ADVANCED WEAPONRY - Lets Play - Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - 3

Steam games to trysailing game steam FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE game previously on final fantasy 7 remake integrate Music how does it feel shinra to see the whole of midgar brought to its knees by the amazing new fee your capacity to remain undeterred and overcome adversities commendable you are truly a worthy competitor too bad you must die now and now back to the rest of my childhood the sneaker b back with some more final fantasy 7 remake integrate we last left off we met this hot stud muffin here sewn on kusaka bay totally new character apparently according to you guys actually he hasnt even been in any of the side content not in crisis core not in your dirge not in any like the light novels no hes completely original uh new character for this and i already like him a lot honestly i mean just that side of the fact that hes a one studly muffin and honestly really cool has a really cool design i like his like his armor and even his funny little sneakers i dont know just and the fact that he wields like a monkey uh monkey king uh pole when he fights but he really helps to balance out uh yuffies like crazy bubbliness right hes like the total opposite is the cool-headed you know smooth-talking guy who seems like he probably likes to plan things ahead a bit more than yuffie does if he just kind of runs in and does  __  um and its already made for a pretty cute dynamic but i feel like we were getting were starting to get a good look at his character too and what he sort of values right and we got a good look at that last episode when we were running through here and he mentioned how like how the other unit of avalanche you know is probably the one they should have been following because the one theyre working with is too soft right but then he also said like whatever its like we care what happens to this place anyway and it almost makes you wonder if at some point is there going to be like a difference of opinion here between or ideology between yuffie and sonan because i think were already kind of seeing right that you feed came in here kind of assuming this place is just trash and whatever but were already seeing the people in here i think changing her mind a bit right shes starting to sort of come to realize that everyone in this city is  __  trash but i dont know if sonan is feeling that way i dont know if hes has really is having a change of heart he still seems like hes just like yeah no  __  this city and you know everyone involved with it i know there is actually like a light novel that i think covers the war between midgar and wutai a bit uh better i think it was it was an after crisis or is after crisis or pre-crisis i i dont know i think there is like a light novel or is it a mobile game i dont know that i think there is theres something theres some kind of media that covers like the wutai magar uh war before this game um a bit better i should probably like check up on it because i think i think eufy actually appears in that as well uh but anyway last episode a loose fish said uh you think and uh company encountered a man with long silver hair so its like a power within them the man approaches you are our possessive strength it seems we are fated to battle today i shall bring you true despair now then are you ready to clash the girl remember the bond she had found in her friends gathering all her courage he responds ew is that a pet rock those are way out of style four condors were sad now old timer defeated all the man can respond with is bedrocks will never be a memory come siffy rock we must go Laughter the end is what it really got me you got the avatar reference of the stepping rock its like god damn it yeah that theres the winner yeah we all know sephiroth is a serious weave for  __  pet rocks just loves those lucky clashes man uh but loose fish thank you so much for your hilarious comment anyways for that reason you are commenting today but yeah i am uh im loving this so far its dlc it is awesome and the load times are  __  crazy again i loaded the game up and i couldnt believe how  __  fast like you know im just gonna show you guys i want you guys to see how insanely fast this is first off watch this how quickly i get to the title screen im here now i was gonna go ahead and see my gamers gonna wonder over here i just like what the  __  holy crap dude i love that  __  solid state loading its like basically no loading youre just here its gonna be funny you know were gonna be telling our like kids and our grandkids like back in my day i used to play video games and half the time we spent playing was sitting there waiting for the game to load ah those were the days theyre gonna start inserting loading back into games just to tickle our nostalgia bone were gonna eat that  __  right up right were like oh yeah horrible and awesome oh god oh jesus all right all right well lets go ahead and uh save our little buddy i think were probably getting close to the end here i would like to say surprisingly enough this uh this dungeon or i guess yeah this area went through was actually not too bad in terms of like actual like level design weirdly probably one of the better level designed