Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade | Gameplay Reactions : Yuffie Is Amazing - Combat & Mini Games

Steam 32 bitwhen is q2 2022 steam deck FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE game hey guys welcome back to another video todays video we are talking about final fantasy integrate final fantasy being one of my favorite actually probably my favorite game series of all time uh and were here with paradise who also is a lover of the final fantasy hes back but its not i love final fantasy its my favorite as well easily like super biased on this one like fun fact c7 remake i just loved it just loved it no one could tell me any differently you know those games that you just love like regardless of if people are roasting it or not i just love it so were gonna weve got some footage today from square enix and this is some brand new stuff super excited to sit down and uh go through this so lets see what it is saying what it is im hoping theres some really good stuff for me im hoping that theres probably like a summon or something really cool in here to see so lets jump into it what is this the moogle plus moogle plush you know who was sick and integrated um muggy i just loved it its the herd yo shes shes here definitely like one of my favorites hair like and vincent like 10 out of 10. oh the birds the pigeons so nice does she have the skills hes got the skills oh assassins creed assassins superhero landing yeah with the muggy hat operative for the oh wutai government i have orders to infiltrate shinra headquarters and steal their oh wait if they show combat were going to be able to see how she actually plays because ive been ive been so concerned as to how she will play yeah weve seen a little bit of combat in the like the other trailers but you know how they you dont really know like how distinct the differences between them are until you really like play the game because tifa played completely differently too wow okay okay she kind of like plays like t for them shes like two wait shes got like ranged melee this is sick you know what im so gassed to be back on this next month is gonna be so good its been in like the back of my mind like the whole time you know thats thats pretty nice its only like one extra like episode though but itd be nice to be playing back on ps5 uh the game anyway i dont know if im gonna play through the whole thing again because i dont want to spoil myself before like part two comes out so ill probably just play like the extra content and then uh leave it at that unless its like crazy how long part two is i might do a replay like if theres time obviously for now i think just playing this new content will be enough for a while of the modern world whoa they fixed the skybox it looks so much better so this is like one of the mini games right so im always scared when the mini games are like look this in depth like if im gonna get all of it like done but this looks sick imagine if blitzball looked this good yeah what is this like some tower defense type yeah yeah basically thats exactly it it looks like as he as you push forwards though youre able to spawn further forward as well its kind of like uh i love it oh yeah you have the troops where you kind of like push into the enemy territory its like a kind of tug of war type thing im coming for you oh the classics i remember this area why do they love the cats in this game this is the cat era right where theyve got like nope could be a different area im remembering wrong but i think there was a fight in here yeah that was yeah a little chest remember that one man like dawn corneas lucky oh she can get ice infusions do you keep all your material from like the main i dont know if it even has any impact on this because it looks we havent seen anyone from the like the main the first part of the story yeah wait shes just changing elements im gonna have to max her out as well some max level so what you could just she has like access to all elements preferably uh skill seems sorry four thousand she looks so fun to play yeah weve not seen uh the other dude yeah controlled oh the combat is so fun i feel like they basically perfected like that rpg combat i want where its like a mix between real time and like the atb i just love the way like 5167 like remake looks visuals yeah for me its like a really good blend of like being in that anime realm but also keeping it real yeah don corneo boxes i mean the windstorm it just looks so smooth as well look at look at the shuriken just spinning on it yeah oh Music like a cyclo oh my gosh im sorry wait i want to see some limit breaks though oh they just got deleted hey a big boss this one was i think they showed like a snippet of this in the at the end of the trailer right yeah Music i love the bosses in this game yeah all right so the vent is the weak point or maybe its just the head she just bodied it like took off half of his bar like look how like sick that boss actually looks so because they normally have like these bosses in games that are its mechanical but this one this looks sick its all articulated like different points as well wow not gonna lie that boss would make a cool model its legit a gundam uh kaiju yeah oh the finisher get wrecked oh hes got phases salmon ive seen this movie before but every time as well yo i want to see how final fantasy xv one was the best though because it was just a huge judgement bolt or whatever yeah here it is okay why did they make the summers look so cool yeah i wonder if well get access to the summons we unlock in the main game because there are some cool ones that you unlocked like me at the very very end i dont even get to use a bahama all that much right anyway guys that was it for our reactions uh hopefully you guys enjoyed that there was a bunch of content there as well i just made me even more excited for the game to be released and this is basically a couple of weeks away essentially from where were gonna get our hands on it so i am uh infatuated with this game and i think i always will be and hopefully theres a bunch of you guys out there that play final fantasy if you havent played a final fantasy game let me know let me know in the comments why why you havent or if youre intrigued or if its just been a long process of you not necessarily uh getting around to it but yeah let me know all of your opinions paradise what did you think of uh all of that was anything that stood out for you well what stood out for me was we only saw you being controlled you know we also obviously saw the new that needed the mini game looks really good im excited anyway guys uh thats actually paradise you have a video going out dont you before i forget i was about to wrap up the video and be like but paradise has a final fantasy video and other videos as well todays going to have load of videos for you guys theres a lot going on today uh but over on my channel were going to have our like thoughts and impressions on it so this was our reaction and well go a bit deeper into what we thought yeah so see you guys over there and uh checking later for some more videos on our channel bye best samurai games steam Today, we get to check out one of my favourite series of all time. 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