INFORMATION BLOWOUT! Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PS5

Is steam the biggest gaming platformleft 4 dead 2 steam charts FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE so recently sony had their state of play and a good amount of information was released on final fantasy 7 remake and boy do we need to jump into this one Applause so final fantasy 7 remake is getting a ps5 update called integrate this update increases graphical fidelity overall and well be seeing improved textures of lighting and backdrops and the backdrops needed to be improved desperately as on ps4 it just looks like a static background and well it just looks terrible it kind of brings down the whole atmosphere of the game in certain areas of every welcome improvement if you ask me the ps5 update will also have a performance mode option that will keep the game in action running at 60 frames per second in a photo mode that will allow you to catch up some awesome moments if you so choose perhaps the biggest announcement to come along with this update is dlc in the form of an episode featuring our favorite ninja girl yuffie i would say this was a smart way to introduce yuffie instead of giving her a whole introduction and final fantasy 7 remake part 2. for the remake i would assume her introduction probably would have had a whole flashy dramatic and dynamic cutscene featuring our own little boss battle and another cut scene right after with this dlc episode shes going to be introduced to old and new players so the developers dont have to waste time and resources creating it in part two her introduction was short in the original but here i would have imagined it probably would have been a bit more in the remake this new episode is also going to be introducing a good number of new characters im curious to see what they bring to the table so it looks like this is going to be an episode or dlc that youre definitely going to need to play and everyone seems to be having a battle royale of some type these days and it looks like final fantasy 7 is no different also announced was final fantasy 7 the first soldier this battle royale game takes place before the events of seven remake and of course as a battle royale you have to drop in and take out the opposing teams youll be able to use guns and magic and it also seems to have some melee combat as well one of the examples the use for magic showed off protecting the player from incoming damage you know im willing to give this a shot as long as its not completely riddled in microtransactions but its probably going to be free so you know no harm in giving it a try at least once or twice maybe we also got another mobile game called final fantasy 7 ever crisis that will feature important story events from the final fantasy 7 timeline this includes the beginning of final fantasy 7 and crisis core this is interesting i would rather them make a remaster of crisis core that was originally released on psp i mean that could still happen but it seems that this is what were getting for the events of crisis core come on square enix not like this i would gladly give you my money for a proper remaster of crisis core maybe im assuming too much or reading too much into this who knows only time will tell so for me i guess the biggest things im excited for is the graphical update for ps5 the game looks even better than it already did on ps4 plus theres going to be a 60 frames per second mode and im definitely going to be enjoying that although i dont have a ps5 at the moment improving the backdrops or the backgrounds rather will definitely be a welcome welcome change because the game got completely outed for the backgrounds being very lackluster uh as far as the new episode goes with goofy thats as i said before its a very smart choice i definitely wouldnt mind playing this yuffie and the new characters that are bringing into this episode i wonder how long its gonna be also with the other characters joining yuffies little adventure here how will they play what kind of characters will it be will they impact the rest of final fantasy 7 remake probably yes and i cant wait to see what else they do its gonna be interesting because we all know that final fantasy 7 remake really deviated from the norm especially with that ending so it opens this entire remake world to new possibilities and new outcomes and well who knows how far theyre gonna take it so all in all guys im pretty excited for this news of final fantasy 7 remake i think now is the time for me to consider getting the ps5 at this point but speaking of which wheres the pc version i would have thought the pc version would be announced around this time but apparently not so much maybe theyre waiting to release this integrate chapter or update and then release it all in one package on multiple platforms later down the line wouldnt be surprised coming for square enix were getting this in june so maybe around the holiday season well get that all in one package or maybe in 2022 i have no idea let me know what you guys think of this huge update for final fantasy 7 remake are you excited do you care maybe its just not what you expected it to be uh yuffie has got to have caught you off guard let me know your thoughts on about that and about the other games releasing the mobile games of ever crisis and the battle royale game that should be interesting to waste some time here and there thats it for now and ill catch you guys in the next video peace you steam rift games ◈CHECK HERE BELOW FOR MY LATEST UPDATES◈For Business Inquiries Email Me - you love JRPGs you owe it to yourself to listen to the JRPG Podcast: HP/MP - ◈SOCIAL MEDIA◈ FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM - JOIN MY DISCORD - FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER - FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH - #JRPG #FInalFantasyVII #Yuffie best steam games under 30 dollars 2021 steam train sound steam arma 3 games released 2022 steam steam was recently unable to sync