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How to connect steam games to oculus quest 2steam games with most hours played FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE game Music Music Music Music Music so Music Music Music Music Music Applause Music Music Music Music Music Music Music hello chad Music welcome out to this stream Music Music hope youre all doing all right Music good morning Music whats up everybody were all doing all right inverted zelda has been fun to watch good im glad really wasnt sure people were going to be uh into that one or not angie moore thanks for the resub up to three months Music no sleep ever staying up watching me and jeff play chivalry chivalry is so fun thats nice to be able to play that with jeff sdl card fan also resubbing up to three years now enjoy your new shirt Music sweet james sparky also re-subbin both zelda inverted and metopia are fun yay thats awesome glad to see somebody play this you can see if you want to play it yourself yeah i mean i dont know anything about it so if theres any spoilers even fake spoilers you will get banned um i also i have no idea how long it is i really dont know anything about it isnt just a five five seven remake its the font fan seven remake they like up made all the graphics better but then theres also a new dlc uh where its all yuffie which was did not exist before so its all new story stuff will be covering any e3 stuff for direct yeah thats the plan all this weekend theres gonna be a lot of live streams and when i basically going on for the e3 this year and im hoping to try to uh uh code stream as much of that as possible maybe do some videos on it well have to see i didnt want to do todays jeff keeley  __  because it was basically like it was basically like the game awards without the awards so basically the game awards we just showed off a bunch of games it was like all right whatever man but ill try to cover the different companies bethesda xbox nintendo ubisoft square Music i know its not too long thats why i heard too yeah they did finally show off eldon ring and thats like the best thing they got out of it right i have such a good jeff keeley impression though yeah im so excited everyone we finally got some elden ring its so exciting cant you tell how excited i am ignore how tired my eyes are pretty much all the time Music a lot of shootie games it seems like a lot of shootie games and a lot of like isometric kind of beat em up games Music yeah i dont know well im sure final fantasy 16 is going to show up in squares like i feel pretty confident final fantasy 16 will show up ill probably remind everyone that the worlds end of a few sequels come in um they probably talked more about dragon quest 3 remake so there should be quite a bit anyway lets get into final fantasy vii fix those cracklings when an integrate come out i think its either tomorrow tonight or today i forget what uh as a reminder case you guys didnt see that this is a free copy of the game provided by square enix hashtag free game just dont get super me out at me when i play it sweet cupcake valkyrie with the resub this can be recorded for youtube im trying to record it Music damn yeah oh thats fine do i need only homebrew games on my retro consoles uh i do actually yeah i have uh which ones over there what thats the name of it armed and dangerous i think its called for nes um i also have super nightmare busters um Music dip a couple well record this for youtube as well whats up youtube welcome back to final fantasy 7 remake a year later only now with more plot as we finally get to see yuffies story lets go so i believe you can just go right into it from the Music uh whoops i do the wrong thing hold on thats not what i wanted undo nope nope nope nope nope nope nope ive done this already close stop it heck damn it ass son of a  __  where i select it it was like i like got instructions about it hold on bushman is watching things for kicking five subs hold on oh are you pre r2 there we go Music you now have access to a portion of the story that revolves around a new character yuffie to access this content press r2 on the title menu i just did that why would you tell me that after i did it oh cloud yuffie there we go Music uh normal i can chat no spoilers please Music chapter 1 wutais finest well guys your girl finally made it to midgar so i guess in this timeline yuffie just goes to midgar straight up pigeons Music oh rocky hijinks Music them 60 frames per second though hunter and elite special forces operative for the new wutai government i have orders to infiltrate shinra headquarters and Music your full support we got this so members of avalanche where are you come get me already Music okay Music wait does this mean what i think it does interesting so i gotta come to you do i you got some nerve Music uh are they gonna make yuffie like super charming and super endearing if they do im gonna be mad all right so she knows cure theres a couple high potions all right all right i gotta get in final fantasy 7 remake mode and not final fantasy 10 mode hold on 10 out of 10 game near angelo darth fabulous and mrs dino monster thanks for the resubs Music talks a rat ufe can fight effectively both up close and from range press square to strike press and hold it to do distance attacks okay Music Music okay yeah thats our whole thing so shes gonna square it all that combo press and hold square to do like an attack an escape pile Music down Music by pressing triangle if you can hurl her weapon at a target press square while theres a way to perform her long-range ninjutsu attacks welcome were turning you feel automatically a certain amount of time to retrieve it sooner press triangle