Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (PS5) - Part 8

Can you play epic games on steam deckcyberpunk 2077 epic games vs steam FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE foreign Music Music Music all right y lets do it all right so were supposed to be fine youre back okay look what weve done with the flowers lovely dont you think great job thats wonderful isnt it oh I nearly forgot I saw some Shinra suit walking towards your house a little while ago it was just all in black a little scary looking okay lets see where was her house is it back here I cant remember oh yeah those ropes Laughter what do you want I havent seen him before he your new boy toy wait a minute those eyes is he the one who beat up Reno Music and what if I am oh need to cross my tears dot my eyes thats all Music I knew it Cloud leave him be rudes not a bad person really no Im not bad but like it or not I sometimes have to do bad things dont take it personal oh you Turks are all the same all bark no bite youll want to talk lets do this Music try me oh damn who the hell is this dude damn again first class dude Music no its not like  __  damn it yeah oh okay cool oh come on girl oh thats great and that that thats just as well Music youll feel better in a second Im trying but I cant oh my God whatever oh need to heal up  __  man well Music I could have swore I had Kira on me I guess not time to burn Give It Up hmm okay so you had enough yet I dont believe that I have Music  __  Music okay what the hell okay thank you Music Music Music the hell is that is that wind well Music damn come on Music Im so tired damn they just keep hitting me with that  __  foreign foreign Music uh wheres our uh in 30 1900 now okay Music Music Music Music that up here Jesus Christ they could do that first class get him gotta be careful Music still in it go on here he comes damn not looking good calling it Ive really worked on him like  __  so you had enough yet no I dont believe that I had it yeah its my job and think about changing careers Music damn it man specific I Wont Give Up you dont know me Music damn it man wait seriously I see Im here get ready damn it man  __   __  want to get drunk no but this is self-defense Music I cant believe you you are sorry Music youll feel better in a second Ill be trying but Im great Music thats it yeah I know its taking forever wait seriously yeah he just keeps like what the hell man okay up and Adam its your turn of all the times yeah go on scattered Roar Music one how  __  damn Music man come on now I cant believe you Im just so tired oh my God Im feeling pretty weak I really do should have been I know you did gotta be careful damn it man whatever yeah so you know this will be over a lot faster if we had two win materials a lot faster especially since she yeah uh lets see here where do we gotta shop at uh wow foreign Music you give me Gill I give you items thats not it okay accommodations sorry theres a material it was a shot where they got materia Music take care of my equipment youre here lets see lets just secret hideout wow uh you know what else uh wait a minute and when I had fire too when the fire Music which ones oh how trying to figure out would you have the connected ones right cant they like augment or soup up the other material Im not sure I cant remember uh trying to think I cant remember how I think oh I wanna though the cease hey there how goes the patrol great Ive been picking up garbage and giving people directions plus I helped an old lady cross the street youve been busy its a normal day for me gotta work hard the house depends on peoples donations oh no Im late did you see Miss Folia is she mad oh I gotta go Im sorry you scared me hey there how goes the patrol Ive been watching them really close Im trying to learn all about the business you want to open up a shop of your own someday foreign Music foreign Music Music Music foreign Music hey my house is this way foreign I have to tell you that Im grateful for all of your help thus far Ive done it Ive developed a new materia okay when okay all right all right provoke Music uh-huh Music there we go I look forward to receiving all of your future battle Intel submissions why thank you Music I think you sold your guys are awesome I want to be strong and tough when I grow up too you sound very determined these are dangerous times a reactor blew up and a bunch of kids part six and seven have music copyright claims on them as soon as YouTubes software removes the music and the copyright claims theyll be back up speaking every time you guys seeing one disappear just know thats what happened you gotta keep a music copyright clean every time I dont just take them down for nothing so what the hell Shinra weapons are on the Rampage five of them like floating eyeballs I saw them wander off into the scrap but if they come back into town itd be a disaster we need someone whos willing and able to fight Ill handle it you will oh man youre the best you can hear them shouting Intruder detected or some other nonsense when they float it off be careful they look dangerous cool Applause um both hit him with  __  wait a second all right Music okay yeah why arent they like an alphabetical order like theyre all whatever man Music Music this dudes fighting to do with a big ass sword and aint got no problem Laughter damn it man Music can you leave us alone no Music no ah yeah I