision this in the palau an agent is a nuisance good if burga in alpha load 1 is turn-based combat and I no longer remembered that but we are going to wear the four-eyed one when you wear glasses good when you wear any type of glasses you have one more point of perception without glasses you have two less points of perception and glasses we will find it everywhere and later on we will change it to collectors when we are more advanced in the game and what lets get to the lcd old world blues there we are going to change this you win 25% well you gain 25 kilos more in your load capacity but your press - 1 in all two of your attributes or special abilities strength intelligence etc. in all your attributes every time the weight you carry is below 160 kilos as in the future we will have better weapons better armor without problems we will be above 160 kilos and this is going to be better than four eyes and well for that we are going to have to determine the great old world blues dlc because I think it is already very good here I am going to take a short look at it if it is that when each is that sit down and stand up because you can see the whole body Music move man here they will deliver me from the shelter from the shelter from the shelter outfit and my pitbull takes here you have this is the only thing that has foundation on when they brought you I hope you dont mind but i read your notebook i thought that would help me locate a relative of yours but you were only talking about a platinum token well if youre going back out there you better take this is called pete boy i grew up in one of the shelters they built before the war and they gave us all one, its almost useless to me now, but after everything youve been through, maybe its good for you I also know what its like to have something taken from you and Wear this too so people dont call you cool it was my wifes you would have more or less the same size and she almost didnt wear it after leaving the shelter she said she saw it as very daring Music and thats what were here for you should go talk with smiles before you leave the city she will help you defend yourself in the desert you will surely find her in the bar the same way in the bar there is someone else who can lend you a hand like victor the junk guy who saved your skin In any case, if they want you out there 20 so that immediately Ill take care of healing you, thats right, from now on make sure they dont kill you. Here is the ball and sheep. measure the difficulty of the game in this mode stimulants heal over time and broken limbs cannot be healed rad away does not remove radiation immediately ammo is heavy and dehydration is a constant concern this mode is recommended for advanced players only you can turn hard mode on and off at any time in the game menu but if you turn it on now and keep it until the end of the main story you will receive a special reward I would like to turn on hard mode not recommended you dont recommend things let me decide the hard mode let me tell you based on my experience that I already got the last achievement that I needed which was to go through the game from start to finish in hard mode it is not super difficult it is not crazy but if you lose bonuses you lose special abilities every time you you have every time youre hungry I guess youre already dying to get out of here but if you have any questions here i am look now this is what they applaud fallout 3 to this fall out compared to fallout 4 all these skills there are __ yes its true the conversation hello well no way before i go doctor i mean this well what city Its hes here at the csr everyone you know something about the man who shot me I need medical resources like stimulants and things like that Im hurt I need help tell me about yourself this kind of thing is what they applaud they give you a lot of options but generally all the characters they all have this you can ask them almost the same thing and that later believe me it becomes a bit boring and you just arrive and go directly to ask them what the mission asks of you lets put something in the gdp im going to this to see here are the who have not played in hard mode because here in the status tab they will find their complete condition the members here are not healed with stimulants because the first time I played new vegas i played it in normal mode so the limbs were healed by injecting stimulants here but now you need doctors bags to heal the mutilated limbs thats how its done here you can see your radiation unlike in fallout 4 that in phallus 40 a red line detecting your radiation easily compared to life here you have to come to this screen and see how much radiation you have from this line you will get sick from radiation and it will affect your statistics which we do not want we will always try to keep radiation below this line here we have the status effects in this case we have put on the shelter attire which gives us two conversation melee weapons also plus two here we are also going to see if they poison us if we have some drug buff or if we have any other extra bonus lets go here lets see our water levels from here which is 200 we will have problems of a here to go problems of dehydration and the same thing we are going to have problems in our statistics hunger equal to 200 and above problems in our statistics and sleep equal to 200 and above problems in the statistics sleep hunger and thirst later well here we have the special abilities the extras that we have right now we are going to improve as we kill enemies etc. etc. here in general because there is nothing and purely that in objects we have the weight that we have right now 200 is very little and they will tell me in the comments because I no longer remember the true if in normal mode you started with more than 200 weight you also started with 200 right now this is all we have most of them are objects for the dlcs I think or not I dont know if they already give you the same in the base game we have a pistol 9 mm which as you can see here here on this line you can see that next to it there is a full bar that means the condition of the weapon mie The more new there where it says damage below it says with is the condition of the weapon the more full the more damage is going to be obviously the lower I have it like the 9 mm pistol you can see the bar there that is a quarter away so it wont be much damage even up there they are seeing that it says damage 8 and it changes to psa 27 the dps I think it was the firing frequency and the damage 8 and above the damage they see that there is a and with a bullet mark that says 0 well this is the necessary repair ability to repair a weapon to each weapon, the more damage it does, lets say, it will need a certain repair ability if you want to do it yourself and you dont have it and thus you avoid paying caps to have them repaired with which the repairs They cost a lot, there they are looking, for example, this is 25 for repairs, no, that doesnt make sense, the machete also doesnt ask me for this one, which at the moment doesnt ask me, well, for now were a little strange for now, I m going to team up. ipar this and im going to equip the outfit here it explains us in the damage threshold the condition of the outfit the types of armor light heavy and medium and the option to repair that is also valid with the armor in the world of the shelter med ability but if I dont want that for now I want the light metallic armor that would be this and for those who know the name of my character, lets see if they discover it. The name of my character is from a movie, a movie that I liked a lot more than other guys, so now They will tell me if the books know her right now it would be good to collect the nos that we have at the doctors house we have stimulant we already have some antidote and little things