again okay so let me try and distance Music gotcha the elusive okay continues by pressing triangle if hes capable of destroying shinra boxes from a distance oh more stuff  __  love stuff give that to me hi potion hell yeah i know its gonna be like a lot of reused areas and whatnot but you know whatever im a ninja all right lets see how this plays out all right so shes got art of war windstorm firing in jutsu change the element of the video ups attack while her weapons away okay oh so i can change her element thats cool assess steel give me your stuff i stole a high potion hell yeah finally again finally good now how shes okay kids do your worst all right lets try our um art of war against you Music Music okay i get it shes got a lot of versatility its a lot of like flying around thats a condition stopped overhead so when you do her strong attack and throw her shuriken her attacks become like elemental blasts and that was basically me throwing like thats either non-elemental or eyes i forget which hello im wondering if like little just ghosty guys oh no pawn Laughter thats how you tell Laughter sweet you okay anybody home curtis and soccer thank you guys for the resubs Music god Music oh well guess im not going anywhere until i get that elevator moving Music euphys weapon can be used more to strengthen just crates hard to reach objects right can i there we go basically since shes by herself they had to give her like both cloud and barrett kind of abilities convention were still a thing thered be so many people dressed up like this right now think you can take me out Music done all in a days work okay i can hop over that i like when she puts a shirt in a way it just like shrinks and vanishes sorry Music so down the ladder right through here this time the total dump i thought midgar was supposed to be the marvel of the modern world talk about false advertising city of mako city of garbage  __  got him dude power wrist cards actually what does she have on increased strength by five percent hell yeah so shes got steel material deadly dodge attack command will do area damage immediately after dodging oh hello assass perry which i never do Music i know i could have ran up and hit them but then i didnt get to throw my boomerang ah this game sucks look how linear it oh theres none of is guys only surrounded by doggies oh i gotta do something dont fear yuffies here youll do the trick come on down obstructed going up up higher hold on yeah well save the day but theres also a glowy boy over there and i want it if i wanted to get that glowy boy i would uh its like way up there damn it oh wait theres a ladder oh lets go around okay i guess she puts her arms out were going across the beam im here to help you Laughter Music that was amazing oh all right actually get in trouble Music oh my god this guys doing a lot of damage Music all right maybe we should start fearing dude i cant dodge just freeze all right good oh the shuriken just stays on him the whole time whoops well not the whole time but like for longer than you think you would all right well try it again im at the confused with 100 bits murky bromide resembling romnic also gifting some subs Music i guess that just happens all right Music hold on damn it i was just gonna climb up and get the thing Music okay Music brick dude Music oh camera locked im just kind of  __  me a little there now our cure show kills the most oh come on thats getting the cure off okay oh let me check something all right you know lets not go into this battle missing a lot of hit points hear me out there we go thats a little bit better all right i guess im just gonna block on account that i dont want to get just completely destroyed immediately Music okay Music get my ass kicked again please Music dude i dont even get time to get a tax out before they just cause a lot of damage whats happening here Music am i supposed to hit him with a certain attack Music that block it still took 500 damage Music dodge please Music i just need to do more like hit and run Music oh it says they are beat to ice okay i was blocking  __  Music there we go i got a lemon break blood bath sure show me so not even a thank you battle course man thanks for the resub rp walk this guy are sick Music treasure Music thousand kill that definitely progress that way hes still chilling here sorry thousand dollars not kill youre right my mistake material anything cool in there oh wait i just have a bunch of this damn it steadfast block take less damage and atp use while guarding i feel like i need that more than anything else this is without the um save data transfer i didnt bother doing that because by my understanding it just doesnt actually give you anything for the beauty chapter whats subversion its stuff like dispel and breach wheres all this stuff stuff dude theres a lot of this yeah do you know the sick this is too weird okay you got this i guess im just following these moogle posters which are adorable my incredible shrinking shirt again peace out thanks for the resub maybe heal my damage oh i am oh okay that rotten egg smells gone must have gotten used to it the way things are going ill be working for shinra next nice try midgar im honestly kind of shocked she doesnt naruto run when i make her sprint oh its back this way empty up material i believe its on performance mode right now we double check yeah its on performance mode which since im not streaming in 4k resolution id rather have the 60 frames per second okay yeah this was just another path key wait did you just come from any monster troubles or no no troubles i got him does frame rate matter in rpgs well was action oriented like this with a lot of real-time cutscenes yeah monsters