uh areas especially compared to uh uh the main story of uh five faces seven remake uh camaro uh variable up ahead will take you through a storage room filled with small medium sized boxes youre up to break them yes i know this  __  works is that our big box can hit that big box oh yeah i cant oh my god holy  __  going on that side no oh my god theres so many things so many boxes smashed on the ground like this one and that one and this one and even this okay uh if the throwing star misses or an object has bars path flight path while microsoft youth time your throws carefully make sure that uh another gamer wrapped up what the hell holy  __  look at this beautiful box physics so many boxes all right we good this thing isnt going towards like an incinerator or something you think what are you doing whats it looking like yeah for some reason i can only walk though oh you  __  them  __  oh  __  oh there we go ah all right we done no were still going oh my god so many boxes too many boxes full of nothing but air oh my god this is just some qv  __  man look at this what the hell am i doing what am i doing ah lets get like lets show off our goofy physics physics objects this is the power of the ps5 well i guess thank goodness  __  was in the ps4 version but  __  you now its the 60 fps all right that was incredible what the hell did i get scored what was that was that a mini game i dont know i didnt get a score just like how many boxes i got did i do okay oh how did i do is that high score i have no idea damn wheres our little buddy hes been chased for like an hour now ooh the music man Music what do we got here magic up nice damn man the music man is this game is so  __  good its so  __  good oh my god i  __  sacks jesus oh yeah trying to woo me finally seven remake come on youve already moved me stop it you dont need to do any more wooing yeah like just the the moving around of these like things like this letting you reach different areas is actually uh surprisingly well designed for whats been honestly i mean the original game is probably one of the biggest flaws of it was the the level design for so many errors was just so basic no  __  that guy sucks anyway hi guard guys hi i can see you if youre just doing that like the goober she is uh what we got we got things on sale ill take it ill take it all oh you can buy the boomerang if you didnt end up finding it thats good this is my  __  soon on my  __  yes i i know i i know thats what you tell me every time dont you forget it mister like your gifty run with our arms outstretched like this cool sneezing a different uh section that we havent seen before now spill it who gave you that information oh his name was something like heidegger wrong answer ow  __  im gonna ask you again all right all right ill tell you it was rufus no damn dude dont say some balls again get the  __  who was it ready to do this boss right now draw their attention you grab our guy and aversion huh i like it but dont forget im the leading lady oh god evildoers so its like oh my god thats exactly what i was hoping youd ask im a moogle what a show off what the  __  greatest material hunter youd be what are you doing a little weirdo oh  __  she took the cloak off Music she does take it off good i want to see your classic outfit moogle after this cute but its just some kid hes just some kid all right lets go back to killing this guy shes very good at falling i cut that rope with my hole who are you anyway got eyes on hostile requesting backup oh  __  here we go i got a shuriken damn it oh my god what the  __  is that oh my god it looks pissed giant caterpillar gigantic ow oh god all right now what we got here gigantic a multi-legged heavy weapons platform developed by shinras advanced weaponry division is armed with a large number of missiles that used to eliminate intruders seeking to gain access to medgars central pillar his head is susceptible to physical attacks attacks while its tail is susceptible to lightning attacks uh lightning attacks also rapidly fills stair gauge its long range attack accuracy increases when its containment laser finds a target uh okay is that actually weak to lighting though okay look at my uh lighting  __  going on here uh oh Music i wonder if i have to end attacking both okay all right get out of the way uh all right lightning did you sue ah wait is that oh its actually doing anything but it does this one pressure it okay uh lets see go for trolling lunch to its uh head ill keep the pressure on the tail here surely escaping damn evie looks so  __  good man Music i love her classic outfit oh god whats he doing uh hold on lock onto the other lock onto the tail i cant lock onto the tail its getting little critters i dont think i can actually attack him oh containment drone Music uh small skilled drone deployed by the heavy weapons uh platform uh gigantic their containment lasers just lock on detected uh insurers to improve missile accuracy okay these are weak to uh lightning ow there we go Music oh god uh oh whats he doing hes got some with this little grit scrubber tail can i uh uh oh oh boy Music its easier oh  __  lets do it baby ramune i am foul or something im here now lets get gas  __  yeah lets go rambo uh okay what we got summon abilities voltaic lance