like that I didnt think of that just switch come on so its my turn Im trying but damn it man lets do this first class calling him with that Music dont overdo it Ill show you what I can do watch out for high winds there we go okay so you had enough yet no I dont believe that I have okay its my job and think about changing careers damn it man Music Im pushing it Ill take care of him Music hows that payback working out for youll see all right Music enjoy Music story Music uh Im here oh thats nice a tempest joint huh whoa  __  Music  __  Music right give it up I guess I just got a black day thats one thing that I I I dont do got me again Music just say  __   __  whoa whoa  __  oh that sucks all right damn it man what wait seriously hit him girl why dont you think Music it does look like Angie Tate right Laughter Im losing this time  __  that thats not happening laughs come on cant you leave us alone no Music no how  __  so its my turn got it Music come on youre done nice there we go I gotta learn to block more I love I like the Dodge Im too used to things like bloodborne blocking his key in this game think about changing careers Take the Lead Im coming oh she said can you take over for me Music its on you win Music Music no but this is self-defense together deal with that Im coming okay Music I got this its on you so its my turn enjoy the ride Music damn it man Music thats hilarious that he does that the cloud that is hilarious oh there you go you from here Im coming Music stay strong okay Music lets do this Ill take care of them okay Im just so tired here ah please just leave us alone theres no joke you just dusting his pants off oh my gosh hey there partner Im sure youre having the time of your life that Limit Break Me saving yes sometimes man so get your ass back here now I think I still would have got him but Jesus got somewhere else to be apparently go home and stay there no I cant do that the  __  is he our big brother oh this dude all right Im sure nothing in here all right Music lets go get out of here youre heading in already uh okay nah not quite yet let me finish all my side missions plexus on you by your hand goes Laughter theyre tackling throwing power waves at you Dr Terry Bogart  __  patrols five of them one girl loves just over by Folks at the community center and dont forget they all wear homemade swords on their backs thanks again for agreeing to help you guys two more man thats what I thought oh theres the pipes people on the streets than usual maybe because the reactor blew up well youve been keeping a very sharp look out but dont you think youre forgetting something important oh Miss Foley just so you guys know too YouTube sometimes like with our live streams I dont know if its because the live streams are long is something about how um the how long its it seems like the longer the video the longer it takes to remove copyrighted music take forever its already more than a day thats why six and seven still arent back up yet so I might just have to ride right there and send them they need me email like yeah all the guys like this  __  isnt working oh please subscribers uh I forgot what they said about the last kid I heard the one about the pipes next ones a girl right yes I thought I cant go this way Music foreign thats what I want to be this way it sounds good talking about too Ive been out here all night sure hope not oh hey there Eric so do you think this means another one the very first undercity night out mind taking off he wont stop telling his stories Applause I want to become strong just like you thank you quiet I hate that music yep a 60 frames baby all right let me find out where this other little girl is thats whats called easy money Im very sorry as one girl loves to be fussed over by Folks at the community center and dont forget they all wear homemade swords on their backs again this is this the community center Music you all right you brought us such lovely flowers thank you because Im sorry I forgot about the lesson no will he find me I cant believe I forgot all about third bad people broke the Marco reactor and theres gonna be another warp House of it is that true who knows but isnt there something else you should be worrying about right now its everyone Im very sorry children finally came back thanks to you two youve been a great help okay everyone come inside its time to hit the books you guys the toad Kings back I saw him near The Hideout we gotta do something about him the toad King a weird creepy monster weve seen near The Hideout lately he wears a crown and walks around like he owns the place gotta be monster royalty at least I bet a soldier could beat him up easy oh yeah real easy but heres the thing I dont work for free or cheap Music the watch wouldnt ask for money but if we ask any other grown-ups for help theyll find out about The Hideout then thatll be it really dont want to lose The Hideout come on help us oh and well give you some cool treasure if you do and if thats not enough Ill pay the rest of your fee once I open my shop so if you want help Music Ill do it for three Gil huh Im offering a special discount right now on toad King jobs looks like its your lucky day awesome now thats my kind of bargain Im sorry we have to give you such a dangerous job but theres really no one else we could have asked your only hope fully itd be great if they asked us again Music now is there a way to