to see here we have a power cell and we have a laser gun we take it and we We take these 30 energy cells and here we are not going to take a piece of metal and also, well, it cant take anything anymore, right? The doctors house has little things, I recommend that the explorer and n a me from x around here a hot plate the hot plate was used for something like that for the knives that come out in the closure mother your submachine gun needs repair 25 or higher but it is true no melody ophthalmoscope repair the pencils would not be bad or a doctors bag we are going to see what they have here plus this subject here books by the way the tabulation is used to learn the flashlight as always we are going to see here a locker with zinc cartridges is that look if it has weight or if it does not have weight because some They serve you as material, well, the knife will also help us, and I do nt want pumpkin seeds, I dont want it, magnum cartridge, for example, the pei means weight, well, the value, then if it has weight, it means that if they are bullets or maybe they are not because of For example, I said cartridge, we go to others and, in effect, if they are cartridges with which to manufacture, they will appear here in others, if they are bullets, they will appear here in ammunition. ammo is almost in all weapons basic ammo has no special effects but types can increase damage here it tells you again piercing ammo ignores part of the damage threshold from enemies bp and does more damage ignores part of the threshold of damage from the enemy and does more damage hollow point ammunition projectile overload well if you want to read this here is the hollow point ammunition is to do a lot of damage to enemies that do not bring armor perforations to do damage to enemies that bring armor and well these are types of energy ammunition but basically we ll see about it in new vegas its a bit complicated if its your first time playing this type of game suckling pig with beans or Ill take it well while if Im going to take this canned meat well Ill take it also dirty water can be boiled if it cannot be boiled dirty water firm empty syringe busy not really or copay a glass jug where it is also packs of cigarettes these sell well at the beginning anything that works for us you know oh what a lot of junk to get some money at the beginning there is nothing here this is the bathroom I think and here it can help you look there is no radiation and you can drinking was not necessary but well there it is we can drink water from the toilet but no I dont want to do it here we have yeast we have some cleaners beer this no no no like that there is a glass jug I would like rates the one on lcd old world blues is quite useful when you play in a difficult mode in fact if it were possible I would like to go there as soon as possible the bad thing about going to old world blues is that as it is the story mode it will ask you for some good skills in what is intelligence good if that Do you want to talk sanely with people that there is life that lives there? Well, robots because people dont live. Im looking to see if I can find a surgical tube or something like that. It was called a diary. from the doctor or reading glasses we already have them in reading glasses here it is and now I have an extra point in perception and well I think there is nothing else lets go I was looking for an escape the surgical surgical tube I dont remember exactly what it was called but also we need a glass jug we need a glass jug that surgical tube or it was two video charges but it was two glass jugs yes two rods and every time we find ourselves with dirty water and a campfire for five of dirty water we will be able to boil it and turn it into purified water these are the dlcs of pre of the old world this is the one of ulysses if Im not mistaken of pre of the old world charged the reunification with some coordinates that lead to the ruins of the canyon to the west of prim the words of the messenger you what so is this johnson road loaded good edition of happy trailers this is the one by jonás hearts I dont like that one from ls at all if I dont like it I think its quite abu rrido and here is victor lets talk to the colleague let me say what you look the most good for a robot he has good taste I also say the same about my character thanks for pulling me out of the grave youre welcome Im always willing to lend a hand to foreigners in treble like they do to you tomorrow taking a walk that night when i heard noises in the old cemetery i saw a group of guys who seemed very bad so i hid when they left i dug up to see if i still kicked abbas like pikes and i took you go quickly to the doctor those rascals dont sound familiar to me maybe some good local will help you with that in my life ive seen a robot like you im a safe the security model of rock 2060 go if you see any of my brothers you have to send them by víctor memories happy trip done this guy didnt save us just because hes a good samaritan he had his reasons the smugglers arsenal this is from another seo key also in fact he s I will leave as always the mods in the description most of them are aesthetic as always but magic glue empty bottle in the tail great but there are some that add me dan jones grand opening of the closure mother is this dlc how I enjoyed the closure mother how it is enjoyed in hard mode people seriously enjoy it a lot because the first time you go to mother lock if you are not in hard mode there is no poison damage mother lock is supposed to be wrapped in a poisonous toxic cloud but if you go in normal mode I think I remember that there was no poison damage and if you go on hard mode you lose two or three health every 15 seconds or so which is screwed the only way to save yourself from poison is to be inside a structure like a house or something I m coming here right now, no, no, were not going here, its that I came to store the things I grabbed, but that s not the house I use because its Víctors house, I use it to store my things. while Im here in woods print doing the missions but right now I remembered that Id rather go sell them to her directly, keep what Im going to use and throw away what Im not going to use like this instead of saving, Im leaving with some plates right now in the beginning what is the caravan game i like the caravan game a lot and not if in the caravan game i get rich once i get to novak because there is a guy there a guy who reminds me a lot of the inews also the first We are going to talk to this, it was the aunt who was taking care of Doctor Michel, it is correct, as they painted it, I did not think you were going to tell it. I have a lot of supplies for sale, including some accessories for weapons and special ammunition, and at a very good price if you are not very Well, I have more boxes of ammunition in the miscellaneous merchandise section, they are nothing to write home about, but you pay for good things to see what you sell, I can do it, look, these guys are going there. they sell them 8 of hearts from the tops but hey its an 8 here you can buy your cards to improve your caravan deck but lets take a quick look see how Im going down quickly Im not reading the names Im looking here at the image that happens because Im looking for a card if I see a card out there I go right back and there I pass a card here the queen of spades ultra deluxe I dont like this very much but well lets take it too and there are no more cards like this is the quick way to find Now what are we going to sell this guy? throwables are all gone the grenade rifle is also gone because right now I am not going to use grenades laser pistol I would like to save it to repair it and sell it a little more expensive the prisms Penthouses are leaving big machete Ill leave it with me outfits tribal assault armor it looks pretty they want