summoning a lance of lightning that deals damage to nearby enemies circuitous bolt shield ball lighting in a circular arc all right go for the uh the tail oh god okay circuit is bolt boom oh yeah oh my god yeah thats right this  __  move all right together ah yeah get staggered  __  oh im about to show you some  __  pain  __  lets do this lets go so not oh Music oh god i got lasers uh so on hit him with the swing storm bruh i actually didnt get to see rabbits finished or not think about it oh wow can you see that probably judgment bolt yep not cute nice work you saved my ass where did my little cloak go it was nothing well it did earn you these employee id cards theyll get you into the shinra building and pretty much any floor basement included thats where advanced weapons and where they conduct their material research what youre looking for is anywhere in that place its gonna be there got it you guys should probably get moving word is shinras got something big lined up for us nothing less than the destruction of sector seven but whatever it is theyre planning youre better off out of it right ima go report to the others good luck up there Music see you soon yeah Music fist bump oh  __  ill show you what times really party deal do they hang out the night before dont forget to tell the splinter cell about sector seven i wont well boss sounds like we better get going lets head up as soon as youre ready Music Music ready Music whats going on ill give you a little arm guard there i always thought it looked kind of weird in the original but it looks really cool here right under our noses too bad they made it out before the military could get here like chickens flying the coo youre right karen strassman probably best if we dont stick around lets catch the train youre incredible thanks are you talking to me oh my god oh the ponder queen yes going in there hope dont mind me so they figured out that they were part of avalanche i guess that makes sense im because eg well yeah el whole group was there so maybe they found out his connections to uh everybody else to that building you just got her shorts on button for some reason goofy button up your shorts a little weirdo jesus im gonna fall off at this rate especially with all your flipping and dipping is there actually a place for me to heal at all i dont really have a place to rest like cloud did i dont have like a house i guess a bench somewhere oh my god so many dudes talking oh he actually think theres a bench down here yeah here we go my  __  again so im guessing the ninjutsu uses her like her magic attack power right while her physical its obviously her uh regular attack power im guessing thats thats how this works if that is it really does make you feel like probably one of the most uh versatile characters in the game honestly with just how you know easily she can without having to even use the np switch between attack and magic like i dont even have any real like offensive abilities or magic on her because i dont feel like i really need it at least not right now all right so head to the train station you just go in there and kick the turret out of those fiends all by yourself oh real i might have well color me impressed hey got a proposition for you our town could use a good fighter like you so what would you say to joining the neighborhood watch and risk my neck for this dump find another sucker ah oh cool i almost missed that and talked to weimer after id uh cleared out the area Applause you actually wonder i wonder if nayo i mean imagine that all the if the avalanche is already aware of this that the other uh the i guess the original avalanche and i guess were before the splinter cell theyre just the original all right um they already knew about it they like they likely all cleared out um before the uh the plate came down essentially uh the landlady marl or marley whatever shes technically part of avalanche as well we know shes surprised boss i dont think well be back here anytime soon so make sure youre ready for anything okay make sure you finish all your your side quests and substories i think were good here lets roll lets move im gonna bet this marks the end of this chapter probably limited number of trains are currently in service please note that the sector five under city stations miss this train and theres no telling when the next will be looks like its now or never guys what kind of inspiration you want wasnt that funny ill give you a proper send-off just know that were rooting for you okay i am going to be curious how like what this is leading to right like what is this ultimate material were going for oh thats right yuffie always got motion sick on like ill be fine all the vehicles in the game thats so funny dont laugh no always got motion sick chocobos sure trains would have done it too who is melfi my sister huh she trained under your father at the same time as me and she had such promise the war was ending but oh its actually funny i think oh  __  yeah i think it actually is the same mech because i think that mech was kind of like dumped off in the they do but im not your sister take two ids to tango i think yeah i think that uh that that mech there was actually it was a bus that we fought in the uh the subway area uh or at the end of the the