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Steam deck video game awardssteam turn off friend notifications FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE hello my dears good welcome back to a new episode five intense remake now always in the mud we are conscious thread i understand and we are running behind we we just did our cool is nothing parachute jump and are you busy she is really creepy out but the latest numbers for the slain beasts the 80 later maybe doesnt matter a new high level and becks does nt seem to be back yet looks like they are probably analyzing wildly again so after every mission there is a kind of debriefing can be quite heated I did nt think Id give that a bit to worry about anyway then lets get going jessica lives here ixload buddy we have to move on yes I want a bit of a store so the bix lives here i think the slums of sector 7 are much cooler at night than during the day I argued with him more precisely then here first what is now alone girl is it with m ännern eight applause various girls go to bed its night music jesse lives in this dorm owner men are not allowed in there its worth getting together with other young actresses just dont get stupid ideas you certainly dont hear the other girls like to talk because thats too risky in our situation the thing with alba land wont blow up never after all she s a pretty good actress but still do nt get any stupid thoughts what do you mean music doesnt have to be so innocent dr cloud makes out with everyone here because thats how it even comes here with bars in front of the windows and Im not allowed to do anything in it really can do that I have to try out the goods there were three ex jesse lives in the dorm cool how it actually struck me how little I talk in this lets play but that is of course due to the very detailed voice output of the game, which of course is by no means k critique is meant critically but on the contrary he talks very positively so much and can let people gossip here you learn with ok a lot of emptiness more secret works and what knew however there is a strict what then how weird where for the job I repeat music secret work in the reactor he is also a cat lover come my little ones come come here we have been out and about so much the parts took care of house today music thanks for bringing home the wound what is being done on it please come on me like that do nt be afraid to name my stuckis the cloud is a clear bounty you melted some money shes hardly a dad like always let yourself be hotter you can pet one could which one do you find the lowest you can tell the difference sure is but my family here are too loud my bunny bahn and pasha dora are very happy music is super cool sector by sector i know who is angry in there sects 5 music that would of course have been my thought well then please without matter good work what is that then music the 1 thats enough alright tomorrow evening what do I have nice for you now you can please let go but Ill do it only when you come music shes really pushy so he signals to him in a really extreme way that he has no interest in him at all if at all he has a deep interest so thats why I say dream on music yes yes yes she really flirted im still torn if its kind of funny or really exhausting for so i would of course be really cool how detailed all the new friends are with me its always hard to believe that im a little strange with their fourth row well Im at the everything can music music Im at home now it always bothers me with the robbers but I have to record like I do here because its coming Its always so automatic I have to clear my throat incredibly often when I talk to people normally its not like that but I think about it and then its like that chloe you can go to your very sparsely rumbling room to sleep it looks like I want to sleep I think I I did everything I think I could have chosen right now I didnt do it now I still find it strange that he sleeps with shoes, gloves and shoulder protection but well it seems to be super comfortable yes its quite a long way away just for a walk you know I never did hit he says hes leaving town the guy what are you doing are you staying because after a while here an old friend is in trouble ill help her that i promised i would never have dreamed at the time that it would be so bad maybe you want to talk Im here whats the matter with you why so sensitive I dont know you at all thats bad in the opposite then you do nt scare marlene anymore either laughter anyway im relieved that you re back but now im tired id better go to bed even if i d rather spend the whole night ok sleep well of course the wife no back pain court why also deeper probably the one with the promise so a bit wrong i just promised i have to go back now a funny creature there again and slim forget all your music whats going on oha kathrin modena cancel a beer of course everybodys order right and now but far from good nothing how ready we have to against i dont have the choice out of hate the touring that at all with i could now the newcomer had i should already tell you that the function of these animals it would just be a spoiler here dont rush anything flying is quiet times to mention that I want to hear he can hear away one not of the problem stop so the g If it is in the main game I do not exist in the main game they were constructed here on the basis of the mini and now just the names he has four players whose teachers are the bosss guardians that the story takes the course of that everything happened that way i have i can be understood by touch visible more i understood that the moors are quasi the hut of destiny that make sure that from the original game 790 the story runs as it should run in the original its game so that cloud goes on this mission here but excluded from the meal were driving now dont say more ill tell thats nice tell a lot at this point but thats the way it was somehow ran together still needed run cloud a sudden attack i have the feeling we are trying to stop washausen so that fate can take its course they are overstretching it tland usually easy we dont give in under the one lose