This Ending Has My Brain MELTING: Final Fantasy VII Remake - Intermission/Intergrade (Finale)

Resident evil village steam deckmcculloch steamer attachments FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE game lets go Music uh okay lets remember how to play this game we have two at least two more bosses i think something like that we have we have a bit of  __  to do uh this has been quite fun so far and maybe i can do upgrade some  __  join okay what else can i give sona hes got 14 points uh not a lot answer not a lot oh or maybe a lot atp charge rate 10 boost in a new material slot i do like new material slots lets do that Music i dont know if its i dont know if i cant unlock sonan weapon skills i dont know if i actually can i got the steel reaper right now i think ive uh i definitely think that ive unlocked whats it called uh whats this one banishment i got elemental ninjutsu so i got brumal i got banishment oh the proficiency is at 100. this proficiency is at effing zero maybe i gotta force my ass to to use this stuff maybe maybe okay uh lets get right into it lets throw ourselves right into the lions den get messed up is it the r2 atb command attack okay stupid no good door wont budge meaning were trapped police teleporting deep ground  __  i want them to suffer that was my name in high school pain sensation max the rest i leave to you oh god its the dirge cheese oh no not cheese of the dirge yes thats zach Laughter thats zach yes thats zach 100 dont worry just dont ask any questions just understand that thats zach thats what zach is now oh what did this vr land this guy attacking me no oh  __  oh  __  well that guys dead oh were in vr land now Music  __  is dead all right this games pretty neat whoa these guys are dead Music what the hell okay wait wait wait wait lets do the things that we know what we can do lets ass ask this dude uh weaknesses oh good a small device that floats inside shinra is now obsolete combat simulator it contains stores of monster and weapon data which it uses to visually construct training exercises it projects the data of a diabolic creation to shield itself and the creature must be dealt with before the device can be attacked look at this eldritch  __  over here um weakest ice ow poke me Music um Music oh god gross get him get him get him all this thing called down oh wait a minute wait a minute this is gonna do so much damage wait wait abilities uh synergize art of war there we go no come on game give it to me another one oh jesus christ lets get off this thing oh uh oh youre now a frog and i have no i have no way to heal you sonnen i have no way to heal you and youre now a frog all right the only the only the only idea i have is to do this and heal my asset right after oh god Music oh  __  what the  __  Music oh soda hell okay uh im on fire by like a lot jesus dude this dude is  __  me up oh oh its time oh what oh perfect timing absolute perfect loop this timing holy  __  i think its dead i think its dead all right can we please get out of here already santa with the clutch okay lets uh lets go buy some more potions and  __  and heal up how about that ramu max payne ah make sure we have plenty of these uh these thick ass potions we got like 12 gs on us plenty of high potions too got plenty of ethers maidens kiss well thats what i didnt have any of so lets uh lets get a few more of those all right all right somethings smoking and on fire its good its good i feel good what huh what the what the hell what we gotta click in here huh i am blind shut up the door this one oh theres a button next to the door the extremely hidden button in secrecy where no one could see it who could have done this hold on a second i want to go back one look around hang on hang on i want to see if this door opens its got a mystery button that no one else can see  __  i dont like the looks of this i feel theyre here to help oh oh subjects on site its time to initiate the tv field test sir dont do anything with this yet Music always hes just a metal gear boss now who is that metal gear boss that like manipulated peoples bodies and stuff and outside of you know obviously the place where my brother and i like to play cool now thats psychomentos laughing mantis thats what it is lets take a different deck wow cant blame a girl for trying Music okay ready hey man hey quit it be so cheap the okay program has been compromised containment protocol this mans getting his ass beat hi gentlemen how dare you how dare you stand in my way this is one of shinras many anime experiments the experimental anime is lose do something the musics amazing oh blinding tacos thank you for the heel while im getting stabbed blinding tacos something something about tacos hes sucking my oh my god hes sucking my soul Music hes gotta get his soul sucked Music holy  __  that is a solid thousand damage oh my god damn Music okay Music holy  __   __  Music whats going on with you man Music huh Music Music give him all the shits Music give them all the shits so great lets much out of here damn its crazy this is all in game dudes  __  music Music fastball special oh god the wall hurts behold the true beauty of darkness i dont want to oh thats bad i dont know what the  __  im attacking pleasure oh my god he did it again saved my ass oh that was cheap Music my life is still going down you a-hole oh what the  __  wow okay so 100 you need dispel you you have to remove this guys haste one oh my god okay yeah yeah yeah yeah 100 in fact i think i still had a open material slot possibly on sonan maybe yuffie yeah we need to