Nostalgia + Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Mmo games on steamcheap fun multiplayer games on steam FALLOUT TACTICS: BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL game generic we dings and welcome to nostalgia + Fallout Tactics this is really really weird thats gonna take a little bit of explaining here saw fallout theres been several games in the Fallout franchise in I think order of release theres been followed one fall out to file tactics fall fall out Brotherhood of Steel which was like an Xbox exclusive thing I believe fallout 3 fallout new vegas and obviously fallout 4 which is coming out well november apparently which is amazing can wear to get my hands on that one anyway so the idea is that again this is we won because this this is not an RPG it has a lot of RPG elements in it but it is basically a turn or real I think its turn based unreal timing where you can switch between the two squad based strategy game thats obviously Ron Perlman in the background talking about the story which sadly most of it is now clusters non-canon by Bethesda theyre busy ruled that this game is not part of the Canon the story is all bs and theyre not going to follow it some of the events I think they do mention in fallout 3 in a new vegas book most of it is busy glossed over it didnt happen same as fallout Brotherhood of Steel which as I said was an Xbox exclusive which that was an absolute pile of bilge fallout its called fallout Brotherhood of Steel which shop see if you am I going back to fall out of BOS which I think if you translate that back is fallout bucket of  __  because fallout that was a terrible terrible game um but yeah this one this wasnt bad if I actually enjoyed this game its its not likely the fallout thats why a lot of people didnt like it it is a very very solid and at the time very good-looking squad or turn-based tactics game and the fact that you were in the fallout universe ops II helped a lot in a lot of people really like that some people really hated it I didnt hit and I could get away with it I love fall at 12 still do but after playing fallout 12 then going to this it is a big jump because the games are completely different but obviously you know you can imagine what they were doing and the wagga were working on fallout 3 at the time which was Van Buren or something like that but either way this was going to fit in quite nicely sadly they did butcher the storyline a little because the idea and again it really depends on which star Igor fall at one off c standalone fallout 2 followed on from fallout 1 but did change a couple of things and then there was like a sort of fallout Bible thats been released where it was like constantly on things added to it and basically expanded the universe and there was a lot of the original developers and story writers and stuff that I put stuff into that but then Fallout Tactics this one came out and changed a lot of that the idea is that well the story is basically the Brotherhood blah blah blah we want to go and kill people so they then sent Lords of airships over to sort of the mid mid america or cross the mountains and then to kill everybody to kill all the super moons busy thats what the idea and theres also the idea revolt zero which was supposed to be like the the head the base of the control valve controls all of the others which if you are aware of fallout story is total bollocks that is not how the vaults worked and stuff and is you know busy the word experiments a lot of the vaults I mean I think it was a couple of them which were standard but a lot of the vaults where experiments and things that um anyway yes or the whole story of this is really just what if you knew for you fall at one and two intimately if you knew the story you just look at this going this is absolute ass this this makes no sense whatsoever but at the same time it was fun so I can I understand why Bethesda amid non-canon stuff and I can really understand why the made their follow-ups POS or POS is we should call cuz it is a POS then why the made that non-canon but then to be fair they changed a lot of things themselves with fallout 3 and you know and that the criminal one is or aliens theres aliens and fallout aliens were never really ends the Rose experiments sorry to tell you but yeah whatever will gloss over that one and so the change a lot of things will follow 3 in that new vegas was probably the most faithful to where the first two games and then follow for we have no idea but either way its gonna look awesome its all of them attend but what about so I way to get out of it is in the van pretend the roomba eleventh its out November so um yeah booking open or two weeks off and all that the channel will be dead for that time unless actually feature it because yeah Im gonna build a full rib to play that thing you know I just yeah ah fallout really looking forward to fallout 4 but anyway back to this game you can see theyre talking about some unknown thing tldr spoiler alert turn this video off if you dont know about it this busy humanoid robots in its best theyre like terminators they look a bit like terminate switch again a lot of people complained about but if you look at what time the final three a new vegas theres a lot of robots in that and stomp you walking robot someones wheels and stuff saw it did sort of work I thought a lot of the things they introduced in this could have easily been incorporated into the the universe but alas no its not the case so anywhere you dont really bothered about that maybe i dont know maybe a brother maybe not if youre a die-hard fallout fun then Im sure what Ive just said is inaccurate in somewhere but yeah youre probably here because maybe youve played this game before and or maybe youve never seen it you wanna see was like hmm at is beverage