been acting strange since the bombings dont go letting your guard not gonna be good for any of us if wutais closet not worry about any additional complications we are in the process of conducting a full forensic investigation but we suspect the device used was similar to that incurred in the attack on macro reactor watch what do we have here man thats gotta be avalanche not bad not bad at all but i can do better goofy shes really excited to like work for avalanche yo theres our palm so youre avalanche im gigi follow me wait up i figured an elite w agent could find their own way i may be elite but its not like ive ever been to midgar and what exactly is a w anyway hold on still cant believe they sent a kid to do this job this kid could kick your ass saying your fresh faces goddammit theres so many things i want to get what youre saying give me a break will ya ill let you walk all over me here we are ladies first they didnt get close jesse biggs and wedge i can almost taste your pizza now jesse well this kind of uh helps us know exactly when in the storyline this game is happening so you know moogle Music oh hell yeah sit ooh purple chest boomerang these two are billy bob and polk billy bob and paul hi my name is yuffie materia hunter and elite special forces operative for the new thai government i have orders to infiltrate shimra hq and steal their ultimate material to prove to our common enemy that wutai Music oh i get it she was practicing her introduction speech from earlier rumble huh you better believe it so did you guys meet sona yet he was supposed to be here yeah he got in three days ago hes out on the town as we speak really seems to be enjoying it here oh he does does he you uh got any bags yes ninjas always travel light its like a rule but i did bring these famous dachau beans eat up oh here you go Music can you eat these things she has jaws of steel you see guess you do sheesh you ninjas are insane do me a favor yuffie and wait here for sonan i gotta head out your id should be ready for pickup by now then why dont i join you nah i got this besides you reek of trouble you just reek Music hold on i got a new weapon which i guess i cant change right now okay Music oh its like hopes boomerang i refuse to use this if it does oh its higher in magic than attack no thanks you must be tired from your trip why dont you get some rest i already sat on a bench in the city im freaking possible how about you tell me where in the shimmer building theyre keeping that material instead hold out on me now i know you know actually i kind of dont at least not an exact location all i know is that shinra for most purposes treats materia as a weapon which means the advanced weaponry division probably deals with it and since thats in the basement i see so shinra hides its top secret materia in the basement you wont have to wait much longer my precious i promise just be careful will you please oh yeah you should introduce yourself to billy bob who knows a thing or two about the shinra building i want to do that hi billy bob so the material im looking for is in the shimmer building right and where is that exactly ignorance truly is bliss huh what did you just say Music didnt mean to offend you of course you probably knew this already but theres a whole other city built on the plate above us shinra buildings right in the middle you cant miss it oh that one why didnt you say so now if you want to get topside you first gotta get out of the slums and for help with that you should talk to polk okay hi polk you look kind of nervous i just want to make sure i have the planned down pat you know like how to get up top and all that well if you had an id youd normally just take the train up there but with all the commotion going on thats not really an option securitys on high alert if you ask me your best bet is to sit tight and wait for things to settle down some sit tight but i want to go now be my guest then go get killed harsh so this is after cloud and then destroy macro reactor 5. but before oh youre two thirds of the way through last game zara moon thanks to the reset have you ever played dark cloud i actually own dark cloud one i dont have dark cloud too but i do have dark cloud one thats on my like list of maybe ill check this out games i havent played five five seven before is zoofie stuff the same no this is all entirely different in the original final fantasy vii yuffie was never in midgar shes a completely optional character sonans still not back must be in wall market then whats wall market lets just say its a place for people with mature tastes mature tastes theres lots of different establishments its kind of hard to explain no i think i get it our dark cloud one two about both on ps5 filled with smoke so thick you cant even see and drink so bitter you want to spit them right back out oh where everyone gets drunk and complains about how kids just dont understand the value of hard work theyll be the death of society ugh how can they not see that theyre the ones destroying it has got a place like that where grown-ups drink their lives its called the happy turtle interesting theres a happy turtle in midgar as well huh i dont know where exactly these ah its a franchise but i do see their flyers from time to time you do huh youre taking down mick or one citizen at a time Music i salute you happy turkey being here better now better to the lord theres a man who goes putting up flyers for the bar people call him old snapper and he doesnt dress like your average midgar male might be from wutai i gotta find him man deserve some dachau beans im hoping they might make her like a little more integral to the pro to the plot or somehow affected the plot