turn that music off its hard to hear it Ill make sure to tell everyone around that youre here to help out that way you might get more work Music all right I guess its in here foreign Music keep it together here goes get ready so long nothing to it yes I gotta Ill show you what I can do this ones for you come on Music that wasnt something I hate controlling her shes like real life has yeah but when I turned down the music it turns it turns this music off too Music dont overdo it Im coming Music try to stay behind me Music keep it together here goes this might be it took you long enough no turning back damn daughter Music not  __  good Music what the hell Music I was kind of working well lets try something over there careful Music Music foreign Music Music foreign Music Music its not looking good whoa got me like that Music really one more shot huh Music keep going today no this is ridiculous wait a minute somethings up here because theyre like just constantly I think I need to I dont know focus on one at a time somethings going on here all right foreign foreign Music like these things is harder than that dude are they healing themselves all right uh wait did I save it did it save I  __  forgot oh well time to find out now safe all right here we go come on Im with you lets go Music this is damn Music Music yeah damn it man Im waiting Music yo what in the  __  Music dude what Im trying to figure out is what this what this whats that sound that the hell no holding back all right so anytime now yeah oh yeah  __  yeah they just  __  healing themselves what in the hell how do you how do you stop them from doing that  __  Music what its just wrong everythings spinning they keep healing themselves what the  __  do I do Music which ones the king uh Focus okay Music that ones big okay all right ready Music what the hell wait a minute Music it says I got your number thats cold too Music foreign Music this is Music Music Music on now Music foreign Music what the  __  Music foreign Music come on Music yeah dont overdo it here goes Music feeling chilly whats going on I see I say Music all right yeah go on come on Music so its my turn someone looks kind of shaky yeah Music Music lets go Music thank God still good Lord see I thought I was gonna have to get all other uh the other two also I guess not foreign Music thank you I have to tell you that Im grateful for all of your help thus far Ive done it Ive developed a new material Music well I was an ally to follow the leaders attack man an attack from link material Music aha Music I look forward to receiving all of your future battle Intel submissions okay I dont know weapons on the land page about to finish this one aint got that last one okay Music did you defeat the toe King yep kicked his butt real good awesome I knew you could do it now we dont have to worry about the king and his smelly friends here this is for you I cant just hanging him a nail bed playtimes over for now I prepared a special assignment for everyone one that I expect you to finish today understood uh yes yes Miss Folia I appreciate you getting rid of the toad King by the way wow Miss Folia you must know all their secrets oh if only easier said than done theyre always on the Move looking for new adventures chasing new dreams all while trying to make the lives of everyone around them just a little bit better I try to make sure they dont stumble and fall and when they finally do I help them back up sounds exhausting musics too loud for this car but I want the children to know that until they can stand on their own two feet then Im here to support them care for them love them that even if were not actually related were still a family a real family in all the ways that matter if I can do that for them then well then maybe Im making this world a better place I know you are my predecessor taught me everything I know I just took up his torch and ran with it I guess uh not that Im anything close to what he was Biggs is one of a kind oh no Ive completely lost track of time do you have somewhere you need to be more like a dream I need to fulfill thank you again for your help I wonder what kind of dreams hes chasing tonight thanks again for saving our Hideout from the king in return I let everyone know you guys can join the game as special guests if you want to know more then come to The Hideout okay I dont know my lights have been on the bridge  __  that wrench its Priceless are right there so do you think this means another war is coming when I go to bed verified hero okay oh this has got to be it foreign okay no turning back Music One More Shot lets do it right Roar keep it together Im coming youll be blown away thatll do you can do it my turn scattered Music here it comes Music Music Ill take care of them enjoy the ride Music ah love you hear him Jesus man not bad forever foreign Music Music foreign they were doing some construction but quit halfway Music three of them oh Jesus Christ lets go let us through or else all right this works for you Music how stay back come on okay get him deal with that Ill show you what I can do watch out for high winds youre hurt can you take over yes one its on you Ill take care of them Music enjoy the ride get ready thatll do youve got this its my turn gotta be careful all good so long foreign I heard I heard you got them all right yeah robots from the reactor getting lost in the slums must be