Final Fantasy 7 Remake - PC GAMEPLAY (4K 60FPS)

How to play with steam friends on xbox game passfacial steamer bed bath and beyond FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE game all right guys welcome back today im really excited today were going to be playing final fantasy 7 remake on the pc for the very first time ever im super excited because this is something that we initially talked about when we were doing our first final fantasy 7 remake playthrough here on the channel a couple of years ago on the playstation i always talked about man this game will look insane on a pc where you can you know get over 100 frames per second at 4k et cetera so a couple of weeks ago epic games actually hit me up on email and asked me if i would like to cover the beginning portion of this game and show it off here on the channel of course i said absolutely because im a huge fan of this game so basically what i wanted to try out was the beginning of the main story of this game and hopefully depending on how long it takes we can check out the intermission this is by any means not going to be a full walk through if you guys want to see the full game and the yuffie dlc and everything that there is to see about final fantasy 7 remake i have a full playlist here on the channel and you can go check that out if you want to see the full game but before we continue i did want to say if you guys are going to get this game on pc i believe its only available on the epic game store you guys can actually use my code my epic games support a creator code and get a discount on your purchase but nonetheless im super pumped check this out i cannot wait to see the graphic fidelity of this game its one thing to have a game at 4k on console and one thing to have a game at 4k on pc because it it just gives you more options uh as far as graphic fidelity goes like it just always looks better on pc so super pumped about that wow i i do wish and i will say i do wish that we could transfer our safe to the pc and be able to you know continue the story when it gets continued on the pc just because this is one of those games that you need to experience it at the maximum graphics tassel nuts they show so much of this world and we only we only technically got to explore a portion of it is so much more to final fantasy 7. Music so Music insane Music i forgot how long this intro was Music Music this looks great dont get me wrong but this this has always looked great what im really interested in is now when we jump into the gameplay how those graphics look and how they behave as were moving along and how the frames drop and you know i put it at max frames 120 frames 4k everything maxed out so Music here we go Music there we go my boy cloud Music lets go Music wow okay this is gameplay already oh its so smooth oh my god dude this is incredible i can already tell the difference immediately this buddy died oh dude its like i want to play the full game all over again oh my goodness this is incredible get down here yo dude is so smooth all right heres the moment of truth Music wow did it feel so different oh my goodness listen on the playstation it was nice but it just the fidelity was not right like it wasnt like this and the frames are just who goes there europe this is incredible if youre a final fantasy fan youre gonna oh my youre gonna love this so use x because i dont know if its talking about because im im on the okay so im on the xbox controller so its a little bit different use x to attack with cloud sword hold x ventilation attack capable of hitting multiple nearby enemies youre coming with us nice and easy oh god so  __  nice all right so im just gonna pound a little bit around him so you guys can take a look here Music look at cloud man he looks insane Music does he always stop the same way yeah he does Music wow thats thats nice thats incredible who in the hell hands where i can see him have fun okay so the atb gauge fills as time passes by attacking with x once a bar is full your character can uh perform special actions charges uh can be used immediately or saved by attacking the enemy to fill the gauge okay freeze move and we shoot go ahead okay so you can expend atp gauge charges to perform battle commands such as using abilities magic or items press a and try using one of the commands okay so abilities there we go hes a soldier operator not bad this and kingdom hearts are like one of my all-time favorite games oh kingdom hearts for sure this is right up there as well main menu uh and map were not in battle you okay i have to read all this stuff again kind of briefly because its been a while drop the weapon you got this yeah what he said boys you really want to do this uh guarding and evading press rb and guard youre coming with us cant get surrounded try harder nope vlad is so badass dude this man has got to be the most handsome man in gaming history well samforoth as menacing and as  __  up as he is hes hes a good-looking dude man all right just saying gotta give a man his compliments use wide open the chest man this plays incredible i have over 100 frames if you find boxes with a shiro uh shinra logo press x to smash them i honestly am getting over 100 frames on this game right now no no motion blur whatsoever i dont i dont think theres motion blur let me let me actually uh let me check that so system battle settings no thats not it system options gaming controls gameplay graphics yeah ive got no um yep theres no option for motion blur there i think Music wow man Music look at this im a  __  for graphics we know this already its nothing new so whats soldier boys deal is he one of us now hes got balls this uh uh what was his name again cloud cloud strife right and he isnt a soldier anymore still hes a professional