subway area uh as cloud and antifa and barrett um but i think it was kind of like seemingly it seemed like it was just like left behind in trash there but then it like sprang to life and attacked us i well i think i dont remember if it was i dont know was it just sitting there waiting for us i dont know i would be surprised that is actually the same meg it sure looked like it yep chapter 2 covert ops the turks are on top yes there will be no delays please mr president i am asking you to reconsider no begging the sector 7 undercity is home to more than 50 000 director touristy okay so we saw this cut scene the original game at least let us issue a warning sir the stench of the directors cowardice fills the room yet again breathe progress requires sacrifice learn to live with it god the faces in this game are so  __  good oh yeah were just look at us just waltzing in here excuse me i have some questions this is gonna be well before oh hey its the reporter guy would you care to comment on the rumors that secret will be the dearest next target okay chase yes theyre going to hit the reactor arent they you i like were clearly ninjas though right like look at us like seriously how do we not like how we get away with this  __  i know we got ids and stuff but look at us for gods sakes just decked out in this ninja gear hold the door someones got a big pole oh god scoring your giant kits its kiahaha what floor the basement advanced weaponry going hes like man look at the boobs on this chick  __  perfect just perfect scott seriously hi but oh how the mighty are fallen wutai colluding with avalanche and resorting to terrorism i always thought the mutants and honorable people they used to be certainly but now now theyre nothing but blood-sucking flies buzzing around shinras face keep it together you think would you not agree in light of recent events i mean i would 100 what a lovely smile damn good on you yuffie holy  __  see if she makes the keeper keep it together i think not foreign visitors should take the scenic route and save the opportunity to meet our latest autonomous weapons oh shes new shes new damn it that  __  ill never get a better chance was scarlett director of advanced weaponry it was one of her machines that killed melfi calm down sonan gosh she really does look like his sister though calm down remember were here for a reason right boss im sorry dont be i was ready to strangle her myself and thats before she sent us off in the wrong direction where did she send us Music only one way to find out dont worry well get to material research eventually just a little longer my precious okay wow back in shinra again theyre likely going to be going through a different section least i think anything new in the vending machine uh nope same old same old uh camping the door no get some new music here too holy  __  just look at this place weapons everywhere youre ready for some serious action if the governments got anything to say about it just where he belongs results i cant wait to hear about uh oh god yuffie and uh like when she confronts her basically her daddy issues and uh i dont know what part it would happen in what happened in part two or part three but i dont know i can already just tell like the shits theyre already handling this just so well i know its theyre gonna do a great job with it i love the fact that shes bringing it up oh boy sweeper time all right you little bastards okay we got the sweeper and the slug ray means get your lightning shoes baby oh itching my banishment i did actually get enough to form a full bar of this banishment but it didnt that didnt stay for some reason you know i guess it only saves it if its incomplete at the end of a fight i i dont know actually a little confused by that but okay you come here yeah seriously look how much damage this  __  does hes just getting  __  up ow zone on kill him hes a big meanie ah master tear improved first circuits are improved nice oh god bring it on you big titty  __  has to step down scarlett you idiot all right now what so it didnt oh no yeah so i had a full bar and now now im at zero bars i think the way it works is if i i think i had must have had a full bar and one extra so at the end if i have a full bar thats gone in other words just uh yeah probably use it as any chance you could possibly get if im just trying to level this thing up im trying to try to get it full but ive killed the enemies before i can actually uh use it at full power to get the proficiency boost ow yep so done nice sold on oh my god i like  __  wow thank you Music come on little  __  lets go uh oh thunder banishment keep it up level up every foreign and for being such good sports you may now leave why did i ever think for a second shed be nice to us she knows damn well its gonna be a pain in the ass getting up there all right got any uh i can work with here oh new node yes what we got um stagger siphon new material slot and some other basic  __  recovery hp when dealing damage with unique abilities to a staggered enemy i just want a new material slot dude ive got a new note on uh the boomerang as well uh ooh uh elemental damage increase new material slot and magic attack power plus five with high hp and on the uh shuriken uh two new material slots bug aerial