you to see it well I m going to leave them right now to try on the light leather armor armored overalls and noble overalls from the shelter thats all for now no doctors bag von weber sugar bombs canned meat beer suckling pig with beans the doctors diary firm stimulant of x unit of blood and poison for now I am not going to sell any of that other canteen from the shelter the cigarettes that I told you carton of cigarettes is sold for 24 caps and a pack of cigarettes that is sold right now for six caps we are going to sell all that if you want you can choose to save all the packs of cigarettes right now because when you finish the lcd sierra madre you can change all the packs of cigarettes you have in a machine that It is there in the Sierra Madre bunker that will give you work, it will give you tokens and you can exchange those tokens for 308 gp ammunition r energy cells for food for stimulants for the x for rada wey so if you want you can keep all the packs of cigarettes you find and exchange it for many tokens and then get rich in stimulants but right now Im going to sell those because right now I need a little of plates and later I will keep this 10-millimeter 5-millimeter cartridge no, I dont know about the bullets, its that sometimes you come across, honestly, I have grenade weapons, I am clear that I am not going to occupy them, so I am going to sell them and, well, I would occupy them, but well, and thats how he took it to buy it because there are many kinds of grenades later now that we can buy this guy some purified water, it wouldnt be bad to buy the doctors bags whenever you can, but right now they are very expensive as others can see here we have like this so yes yes a pack of cigarettes white spirit e-waste i want this fire nozzle milk bottle an empty whiskey bottle the qu i also ammunition box box box box carton of cigarettes what we just sold it the little singed book the wrench I want it if you see it all costs a sheet of what Im buying paperweight irons skip metal drum cup toaster the piece of metal lo I want to and that is what we would buy from him, we accept with the letter and we start with 567 caps, the more you buy from a merchant, the more caps he will earn, for example right now we had him with 378 and I think he had about 900 caps at the beginning, not then By the next time we come, he will have about 1,200,500 caps. The more you buy from him, the more his number of caps increases. Look, save some of the people who attacked me. The leader was one from New Vegas. The typical guy from the city, he had with him. a few big cnd ​​ probably hired guns the big cannes usually stay in their territory that is to the northwest especially because they are enemies of the rnc because the e ammunition surplus is lower here quantity is more important than quality what happens is that you will spend the day cleaning and fixing the gun if you use that type of bullets you have been at that level twice both times I drank more liquor than the bill and I lost a lot of caps at the gaming tables now that I think about it it was in that order if you ever go to new vegas dont forget to visit gomorrah its the best casino in town you wont regret it some advice try to behave with the military police of the nrc and Mr. Houses robots swarming around there, youd better not mess it up in the street. Lets see. I want to know more about Mr. House. Im afraid I dont know much. Mr. House has his own casino where 38 but no one goes in or even He gets out of there except his robots the others hardly follow Mr. Houses rules so you can say he is the leader of New Vegas that I know of no one has ever seen him I think the robot that pulled you out of the __ belongs to Mr. r house if he is looking for you I say that it will be for something good no those sons of __ are hard to beat but they are not crazy they will only bother you if you have something they want the big ones with traffic have with illegal drugs surely most of the drugs that Have you seen them around, they made them? Well, since in these the accessories for weapons are, for example, silencers, telescopic sights, larger chambers in special ammunition, bullets stand out to pierce armor that do not hurt the target as much but allow it to pass through its armor. more easily there are also hollow point bullets with the opposite effect they are deadly but you will not get half __ if the target wears armor ready half tomato that is what they applaud new vegas and fallout 3 they give you more history than any other friend this is tribal assault armor in pity that armor modeling is not very well familiar with the female body come what It looks a bit like a man but hey, this is the tribal armor that they give you and I dont like it because you see, it has a damage threshold of 4, it weighs 15 kilos and its not a light leather armor. It looks bad, it looks better aesthetically than the other one, it doesnt make you look so manly, but its fine, by the way, because you already know that the cb is the one that has the best body and all that, and it has a damage threshold of 8, that light armor and heavy 10 kilos but it is, well, it is a moral destiny of damage 12 and it weighs 20 kilos well then I think Im going to leave these 12 maybe Ill go with this one with the light leather one first because it weighs 10 kilos then we have the armored world of the refuge 13 I said is this stops you a little more than the damage threshold but these terrible people are terrible even if they finish year 8 threshold and weighs 15 kilos so no hey did you want to buy some solo that you sell for now yes since they saw this well lets sell what we dont want Its the tribal jump armor, the reading glasses, not the armored jumpsuit, and Im going to leave this one for the ability it gives you in conversation plus 2, and well, the bad thing is that I was left naked and this perverted guy, what a shout if you need or hes already seeing me naked no no no no no no no Im not going to enjoy those views on the other side of teal gomorrah because there isnt even a friend here and right now what we can do is come here with smiles because were going to kill some holes wait how much weight I bring 79 kilos with me well it is done this is the oleros oloroso pit in him and yes he can make life the pacho ras for each he asks he pachorra if you know anything about people who look with modern suits for the boss said that is all I know maybe they know something else in town a piece of advice if you ever run into him be careful that man has blood curdling eyes i think hes not to be trusted i suspect this guy was from the brotherhood of steel im not sure but i suspect was a seeker Until I decided to settle here to escape from the FNC, now I take it easy and help with the Brahmans and the mouflons. Thats why you just said its because my suspicion was that I didnt search old buildings looking for technology that worked and what some called it. looking for scrap but I didnt like the term for me scrap is something that is broken almost useless I was looking for good material weapons chemicals spare parts valuable things not once had a pretty good concession by the river but it vanished with the raiders at the end i got too old to go out for you eidos dont plan meat on skin basically you cant put charge on them they stay put until you take it off you might meet a herd of wild specimens up on the hills be careful they will attack if you are caught the harmless machine dont pay attention heinous and you think there is something hidden in it but I think it s just an old useless relic dont get me wrong the rnc there are a lot of decent people but they force you to be part of them whether you like it or not if the rmc takes an eye on them cities like guti spring always lose their independence right away even though the rn keeps the legion at bay because