Final Fantasy VII Remake (Yuffie DLC) - Shinra Box Buster Challenge 50,000 Points (Materia Maven)

Steam autumn sale 2021 games liststeam how to check game version FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE game le creuset steamer insert Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Remake (Yuffie DLC) Basic & Soldier Shinra Box Buster Challenges - How to Get 50,000 Points Highscore for the Materia Maven trophy.This takes place in Chapter 2. Using the weapon Steel Reaper is highly recommended, it has the most attack damage and unlocks the ability Banishment which lets you clear out the last room of the Soldier Challenge in 1 attack. - Orange Boxes: Use physical attacks (your shuriken in hands). Can keep spamming TRIANGLE on those. - Purple Boxes: Use Ninjutsu (throw away your shruiken with TRIANGLE then press SQUARE for Ninjutsu). - Metal Boxes: Only press 1 time TRIANGLE to throw a shuriken, then use the ability Windstorm. It will instantly destroy those boxes. If you have a lot of trouble, it helps to beat Chapter 2 first, then you unlock a Combat Simulator at the start of Chapter 2. There you can grind to level 50 in about 1-2 hours. Then fully upgrade the weapon to increase attack damage. It lets you destroy the boxes a bit faster. TIMELINE SHINRA BOX CHALLENGES: #1 - Basic Training - 0:00 #2 - Soldier Challenge - 3:42 Shinra Box Buster Text Guide: Yuffie Intermission DLC Trophy Guide & Roadmap: SUBSCRIBE: Support this Channel by becoming a Member: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow PowerPyx: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ stream steam games to nvidia shield tarjeta regalo steam game hide games in steam library steam game list best non steam pc games