attack damage mesh attack power attack plus six new node for uh the indirect staff uh magic reduction dam temp uh reduction 10 regarding fiscal damage reduction 10 percent regarding because does sonar guard i dont know actually i dont know how smart ai is and a new material slot always the new material slot always uh ill just connect some yeah so stuff is for the most are pretty basic honestly something really like super crazy but you know his thing is he is mostly an ai partner its uh not that surprising what about the marshalls no nothing new here but i will take this new slot get this box honestly how do i do it now then sona how you feel about giving me a boost what i cant help but being so short lift me up boy toy come here holy  __  i dont even need it i dont even need that ladder oh wait wait yes i do get to climbing oh  __  should have tried to run and leave him behind he probably would respond like uh hey boss boss what if i run to red down here oh god madam director back to using intruders are about to reach the research facility footstools meanwhile find out what it is they want you do have eyes dont you then you can see that while they are simpletons theyve made it further than any normal wutaya never could clearly they are ninjas Music my trusty steed should provide a fitting welcome i think keep me apprised would you oh my god this guy crawling along some power to the research facility bar accident call me pig then retrace their steps find out why theyre here above all do not let them out of your sight sir thank god all the people here are so comically evil and they dont just straight kill us instead lets run roam through the facility this big silly billys fast weaponry production b15 okay uh with the fire burma lets go sold out yes this area is definitely new we did not see this section we were running around as a cloudant team uh hp uh up down here now kick the box the hells that sound talk about hitting the jackpot this must be where they make their material maybe but theyre not what we came for lets keep moving boss totally after i grab a few souvenirs is it so not making that sounder oh power source offline i want it i want it i want the shiny thing i guess it is sort of made these mouth sounds it is is his feet resonating i have no idea what that sound its a weird sound i dont think its him like or is it or maybe its the pole yeah what in the  __  is that he has to hear it right no idea its some kind of weird its not its like i think his footsteps or something theyre just making a weird sound for some reason or the pole on his back i dont think he has any does he have any jingly things on his back oh maybe he does thats like little knots are they bells those are those are knots not bells uh i dont know you guys can tell me if its something obvious ive got material in this side too online whoa okay any chance that what im about to do isnt going to try to kill me ah oh yeah baby oh give me that good  __  ninja cannonball material what the  __  is that excuse me allows you to perform the ninja cannonball oh my god press r1 and triangle while synergize phils eight uh sonos atp gauge when the attack connects oh my god thats  __  dope so i can do that move that we did in the cutscene sick do i have to equip it on myself or can i equip it on him im gonna guess probably myself but just in case im gonna try im gonna try to put on him and see if it works okay what about this one skill master material uh cycles the atp gauge when multiple atp commands are performed thats right that is a good one okay and this one steadfast block wait is that a security crate or a ladder uh is this where i need to go im guessing it is when i go to the la the elevator over here im not bad i just cant use it oh not in the mood huh fine well find another way up oh  __  look at the lighting on this fan dude holy  __  this actually looks insanely sick thats very impressive you really know what this  __  smells like you feed you little weirdo do see some booty though and not just eufys booty or sonans booty a ribbon a charming hair clip imbued with sacred or uh orisons prevents detrimental status effects makes it hard to be interrupted while casting magic holy  __  holy  __  thats uh wow wow it is actually what the classic uh ribbon is from the original game where its literally yeah just not not just prevents stats all status effects but also uh makes it harder to be into roblox this is  __  really good oh my god uh yeah i will uh definitely take that i was kind of surprised actually i was like im like its not gonna be its theres no way its gonna be the you know protection from all stats elements right oh my god it is yeah thats kind of what ribbon has always been in final fantasy games is that a perfect suit protect texting from stats helmets usually like a stupidly good item that you would get like very late into a game and be kind of hard to find so i am a bit shocked that im getting it here but i mean granted this this is overall still a fairly short uh dlc but velonte armlet an embellished band is designed to facilitate material improvement triples the amount of april material oh my god jesus triple for when you really need to grind it out i think im sticking my ninja armlet for now and the double is good dribbles