Fallout tactics tutorial 1 - basic

Bissell powerfresh steam mop 1940a1 free steam game FALLOUT TACTICS: BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL you recruit attention I am peloton Cisco the elders have ordered me to mold you lizard chasing hunt dwelling moon worshiping savages into Brotherhood of Steel initiates you are going to learn the basics of combat followed by inventory management and other skills first lets talk about this miracle of technology which you are currently using called the pip-boy 2000 computer you will receive all your mission briefs and debrief through this device and you can use it to review any information you receive during a mission pay careful attention as you will be given a lot of very useful information now begin the mission by left clicking on start mission lets get started recruit during the mission you can view your surroundings by using the cursor keys to scroll the viewing window you can also use your mouse to scroll the window by holding it over the border of the desired Direction Center the game window on Rex by right-clicking on his control tab take a look around you will only be able to see the enemy if there is a direct line of sight between them and at least one of your squad members Rex is carrying a submachine gun SMG in his left hand this is his currently selected weapon if you dont have a weapon in your selected and then you can perform hand-to-hand attacks it might not sound like much but nothing ever feels as good as delivering a mailed fist to some unsuspecting Raiders snot box were going to target the dummy nearest directs by moving the cursor over it when we do this the pointer changes to a targeting cursor now click done target the dummy and left-click to fire at it to make Rex move you must left click on the location you want him to move to if you hold the shift key down when you left click Rex will run to that location now move Rex to the training station 2 by left clicking on the area of floor marked 02 you most weapons have more than one mode for example the SMG can be used in either single shot or burst mode click done and right click on the SMG to change it to single shot mode and shoot the next dummy every character in the game as an inventory associated with them close this window and look at Rexs inventory by left clicking on the button marked inv in the panel in the bottom right of the screen you the inventory window will list all the items that a character is currently carrying you can get additional information on any item in the inventory by left clicking on it Rex currently has ammunition for the SMG and is also carrying a knife when you have a squad of characters you can redistribute items amongst them by opening a characters inventory and dragging items to the other characters or their character tabs but this only works if the characters involved are close to one another close this window and drag the knife down to rexs right hand to get him ready for a melee attack after you have equipped Rex with the knife close the inventory you you melee attacks are initialized in exactly the same way as ranged attacks select the knife as your chosen weapon by left clicking on it in the hand slot right click on the dummy at training station 3 and Rex will walk up to it and attack it with a knife you you you can loot corpses to see if they contain any items of interest do not think of this as dishonorable your dead enemies have a wealth of items to aid the Brotherhood weapons armor Mo Money its all out there for the taking close this window and loot the body of the dummy you have just attacked by left-clicking on you you this window shows two inventories on the left side of the screen as Rexs inventory on the right side of the screen is the inventory of the dummy which we are going to loot from take the key from the dummy by left clicking on it holding and dragging it into Rexs inventory you the key you have found is one of many unbelievably useful objects littered around the wastelands you must use it to unlock the door to the next room left click on the door and Rex will walk up to it and unlock it now left-click on the door to open it and walk through the open door to training station for you you you many items in the world are in containers hidden from prying eyes and sticky fingers these objects can be identified because when you move the cursor over them it will change into a yellow target the locker on Rex is right contains some items all of which will be of use to you left click on it to open it you the container object menu is exactly the same as the looting menu take the grenades and the stim pack from the locker by left clicking on the take all button to save time remember that you can put objects into containers as well as take them out the inventory window will remain open so close it when youre finished you the final type of weapon we will cover is the throne weapon drag one of the hand grenades from your inventory into your right hand your right hand should still be your selected end but if not then left click on it grenades do damage to all characters within a radius of effect right click on one of the dummies at the far side of the room to throw the grenade at it you you you you now open the next door and mosey in a military manner to training station 5 in the next room your characters have three century modes that can be set these are selected using the buttons to the right of the right hand slot one off only attack when specifically told to do so to defensive report back to the squad leader whenever an enemy is sighted and defend yourself if attacked three aggressive attack any hostile creatures if you have more than a thirty-three percent chance of hitting them the attack threshold can be changed by right clicking on the button now select the SMG and put Rex into attack mode by left clicking on the aggressive button you you you you you your characters will have a choice of stances these are selected by using the buttons to the right of the century mode controls one standing well this may be new to some of you tribals standing upright has been around for years its also the default mode in the only mode where the character can run to crouch this is useful for getting under low obstacles it also gives the character a higher chance to hit the enemy with guns because the weapon is held steadier crouching is also useful if there arent any toilets around three prone this is useful for getting under very low obstacles it also gives the character the highest chance to hit the enemy with guns some weapons such as the knife cannot be used when prone but watch out you are much more susceptible to melee attacks when prone now crawl through the low doorway to training station six you you I yes this lesson will introduce some of the skills that will be useful to you in the wastelands the next door is locked and you do not have the key to open it however you can pick the lock picking a lock is kind of like picking your nose if youre successful youre going to end up with some kind of reward walk up to the door and open the skilled X menu by right clicking on the skl button in the bottom right of the screen in this menu you will see a lockpick button left click on the lockpick button to select it and move the cursor over the door and left click your character should attempt to pick the lock like all skills theres always a chance that you will fail if you do then repeat the operation until the door is unlocked once the door is unlocked open it and walk through the training station seven you you you you you into stealth the next door is closed because it is equipped with a motion detector that will keep it that way as long as it detects movement in this room your chance to sneak is improved when your character is crouched or prone but remember you cannot sneak while running also certain types of bulky armor will reduce your chance to use stealth now use the sneak skill by left clicking on the sneak button in the skill text menu and walk through the door to training station 8 you the green bar on your characters tab indicates how healthy your character currently is your health can be restored by using the stim pack which you found earlier this object can be used to restore health directly by double left clicking on it in the inventory window or drag it into one of your hands and selected so it can be used on yourself or fellow party members use it on yourself now by double left clicking on it you you you you all of the statistics which govern your character abilities can be viewed through the character window this window is opened by left clicking on the CHR button go ahead open this window now the character window contains explanatory text for all of the statistics this is accessed by left clicking on the statistic in question during the game your character will receive extra skill points these should be used to boost selected skills which you wish your character to specialize in you will see that you currently have 20 spare skill points to spend use them to boost one or more skills when you are finished click the done button you finally when you meet non-hostile characters you can choose to talk to them some of these folks have valuable information regarding your mission however some of these civilian pukes have less information than your average pile of steaming mutant feces the Brotherhood scribe in the room happens to fall in category number one talk to him now by left-clicking on him congratulations on getting this far my son you have completed this tutorial now walk through the last door into the adjoining room there youll be given access to a bath and a new mission you steam naruto Now lets go trough some tutorials on this awesome game called fallout tactics - Brotherhood of steel.TF steam fix games steamed 7 little words steam wwe 2k22 how to migrate steam games to ssd steam configure controller for game