FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE INTERGRADE PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 3 - RAMUH (PlayStation 5)

Steam game force closeaustin steam train schedule FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE game all right guys we are back with the intermission integrate deluxe remaster i dont know what all the different terminologies people are going to use for this arm um yuffies campaign has been awesome thank you guys so much for joining me if you want more of this quickly just keep it up hurt is pretty short but im having a lot of fun with it so uh love you all thanks for all the likes and support lets get this all right here we go a note oh wait a minute let me just see what that says Music different drives there i dont have revival anymore so im just gonna put anything on at this point see were supposed to go oh there we go checkpoint updated lets all go conveyor belt oh operation container carnage oh no Music they shouldnt be too bad its like a minigame almost a little bit far away but it actually works its kind of funny i got a phoenix down from that oh its going to take multiple hits no oh i missed it hold on there we go yo look at all those back there look at all the high potions oh my goodness yo thats actually insane the fact that i got that mini from that thats a lot of stuff i cant hit those for some reason right now whatevers back there this is actually pretty cool its like a nice little mini game like i like this how the the entire dlc doesnt seem to take itself too serious oh my god its like they know hey let them do whatever they want this is actually insane hold on Music the fact that im getting all these like h like any like all these items is just crazy to me because its so much stuff im actually amazed they gave you that much stuff Music we got a lot sounds technically like a mini game were out here i wonder if you can like maybe therell be a point in time where we can actually like when part two of final fantasy vii comes out will all this actually still matter i dont know hopefully it does its like itll carry over progress to be really nice but i highly doubt theyre gonna do that magic up oh yeah ill put that on what i dont know im trying to think like what that would do uh comparably speaking to lets get rid of perry i dont need that magic up should just make it i dont know if you gotta connect it no no magic boost by five percent thatll be good for curing and stuff unless it doesnt work with that magic attack power okay probably nothing i really like how they did this dlc like it wasnt even necessary like they actually could have just upgraded final fantasy 7 of the ps5 and called it a day you know Music lets keep it tight awesome i cant afford any more sticks ggs life depends on understood let me collect whatever this is i see a little vending machine hopefully a bench so i can heal up please be good orb of lightning thats kind of a random thing maybe i guess this area okay theres three things that are going to be discounted heavily uh mega potion ill get all three though anything this discount always seem to get phoenix down oh yeah buy those oh man um i dont know what i should do here because none of this is actually gonna matter about material cleansing nah hp up mpf yeah i feel like i should buy one of these maybe but i dont know hp might be the play Music i just remember using that in like the main game a lot and even like back in 97 when i when i played it im aging myself a lot here when i played it back then i also i dont know yeah lets lets keep that all these seem to be good synergy oh i i took synergy off for elemental i just realized that its not consume i dont know which ones better this is already maxed out so lets take it off its actually funny um hp up here we go Music lets rest i love how she just hops on the bench like what are you doing break my leg if i did that all right were probably gonna be good here this is only chapter one were not even halfway done yet pretty excited to kind of see what theyre gonna do with this i feel like its gonna be a huge boss fight in a minute though kind of test my skills now spill it who gave you that information oh his name was something like heidegger wrong answer im gonna ask you again all right all right ill tell you it was rufus you dont say or was it hojo right ill draw their attention you grab our guy a diversion huh i like it but dont forget im the leading lady Music hey you evildoer over here Music exactly what i was hoping youd ask hunter who am i truly Music never mind its just some kid right award-winning performance boss who are you anyway got eyes on hostile requesting backup i had a feeling this is crazy you already know like whats probably gonna be the best thing here um go for the tell i guess im gonna stay away and blocked it still did that much damage all right well here we go um immune wait a minute all these attacks dont do anything so i gotta like figure out a way to were gonna have to do assess i i thought for sure like lightning would have been the thing right no weaknesses okay look at the immunities uh his head is acceptable to physical attack squads tell us the lightning attacks okay Music lightning attacks also fill its stagger gauge okay lightning tell physical front gotcha now let me go ahead and cure up Music all right fighting spirit head here we go all right here we go oh no wait did it interrupt my attack i think it did all right im gonna just kind of take it easy thats why all these potions were given to us okay that makes sense that explains a lot yo that did a lot of damage Music that actually is really useful like i should save that well whatever hey lets uh lets cure each other a little bit keep this fight going i feel like i cant really get close so i shouldnt be even trying to sort of keep healing oh its going away all tactical right Music there it is i like i did like no damage all right man it costs so much um let me let me do this use that for her and then for her go back to using this oh wait so the heads only thing exposed right now so i dont know deployment Music theres lets go with uh windstorm i guess not even sure if its doing anything Music the fact that im actually getting closer hold on thats actually crazy oh no Music uh nice lets go Music oh its immune yeah i dont know windstorm obviously is an elemental thing but i just thought maybe it might do a little bit of something else hold on blocked it just just in time Music please hit it there we go this is not good Music hold on uh oh man the screen was going crazy right there fighting spirit against that is probably a dumb