because of the explosion up top huh they must have thought they were protecting the reactor I figured I was trespassing on their turf or something maybe almost feel sorry for getting all lost and confused like that what am I saying manner machine  __  get what they deserve now hold on anyway I think its safe to say our work here is finished if youre ever in the market for a Merc again remember you can count on cloud uh sure Im sorry about putting this on you all of a sudden Im really glad you were willing to help out though thanks again actually while youre here Ive got another favor to ask theres this old guy who hangs out in front of the weapons you might need your help would you mind talking to him generally considering offering units in its residential property it feels good to help people out doesnt it youre having fun yeah Im afraid to show it more dont forget its all about service and salesmanship Ill leave that to you all right I dont think you can rely on me forever Mister wasnt planning to thats good because I command a very good salary oh I know you you must be that mercenary I have a problem its the anniversary of my wifes death and I wanted to visit her grave but I cant because some creatures have turned the graveyard into their nest could you do me a favor and go there in my stand she shouldnt be alone today itll cost you the graveyards right by the head of the river but I heard they put a new gate in recently to replace the old broken one now that those creatures have moved in Im sure its locked up tight the key to the graveyard huh I know why dont we ask oats about it why well hey there is that the kid Music got what you need to stay safe going around Music now that things are starting to settle down a bit you can finally play whack a box again its all thanks to you oh yeah I forgot theres this tired looking guy out by the community center and I heard he was looking for some help wait youre not looking for the key to the graveyard game are you well its your lucky day our local hero swiped it from some public security jerks she gave it to Maggie so Im guessing hes selling it for medals now Music hey what if you want the graveyard key talk to Mommy Music do I have what it takes oh hey Cloud youre just in time for our favorite game whack a box you want in its super fun the rules are easy the person who whacks the most boxes is Crown champion of The Hideout we usually dont let adults play but since youre cool were gonna make a special exception just for you okay okay all right yes get ready damn it man thank you Music like what uh what yes yes Music brace yourself yes yes yes yes yes wow Cloud Ive never seen anyone do that before see pretty fun right play with us again okay well what do you think if you want the graveyard key talk tomorrow its Maggie Music already Music hey you dont happen to have a key to a graveyard do you of course the Emporium has everything Kubota what the hell Music a scarf that makes the wearer feel as if the wind is at their back Music thank you damn it Music Google medals where do I get them where did I get the Moogle medals from Music which means I can bring happiness to a ton of people good for you hey cloudy maybe say it like you mean it not until Im happy go on work your magic make me smile from ear to ear hell need a lot more Metals cupo well that wont do come on cloud lets go get more good luck guys Music I guess lets do the Box challenge well be here whenever you want to play Music yes yes all right really come on lets get this over here we go Music thank you yes yes thank you no holding back lets get this over with yes lets do this oh I had to get 35 only one way to become a whack-a-box master whack whack movable metal is obtained good to see you Cooper Music gotcha wait oh these five of them oh holy  __  Music this guy paid attention to how many medals I had sitting there buying everything up thinking I was using Gill Music this is enough to keep it up at night he wont stop telling us stories about that damn reactance Music foreign Music Music okay I cant remember was that right before I did it when I say hey you dont happen to have a key to a graveyard do you of course The Emporium has everything Cooper Music okay wait yeah I would rather have these um foreign Applause Music foreign Music thanks to you Ive got a ton of medals to go which means I can bring happiness to a ton of people good for you hey clowns maybe say it like you mean it not until Im happy go on work your magic make me smile from ear to ear hell need a lot more Metals cupo well that wont do come on cloud lets go get more good luck guys Music what do you think do I have what it takes wanna play some whack a box yeah already a person is that my personal best right there yeah youll never be any good unless you whack quack quack quack quack Music how much is the rest of the  __  Music foreign Music Music up he said on TV according to officials youll find my wifes grave with all the others up by the rivers head but I suspect youre gonna need a key to get past the new gate what the hell is the sauce foreign Music thats become the Talk of the Town yep Im Damon little more than a humble reporter with The Daily Buzz ah that right the one thats always printing awful rumors about the slums on the contrary my dear we strive to raise awareness of the plight of our undercity brethren we seek a better future for everyone rich and