Fallout Tactics broke my mortal soul

Steam game time statssteam auth timeout FALLOUT TACTICS: BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL game hey you should follow me on twitch and now for our feed i dont know if any of these are gonna work Music all right lets see if this even works you guys ready to jump into some fallout tactics some tic tacs uh this is an online game i guess on your stupid google task part ad free game no dont need any of that all right so you guys ready for this what this is the worst i just want to play this game you might need to restart the oh oh i think i got it what is happening do i have to play it in this small of a window what is going on i tried to go full screen what is going on how do i work this game okay okay just stay calm just stay calm oh yeah look there it is okay this is complicated everybody take a shot however many of milk every time this doesnt work all right here we go okay oh oh oh options i think we got it minimal normal maximum blood oh no what did i do i think we got it we got it were going were gaming hey peter all right so were gonna go ahead and play peter how many different options are whoa oh yes yes yeah thats awesome captain jack spanner his name is captain jack sparrow hes 19 years old no no no none of that he is 1005. 65. okay thats close enough human i cant decide his name oh we can change his name thats a great name jack sparrow sure why not boom oh whoa okay i im in im going in and one final thing ladies Music welcome to the brotherhood of steel Music all right here we go were going in okay so i can see where the enemies are oh oh oh oh my goodness thats graphic get him closer come on you guys go get him hit that man how much health does he have wait why is why is he so strong okay hold on take your knife out and stab this man good job all we need to do is stab everyone i guess all right were going to sneak up on this guy three people in the oh no they detected us blast them oh no get up run where did they go get him get him get him far sides dead i guess i probably should have stimpacked her sorry farsight you didnt make the cut so well you know what far sides dead thats just life we move on oh dang it uh hold on no get up get him you frickin suck all right here we go just run into the building and then blast this guy blast blast him you got a shotgun yes yeah keep going oh my goodness so good all right jack sparrow kill yourself up there bud oh get up get up no attack him you idiot get over there jack sparrow come on there you go there you go stitch you need to heal stitch use your freaking step back what are they doing reload reload take out your uzi and just burst them down the worst freaking i have to reload in the strategy game use it use it freaking use it Music your last breath yeah this is dumb all right were going back in how did they miss breathe down his neck oh good you hit him once good job all right here we go 44 chance to hit him right in his face i missed i got closer to him and my percentage went down oh my goodness now that we have you surrounded it might only take five more turns for us to actually kill you who are you gonna hit who are you gonna choose you missed all at the same time go oh so good all right get him get him again you shot your homes oh freaking day these guys get them boys peter you better peter use your sip x use that peter peter use a denmark we have a full squad who are you oh theres dogs now get the dog oh were so good farsight take your meds peter peter peter peter my boy my boy use your med pad peter use your peter use your med pack peter youre supposed to use your  __  your last breath is a pathetic attempt to clear your blood-filled lung single-player load what why are the graphics all of a sudden way better i cant play it full screen but i can sure play it like this feed her one level of this game one its all i want one level where peter doesnt get blasted in the head were gonna be at least one level get him hes prone hes prone hes a call of duty kid you know what we do to runners we shoot ourselves in the back what are they doing whos the raider oh theres a raider in here hold on take your drugs and get out of  __  stitch just running after him stitch you are literally about to die stitch dont i dont know how to control these characters at all well stitch is dead and thats okay because nobody cared about him whoa okay get him no farsight you suck far sides dead far side is 100 done for all right farsight even though youre dead i will live on uh what are you doing peter run peter run peter run peter run dont be shy you have all the stim packs of your dead friends get a feeder peter take out your no no no no reload beta reload your stupid gun oh my goodness oh my goodness peter inject him with poison did you inject it with poison peter all right peter just freaking oh he died again peter again Music im going back in no no im not giving up that easy we are going back in and we are going to finish that stupid piece of crap level farsight use your stupid sim pack please please please use your sit back idiot you stupid freaking freaking kill him thank you just freaking shot each other that youre an idiot youre such a jerk peter around peter around get peter you shot a brick wall peter you shot your friend peter shoot the enemy bang its brick wall peter thats a brick wall shoot the enemy oh this dang shoots his best friend in the head no peter no peter thats your best friend get this guy now this time were actually gonna get him there you guys go all right were all gonna climb this ladder all right get ready to face our fury get up get him yeah there we go everyone down everyone down the ladder yeah that just looks like its a brick wall above a fence but no apparently you can run around that whatever it doesnt matter were so close to the end of this mission were going in well looky here oh boy i dont recall giving out invites to brotherhood of steel dogs i dont know whats going on anymore youre supposed to be using a pistol yeah i may have underestimated your abilities im not even gonna what is going on i dont know what happened i killed this guy but then wheres the boss which one is the boss and who is me wait where am i who is this these are wait farsight youre supposed to heal up heal up forsake i cant see i cant see i dont know whats going on peter get in the building this guy this guy next time come on last guy completed the objectives for this mission proceed to the exit grid to leave this mission but i didnt i didnt kill everyone i didnt use any tactics everybodys in chat over here use tactics use them itll work i just ran in their guns blazing and gunned down all the raiders wow what a what a grand adventure that was mission complete warrior thank you Music steam codes redeem Fallout Tactics is like herding rabbits with a train whistle. 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