my dog ​​ is dreaming people are drilling they are slaves freed by a guy called césar or caixa i dont know how to pronounce it a couple of years ago they tried to take over the hoover dam but the rmce defeated them even though the rmc wouldnt or couldnt finish the job the legion has regained its strength and is almost ready for another showdown at the dam im betting on the rmc but you never know weve heard there are legionnaires on the elevated side of the river so keep your gun handy if not you want to get caught the dam gives a lot of energy or sheep and also there is all that clean water from lake mead whoever controls the dam will control the territory ready no need to hab I m just talking about this so that those who dont know the game, those who no longer remember the game, can put themselves back in context later, believe me that ignoring many characters, talking to them, Ill only talk to whoever gets in touch. our way or with those who keep under if you go to any of the abandoned places that are around here like the school for example the creatures and do every day often or with whom it is necessary to talk for example this subject was not there before because he is from an ai mode says western the vigilante there also a few around here can give you loose missions so if you want to take it if you want dont take them but well right now lets go here with smiles and dont worry just bite when I ordered to see woman at the doctor michael mitchell said he could teach me in survival yes i guess i could teach you a few things it seems you need help after all What have they done to you, well see you outside behind the bar or I can take this face with me no here yes there is karma and there is a skill at level 50 that makes it worthwhile that you had good karma because the more karma points I think it was for every 100 karma points it gave you 10 health points if I remember correctly then it is useful because if you get it you cannot know how many karma points you have but if you do many good acts you will have a lot of karma that I made the bathroom and here I opened the box Sunset Salsa Parrilla We took them all Sunset We didnt take them all We didnt take them all and we didnt take them all Thats all I can open Right here is the workbench now because Im collecting certain things that for many would be scrap because of this as you can see the repair kit you need an electronic garbage a duct tape a wrench sorry for the sound this has exploded a wrench a magic glue and two tr ozos de metal I lack the duct tape for a single repair kit they are rare to find in merchants and apart from that they are a little expensive when you find them I think they were fine right now they are expensive and later on they will not do it and believe me rent make them a lot because you save paying for the repairs of your weapons and you also sell masks the weapons that you find because there are very valuable weapons that you find almost totally screwed and you already put them had about two maximum three repair kits and you can sell them up to for seven thousand caps its crazy so the sooner you start making repair kits the sooner youre going to start making a lot of money were going to do a quick save thats also the advantage of the mode is the sarsaparilla bottles on that grate take e try throwing a stick let me tell you and it wasnt good something is something but i dont think you came all the way here just to learn how to fight for bottles of sarsaparilla hey i gotta go kick some geckos out of the water supply those damn bugs stick together like barnacles why dont you come see how im doing follow me its just to the southeast a short distance away if you saw that right now when i aimed i was wrong about a millimeter and the wall in this game thats how things are then you can pass him today and now you can pass him by brushing against the enemy but its ridiculous the heat box is very short and as you saw there well you have to be very precise when shooting with rifles like this and see below the condition there for my action points below it says condition I would be bringing the camera closer to it this rifle is pretty __ up so it has to be repaired or it also has to be reloaded by the way you cant run here well right now Im running this is my way of running but if you want to move faster you have to increase your agility for that agility works and by the way they are seeing there is a store rmas that comes with a mod that I put to move smiles please that it is with it oh I dont remember which one it is but hey Ill leave you the list there are 15 motorcycles 17 mods there are not many there you can review them one by one and see which ones are I have right now Im on very difficult its the first time Ive played on this difficulty very difficult combined with difficult so well see how it goes no today its that noise the hill behind there we have to go clear the area of ​​ echoes because the little monsters are a real plague doctor michel cant cope curing bites in fact lets see if we can get a little closer if were careful well catch them by surprise and we can hit them full no no no no no woman wait and see what I want first this gun I want a 10-millimeter pistol but since it was like that in 1, you leave the numeric button to which you want to assign it pressed. In this case, I want this 10-millimeter pistol in 1, you left 1 pressed, this window opens for me ana and left click the rifle against vermin which is the one they gave me no the 10 mm pistol I want it in 3 I had already changed my mind I want this rifle in 4 and the big machete I want it in 1 these pistols Well, for now Im not going to use them, wait Im going to save, make a quick save, okay, thats fine, and there are the geckos, damn, I moved a lot at the last moment, there it says to enter bats, but Im still far enough away to that its worth it I did nt give even one I think if you let me go and here it is explaining basically what watts is if I dont change the 10 mm believe me I would have suffered a lot of water and smiles it saved me come with a shot Ill fly them because if I continued with him with the regent vermin and he left with gesture meat and dry skin hello you see you are already getting the hang of this we would still have to clean two other wells if you want you can come with me we can get some sheets of course It shouldnt take more than a couple of minutes especially if there are two of us come with me we are going to switch back to the rifle but we are going to save because here we are going to save a chick and I think I am going to have to change to the 10mm again because If he saved it, he gained reputation and reputation benefits you because they give you a little discount in stores, by the way, whenever you can, crouch down since it improves your stability, of course, if youre not as clumsy as me and the misses, a good shot, you saw that it went down like a little less than a quarter of life we ​​look it takes a long time right now its recharging and right now were going to put it on were going to put it away theyre already fighting there ahead its also the minimum stick oh ok the first shot with this bad very good if it wasnt for you Im sure it would have stunned her I have come to draw water but take it, go away, you need a drink, come here, it explains what reputation is that you can earn different types of reputation with the different factions that h Oh, in the game, if you want to read it, well, lets see, Maya, youll see it a bit, no, but hey, I m explaining it to you in a few words and quite summed up, its also good for people from a faction, if you have a bad reputation, theyre going to hate you. and theyre going to attack you if youre good, well, theyre going to like you, obviously, and here were going to drink a little water because its clean water without radiation, so