from luffy you might want to wait for sonam god i just want to do stuff fine i like your whiteboard Music you know about the vr combat simulation module right yeah huh uh of course i do why wouldnt i its that thing that stimulates modulation kinda its a machine that puts you in a virtual world where you can practice fighting all you want theres even a portable version of it a guy around the corner has one hardly ever see technology that cutting edge down here so what do you say want to try it i really dont have time to be playing around with some stimulator but just to be polite i guess ill take it for a spin the guys name is chadley hes over by the neighborhood watch if you ever feel like some virtual training im sure hed be happy to help getting here must have been quite a journey it was fine you look about ready to die of boredom want to play fort condor four condors no i should have known it hasnt been out long so theres no way uws would have heard of it uh yes i have and whats more im awesome at it ill whoop you so hard you wonder if you ever knew the rules for my benefit then let me go over them id say in the fort condor starter pack i like they literally just made it into a game within the world thats amazing ford condor is a board game where you employ units and material destroy your opponents headquarters before play begins select a loadout you can select what board to use which will determine the number of atp charges and material available to you along with the units you wish to deploy check what units and board your opponent plans to use and adjust accordingly the opponent the oppositions board and unit loadout is displayed on the right each unit has a weakened that can be exploited for massive damage therefore keep in mind which units your opponent is using when selecting yours you cant edit your board or units at the moment so press x to start Music oh my god so its just like a tower defense against another player when the game begins both you and your opponent will each have three bases a headquarters and two outposts to win the match you must either destroy your opponents headquarters or have more bases left standing when the timer runs out units will automatically march forward and engage enemies once theyve been deployed each unit has an atp cause required to place it on the board your adb charges which we feel over time which can be viewed at the top of the screen press x to deploy a unit yeah move the cursor press x to deploy got it a unit is assigned one of three roles vanguard range or defensive pay close attention to these roles vanguards are effects against range remain defective against defensive defensive against effective against vanguard a units role is displayed above them when a placing unit on the board enemy troopers but that at a disadvantage will be highlighted a diagram that illustrates the relationship between the roles can also be viewed anytime during the match okay so he just set up a vanguard therefore sorry advantaged i want yeah this is what i want come get a  __  Music yep there you go fight uh go security officer i can just call down fire and cure spells okay dude look im like offering their jam cure oh dude hes got destroyed okay oh so it kind of has like a list on the left of what i can deploy it seems to kind of like move out shoot him yeah okay all right i get it how long my atp charge to go for a while Music difference between a slug ray and a grenadier they kind of look the same oh the slug ray is flying i guess does that matter ive almost got this one down game security officer Music ah im behind you idiot oh wait hope theyre pushing in all right so this gun idea should be able to blow up both these guys hold on fire too bad all right then theyre moving in charging up charging up charging up got your back Music i mean damaging their main base all right both things are down im gonna keep throwing stuff back into you lose oh so the spells i can only do once okay well theyre looking pretty pretty  __  here done okay Music uh original victory music all right well damn yuffie howd you do that it totally kicked my ass you mean you didnt lose on purpose wow youre really bad well if youre looking for a challenge the undercitys got no shortage of serious players ive kind of got better things to do sure about that where it is if you beat the grandmaster you can win some serious cash materia too materia thats right damn it but you should know the hardcore competitors wont give you the time of day till youve proven yourself whatever bring it on sorcerer board and hella trooper vanguard obtained this talkings giving me a headache im gonna go do some recon i wont stop you just dont go too far okay damn it kind of mad i can get material out of it i like look at that anywhere Music all right theres stuff back this way i want it searching for candidates shut up chadley im sorry wow Music theres that door that everyone complain about i guess oh hi puppy oh my god i cannot pet the dog cannot pet the dog 0 out of 10 garbage game game provided by square i want a refund chad walker 600 bits also coil twitch bot given some bits Music some chakra where did i see that look back in there right yeah i see you cats Music oh please do not talk to me okay everyone listen up time for stan the loyal little helper uh-huh even finding milk sausage and cake didnt distract him using his trusty nose stamp was able to find the best most yummiest bakery in the whole city and from that bakery he picked out the best most yummiest smelling loaf of bread thinking about how pleased the captain would be stamp went trotting back to base bread bagging his tail and singing a happy song in the whole wide world im just kicking that