is just water by the way but yeah I would give it a go i havent featured fall at one and two on the child fight I featured none of the fallouts on the channel but I really should because I love those games fallout is just its in act Im gonna sit top three of my all-time favorite franchises ever it could even be number one but I dont really go for the whole number one thing cuz thatll change depending on which days speak true but its certainly in the top three anyway and fallout tactics originally released in 2001 i believe i can actually member lending it off a friend installing it playing it and then going down town center and actually buying it in the shops because i wanted my own copy because i really enjoyed it and bought the back and played it and thought was really good sadly it run like an absolute bag of us at the time it really didnt run well in fact it does run okay now but thats only because theres been patches this is actually from if this is the gog version so its patched up to 1.2 seven as you can see on the bottom ive also got a resolution patch room which is why you can see its a really really small screen in the middle but dont worry when we jump in it is actually zoom out so what Im gonna do Im just gonna start a new game and actually going to create a character and do a couple of light its basically do a little bit of combine stuff im not gonna go to get the first mission complete i just want to show you what its like that guys gotta like a tease IPS which is really really painful im going to go to korea were going to create a character saw as you can see this is exactly like 401 and to basically we can change portrait so we can pick anyone there we go theres a part of good grief maybe not I dont know who these people are you can actually import your own lets go for wheres the one that most looks like me yeah there we go thats me there and Ill be honest its a bit of a lie thats not me but were gonna go with that one lets change over here to solve an orange color and then well have our skin as bright ball that is bright pink do you want to go for greener you can have green skin weird yeah well go far well try and match the portrait a bit sore I think about is the right hue lets go for black hair there we go and then other which is like your loincloth and stuff that you wear will go for a bit of a gray there we go right so we can I have on in were going to call it a generic generic bloke no we cant even fit it in there were just gonna call the general character one there we go you change your age so we put in like a 47 and we change male female you see this is human when I click on that it doesnt actually change anything but when you play multiplayer you can create characters a neck you can actually create deathclaws and dogs and robots and mutants and things that saw its its fairly flushed out the game anyway we need a pic weve got this is our this is the special systems or strength perception endurance charisma intelligence the jelly look now sadly with this moving all this moving from basically a role-playing game over to a squad-based tactics game a lot of this stuff has been lost like for example you dont really need a lot of charisma you can buy things when youre in your main hub but you dont really do a lot of it and you dont use that a lot especially online I mean you dont use it all right Im just going to put my perception up to it I guess and I think thats to do is perception gunnery no perception is not going to read Ill put my agility up to how we could put two heroic nor will put it to it will put look up to six and well put perception up to six were going to reduce our strength down to four were going to reduce our charisma down to four put our perception of by another couple lows want a couple again to grid intelligence Id like up a little bit further so Im going to actually knock these two down a bit and put my intelligence to very good right we can have some optional traits so we can have bloody mess especially when you kill someone there blood into loads of parts thats always good and this gifted one hander all of this sort of thing theres a lot of these whereas there is it finesse or is it kamikaze and yeah they got your attacks your lot of finesse and you dont do as much damage but you cause more criticals so that will give you minus 25 damage when my crit chance is 16 I could just reduce these guy down and put look ten twenty percent critical chance yeah why not why not its just a laugh about yeah well well try this will try this right look ten agility seven will go for small guns and we need to pick it we need to tag three of these small guns and you could do any GMs litter when you do get any weapons its not like obviously fault three and fallout new vegas you get energy weapons pretty much from dear one where is this energy weapons were always better you know theyre always a good thing in fact you could argue that fallout 3 and GMs a bit cuz follows it was the last dlc and that made every other weapon pretty much redundant but blah blah blah im not gonna mourn on about that lets get and I want to see ill put sneak up a little bit for you and put sneak up and we could go for science see a lot of these skills like things like science and repair and gambling it doesnt really do a lot at all but it can help you out science is not too bad but again not really not a lot of traps are pretty good but again you dont really use a lot of traps in multiplayer used to use some traps and stuff I think were just gonna go for energy weapons there we go and I think about dun dun I spend all character points oh we got one more point here so well put in the agility done there we go so were going to do the first mission oh thats how those weve got ya bigger hair I guess Yeah right check Pelton rat check blablabla hes