they help us a lot at this point right now were going to talk with smiles, hey, whats up with you? It happens, woman, they hurt him, thats cool, this one is good from the New Vegas, because you know when someone goes there, equipment, when youre hurt, you can see it because you start to limp, another one is a dragging hand. Yes, sir, good job. exciting at the end right here you have some money for having gone to so much trouble something without account and teach it occurred to me that I could teach you how to work the land and do useful things you are interested well now which ocde woman first of all we need some and own flower hungria root let me think if here brock flowers already in the cemetery and if I remember correctly in the blood root college ready we have to go to prepare our first healing powders and this zone this zone I dont know why but it seems that it is a meeting point for different factions the whole damn time you are in the game that characters will appear to you that depending on the level you have will be more or less difficult what is that is the dog and by the way the first dan jones that we are going to see is up there it is adam jones it is not even that arms store is in the game vanilla and I will tell you again they are mods and we are going to get involved because they share the difficulty of the game it is over there, well, I ll show her to you later right now, were going to the cemetery to take our Brock flower and as a result of Sandra, what was her name? Well, in fact, I think we have the school near here of people and in fact we also have víctors house there so we are going to go to víctors house we leave our things and we are going to start to pee right now I could have a partner look if I go to novak bourbón it is also another dan I am not here Its difficult, its difficult, I cant go in there right now with this level, if we go for bone, who is the sniper of the rn, he has withdrawn, its fine because it has a lot of damage, the phantom doesnt give me stealth, it has a lot of damage, but the problem is that if it crosses us someone from the legion the wretch is going to attack them and I would nt want that, they also cant leave their things there where they want because they risk losing them, disappearing and the energy cells are no longer there, a guard very well here they can drink water without radiation so I like this point they can sleep and they have a point to store their things which is this desk they could also store it here in the oven but I always I keep my stuff in this desk in this case Im going to keep the 9 mm caravan shotgun how many bullets do I have of this 28 I have to buy 10 mm bullets or maybe Ill sell the shotgun I think Im going to sell it Im going to sell and Im going to buy bullets the bar min rifle which is the benchmark vermin and clothes well Im going to keep the light metallic armor here for now well Im going to keep the dirty water we have I have purified water doctor forces Im going to keep 2 the gecko meat Well, yes, Im going to sell it, well, Im going to keep all of them for now, Im going to leave the sugar bombs and the canned meat, the beer, the suckling pig with beans, well, Im keeping this one, the stimulants, the firm, by the way, this seems pretty broken to me, not even the stimulants. not even the firm, well, any type of drug will not weigh you down and that seems very broken to me because I came to bring up to 800 stimulants and they did not weigh me down at all and here for repair, as you can see, we already have We are four and they weigh one kilo each, so we are going to leave two for the moment. In fact, we are going to use one in the German container that we have and a Sikh and I think I wont use it for now, so I keep them at sunset as well. I am going to keep a unit of blood, the gray poison, well, the poison, I think I am going to sell it and then we have ammunition, we are going to keep what we are not going to use for now, we are not going to use the magnum of 5 56 and not the 5 the 9 ones, not the 20 gauge ones, which are the shotgun bullets, and not the energy cells, for now Im just going to stay with these and well clean ourselves up as you can see here, it says weight 58 out of 200. Its very important to know how to handle the weight of metal. For now, in the first chapters, well, the first chapters of this weight continue, so Ill take it with me and how are we sleepy? Its necessary to sleep, be sleepy, 14, hungry, 28, and h2o, well, water, 2, bottles of water, not for now, not because when you have 50 survival, which is the ideal thing to get, Juan has 50, they give you 120 hydration points. We are going to put a quick save and here is the root of a hundred along with some mantises. mantis egg very well Ill take this and well take all roots roots roots of sandra for now theres nothing to kill out here were not going to go in there Im not going to be able to open the safes that are in here just to explore a little and to kill so many mantises that are in here today and unnecessary machetes in critical attack on mantises it is not necessary to improve melee skills mantiss front leg martins fire steamed or grilled mantises I dont remember which one it was called it is very very useful because it weighs almost nothing and it heals you a lot in terms of life, not in terms of hunger, a piece of metal, the rates should also be grabbed because I tell you the old world blues dlc will allow you to process the rates in glue glue and what else did you care about? three skill points its in your stats not in the special skills in the stats easy I dont have the lockpick ability thats obvious although there is a lock magazine here that allows me to open it but were going to put that magazine right now frontally well be having that conversation I have to put it in an empty 25 bottle of never cola and true I didnt keep them and here we have the cans the cans are useful lock up mother because you can make a sierra madre martini concoction so if you want a lot of accumulated cans you prepare it and its a good for its good for recovering health magazine from the programmer because its going to heal you like 60 health bomb do that no I want none of that bomb make that baseball stamina I dont want any of that well theres nothing to explore in here and theres no one to kill out here either we cant get out and now our next stop is the cemetery where there is money where I think I need to go see because I didnt buy anything from the guy there when I had him in front of me, lets go ahead and see if by chance they had a shovel, theres nothing here because the graves store things and right now at the beginning of the game it helps a lot if I had some plates an expensive object that you could sell you have that guy there is victor that by the way trudys suspicions well they are not entirely wrong about victor here we have a pack of cigarettes the economic data dashboard this turns it into duct tape in the tlc of evaluating blues so that they realize the rice or that the matter is ashtray and cup in this I am going to keep it simply what I can accumulated it good You wanted to buy some supplies I think this guy doesnt sell 10-mm bullets but we could find a shovel here and this was what they wanted, outfits, help and others that he was looking for, so they werent looking for ammunition, 9-mm cartridges, he doesnt have 10- mm cartridges, and well, what? I can help you doctors bag firm sugar bombs I wanted to sell you something like this the eggs wey the eggs here is mantis egg gecko egg and gecko skin too and the dry one for the eggs they didnt give me money well lets leave it so thanks I already have a shovel now if we can go to the cemetery that is over there how long will this video last I dont know I hope it lasts an hour and a half but also partly because I consider it