kid home he came across a moogle crying all by himself whats wrong stamp asked the forlorn little fellow im so hungry never fear stamps here and i know just how to help so stamp gave the crying moogle his loaf of bread thank you koopa the mughal exclaimed his palm bouncing excitedly oh hi there shut up im trying to listen when he got there he went straight to the captain and told him what had happened the captain was very proud of stamp helping that moogle was the right thing to do whos a good boy the captain laughed as he gave stamp a good scratch behind the ears and stamp let out a happy bar where he knew that he was the good boy the end yay stamp what a good boy did everyone enjoy that again Music okay everyone listen up time for stan the loyal little helper bow wow im stamped the good boy who never stops extra earth 100 bits thank you so much Music all right what was i doing again wait what is that attention for three oh its kyrie you can play fort condor against the lovely carrier or sorry curie oh thank you irritable glad you enjoyed the video you know the drill you want to play you gotta fork over whats your deal and why are you dressed like a five-year-old thats just weird uh what are you talking about this isnt weird its super cute super cute more like super lame oh no not his name is midgar now im gonna fight to the death just saying how much i was looking forward to playing fort condor i could really use the training you know sure ill put you through your paces but you do know its gonna cost you all right one match three gill hey  __  come here you can now edit my lawyer load out oh  __  yeah press elena between switch between loadouts triangle change a unit press x is swapping unit in got it got it okay so lets see what shes got going on over there shes got just a lot of offensive units Music so really i want a lot of shield boys to counteract it Music i only have six but she has seven you kidding me Music oh thats like all i have oh starter board source reward search report of different units nah theyre about the same Music oh god the sorcerer boards got offensive material you just gotcha yeah blizzard arrow this is cure and fire ill stick with this should be fine Music let her deploy first well give me not oh the dog just like walked right in got destroyed for it there you are  __  come here Music hang on shoot more okay well well now theyre not doing anything over here oh that turret like slowly dies not like that what is this a tank deployer oh my god this is nothing like final fantasy tactics how dare you we wanted to keep all this attention over here like look at all the damage im doing over but they cant get past them oh flamethrower boy well now im really low on uh etb to play units do i need to like play a range unit to actually get the shootie guy up there seems like i might have to nope oh what this walks right paris come on there we go all right turret do your thing i guess it could drop like a fireball or something to hit the floaty guy too it does okay get in there dog oh just uses thunder i really dont like how this tourist is kind of like slowly die i like one right yeah  __  thanks for the condor coin um excuse me i cheated and i still lost what can i say talent trumps all whatever you still owe me for my time its gotta be worth sevengill at least as if all right thats a thing i bother checking the weapon shop right now what up dude i aint seen you around here before sure youre in the right store all the usual bengal stuff wait hows this compared to what ive got right now how much kill do i have six thousand yeah hold on let me check my armor why cant i see my equipment oh how to press x first right cause im not i have to select yuffie shes gonna win my party all right got it ninja armlet has 38 defense 38 magic defense thats about usually how it goes hey there see anything you like 38 38 yeah this is pretty much better unless i want to go deeper onto like the one side of the other which i dont want to albert cobra thats the resub i guess im guessing fine as is useless where exactly do you want me going oh scout out sector seven oh this is just my uh run around do what i want for a bit maybe play some fort condor i kind of just want to focus on the plot here im not really looking to do a lot of side quests stuff im back still cant believe you came all this way on your own yeesh those the chow beans are really something else i think i broke a tooth Music hey you up for a round of fork condor no oh you sure you even said tutorial match do i actually have to go talk to freaking chadley or something Music or just want me to do all the fork condors oh dont you really want for me game searching for candidates candidate detected performing physical analysis are you checking me out she seemed relatively agile and has substantial muscle mass for her stature what where an acceptable candidate show me yuffies muscle mass you want to tell me what youre mumbling about my apologies my name is chadley would you be interested in helping me with my research im yuffie nice to meet you so what are you researching combat it would entail doing battle with the summon in a virtual arena using this portable simulator interested Music sure why not im a kick its butt very well then oh rama  __  ya dude ow ow oh lord okay okay you know what Music what you got for me wreak some wind uh thats why i found wind material right i didnt put that on summon trouble oh just stays on the ground and just paralyzes what a shame it was a close match however i did manage to obtain some invaluable data all right one second easy fix hold on just put on uh Music  __  can i assume youre ready to do battle with a virtual summon all right  __  Music 