idea i dont know why i did that high potion on her just gotta keep it topped off i dont want to get interrupted someone will like wait a second lets do two things well do cure first get him to throw up an ether on her so then she can have another thing for lightning which then should give me thunder back to this oh no no no please please please please Music i guess it interrupted me completely um i need hp please please please let me see if i can yeah i dont have the thing where i can share the wealth essentially mega potion for him just because i feel like a big attack is on the horizon this is such a cool fight i can like kind of spawn trap them a little bit get them all before they even get a chance to do anything im gonna save here ill do this im gonna use two two of these really quick what are you waiting for let me see can i not yeah you cant do anything there so i dont know uh keep on top of the cure i guess there we go physical attack to the front like shes better for oh my god i know i can switch to him and like use his uh staff for whatever hes got but i just feel like this is better Music should do it right here nothing else necessary lets go Music nice work you saved my ass it was nothing well it did earn you these employee id cards theyll get you into the shinra building and pretty much any floor basement included thats where advanced weaponrys got their lab set up and where they conduct their material research what youre looking for is anywhere in that place its gonna be there guys you guys should probably get moving word is shinras got something big lined up for us nothing less than the destruction of sector seven but whatever it is theyre planning youre better off out of it right ima go report to the others good luck up there see you soon yeah Music thats done combined ill show you what times really party deal dont forget to tell the splinter cell about sector seven i wont well boss sounds like we better get going lets head up as soon as youre ready Music Music ready Music whats going on to think this is where those bastards plotted their attacks right under our noses too bad they made it out before the military could get here like chickens flying the coop probably best if we dont stick around lets catch the train that was pretty awesome that entire fight was spectacular man i wonder if i should try to fight that summon now to try to in the vr training to unlock it part of me thinks i should other parts of me are thinking like maybe i should just chill out uh were not supposed to go this way hold on i might go over here and like rest how about my stuff back let me see level 28 yep everythings good so far i really like the way they kind of did the uh i need to rest they just did a fantastic job with like everything involving like the reusing the same areas in a way what i want to do so when your opponent leads with this you respond with this this game is insane hey there suit hows that conversation with yourself working out oh sorry i didnt mean to disturb anyone my daughters been dying to play this game and i promised to teach her but first i have to teach myself that game wouldnt happen to before condor you will oh thanks thatd be a great help i dont want to do that right now i feel like theres too much momentum from this story thats gonna be there when we come back 100 percent all right were going whats over here what does this say uh okay so once we go here it might tell us we cant go back everything else just kind of seems to be gosh should we go try to fight that let me see yeah thats that one i dont know what this is these are question marks so theyre brand new side missions um head back this way and see thats one other ones down this way theres gonna be some new ones probably since we last came here here we go attention you know the drill you want to play you gotta fork over whats your deal and why are you dressed like a five-year-old thats just weird uh what are you talking about this isnt weird its super cute super cute more like super lame not his name is midgar huh just saying how much i was looking forward to playing for condor i could really use the training you know sure ill put you through your paces but you do know its gonna cost you all right so its like everything is like this mini game lets see whats over here if theyre all the same thing maybe i will do one or two this is chadley i want to try fighting that thing again but i just think im gonna get maxed out can i assume youre ready to do battle with a virtual summon oh man this is gonna be bad um here we go man better luck than last time hopefully well see this is gonna be tough i may not get it done either way ill get it eventually i didnt level i didnt like heal up my characters though yeah oh no its all good uh the success or we just get wind okay Music hey im doing like im doing better than last time like all already its crazy that is god the whole entire area just like i cant do anything oh please leave me out here im trying to move jesus its like everything i do its like he just unlocks me um i feel like i have to just stay on the healing part of this because like no matter what i do here he comes everything probably not that bad but good gracious im going through some health right now ive almost got a limit break that actually might help me Applause did i just go for it better than nothing i guess Music yo lets get it look at that health bar though this is my chance guys this is my chance i only have the basic one though i did a little bit of damage a little bit it could have been worse i feel like healing is just the right way to go though um lets do mega potion for her keep her alive as long as possible she is like the main dps here and then ill keep doing cure for him and her oh my god oh my god um one more oh he fell unconscious oh yeah the revival ring lets go baby Music 100 dead here yep ah wait what we both fell unconscious i gotta hurry i gotta get hurt i got a phoenix gun i know it Music come on this is so tough i might not make it all this for this guy to join us oh my god im gonna die i defeated him yo lets get it well uh i wasnt even trying i cannot believe that thanks to the data you provided during your battle i succeeded in developing a new material one might say you were faster than lightning and with the lord of levin on your side your enemies will struggle to keep up i cannot yo we did that like i literally had the limit break twice for her and then once for him and ive never even seen his i was like well here goes yall pumped that was awesome whats back here got anything back here im gonna take a break after that probably i want to get to