good how much time we have to move so well we have to relax a little talk a little talking about everyone who doesnt enjoy wait here Im going to get a nice one so I told them we were going to use a repair kit no how the repair kit works you are going to select the weapon that you want to repair in this case the rifle in you vermin is super screwed there you can see it we do not select it we go to help we look for the repair kit and click on it we already spent one and if you can see the rifle, better or whatever, go away because better or whatever agent is that this I think about the repair kit is proportional to the repair skill that you have in this case as my repair skill is quite bad well basically I dont I repair a lot but since I was already used to the repair ability at level 100, yes, thats the bad thing when you have a weapon that doesnt have damage, it may have bullets but it doesnt have damage. I think Im going to have to buy another rifle, lets see, Im going to check to see if they have another one and for now Im going to get rid of it here with the machete Music lets remember that Im in a very difficult situation and until now they havent touched me and I dont want them to because I am surely going to pay dearly, I am receiving very little experience, I receive one for each enemy, it will be that the difficulty decreases the experience you receive from the enemies because I remember that I received more Music with which we play here, always move in a zig zag, never hit him head-on because obviously they are going to hit them hard. This is where Victor rescued me and now we dont equip the shovel for him and only in the graves that have a little bit of dirt on top is where they will be able to take things, for example these Mr. House collects them, he will pay you very well for the snow globes that are scattered all over the wetlands. For many, these strange pre-war objects are nothing more than worthless balls, but apparently some collectors would pay a fortune for them. I dont really remember how many caps I gave you for each snow globe but if they give you a lot, it gives you a lot, so well, collect them here we are going to open a grave Yes, if we found 357 caliber bullets, there was another grave around here, yes, here is another .22 cartridge, and lets see, this 12 cartridge, so far there is nothing, a good masculine cartridge, and now, a 22 cartridge, how bad things have to be kept, here is the flower from brock since they asked me and here there are many empty bottles and cans by the way dont come here because here for those who havent played new vegas this road takes you almost directly to new vegas there you are seeing it but the disadvantage that It has is that there you will be seeing giant scorpions there is one they are giant there is a fist there is a fist you cannot see them because the shocks do not charge so there is a nest there is a nest and they come out of those nests it is not that there is a nest as such, but there are many grouped in those areas and well, those damned ones are giant scorpions right now, as I told you once in fallout 4, it is as if you arrived together with a war tank and you began to sting it with a ten Not even a metal dining table, a plastic fork, and those that if you wanted to kill the war tank with a plastic fork, those that are sold for parties, then this one, dont go there because this whole area is guarded and its over. I am going to zoom in closer because all that is full of corpion errors and here what these hunter bugs were called the hunters inject you with a poison that is quite strong and apart from that they hit you very hard they kill you very quickly and if by a miracle you will survive of these two that later grind it is impossible there are looters there on that road there is a town full of looters and apart from the highway that leads to jenny belgs which is the only road it is clogged with bloodthirsty so it is impossible to get there right now not even sheep at least for this route there are other routes that we can use and that we are going to use that are to the other end of the map so it avoids you following the story a bit because we The one from the story mode sends us through novak and then we follow all that novak highway right so that they understand me we go to the novak map here I think it does not go that it is here at this intersection yes yes yes it is here and this is the highway that they send you to follow and you have to go up here and here you arrive here new vegas because here you find veronica that this is the commercial post 188 and well here is the route that they send you through the story mode We are going to go this way and close, we dont have to measure near here we are going to find another route that we can go this way and we are going to even take a detour in Novak but going this way that is what I intend to do and right now we can return with smiles but not before we are going to save but not before there are those that I was looking for a being I return how bad I am with this and in a stealthy shot we will not be able to cook the coyote meat until we have or n 40 power is that its absurd he didnt turn back he just turned around when I made my shot come he did that dont forget the people forget it lets face danger its not that as long as I dont have the scope for the vermin container its going to be very difficult to hit it but Music Music coyote meat coyote meat over here there is a coyote burrow a cave full of coyotes I think it was this way or it was a little further over there the minimap should detect me if that were the case a large number of coyotes that I dont see it, we have to be careful around here not to get too close to the scorpion area which is here to the left but we can visit a place that is close to them but it is not so dangerous look at them there they are come there they are two there is one but we have to get away from here because Im quite close and these unfortunates have a high perception like they are giant scorpions if you get close to a considerable range they will support you I live very well right now Im looking for experience is what you have to do in all the suits give priority to getting experience and you must not allow these bastards to bite us the truth is I dont know how much life they are going to lower me but right now I dont want to find out I want to level up a little more meat and skin well there is another one Music with the machete I dont want to risk it and as you can see I already have 22 bullets of this good 12 that I have in the magazine but I m already going more because of the bullets that I have there 212 I say 22 and this it bites me yes they did bite me oh it didnt bite me a miracle well the place I want to hear is there there are also those of that small structure wait I left native in bots mode you cant see that there is anyone this is a bunker that I imagine you can also use to store your things and it is also well prepared but since it is here I have never used it I have never used it honestly I do not know if it is in normal mode I also think that if it is in normal mode I know I mean in e I play vanilla because you know I have mods here but I dont remember if they were there or not and those who play with modes and modes will remind me if its good well remember everyone because the truth is I dont remember here we have berries that we cant eat these are the e-waste this is what they look like by the time they see it they already know they have to pick it up bottle of base whiskey and a fresh corn or machete we are going to take a machete and there is another interesting machete but it is overwhelmed to see my first detox lab create a new compound do nothing and here we have a damaged terminal and what we have here white spirit and a piece of metal I just want the piece of