unlike the rest of us im glad to have him this is a one-time gig when its done were done Music Music or come on nobody do something this crazy just for money they may not think youre a true believer but you know what i think not interested what this is such a great game dude which incredible you better be worth the money merc every last gill all right lets head down this way you can press uh to lock specific enemies while locked onto a target you can use our or good boy Music thats right the operator mode and then punisher mode of course Music man those dogs were annoying nothing to it Music you obtained a bottle of ether come here died Music oh dude this is it feels like a different game Music all right Music lets go up top lets get it no problem wait not so fast weve got company oh come on guys whats that all about oh  __  this will be quick bro im too much for you bro do you not know this im too legit to quit see ya oh i got that fight that takes uh takes health from me but he did not bad i love how you smell like nonchalant about everything come on boys why are you guys running why are you not helping me lets go ill grab this man i might actually play this on the second channel Music this is crazy Music wow sorry im just kind of uh sector one soldiers may attack on command but i hear they make good guard dogs too reactor once youve seen a few reactors im sorry so how do we get to the bridge above marco storage aint holding out on me are you stamped scared to bite the hand and fed him or is he a loyal little doggie have it your way mutt we can do this with you or we can do this without you different reactor different layout depends when it was built never seen one like this but ill manage oh dont you worry pigs will have the door open soon in three two damn im good whos there door oh wait of course always get always get locked in with the enemies its over thats my line it is his line uh so sick okay so every character has a unique ability in which you can activate with y with clouds mode shift uh hes alone the punishment cloud moves more slowly but unleashes a more powerful attack and the jin clone launches kind of blow every time he guards against the enemys melee attack he cannot however guard against range attacks or magic we can take it make it rain enough its over quite literally he always knows just what to say cut it out i just love how smooth it plays its a good thing i know someone who can get us the passcodes pity no one else at command will talk to us but what can you do and were good careful in there i got this place covered all right so let me see i think this is uh hold on so you know tifa right its not really my business but are you guys close there are kids loud are you ignoring me Music tifa and i these sewer rats appear to call themselves avalanche sir we are currently investigating whether they belong to the same group that made the attempt on your life rest assured our inquiries will not take much longer this pumps sole purpose is to drain the planet dry while you sleep while you eat why you  __  its here sucking up marco it doesnt rest and it doesnt care you do realize what marco is dont you marco is the lifeblood of our world the planet bleeds green like you and me bleed red the hell you thinks gonna happen when its all gone huh answer me you gonna stand there and pretend you cant hear the plan crying out in pain i know you can you really hear that damn straight i do get help say that again id worry less about the planet and more about the next five seconds save the screaming for later our lives on the line now you listening merc one false move and that happens well so much for having cloud do all the fighting there are some places a sword just cant reach just bear with him for me would you should have asked for more money the barrett wallace joined the party gonna throw your sword at him let the man with your gun go to work these ten cans aint got nothing on me now for the real show press y while in control of barrett to deliver a heavy hitting attack once unleash it takes a long time to recharge what abilities focus shot perfect you can switch between different targets uh Music that was it easy and thats all she wrote all right so now were here in the main menu and were going to transfer over from the main story to the intermission story with yuffie so we can also get to experience what the world looks like on this side of the game because in order to arrive to this portion of the game within the main story we have to play a whole lot so were just gonna play this section for another 15-20 minutes as well and see what that looks like Music well guys your girl finally made it to midgar Music Music Music hmm yes Music you caught this yuffie my name is yuffie materia hunter and elite special forces operative for the new wutai government i have orders to infiltrate shinra headquarters and steal their ultimate material to prove to our common enemy that wutai is not to be trifled with Music your full support we got this Music so members of avalanche where are you come get me already Music Music does this mean what i think it does interesting so i gotta come to you do i you got some nerve Music all right here we are sector 7 slums the outskirts all right so were going to play a little bit here with yuffie so now we can see a different portion of the map or the game again shes also really fun to play with as i said Music hes wild man Music all right so by pressing y if you can hurl her weapon at a target press x while it is away from her form Music okay Music oh yes by pressing y you feel capable destroying shinra boxes from a distance hey come on boys Music ow Music oh man i forget how annoying Music that lester drake is Music youre gonna be in trouble buddy oh no so easy on