gonna give Im gonna skip that busy its a is it Lee Ann Marie the guy that was on full metal jacket stuff thats all men mission guy im just gonna click start mission because hes just hes just bumbling on so i dont really care about that one oh good grief right so what do we need to do well we need to kill some stuff right you I very very simple on the bottom there it is there thats all of our thats all character there gc1 got little portrait gotta the mini-map weve got actually property black lines because Ive expand the original screen was that big right so it was quite small where is obviously now its um its a lot larger you can zoom in either which is a shame weve got our buttons for the bottom for for weapons so we got a one-handed the other hand so I can click on that real odd and we look weve got it like machine gun there weve got like a sort of Club thing there and weve got stances as well which is a new thing which you can actually drops dancing and drop to crouch anding dropped a prompt youve also got your alert status or you can see put yourself on sentry mode or defensive or like an aggressive so if something comes in your view you got and just attack it you know like quite vigorously youve also got your skills which you know I sure you are like your sneak and your lock pick and your traps and thick to open doors and such youve got your character screen there you got your inventory which again if you played fallout you know if I want to especially then all of this is very very similar to add to what youve got they want what they already know pitboy is fog to a pit by 2,000 brother the Brotherhood addition I think it is its a little bit weird theres the the brief theres the map there you see theres a mission so we need to get there when it went all the way around there and visit these points ever got the idea the the archives shows you a little tutorials and how to do things so its all that its all that anyway weve also got the carries were far sight there she is shes a really really good shes called Farsight and its quite a kook but shes good with a sniper rifle also got stitch or stitches because hes got a shotgun and hes also the medic so lets click and drag and were going to move over Im gonna have a little chat with this village elder so thats a lot chartings to the Brotherhood of Steel dawn yeah basically its called Brahman would this place and its been taken over by readers yeah I dont know how the managed to come in and take everything over like this but whatever so we need to take them out there the other I think so only a few hours left to go theres someone over there you can see when I mouse over we get that little percentages and stuff it actually looks I really like the look of it its really really cool at the time Ive see you imagine this theyre not like how long ago now nearly 15 years old yeah youre gonna let you know got this look right were gonna win a crouch and were all gonna got skill and were gonna go out a sneak all right cannot sneak Walter shim um right can we can we go prawn skill snake sneaking good right head over there gc1 head the deck sneak head over there right I cant sneak right now your hidden surely skill sneak oh oh crap with your characters coming towards us there they are and thats a dog thats a dog thats not good right okay Ill tell you what well get stitch and were gonna move stitch up to there okay fast they can steer whether you are this character we need to move up sneak this is our character sneaking finally right okay so I need to move up as well so this is what I mean what would like an actual tactic damn it is very you know if you want to sneak around you can do all the sneaking thing if you want to lockpick opened doors and go around the outside you can do all of that I think this computer use later on if you want to lay down minds and traps for patrol coming on you can do all that its all in the game so it is quite good that way right what Im going to do Im going to click on this button here which is a toggle targeted shot Im actually know right click and say targets head im gonna click on the dog and well say a head bang and then the dog explores basically which is no mushy im sorry but it would it would attack me so it is now the computers turn Ive actually put it to term base mode now you can have it in real time and I havent got in real time but you can put it in real time and its its a different game entirely as in you know you have to stand your players hope you have to reel ord its I dont like it i like the ex-con it is like a sob XCOM I guess you could compare to the turn-based is better because you know moving around in you know real time and stuff is fine then once you get to come at you want to think about things and make the right decisions and stuff so its more tactical our way especially if you run on like hardcore mode as well anywhere saw lets start picking characters so lets pick this character here and were going to sneak up so theyve only got a certain number of action points and you can see the action points are actually going down there which it looks like its far sites go we can shoot that guy but not for a targeted show cuz that cost five AP shes on your four so ill turn that off and well have a shoot yeah wow that almost hit me missed sadly and well move stitch up and remove stitches stitches and move them over there you see it it was a little cross there but it means we cant get there with the current AP we can switch over to our like what would you call it the readout of damaging stuff there where I just keep on the mini-map right so were back were back its my turn im going to go to him shot were gonna aim for his head now didnt work out didnt work out im going to reload it and we got any closer to where p and well stay where we are i will end not my