The Strange Story of Fallout: Tactics Bonus Mission

Steam grand strategy gamesstar wars vr games steam FALLOUT TACTICS: BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL game Music publishers will include just about anything they cheaply can in the hopes of enticing fans to pre-order their upcoming games everything from plastic footballs to hedgehog hats and survival kits that would get you killed pre-order bonuses are commonplace nowadays but back in the early 2000s companies were just starting to figure out their potential to encourage sales of micro fortes fault tactics interplay offered several pre-order bonuses including a tactical camouflage cd case a tactics t-shirt and a fourth bonus cd this bonus disc contained otherwise unreleased concept art an exclusive vehicle called the buggy and a secret mission springfield typically pre-order bonuses are now wrapped up into a game of the year edition or later made available as dlc but no other option to attain this mission was ever released this is possibly due to the fact that micro fortes canabura studio was shut down right after tactics finished development this almost meant that only the few players who actually pre-ordered the game would ever get to play the entire campaign or use all the vehicles except that the bonus disc didnt really have much on it the mission and vehicle are already in the game files of the base game they just arent accessible until youve installed the bonus cd the main function of installing this cd was changing a single line of code called bonus mission in the brotherhood of steel cfg file from false to true surprisingly this code wasnt encrypted or even slightly hidden either its literally a word document that can be accessed by unzipping one of the game files so of course it didnt take players long to discover this and soon guides started popping up showing others how to play this otherwise inaccessible level initially interplay tried their best to stop this by deleting forum posts on their website and even contacting the creators of guides on gamefaqs threatening legal action if they didnt take the information down you cant stop the internet though and it wasnt long before this method became common knowledge among the fanbase it seems this mission went through some serious revisions in part due to it being a bonus level theres a developer note that reads i eliminated most of the dialogue in this mission since there isnt a whole lot to say theres been a text block beneath the assassins dialogue that pretty clearly contained additional lines for the character but they were deleted and all that remains is a note saying heh smiley face another note reads since we cant have ebs bonus mission cheesy i added a simple cutscene speech place the leader in front of the mayor so we dont have to worry about the scripting for which objective the player completed first the final note reads after this go to an in-game cutscene simple on ed dont get your knickers in a knot have the screen fade then come back in a center area of the town half the mayor addressing the crowd goals and humans he doesnt have to move the mayor will give a speech followed by applause and booze cutscene ends and the player can now leave the map the mayors name in the final game is mayor avalon which is an homage to chris avalone however the characters internal unused background suggests he had an entirely different name earlier in development after the previous mirror disappeared under suspicious circumstances samson was voted in as a puppet mayor but he took to his new power and started causing trouble the mission itself is a reference to springfield from the simpsons and has locations like joes tavern a store called donut world a statue thats nomage to the one of jebediah springfield and theres even a nuclear power plant that has two cooling towers at the edge of the town from a pointer perspective springfield feels like a rushed level and this is most apparent in its audio design several sound zones for ambient music were set up in various parts of the map like sounds for flowing water in a factory but no sounds were ever linked to them as a result im pretty sure this is the only mission in the campaign that has no ambient sounds youll also notice some purple tiles on the roof of a building right at the start of the mission pink tiles were used in the engine to make the roof tiles of buildings invisible when the player travels inside an interior but theyre never supposed to be visible the mission revolves around rescuing the mayor of the town from assassins but if the mayor is killed the death screen is shown instead of the mission failure screen that should have appeared this is an oversight that appears in many of tactics missions the only scripting set up for failing this mission is when the mayor dies so you can literally kill everyone else in the town and no one mentions anything about it as far as i can tell it doesnt even affect your reputation despite the town being an important resource for the brotherhood theres a guard named korino found at the start of the level but the variables for one of his floating lines was set up incorrectly and never plays as a result the line was i have a feeling the sub-humans are behind this you did get one particularly cool supplement for pre-ordering it though the bonus cd also contained fault warfare war gaming in the fall universe this was a role book for a tabletop war game created by fault one lead designer chris taylor it uses a modified rules light version of the special system and includes multiple game types unique units weapons items character races and even vehicles theres also printable paper miniatures for all of tactics major factions like the beast words reavers and robots i love tabletop rpgs and even though this is more of a war game its still pretty cool its also arguably the best pre-order bonus the series has ever seen but thats not saying much either for pre-ordering fallout 3 you got a small poster and a cd that has a few songs from the official soundtrack that looks like a vinyl i do like the flavor of it but it would have been better if it had more than 5 songs depending on where you pre-ordered new vegas you received either the classic tribal mercenary or caravan pack each of which added items to the players inventory after character creation however these were later wrapped up into the courier stash dlc and the game of the year edition making them not very meaningful fault 4 gave you a perk poster and entered you into a contest so yeah turns out fall tactics was the best fallout at something thats all for this episode thank you so much for watching and have an awesome day Music steam revert game update Episode 4 of Fallout: Tactics the Cutting Room Floor, an in depth investigation into the cut content, design and development of Fallout Tactics. This is the story of Fallout: Tactics pre-order bonus CD, including a look at the Springfield mission, the Buggy vehicle, cut content, bugs, revisions, rarely seen concept art and how Interplay’s promotional plan totally backfired. #Fallout, #FalloutTactics, #FalloutFacts how to play steam games on the go steam shower bathroom vaginsl steaming tiny tinas wonderlands steam release why won't steam open my game