the next area first and just kind of see what happens what i just cant believe i was able to do that like second try basically first time i got absolutely clobbered like it was tough hey whats his name wedge Music whats Music more like the happy turtle dmc takedown on brads youtube channel i dont think so buddy we out this um lets go this way theres somebody over here is this the same all i said guy from yeah weve already talked to them too all right so were at a point where everything seems to be pretty simple i i dont want to quite get too involved with a lot of the side stuff because a lot of us playing that new game they have and the other ones are just kind of like seems like collecting stuff for doesnt really seem to like add anything to it the main thing i really wanted was that summon because i remember that summon before i think hey hold on over here cant believe those freaking morons they damn near got themselves eaten trying to hide that stupid poster you stay away from that factory you hear place has monsters coming out of the walls Laughter im waiting my friend why hello there forgive me for saying but you remind me of a dear friend of mine perhaps youve met him i dont know is he shinra too perhaps perhaps my name is roche by the way ordinarily your ill-concealed hostility and exotic wardrobe would give me pause but not today for i am here on business of a personal nature looking for my aforementioned friend whats his name oh i only wish i knew but i can tell you that he has a real need for speed as they say and while he boasts a very large sword his first love is plainly his mount yeah he sounds great say is that fort condor i see over there you play im always ready for a round of fort condor though i suspect a delicate flower like you would wither if exposed to my scorching passion for the game maybe after some practice yeah every side thing is that that fork game now all right im gonna head this way ill come back here later on heres a good the good thing about these final fantasy chapters is you can just come back whenever you like all right were getting like going to the train spot so once we board the train i guess chapter 2 would begin boss i dont think well be back here anytime soon so make sure youre ready for anything okay let me double check the map really quick can never be too prepared hmm debating should i its like do i stay here and do these four games and keep exploring i mean it seems like a lot of its just im just looking around really quick here yeah from what im understanding we got that done this is just the yeah these are just simply mastering the fort the happy turtle ad campaign i dont i mean i dont really see anything else im just gonna go and then once we get there ill probably stop all said boss i have an idea im gonna save it and im gonna stop my video here when we come back next time ill either have kind of messed around with some of the side stuff in my spare time that way i can just kind of continue without missing anything initially im just gonna see if theres anything worth doing here before we go so anyways you guys are awesome love you all when we come back well continue and uh talk to you guys very soon peace out guys steam horror games free to play PS5 Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake) Intergrade Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 of the FF7 (Final Fantasy VII) PS5 Remake Full Game Story Campaign including a Review and Yuffie Campaign Mission 3 for PlayStation 5, PS5 and PS4 Pro. My 2021 PS5 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission Gameplay Walkthrough will feature the Full Game for Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, Aerith Gainsborough, Barret Wallace, Vincent Valentine, Red XIII, Yuffie Kisaragi, Cid Highwind, Sephiroth and the entire Midgar Story. This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay Walkthrough includes a Review, Reaction, Boss Battles, Theme, FF7 Remake, Story Missions, Campaign Chapters, Single Player, OST, Soundtrack, Cinematics, Cut Scenes, DLC and more until the Ending of the Single Player Story. Thanks Square Enix for giving me Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade! Membership: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is an updated rerelease of Final Fantasy VII Remake (a partial remake of Final Fantasy VII). Announced at Sony Interactive Entertainments February 25, 2021 State of Play digital livestream, Intergrade is set for release June 10, 2021, exclusively for PlayStation 5 consoles. The game features various improvements and new bosses, as well as an additional episode focusing on Yuffie Kisaragi named FF7R EPISODE INTERmission. Final Fantasy VII Remake is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix. The game is a remake of the 1997 PlayStation game Final Fantasy VII. Square Enix plans to release the game in episodic installments, with the first scheduled for release on April 10, 2020 for the PlayStation 4 with timed exclusivity until April 10, 2021. Players control mercenary Cloud Strife as he and eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE battle the corrupt Shinra megacorporation from using the planets life essence as a energy source. Events send them on the way of the legendary soldier Sephiroth, who desires to possess the life essence to become a demigod. The gameplay combines real-time action similar to Dissidia Final Fantasy with other strategic elements. Exploration and battle mechanics both take place in real-time, like Final Fantasy XV. The game features an altered Active Time Battle (ATB) system from the original, which gradually fills up slowly, or can fill faster with attacks. Once it is filled, the player can halt the action and use special abilities such as magic, items, and special moves. The player can also assign these special abilities to shortcut buttons, allowing them to play entirely in real-time without pausing. Each special ability uses up a segment of the ATB bar. The player can also switch between party members at any time. Each party member has their own individual skills, such as Clouds close-quarters melee attacks and Barrets long-range distance attacks. Players will also be able to use magic and summons, and a Limit Break gauge allows characters to perform more powerful attacks once charged. Producer Yoshinori Kitase stated that while the game has more real-time elements, there would still be strategic elements, such as selecting weapons and magic for each character to wield. steam hacked games steam most anticipated games steam games that are controller compatible new yugioh game steam eroge games on steam