Knockaround the term im gonna move over i will enter turn i guess there we go oh no looks like it didnt end it and wed all turn cuz im getting shot up by that guy there was only got a pistol sadly so yeah yeah i can remember playing this game when it first came out as i said it was oh no it wasnt and it looks like its its not squad-based i think ive got on squad-based mothers theres three different mods there is real time there is turn boost squad which means that all of your squad gets to go in one term which actually I prefer Ive changed it on the wrong Lord and then theres this mod which is turn-based per character Im actually trying to sneak up to this red here obviously if I sneak up Ill get a sneak attack bonus and well see what happens Rams you need a block this guy here not Yemen and we got off hitting this bit of blood on the floor damn it damn it damn it theres a bad thing when you click in the wrong place you do start moving which is but I actually clicked on behind him so this you try to walk over there so lets get on it is charging towards me done whats going to happen here theres my character can I get over there I cant can i get there i can its going to cost me six action points to get behind this rock and then what i want to do is go to crouch and then i can see that guy there but still stealth and a my current im not on overwatch bored so im not going to bother obviously you can put your guys on wove watch mod for watching people run around past you and things that are available in my turn their looks like its stitches go so going to move stitch you over here and he might get seen close very very close right ah detected damn it war war never changes he says is that ron perlman are we going to shoot ron perlman fantastic I dont want URL perma like Ron Perlman right lets see if we get this guy pathetic he says hes dead oh so Im getting shot at thats not good thats not good at all hmm but nostalgia and all thats a little box a little bit lets watch on the wax nostalgic a bit um playing this game and when I was a yacht long a a lot younger actually I couldnt say I preferred this game to fall at one or two I did really like fallout one or two but I dont know if Ive told the star but when i first got fallout i lent a friend and I didnt really understand what the game was about like I didnt get the whole concept of RPGs I was just one of those i actually played a lot of them me reload nothing actually played a lot of like adventure games you know at Monkey Island and thats our thing at the time so it was a bit of a new experience for me this whole thing but I was she going to crouch him down super wings sneak sneak around yeah new experience and I did play I guess I did play some Id shoot its like doom and I think quick and stuff lan zhu newton 3d actually i guess was the the main one now wheres the body theres cousin body around here no I was not I was going to loot a body lets move up to that rock lets stand up actually because you move a bit further when you were when you stood up yes sir I didnt really get fallout i did when i played the first father I just came out the vault and just attacked everything to to the point where by the time I got to shared it out by the time I got to junk town everybody would die everybody was sorry would start and just run away everybody just legged straight away soon I saw me because my I was so notorious but once actually understood it and played it my I really really liked it but then I you know I played one file at 12 and love the games and when I cleared this I thought its different but i like it i still like it all right weve got a burst more to your thirty two percent chance yeah I didnt work out at all lets just reload that and stitch were going to go to a crouch and then we do a thirty one percent chance were going to go bang and we shot in but we didnt it didnt work out lets move over here hmm so I dont know what theyre going to do looks like Farsight is she can see stuff miss there we go weve got a hunting rifle here and its working out quite well what we gonna do see theres other people around here but I just cant see them Im going to change that to single mode Oh office at wouldve thats good ah its not working out now and turn there yeah yeah I didnt really understand the whole concept of role-playing games as the wall I took him out quite fun I took them out quite well didnt it right so we know out of turn this mode which means we can pretty much go back and do we need we real or not i think im gonna run over here were the far side were going to go at this reader and were going to loot hes got a mauser by look of it its a 9-millimeter hitch SI mauser yeah take all there we go will loot the dog and whatever its got your bottle caps on it it does not have anything because its a dog wont even put a collar on it nah purified or right so im pretty confident this area is clear now so im going to stand my guy up and im going to run over there its got smart run on which basically means that will run when it thinks its necessary lets stand up and were going to quickly run off to this Raider and we are going to have a little search so we found some more bullets and stuff so were going to take all of that one obviously I do need to stop switch to I need to switch stuff around here because owner so nicest impacts as well on a zip gun which is proper custom done yeah I really need to switch some stuff around because i think the Skys inventory is probably a bit full its not full actually hes got Lords space you can carry a lot stuff actually stitch oh hes got strength strength of six right but I dont really need I dont need the nine mil so Im gonna bring my guy over here gonna move them bullets over to him there you go well see transfer them all got stimpaks guys theyve gone Ill do right so lets