metal the glue of course the briefcase has nothing there are books and here we have the life of a young man there is food If you want to drink it or the face I want one I need another the cup or there are wines lets take the vodka the whiskey the whiskey is your best friend along with the vodka life of a young man because because they gain weight by 10 empty syringe stimulating fork here is not like fallout the magazines dont give you permanent points only the books the magazines give you points temporarily dirty water we dont carry it too and around here never queue fridge I still want this bottle, you can also refill the empty bottles in the old world blues lcd one that you go to once you install it. Finally, some 10-mm bullets, look, there are more bottles and there is a bit of jet and this is harmonic. Look, in fact, here we can create why I cant create the repair kit yet, as its wrong, people, but why cant I have repair 21 of 50 yes yes yes of course it is logical here there is a hatch it is very hidden so you have to explore well and here we have 9 mm bullets here we have more bullets a wh isky there I grabbed a glass that I cant even grab a safe to open plate duct tape money never with the sunset stone and vodka anyway once here you accumulate so much alcohol later you already have to sell it because its a lot they are brutal amounts trash bin trash can and empty around here what else is and nothing a chest an empty come here you can sleep here they have many chests to store your things and it is a good place if you want to spend the day here and here you can control but I did not remember that meat rat giant rat can be sold here you can drink but if you look closely it gives me 18 radiation points right now and that, well, I dont like it this is a hug I dont want glue and a piece of metal this if I want it and really there is nothing else if not theres nothing else lets go the way I went up here and thats it we already have explored that part over there were going to do a quick save here I think theres also a coyote around here they can be found smaller scorpions but there are some that you have to keep an eye on with the bat well if desired coyote is protecting it well it is not protecting it if it is not hanging around an area that is a burrow of what causes gold are golden echoes that inhabit down here the The arms seller that we have along the highway is going to ask you to constantly kill someone with the leader of the three nests because each nest has a coyote meat leader gecko that gekko is much bigger than the others and does more damage than The others have discovered several places I had not seen this one and in the box I level up it is down there but right now I cannot face those golden holes I would like a little more bullets maybe if I could with this 10 mm pistol but I need more bullets with 37 bullets no way I can cope with the golden holes they last a lot and do a lot of damage they are superior to the common dry ones in 357 and here you have Lets go .22 cartridge and some bottles thats a star, very well, the plates with a star are later used to obtain a special weapon that launches. I think it never launches glue or launches plates. the achievements of steam so you have to collect 50 star badges that are achieved loose or uncovering sunset thats why you have to buy all the cravings that we see or take all the sunset that we see for now we are going to try to kill everything we see on the surface to get the most experience possible once we have already killed with what we can kill now we are going to get into the dry nests but we will start with one of the ones that is near the town we are not going to start with this one I left with gold you know look here is the other coyote what Im looking for is the coyote burrow I think I already found it and now agility is what allows you to have many p a few or many shots in bots mode and here we have more brock flower already by the way the stimulants are created with empty syringes blood roots and brock flower already so if you want to stay stimulant its because I never did it I was depending a lot on food because there is also another achievement that is about curing 10,000 health points with food, so it is useful to raise survival, not to survival madness, but if it goes up to 150 points with 50 points, you are doing well, if you manage to raise 60 to 70, then it would already be even better around here where the coyote cave was right now we are going to go to those points especially to that house because that house is a fairy nyon of looters I repeat I dont know if it was in the vanilla game or not that house yes I know that Its in the vanilla game but inside that house theres a danger here are the necklaces I was looking for and thats what Id like to know if its giving even though its inside it was or not by the way already they will also tell me how the game is heard how my voice is heard if the game is heard very low if my voice is very low well they will tell me how are the sounds and if it looks good if it looks very dark power by l I dont get off so much good the kid also hit me the adulterer didnt hit me Music you want to stop screwing up my life well Music to this cave I think if I can enter your life today level well this is what we wanted look lets occupy right now For the first mission, be with where this conversation is going to take, have a conversation at 25 but Im going to leave it at 23 because since I have the world of the refuge, even with whiskey, I think I can raise the ability but how are we going to anyway? occupy a lot 25 well right now Im going to put 23 the lockpick is that barter and survival today but but Im not going to raise everything to 21 points because we have to go for a rifle quickly and this rifle is going to ask us I think level 80 or 9 0 lock pick look fast learning this I think will be the best thing Im going to be able to wear right now fast learning with the extra fast learning you earn an additional 10% in total experience points for each batch of points it wouldnt have been bad to get on intelligence 9 but we are going to put them in the fast learning and ready now if we save we recharge power with those ties we are going to get in we put ourselves in stealth mode Music for feat and another one gave me more points when killing him is he gave me an extra point for killing him or He gave me two extra points for killing him in stealth right now I dont have many stealth points obviously but they still killed it helps a little stealth is going to be useful for sierra madre and for another sierra madre and it was old world blues yes the word blues and sierra mother in the head because in the war blues there is going to be a part Music where you are going to have to update an armor that is the marc 2 style suit and that you have to pass several tests of stealth to be able to upgrade it to the maximum and get all its bonuses by the way if you are like this in stealth mode it crouches dow like I am right now you have more precision in bats mode like in fallout 4 I only have 20 bullets left Music we had a great time no problems as planned now yes we can turn on the flashlight we recharge a little and we have the corpses the coyote meat we are going to save it because the coyote steaks the mouflon steaks and the gecko steaks are what heal you the most and Hungry, theyll upload an oral reload rifle here. This one was worth a lot. The reload rifle and a toga of course, if you have a high barter and if the reload rifle is at maximum, of course, its there, I was going to raise my repair skill, people, no I wanted the lockpick one well the one with the lockpick isnt bad either but I was going to get repaired how stupid I am I was already saying that I was making a mistake in something gun wasteland settler outfit no I dont remember that