get rid of this guys haste one hundred percent ill take rid of that deadly dodge im fine without that uh whats the whats the material its boarding ap up chakra what whats it called what what come on reduce debuff duration is it a green material is it subversion its subversion thats what it is okay um steadfast block autoblock healing magnify fire you dont really need magnify during this so i can give you something else possibly helpful Music maybe atb boost that actually might be really good that might be really helpful yeah healing magnify you know what yeah lets do this i like i like the way you think chat healing magnify sounds like a great idea um this guys probably weak to fire too right im only gonna throw it out there Music but im gonna im gonna say that this dudes probably weak to fire because hes a human opponent so lets do this lets put elemental fire on yuffie lets give someone on something else instead of this lets put his hp up atp stagger instead fast block Music give him hp up i like it okay im ready steady Music go Music how i got thanks for shot Music probably should have healed oh these are unskippable oh man oh god containment protocol keep myself healed up Music how dare you how dare you stand in my way yeah the piano is actually there was a lot of piano in durge and uh whats it called before crisis theres a lot of piano elements in those or chrysler sorry so it kind of fits right it fits thematically with those uh compilation ff77 stuff Music oh my god breach costs 2 mp  __  Music okay spells reach his ass what Music spells breach Music did i not read this right it doesnt remove haste  __  Music counter it my own  __  youre fine Music Music oh okay half health thats not good i do have something though and i gotta get that up this is bad lets get out of here if i go to breach i press right to switch the dispel all right i have to do that its muy importante man holy  __   __  holy  __   __  it doesnt happen right now thats probably a good thing Music Music Music wait am i activated there we go Music abilities summon first get ramo out but im gonna do synergize horse  __  then banishment three this  __  oh oh holding back cheap  __  oh my god that what what what okay okay okay oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  you pissed off santa santas mad Music do it get that cutscene in there thats good thats good lets finish this damn just eliminated dirty cerberus like that bam its gone we did awesome dont want to spoil the moment but we should probably get going but im so tired but i could carry you you win sheesh uh but i won though you gotta keep going for us no stop it Music Music uh Music Music damn Music Music help me oh its gonna lead to something  __  up theres definitely this edgelord guy doing some super edgy things while edging i dont appreciate it you  __  im not a kid im not your sister jesus christ sweet jesus christ Music ah Music hmm Music Music hmm dont think i can do this alone Music the amazing yuffie wants you join her team and the skys the limit dang theyre literally leaving it off where theyre planning on the sequel going with like the open world and everything on a chocobo oh god oh god wait a minute im the whole time i was thinking of what about the  __  hit the  __  brother what what about yo jimbo no wanna shut up now oh  __  oh  __  hey barrett were you really walking the whole way yep calm still pretty far though isnt it oh my god another full day give or take question when my mom says a full day she means from the time you get up in the morning till the time you go to bed but for me it means from the time you get up in the morning all the way through till the time you get up the next morning so which is it for you gotta go with elmira on that one thats a relief is it though cloud  __  youve had to hoof it from sun up to sun down tons of times this is all just same old same all right thats right barrett was being so beautiful were all gonna need to stop and rest especially you yeah yeah i know anyway marching into the unknown aint easy but dont worry because im here to lead the way thats comforting of course it is all right everyone lets stop here for a minute leaders orders now breathe in that fresh air Music actually scratch that lets uh save it for later when were not so close to midgar guess this is goodbye city of marco Music oh jesus oh jesus christ Music like this yep just like that teaching her how to hitchhike get the cute girls to hitchhike thatll work Music no way a car Music jumps in front of the  __  car Music oh its the chocobo guy for the chocobo farm oh jesus oh jesus what is it with these damn birds he looks the same uh sorry about that no need to apologize man Music oh my god oh my god it keeps going oh my god at that wheres the roof when you need one gonna be okay should be but weird my stomachs in knots thats its way of telling you its hungry lets move 13 with nothing to say hurry before my tail goes out its been a while huh long time no see how you been listen hey im back Music what the  __  what the  __  wait wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute zach isnt in another timeline are we trying to say the stupid dog bag was a red herring i think thats it i oh well it has to be it  __  has to be everybodys confused yeah so if you had more questions if you had a ton of questions at the end of final fantasy vii you now have even more questions Music you steam deck custom buttons #FinalFantasy7Remake #FF7R #Intergrade #EndingCheck out our Livestream! 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