dope i mean it does actually give me some decent uh armor too but uh but one slot kind of sucks also besides i actually have the i have the double and then also the double material on here so technically im getting like i guess quadruple right yo what up hey its the third soldier uh guys their class uh i think we came across them in the uh yeah we definitely did thank you juggle juggle juggle oh god vacuum weight take this oh thats awesome im so glad they thought need the practice im so glad they thought to do that so yes if i equip it on sonar it still works badass its good because he has way more material slots with my current setup than uh yuffie does all right what we got going on over here any goodies you smell any material you make what does materials smell like yuffie i imagine they sort of smell like jawbreakers oh god what the hell its a blue version of the armor uh hold up lets uh heal up before we uh deal with this thing our own armored magic trooper gotcha oh resistant resistance to magic makes sense okay we definitely did not come across this in the uh the base game i think you do come across it in og final fantasy 7 but not in the medgar section at least not in the early parts uh troopers belong to shinras public security division who have been outfitted with advanced weaponry laced in magically enhanced armor they possess a number of maca infused weapons which they use to eliminate intruders while the core is exposed they will unleash a powerful pulse laser destroyer ceiling the core will weaken and render them susceptible staggering uh yeah just immune to magic oh boy oh my god hes fighting hot fire and hype beam what am i doing all right so not together lets do some uh windstorm oh  __  that stuff lingers cool that move uh art of war oh god i died now sona is sacrificing himself to save me oh and he oh he blew himself up piece of  __  you kill soda on your  __  oh yeah im allowed to do that come on what the hell i was like what is that i think he left a bomb or thing behind oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god no its all right you dont ah we just take the game over slow down its fun hold on all right i gotta scan this new version too is he still immune to no hes not uh two responding to public security have been assigned security detail they taunt and confuse their enemies with hot with high speed movement and frenzied magic attacks  __  you  __  sweetie for almost killing us how pain oh got some new weapon and a best bet is for sewn on probably right yep the shin staff nice a numinous staff inside which a shaman is said to have sealed a great evil um okay someone probably looks this ones a bit more balanced and uh balanced and magic than the other stabs are uh in sight draw the attention of a weak foe until yuffie deals a certain amount of damage uh draw attention you enemies search for three attacks while this ability is active so he basically gets his own provoked without needing the materia i guess and im guessing a weak foam is not a boss right okay this one definitely focuses on magic elemental damage five percent boost uh auto remedy what automatically cure ally of detrimental status effects when opportunity presents itself holy  __  thats awesome yeah lets do that so im guessing that doesnt actually cost me an item or anything right he just does it himself thats pretty cool thats not like something unique um damn no new slots though its kind of way for him to get elemental damage but have no link slots for like the elemental uh uh material i mean granted this would apply to his regular magic as well but um yeah oh wait it was its damage and defense actually i thought they were both damaged and incendiary limit breaks which is cool uh this is a different room oh it is gotta turn some more things on initiating saturation deploying security and what do we have vault perhaps uh oh is that optional it appears to be i probably use the elevator now too uh okay lets see employee identity confirmed access granted occupancy limited to one subject holy  __  to begin training exercise theres a bunch of materials okay oh from basic training uh an orb of atb assist needs orb atp boost an orb of atv stagger okay what does this entail oh god were bringing boxes again oh jesus christ is this back to whack-a-box whack-a-box yeah oh jesus christ here we go again uh like with this sector five under city relative the objective is to store as many boxes as possible within the timeline each box will add to your score when the time reaches zero the training size is over reached the target score to win the durability effects and score diverse with each type of box uh connects to any crates with each with their own leases or crates with the image of the sword or more susceptible to physical damage while the purples are featuring a one or more septal magic attacks in ninjutsu oh interesting story red boxes extends your time okay oh god here we go Music okay these are already im already breaking these a little faster than i do with cloud when he did his Music oh guys its a big Music this is actually processing one hit with like a yeah like that yep that was the thing i sort of realized the other one like the key to it is really using um uh your skills and actually i think about this