me okay there we go you see what im talking about and our heroin triumphs again they have to go under here yes i do we got to find a way up top i feel like im getting these uh little instances where like its a slight frame freeze for 11. no palm you okay anybody home okay so ufs weapons can uh be used to strike more than just crates try tossing it hard to reach objects such as distance switches like so weve got a purple over there we gotta go grab oh god no not again oh man Music shes so awesome okay so hold up can i do anything on this side and uh yep right over here i can also get that to work in which therefore we can get the material Music yes sir Music and then were gonna come back upstairs and were gonna get out of here theres really no need for me to get the material to be honest but itd be kind of dumb for me to see it right there and i get it right okay orb of hp material all right lets get out of here what was that this towns a total dump i thought midgar was supposed to be the marvel of the modern world talk about false advertising city of mako city of garbage more like hey can i go up here yes i can whats up here ooh the roof is up here theres that dude again yep there he is okay were gonna go through here come on down now cant throw it uh the throwing start misses or an object has for this uh flight path that is automatically returned to uv perfect oh no no go up what are you doing woman really ive been trying to climb this ladder dont worry man i got you im gonna save your life or so i think i have no fear youll be here oh god yeah im gonna need uh oh im gonna die oh i tried my precious i really did wow i didnt even heal up i completely forgot hold on yo leave me alone oh my god uh so not even a thank you oh what disappeared on me trying to take a look at his face okay so we can go up there and also go through here go down this way see this is why i did this section because we have other areas that we can explore you know different different looks to this update if you will Music man look at that Music that is beautiful that man just keeps teleporting okay sir totally not suspicious at all this is too weird okay what the hell you got this im gonna get some more rats here if my memory serves me correct yep i just heard him okay that ron next months gone must have gotten used to it where things are going ill be working for shin right next nice try midgar oh im talking to myself citys getting to me i want to see if i can get to the city there we go yes wait did you just come from any monster troubles or uh dont worry about it were totally fine not gonna be good for any of us has been temporarily shut down and all fires have been successfully extinguished the situation is under control and the people about their cities need not worry about any additional complications we are in the process of conducting a full forensic investigation but we suspect the device used will be similar to includes another pack on macro reactor watch what do we have here well this is man thats gotta be avalanche not bad not bad at all but i can do better Music follow me wait up i cant help this is what i wanted to see why didnt you come meet me before i figured an elite w agent could find their own way i may be elite but its not like ive ever been to midgar and what exactly is a w anyway anyone who lives where you just came from think of it as a code name still cant believe they sent a kid to do this job this kid could kick your ass saying your fresh face is all oh dont worry i know exactly what youre saying look whos there break will ya ill let you walk all over me here we are ladies first obviously this is after the beginning of the main story so it might be a little confusing Music all right here were getting a little bit of uh some weird uh frame drops or what have you these two are billy bob and polk hi my name is yuki materia hunter and elite special forces operative for the new thai government i have orders to infiltrate shimra hq and steal their ultimate material to prove to our common enemy that wutai is not to be trifled with members of avalanche with your full support we got this all right ready to rumble huh you better believe it so did you guys meet sona yet he was supposed to be here yeah he got in three days ago hes out on the town as we speak really seems to be enjoying it here oh he does does he you uh got any bags yes ninjas always travel light its like a rule but i did bring these blue ties famous to chow beans cheetah i remember this Laughter can you eat these things guess you do sheesh you ninjas are insane do me a favor yuffie and wait here for sonan i gotta head out your id should be ready for pickup by now then why dont i join you nah i got this besides you reek of trouble Music all right guys so were gonna end it here again i know its its a bit random since we went from the main story to the dlc of yuffie but i wanted to kind of get a little bit of a grasp of both sections of this game on the pc because theyre both on the pc and theyre originally from the playstation so you guys can kind of have a little bit of an idea as to what it looks like definitely plays amazing on the pc towards the end portion here where i was in the slums its getting a little bit choppy here and there but overall a really really nice add-on so im really excited for those of you guys that are gonna play it and im excited for myself because i might actually replay this in the future but uh anyways thank you for watching if you guys enjoyed it drop it a like and stay tuned to the channel because ive got some pretty exciting videos coming up alright guys catch you later roblox on steam Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC gameplay at 4K 60FPS. 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