poor now that my friends I find myself in need of your exceptional services for a trifling matter are you familiar with the mysterious and notorious Bandit known as the angel of the slums she knows written declarations to her victims usually Shinra Associates before divesting them of their valuables everyone knows her everything she steals she gives to the poor and needy thats sweet yes shes got a knack for public relations very popular down here as a result nevertheless she is a criminal and a threat to the public order Ive made it my mission to unmask the villain but the locals have been uncooperative and uncommunicative to put it wildly now that my identity as a reporter has been exposed my sources have all deserted me which brings me to you work of the hour and the man who will serve up my scoop okay I welcome any and all information pertaining to the so-called Angel of the slums so wheres this damn graveyard you all right Music without the blade in the reactors Music what do I know the guardian angel of the slums well I dont know much but I do know she doesnt steal from the poor and she doesnt kill anyone either as far as Im concerned thats all I need to know if thats not enough for you the one you ought to talk to is Murray ask anyone and theyll tell you she knows everything about everyone around here if I were you Id talk to Murray good to see you again Murray this looks like a Murray because she travels everywhere Cloud meet Murray she knows everything there is to know about the slums Murray meet Cloud hes a former Soldier and super strong hes full enough the kids have been talking about you the defender of the secret hideout and now the hero of the leaf house is helping The Daily Buzz look for the angel of the slums I am a lover of the whispered word not that its any real secret considering how chatty that Shinra months been not looking into it for the reporter Im doing it for myself call it curiosity whatever or could it be fallen under the Angels spell like so many others anyway it so happens that I have some information for you but I need a moment before I can give it to you why dont you wait with that reporter of yours this years the Sector 5 Community Center just wait outside with the reporter Ill be along soon she told us that she had some information to share Murray as in V Murray the town gossip I chased her for days begging for info but she wouldnt give up a single scrap so howd you get your bird to talk this old bird had a change of heart thats all put him quickly before you have another tell us what do you know about the notorious Angel of the slums has she struck again is that it I dont know anything about that but do know where a piece of operations now thats a scoop where is it tell me thank you foreign one of my friends told me foreign Music no that that cant be a graveyard Music yes I gotta stores coming damn see you around foreign Music foreign Music scattered nothing to it foreign oh  __  watch this be a  __  oh boy foreign I got your number dont overdo it so its my turn Adam of course not of course I dont have that one get ready Music its your turn  __  well losing this one just just go away foreign Music gotcha Music youre right for you go on here we go I cant believe you just again lightning Music needs some lightning foreign foreign foreign foreign please try lets switch it up Ill take care of them you jittery thatll do come on sorry but lets do handling I need a breather Ill show you what I can do come on Im feeling pretty weak Laughter just a little  __  out yes youve got this i got this yes foreign deal with that here goes its your turn lets do this there Music calling lightning damn it truth dont overdo it Ill show you what I can do you jittery you can do it buzz off buzz off oh man can you handle them Music come on go on thats it keep it together Ill do what I can no big deal I got this fry damn oh wow yeah why are this block Im sitting here forgetting all right you just blocked Music bam here goes why dont you lead the way Music Music Take the Lead I should probably heal up first youll see calling lightning huh lets switch it up so its my turn how shocking shocking uh Music shes the guardian angel of the Slugs well collect your offering on behalf of the poor this must be one of her calling cards I dont see anything else interesting lets head back and tell them what we found hey Clint I dont know if you know if youre new to the stream but I dont pay attention to uh any advice being given unless I ask for it so yeah I always figure things out on my own I cant figure it out Ill ask Music believe it you found one of her calling cards genuine article Im sure of it pinned by the angel herself hmm so this is one of her famous warnings its an incredible fight oh was that all hold on looks like theres something else a message reporter is sniffing around I was planning to teach you a lesson you would never forget however by the grace of your mercenary friend you were spared that lesson but next time he might not be around to save you you would be wise to watch your step not just a message from the angel warning if the murkier hadnt bailed you out that fiend in the scrap would have ripped you to shreds sorry about that friend here I was just trying to help you out but instead my kindness almost got you violently killed now now no harm no foul right in any case I hope this narrowly averted tragedy wont