is probably where deadly dodge would come to play as well because that also helped actually windstorm might be really good for this this is supposed to bring stuff together too no stop stop giving towards the damn im trying to do that there we go if im in the air i actually still move towards it uh regardless it seems like Music yes Music im gonna destroy the  __  out of this thing i learned banishment i didnt do anything oh god Music ah i almost got it all right i can do this okay uh something theres more on this side too is there like another game on this side on this end no im not trying to do that damn it oh god oh god get the thick no lock out of the right one all right so the deadly dodge material works well for uh yuffie here oh god yes it does Music at least for the uh the fiscal ones most definitely does yeah oh my god yeah is making quick work of it deadly dodge so for this fox minigame oh i think the deadly oh my god i think the deadly dodge actually whoa its just getting  __  crazy um i think the deadly dodge actually affects your your ninjutsu stuff too oh it does you actually get a special ninjutsu too for it oh thats so dope i did not expect that see look at that see i got like the light floating around me Music no i didnt hit it  __  damn it i was like i might just hit this thing i must hit the stupid thing that was getting in the way all right there we go Music the deed is done soldier training program unlocked oh  __  okay uh an orb of magnifice oh my god i got another magnify material oh my god holy  __  can i share with cloud and crew an orb of gill-up material and an orb of exp materia lets  __  do it the game has only just begun you me make sure to look just to the right of your feet yep Music Music run like one hard thing he says i i i i think im about to do uh my magic move and i do my uh its hard to know if you have the shuriken in your hand or not you know ah oh god okay i guess the thing oh god holy  __  okay oh my god this ones kind of tough actually i got 25 000 but the the top score is like 50 or something oh my god holy  __  i gotta be good on this one good god i should be using the wind one more here Music oh my god this ones tough dude holy  __  getting 50k is not gonna be easy on this one oh my god kill up okay so you gotta use the uh the management move for that for that thing thats kind of what its expecting to do i think so you cant build it up by that point this is this ones hard dude holy  __  this ones so hard you have to be optimal in this  __  route i also really gotta be building up my broomball form anytime i can use an ability i have to use it or not verbal form the uh banishment thing can these banishment here in this hit everybody nope just this one on a level two benjamin would hit all of them though im thinking it might i think i think the size of the that attack actually uh goes up that or i could use the wind move but it takes at least two of those for that to actually yup thats the  __  dude i feel like all these man oh my gosh sort of guys get like literally every single one of these  __  dude okay banishment at full power is the key to that last one but seriously oh my jesus christ seriously i have to get every single one because this is easily the hardest box challenge of any of them oh my god dude what the  __  sometimes im just doing the ninjutsu and im like or doing my sword when im like no come on do the ninjutsu why dont i get my shirt came back already yeah this is a this is not easy you have to the key to this is banishment you have to like really keep track of how many of the other moves youve done to build up banishment so you can get a like a multi-kill shot  __  man yeah this is just access all about optimization you really i think you have to get every single box in this one what the hell i dont i hate this man its nice like look im like trying to do the ninjutsu i tossed my shuriken and i run over there and i guess i must have grabbed it or something im trying to do my damn new jiusu man what that didnt destroy it oh my oh my god dude am i missing some boxes somewhere its like holy  __  you have to get every single box how is this possible do i need to be like infused with an element or something is that going to make this  __  go faster you refuse to like fire or something i wouldnt think so but maybe  __  i dont know oh it is it actually is it absolutely is Music having the being infused with an element is actually making it go a little faster i did not think that would work but it actually does god this is so difficult oh my god i cannot believe how hard this is like seriously this is so insanely hard like i think they give you exactly the number of boxes you need but you have to get it all done it is god damn man i dont know man this is like really  __  difficult Music am i missing some boxes here what the f i think i am right if i had gotten what boxes were in was i missing i have to be missing some here if id gotten what i thought was like three more boxes or was a four i sort of got im missing a box i swear to god im missing a  __  box somewhere i dont know because i cant even get close enough to  __  figure it out by ham Music what the  __  okay i i actually had to look this sucks im like this literally seems impossible this seems