How to Disable Dynamic Resolution in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade on Steam Deck

Steam deck wattschivalry 2 epic games and steam FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE game are you looking to play final fantasy 7 remake interlude on steam deck without the blurriness and have a much better experience then youve come to the right place installing the mod to disable the dynamic resolution in final fantasy 7 is actually very simple first of all youre going to need to switch over to desktop mode open your favorite browser and head over to nexus mods you will need a free account so make sure you sign up for that then just search for dynamic resolution disabler or use the link in the description below head over to the file section and download the file manually and using the free download will be fine here as the file is absolutely tiny anyway so the slow download is absolutely fine under the free account save this your downloads or somewhere easy for you to get to and open up the zip file so that you have the pac file handy for the next stage now head over to your steam library open up the properties for final fantasy 7 remake and go to local files and hit browse this should open up the file manager to the correct location then head into the end directory and then content open up the packs directory there and now you can either copy and paste or drag over that mod thats it thats all you need to do now you can switch back to game mode and give it a try i would also recommend that when you switch back to game mode that you also add the hyphen d3d11 command to force directx 11 and also use proton ge20 if you have it for an even more smooth experience now you can see in game it is absolutely super smooth you get a much better frame rate on the settings of your choosing and that blurriness of the dynamic resolution is gone thats it super simple check out our best settings guide to see how much difference this really makes thanks for watching and see you next time steam api game info Get rid of the blur in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade on Steam Deck by following this simple guide for how to disable Dynamic Resolution on Final Fantasy VI Remake.Nexus Mod Dynamid Resolution Disabler: Twitter: Discord: Want to grow your own channel? Check this out: Steam Deck Tech Links: Rii I4 Media Keyboard: m.2 NVME: m.2 NVME Enclosure with USB C: Compatible USB-C Hub: A2/U3 Micro SD Card: #SteamDeck #ff7r #ff7remakeintergrade when do steam games go on sale next steam game sale promo codes for steam steam all games free how to play steam games for free