They order that we cant take the womens clothes off because if not, then you can see little things that we dont want to see, a 5-millimeter cartridge casing or a good 556 here we have 22 saw bones and glasses, we dont want that at the next level, I think Im going to put all the repairs on it. I think Im going to put everything under repair because I need to get to 50 repairs as quickly as possible, and with 20 that Ive also put there in a lock pick, and with a magazine Ill get to 30 and we can open many things but well lets go to the weapons store to buy 10 mm bullets but the bad thing about what Im going to do is that this guy is not going to update his inventory until I complete the missions he wants me to do and the missions that he wants me to do is that I killed the giant holes in each nest there are three nests three giant geckos and the truth is intense the guy doesnt speak like hes part of a mod because he doesnt have a voice but here and this is where hes going to give l the missions you have some jobs for me who are you can also sell you a house but I dont recommend it it s pretty bad let me see what you have in inventory this is where you can go to the put option can you repair something for me and ok thanks I have to go but lets see what he has in his inventory this is what we want also this guy sometimes sells this scrap that is needed to create repair kits we can also find parts for weapons with him for example the lead sight to create ammunition the sight for a sniper rifle 10 times for example this decreases the weight in less than 5 hours this is this is quite good but right now I cant buy it anymore from an optical missile launcher laser rifle focus they have nothing to deal with vermin well we come for ammunition 10 millimeters that this subject does have, look, he has nails rockets incendiary rockets fuel for flamethrowers flamethrowers is also a m oops good weapon 25 microfusion cell hey and the 10 mm bullets where are they Music here they were at the beginning surely you saw it but I was stupid as always not so we have to sell you lets see I said I was going to come sell the shotgun 2 519 friend 519 lets see wait cancel the operation okay thanks I have to go help Im going to put the world of the shelter and here I must have the life of a young man no I dont have people I dont have magazines to get better prices no no Im good, so Ill have to manage with the shelter outfit because those 500 are very good. Look, Im going to sell you this the big machete, that is, I can sell you this machete. laser gun I have some the rifle of the charge Im going to leave it the pool cue yes Im going to sell it or I would also like to buy a container vermin lets see outfit all of the illuminated brotherhood 0 .3 caps help dirty water antidote berries this hardly gives me anything but okay Im going to sell it to you sugar bombs coyote meat giant rat meat Im going to sell this toché fly meat Id also like to sell the one because its not Let me fence it or I could eat it but I dont get radiation brock flower and fresh corn muscle and no never tail right now Im going to leave the magazines even though the life of a young man who is going to survive not the three fabrics I am selling and right now Ill sell you the wine, Ill sell you the vodka and Ill keep two whiskeys. We got 600 caps and what were going to do now is buy the bullets. They sell it to me for 7 caps each bullet, seven caps Im not going to use right now hollow point Music oh heres this each bullet in three caps so out of 10 it would be 30 out of 100 it would be 300 out of 200 it would be 600 so I can buy 200 bullets with those plates that I got and you see my profits would be 6 caps we are going to buy we accept and we are leaving here I just bought 200 10- millimeter bullets and you will say broken walker I dont know why not because believe me Im going to need them a lot and those echoes and apart from that I remember that I am in a very difficult situation and right now I needed something like this smiles is here waiting for the truth let me see how long it took us to see save and people as soon as we arrive with smiles here the first chapter is going to end I think we did relatively well we didnt it was bad there is the g co2 base well it is up there where we are going to go first because we are going to do a few things before finishing with the missions here from good springs that the final mission is to save the merchant they want to catch the gunpowder bandits and make a mini shooting here in the town recruiting different people for that I raised the conversation skill because I am going to talk in 25 hours what what is this a camera no I dont want that anymore and right now after we have completed the mission of smiles a guy is going to come out here who is going to tell us to help save his girlfriend from the geckos that are up there but let me see what you have there, if that will be enough, although not so well, lets prepare what the seekers call curative powder, come to that bonfire, try it very well, as you can see, here we already have the different recipes, here below are the steaks, its about to come. alphabetical order coyote steak there you see we need 50 at survival level to be able to cook it the gecko one the level we need so we need 25 and I have 30 but I dont have steaks I dont have gecko meat the mouflon steak we need 50 and we have 30 and mouflons will there are many, thats why the mouflon is a good source of food when you are in this survival mode and the other recipes are very complicated to make and I think Its not really worth it because they ask you for different types of ingredients and to carry them around all the time, its better to have steaks that weigh a kilo each, for example, there you are looking, well, a kilo and the meat also weighed a kilo, they weigh a lot but then theres An ability that you can put on is that everything that weighs less than two kilos is reduced in half, for example, if something weighed one kilo, now everything weighs half a kilo, if something weighed 300 grams, now it will weigh 150 grams, it is an ability Quite useful here in survival mode because it greatly reduces the weight of ammunition and food and water as well, so its going to be a skill that we re going to use without a doubt and well, were going to make three healing powders, hey, its not bad at all. I was telling you, for a recipe to turn out well, it is enough with the right ingredients and a couple of tricks, you will not always have to make a bonfire, but you still have to prepare weapons and ammunition, I dont know, you think that everything is It boils down to the same thing, you just have to find the right place to mount your land on its was miku the recharge bank or whatever it is good I hope that with this you have enough to start with now I will return I hope I have not missed anything good in the machine I know she wouldnt forgive me do me a favor trudy the prospects waitress shes like everyones mom she loves to welcome newcomers shes going to be mad at me if you dont stop by and say hello if I also have to fix her radio trading and I dont remember I think I needed 30 repair for the radio so look now heres the guy already available but then were going to talk to him in the next chapter I hope you liked the new game I hope you like my style too of play at least for the moment of course they havent seen it all but in the meantime I hope to have fun with new vegas tomorrow or the day after it will be with skype with stad I dont know thank you very much for following Supporting the channel I hope you continue to like me despite the fact that sometimes I have very big stoppages without further ado and without lengthening this video I say goodbye so see you later Music revenant pc game steam Hola!. 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