just run them over here all the characters and I think well have a well have a look inside this area here now this is where the game got really really oh oh thats not good there is someone in here wow thats interesting um I didnt expect that theres someone right in there I thought this would all be cleared out I really hope he doesnt get another term before mine thatd be really really bad okay lets just just put that weapon on burst and I didnt kill him leggett and well reload that and stitch for the quarter there for a pull trigger good grief stitches surgical that shotgun isnt he now that is a glitch lets take all that this all of this here all of this should this this this this top should have been removed down because theres a couple of things that I can loot but the top hasnt come off the building so I cant see anything thats a weird one right lets move over here because what we need to do is probably sneak in i think do you want to sneak in oh you can see we actually saw something over there so its going awful the perception does matter because you will see more stuff they go thats went down now so we can see inside here im going to crouch and im going to go to sneak there we go and now im going to get stitched open the door locked okay in that case we will lock click it for twenty percent chance lock looks difficult basically what it means is that you cant do it but it so you cant do it at the Mes trying to do it but its a little bit its a little bit difficult at the moment but I can get through there eventually lets just keep doing my skills lockpick twenty-three percent which isnt a twenty fifty percent chance what a far sight does she have she doesnt have a keyboard a lockpick skill Oh 25 lets get in there yeah 25 cent doesnt mean the percent chance 25 the percentage of locks but doesnt mean youre going to get through that um if I would have picked a key up you know anyway well keep lock-picking it maybe I did pick a key up locked nah right when in doubt keep lock-picking well get through the door eventually now if I had them like a set of lockpick tools then this would be a lot easier hmm its not working out so far thought she did have a set of lockpick tools we want a Dean science manual read that and civilian get a higher lockpick skill looks difficult what Im supposed to do and all theres an area over here you can get into is it round here no its not round here is it yeah theres a door there look theres a door there but you cant get through that thats how I exit believe it oh yeah actually end there and then Ill see youll come up down that way and they just dont want you to run all the way through now scrolling here you can see its like a little bit jerky this is on like a modern PC this when it first came out was intolerable it was just like that that that and thats the speedy would move it it was absolutely hideous anywhere it still was a front of play and the letter missions are a lot more difficult you do get as said humanoid robots and such so you do have to use like EMP guns and things like that is was EMP or was it I cant remember now but youre also got tanks oh yeah theres also vehicles in this game that was a that was a not a new thing because there was always a vehicle in fallout 2 was it was in fallout 1 think was far too you can get a get a car you couldnt drive it around but it was basically like a it would just appear next to you and you know you would be able to let me just lock come on surely we can get through this door is there another way to get through it would have to check these carrion yeah there was a you know like a it was like a car that followed you around an awfully around but you would go to an area you would move quicker on the map and then look how would appear at the start you could use it to like store things in but this one actually used drivable vehicles so you got like a little Hummer you could drive around you also got a what was it it was yeah there was actually a tank in it I believe as well like a Sherman tank there was a nuclear that was like a pickup truck with a nuclear bomb on the back it was quite weird why is that I dont understand why what I can do here at honestly genuine I genuinely dont know what I have to do here like lockpick that there they just keep seeing looks difficult so is there not key around the place Im gonna have to run around ah there we go look now thats popped off there you go right so now theres a chest that I can get to River right and now thatll open up and then theres the key oh goodness thats what I mean about it had been a little bit glitchy and you know if that if I didnt go back there if done why the roof didnt pop off before but yeah now I can actually open this door so Ill open that door unlocked fantastic and I my character can just do that and then go straight in stitch can crouch down skill sneak walk straight in there you go so what I want to do is get into position where I can see that guy there eight percent thats okay sixty-four percent chance there go back to my other character 73 right what Ill stitch yeah I could go behind him and swing a knife but what Im gonna do instead is switched to this character and give them a full burst and actually as you can see it hit both characters as well thats pretty good I will go that single bump missed damn it and Ill statute yeah this is thats taken out quite fast actually so on that severely wounded red rover there you can get a perk that shows you I think its called I dont know what it is actually there is a perk you can get where a lot when you mouse over them assures you like their damage the full damage in how much it a lot left and their injuries and stuff Im going to do Im going to put this guy on overwatch and basically what that means is as soon as they see someone theyre going to shoot so well