discourage you from sharing information with me in the future hey everybody the angel left another calling card shes gonna rip up dog Cornejo its about damn time Don corneio is no easy Mark I cant wait to see how this goes down excuse me Im a reporter for The Daily Buzz and so much for my reward here why dont you take this oh and no need to thank me lets just say its out of that reporters bucket cant call it theft if youre just claiming what youre owed am I right well done Mr Merck you certainly lived up to your reputation Music now what could our Angel want from a man like Don Cornejo of all his many goodies or maybe if she wants his whole Fortune you know theres a rumor that the angel of the slums is as radiant and beautiful as shes dead personally I think that ones true now what could our Angel want from a man like Don Cornell of all his many men oh one of my friends foreign Music oh my God after you weve got to get through this go on feeling chilly didnt do  __  just taking a little break close your closure I should probably heal up first Music Ill take that Adam youre still doing okay right Music this is huh gotta heal first all the times are hurt quit lets try this again I cant believe you it was something Music youll feel better in a second get ready Music thank you feeling good come on they got blocked man foreign Music seriously seriously Im here all right thank you Music jittery yeah youll see you can you take over for a bit this ones for you bring it come on lets finish this One More Shot the Lord the graveyard you want to say a prayer too no thanks I think youve got it covered Music foreign Music Im really grateful for what you did heres your reward I owe them a lot maybe more than I can ever repay and now I owe you a lot too I know its not much but I hope it makes up for it a little bit we paid our respects to your wife and we took care of those creatures beginning to think I might never be able to visit her grave again if my bad back and my legs my whole bodys a mess frankly I I didnt think I could make it past some creatures but I was prepared to Die Trying and then you two came along still Ive got to face facts creatures are no I cant keep making these trips dont say that this is the graveyard key back to Maggie but I just told you about my legs why dont you just give it back okay itll cost you 5 000 Gil though five thousand its always money with you people fine I wont ask you for anything else Ill take your damn key and give it to the boy its downright depressing what is the world coming to these days Music youve been working so hard you lost track of time had to we would pay sucked because they didnt know if you were worth it yet but now they do come on lets go home wow boom Music still playing still playing that stupid ass music Music I still only got one a pleasure is always good playing that damn game Music Im scared foreign wait a sec foreign okay I dont even remember seeing material before uh you talking to this it was that kind of that kind of Music lets go shouldnt keep on waiting hey whatd they say good work today guys lets go kidding they didnt say a word but you know uh never mind its not like you believe me after all Music probably not I wouldnt know this tell me anyway really yeah it wont be much longer now the flowers they they have something important to tell us something they need to share with us at least thats the feeling I get but before they can theres a final step that has to be taken otherwise we wont hear them Music maybe I should just give up honestly its what I do best could have fooled me from what Ive seen youre no quitter well todays special thats why Ive been working my butt off uh whats so special about it Music okay time to go foreign to talk to her did the flowers say anything uh good work today guys youre heading in already yeah well what else were we supposed to do not quite yet does she say it like that thats okay thats it yeah everythings cleared youre heading in already yeah thats enough for one day where have you two been Ive been worried sick sorry we got a little sidetracked dinners ready in case youre wondering ah great but before we sit down I want you to make up the guest room gotcha take a load off okay judging by those eyes Im guessing youre a soldier X Soldier I hate to ask but would you leave tonight without any fuss no questions you boys made a trade a normal life for power you cant have it both ways Music Im back now I hope youre hungry star Ving right Music what did you say to him Mom thats what you should be saying Im so proud the man youve become women must be hounding you day and night not really you know theres all kinds of Temptations in the big city Id feel a lot better if I knew youd found a good girl I wanted to make sure you didnt get into trouble well I just got hair like that up front an older more mature girl I could keep you on the straight and narrow and tell you when youre being thats the perfect type for you Id say Music foreign in the middle but people have eyes like that like in the first one didnt his eyes kind of glow or something all right Ill leave it here Ill see yall tomorrow 10 minutes subscribers Music monster hunter rise steam charts #PS5 #gameplay #gaming #tyronemagnus codex games opening steam best free sex games on steam steam gaming on chromebook how to play steam vr games on the oculus quest can u use steam points to buy games