then fight what its about me through the epic music in my ears youre here trying to stop why are we there weve decided a little we of course want to help directly go music I can mystical beings I just go to the reading but dont rush anything it has any objections should go then she steps up to you dont look forward to it again the team is on tour music yes that was I just have to figure it out first somehow it is not good not susceptible and hack tricks that again no writing do nt even give up at some point something like that I dont miss it of course I cant anymore yes I really save that ne the depth that doesnt matter do value with bread and water look back I know only to exactly what I should do uses no now I should be able to go there I count on myself and skills music yes music damn what now music ultimately all face one that at all for weird fisherman well in this poisonous swamp it does nt surprise meanwhile actually nothing more nice thank you nice everything was okay I would like that claim but otherwise Im not partly Im really sorry oh what are you okay now do nt exaggerate Im in top shape well anyway you should rest sparrows you sit down and make fun of how and what about the mission fix is but long since in the reactor there is no going back barrot ill just do a part its getting better and better do nt worry ill jump in worthy well theres someone else cloud you ready for action it costs extra money it shouldnt fail its so loud then continue according to plan Im fine my people up you stay here with jesse and marlene never but I can still take you with me you have to protect them zen alright everyone knows what to do our goal is reactor 5 we meet at the train station in Bad everything is ready here you have your money that should be more than enough advance payment to walk 500 soldiers can spirit you are welcome to do that well, and so the Moors made sure that Cloud went on a mission, which wasnt originally planned in the storyline here in the game, but in the original original storyline they steered my fate in the right direction, thats a remake a remake is always a bit of scope for innovations that will definitely play second place with a very great relevance because at the end of this chart of parties a lot of things happened that i wanted that i didnt quite understand but everything in due course mr köppel take care ill do it it will work now ill miss another important performance maybe thats it attributing to my stage fright there is always a next time thank you of course we go on mission with berit with deeper into the fight come on deeper breathe deeply through you seem tense okay lets trigger exercise defense of its members the equipment formulated once your group has listened to it even in their absence and exchange the required material or accessories if necessary yes i would briefly visit your rows i have now with cloud i have yes the heal i would actually like to remove and instead sometimes revive glowing thunderstorms what i have with him or Ill put out a thunderstorm too and instead sometimes premiere and well leave the two things in then well do it deeper anyway hurry then shell breathe well revitalize from now on you could still do any and yet its so beautiful you can still do with her analysis with berit around with which it is definitely h Im still doing things the court on my body armor a body armor that please not yet equipped the iron rips me straight whether he has thunderstorms and healing thats okay that can stay with him but watching chocolate didnt see it was not seen I would have 1 what it looks like the advance I would say that weve already seen that from 15 that s wonderful the memories again we ll have a little break after not trying the shots right before we stack the mission properly to make it shorter so between 25 10 20 minutes something andré i walk a bit in the direction of the train station but i dont walk all the way there but i think the mission will start as soon as we get there i would like to thank you very much for you see yes of course i am very thankful to see something and yes lets see what else i wanted here we come up the mountain mac hen marketing weapons movie please yes we will meet the moors more often and maybe at some point we will have a bit of an idea what they are all about and why they protect fate at all and whatever is necessary and so that everything will happen only in the course of the story and change number haye the core of magical physical attack could then i have no weapons points men but i unlocked a new material according to then i will of course use them directly he has a healing depth had red first thunderstorms here before in the goal I actually wanted to somehow with thunderstorms barrot has a thunderstorm nobody else asks you then I breathe deeper then I change that again with thunderstorms its better that Ill save here and take a break and then well see each other next time experience again thank you very much for seeing and we will be destined mt still philosophize a bit here and see what she said to me and what it meant to me. some things I didnt understand even after two games or only have certain ideas about them and many things will I think will only be clarified in the K2 which we will of course play at some point I am already looking forward to it and I would like to thank you very much until next time steam idle game Weiter geht es mit dem nächsten Meisterwerk von Square Enix. In Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, vertiefen wir das Hauptspiel von 1997. Die Charaktere werden noch detailreicher und wachsen uns ans Herz, die Geschichte um Cloud und seine Freunde wird noch intensiver, großartiger und furchtbarer zur gleichen Zeit. Wir werden ShinRa noch mehr hassen, als es ohnehin der Fall ist. ;) Entwickler: Square Enix Publisher: Square Enix ____________________________________________ Hier geht es zur Playlist: ____________________________________________ Wenn dir das Spiel gefällt, unterstütze doch die Entwickler und kaufe es selbst💜 : classic pc games on steam in home steam room secura steamer shower steam for cough this week free games steam