actually impossible but now so i like i had i watched somebody online like somebody who got this im like what is it that theyre doing that im doing wrong so for whatever  __  reason the the windstorm move does way more damage to the boxes after i chuck my shuriken first if i do it literally right next to it like i do windstorm and im just attacking it hand to hand it doesnt do that it doesnt do that much damage at all the key to this is windstorm apparently its like look at this  __  i do this and then it just dies it instantly dies what the  __  i dont get it i have no idea why like what well thats gonna make this so  __  lot easier now but like if i do it if i do windstorm on its own you guys have seen me ever seen me doing it it wasnt doing anything its actually not  __  world of war thats not the one i should be doing what should be doing is this see oh  __  i just did it right next to it but if i do right next to myself i actually had to give up next i  __  up but if i do it right next to the box like that it just doesnt do dick i guess im putting it like inside the box where my shuriken is i dont know the mechanics of that are  __  weird man its  __  weird but okay if thats how this just gotta work cuz im like this just doesnt seem possible i was like its something im missing its gonna be something stupid probably me thats the thing theres nothing in the the description of this that really explains why that should be the case greater got to win that damage nearby enemies and lost some touristy thats all thats all it says theres nothing in there in any case that this should be like more effective Music look at that look how much easier that is oh my god so i dont even need this i dont even need banishment for this  __  i literally just need windstorm thats all i need i just gotta make sure i  __  throw it in the right place there we go oh my god dude so much easier oh my god oh my god dude this is so stupid i i literally do not understand why this is working so much better but okay  __  sure game apparently this is the proper method in which to use windstorm which one am i missing Music im  __  missing one where am i missing one there is a box im missing where the  __  is it oh my god there it  __  is jesus oh no no no  __  its  __  done jesus christ dude  __  this one dan  __  this one what made this one so its supremely frustrating was its quite literally you need windstorm all right you need to understand how it works if you do not throw your shuriken first and cast windstorm windstorm doesnt do dick i dont know the description of this that skill did not make it clear to me but thats how that  __  worked because seriously if you do if youre holding your shuriken and attacking and just casting windstorm it doesnt do anything it doesnt it and you do the other way it instantly breaks the boxes and all the boxes around it even the big ones thats the key to it all right if youre having a possible time doing it the key to it is throwing your shuriken and casting windstorm thats it dont cast a windstorm while youre still holding your shuriken or will not work its literally impossible honestly like with with any other way i think its literally the only way to do it is with windstorm i thought id do with like oh i got to build a banishment or some  __  but i just couldnt like time it right but  __  man even with it even with that how much faster it was doing it with windstorm i still barely made it goddamn man holy  __  that was a like that was frustrating all right that was tough but if it felt unfair only because the how windstorm function just seems so  __  weird why is it that i have to throw the shuriken first for this to work why is that it doesnt do it normally the other way  __  man i dont know im pissed im pissed but i did it i dont even feel bad for having to look up exactly like all i did was look up just like the first few seconds of it and seeing like suddenly that thats how windstorm worked thats all i looked up i didnt look up anything else but once i saw i was like oh thats the answer there it is its like its going to be some dumb answer like that it has to be like you feel someones staggering upon i dont know if i actually remember this one or not was this one in the base game im not sure cool oh steam updates In todays episode of our Lets Play, walkthrough, and playthrough of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Intermission, Yuffie and Sonon infiltrate Shinra Headquarters and are confronted by none other than the Director of Advanced Weaponry herself, Scarlet.Support the channel through Patreon! ►► Become a Picky Penguin! ►► Facebook ►► Twitter ►► If you wanna post spoilers or discuss future plot points, you can do so on the Discord or Steam Group. 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Several key staff members returned, including character designer Tetsuya Nomura as director and main character designer, director Yoshinori Kitase as producer, writer Kazushige Nojima, and music composer Nobuo Uematsu. The staff redesigned the characters to balance realism and stylization. #FF7R #Yuffie #Intergrade new york steam how to view your hidden games on steam star sector steam play vr games without steam steam the game filesystem failed to initialize aborting now