wait just waiting for the computer because if it stands up its going to get shot to pieces you know Im going to do Im going to watch all the characters or watch stitch keepo / watching come on come on there go around the corner of wrench i dont think they are hmm right okay fine were gonna move over here what Ill do Ill sneak around and maybe thatll get them to to solve horse a little bit stitch stand up and were going to go for a one-percent chance busy you can right-click and you can see what chance youre going to take the shot at im going to say one percent base if someones if you see someone pull the trigger are we cant go on or watch now because of the review some action points thats why well move up to their Farsight were going to run in and without other character is its still round there may be there on the ground trying to heal themselves theres a bottle there trying to see things out the tiny little broken bottle is really difficult letters think well go up to the gate open that we also need to heal stitch as well because hes a little bit wounded as you can see weve got a stim pack and stuff right overwatch overwatch I wanted to demonstrate overwatch but its not going to work out is it right okay fine stand up new plan charge at them come around er there there they are stitch run up to their Farsight we will I think still put them on one percent over watch that Kerry is not moving hes just hiding bit see if that guy stood up these would go over watch and then they would shoot maybe this guys an overwatch himself yes he is they go thats over watch so you try to shoot me didnt work so yeah just one certain one shot and then we go they have been taken out fantastic right we needed with a medicine and stuff so well stitch and we could if we want to use a stim pack I believe you can use first aid is it first aired you first aired on himself there we go requires item ah thats right yeah even though oh theres a document award to see ya thats not good now lets quickly get fast I up and running because of engine that dog is going to see is yeah its running towards us and dont know where to run to ran to the edge I think oh just attack us through the wall okay thats another one thats a new one lose you should get this to look out over here there we go theres loads of dogs over there and stuff with it you can sneak around and you can be able to take them all that you can actually sneak past them entirely anyway yeah you need an item to use thee let me just put him back in there news on himself oh yeah you can you know you have to have an item to use to use the first aid but if you have first aid or doctor I believe using like things like stimpack you actually get a bigger born as far in this I dont know if thats the case with the previous games but it is the case in this one right so well start looting everybody will take them all but you get what the games like you get with the games like and litter on lets say youve got vehicles which to be fair they really didnt handle well there was one of the biggest peep 11 of peoples biggest criticisms about the game is that well I think the peoples biggest criticism was that it it did it didnt follow on from fallout it run absolutely terribly and the you know the actual my last arrow is different and the vehicles and horribly but despite all of that which you think is a big its a fairly big list of major things isnt it of bad things happen like bad things in the game at PT peoples know that reviews have been no so not bad you know the said it was you was fine you know Im playing it now its still fun you know still okay um Im not gonna run through and complete all I doubt it I I I prefer my I prefer my ma story-driven games these days but yeah it exists its sort of okay its different I guess I think thats the main thing is it is different it was different from the other games mmm dont let his charge forward and attack all the dogs I could do because the most them are sleeping here you see and we could just sort of run up and we could just do sneak attacks but say what Im gonna do Im gonna get Im gonna be a bit bit ropey here and call that guy there my character was going to go around the back like that because when i do my burst its going to oh damn it no no no no no no no no no no damn it yeah what happened is there they walkin up which was into the walking off yeah the walk up which was not good um I should have sneaked around anywhere far site will get the dog its on the ground because its easier and then well get that dog there hopefully I wont shoot Mike on carrot i know i didnt she surgical far side that guys obviously a bit crap and i was running over there and now stitch apparently mrs. on a thirty four percent chance that we got to take them out and actually blaster them through the wall which was an interesting one oh good grief anywhere im gonna leave it there as a bit of nostalgia or fallout tactics its its fine you know what I I cant hit on this game too badly you know as much as you know all the things Ive mentioned and stuff said its different story was different you know wasnt fall out and stuff it is what it is right and youre either gonna like it or youre not and thats the thing you know how dying hard-fought funds will say no it is not a fallout game well it is meany III would class as a fallout game I mean you could even argue that fallout Brotherhood of Steel was a fallout game it wasnt a good one but it was fall out huh and I guess you could say the same thing about this one you know its got a lot of elements in that theres a lot of Brahman stuff over there you can actually attack it yeah you can dunno why you would but you know whatever anyway laser description so you can check it out yourself thanks very much for watching 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