11 arrows now charging up dodge um you know what im going to win jitsu oh god damn it dudes these ground ones are the worst ow ow okay i guess just pay attention to where the ground strikes are because if you hit them like youre just stunned there for several seconds what a shame as you get shocked however i did manage to obtain some invaluable data analyze and learn  __  can i assume youre ready to do battle with a virtual summon all right this time now  __  Music please right danger close Music Music arrow all right lets read this good block were going to get my jutsu fighting stride nope nope oh thats new Music thats a big ground shotgun oh tried to heal myself got interrupted ow man Music im away nope okay kira oh  __  oh my atp is gone damn it theres a bad time to get interrupted Music  __  lets do a cure one because its faster Music oh no  __   __   __  get up yuffie im just stunned forever this sucks summon sparks oh i dont know what this is kira Music those things are definitely like killing him or something right can i destroy those or yes okay when jutsu okay they dont seem to care about when dudes oh my god shocked again now im out of magic spark flail Music up here comes judgment Music maybe i can uh windstorm oh  __  oh no dude shes probably okay i was doing it though what a shame it was a close analyze and learn from your mistakes so that you can claim one more time just one more time definitely gotta kill the sparky boys im gonna focus on killing sparky boys cause i think those things are like powering them up or some thats the better the better Music Music out of their damage oh no i already hit a thicken Music dude just because of those stuns but this is even like remotely difficult one two three four Music big sparky boy its a busy without like wind juicer she cant do anything theres Music nope i hit the wall god damn it i went to go dodge and i hit the freaking wall what a shame thats what you like in the wrong direction can i assume youre ready so i couldnt actually move okay okay Music thunderstorms win win win four  __  rainstorm oh or just get interrupted out a bit okay come on Music  __  oh no this stuns two god damn it ah one two three four Music oh boy i cant even block those this is the worst just the stun lock  __  Music wow this probably wont work oh barely lock please Music Music what the  __  oh boy hello is happening all right thats another one down can i uh just do this no then do  __  so its gotta be melee for the sparks all right all the sparks are gone pressure thats what i want to see defeating the sparks pressures um  __  what come on Music so close no not more orbs dude pissing me off oh my god of magic no attack him please oh i lost on so much freaking damages now god goddammit Music Music there well thats where everyone said i had to go grind first splendid thanks to the data you provided during your battle i succeeded in developing a new material one might say you were faster than lightning i thought a lot Music okay i guess that the rama material swap win back to what did i have on before it was like the assessed material right yeah all right what do you want i still dont know what the game wants me to do do some recon while waiting sonars return yeah i feel like im doing that though Applause so how many of those flyers did you find collect just six flyers for the happy turtle and a one-of-a-kind prize could be yours ring any bells nope well then allow me to explain the happy turtles running a contest and the rules are simple all you have to do is collect six of our fabulous flyers from around sector seven and youll earn yourself a prize sure to delight even the tower is diamondback sadly a handful of locals have taken to acting like stinkpots toward anything bhutan especially since the bombings some have even gone so far as to tear down my poor posters little wonder nobodys won yet which leaves me in a pretty predicament but hey my pain might be your game by collecting just a handful of flyers you could be the first and at this rate the only winner of the most tested areas contest in midgars history this here is a sample of one of our ads breathtaking isnt it now its up to you to find all six leave no shell unturned no pond on plum that prize is as good as mine ah since youre here you wouldnt happen to have any condor coins on you would you what this job may keep a shell over my head but my real passions coin collecting id gladly part with some oddities and commodities in exchange for those little beauts okay oh okay so i can buy mega potions new units Music sure um ill take an ether and a mega potion all right thanks man list of flyer clues obtained but im nowhere near wu-tai what on my way boxes Music jingle Music wheres theres got to be some way we can reach that thing ah cool new port condor unit thats gonna be like oh my god obstructed uh the poster is floating you dont chuckle at his knuckles Music Music oh okay is it eating this oh its for condor damn it im out of here wedge sorry we should make our own  __  before connors everywhere again Applause Music who are you even talking to theres a chocobo poster i think i need to go to like walmart which freaking direction was that again this is where i came from over here weimer believe those freaking morons they damn near got themselves eaten trying to hide that stupid poster you stay away from that factory here place has monsters coming out of the walls gore i want oh my god its roach im waiting my friend come out come out wherever you are why hello there forgive me for saying but you remind me of a dear friend of mine perhaps youve met him i dont know is he shinra too perhaps perhaps my name is roche by the way ordinarily your ill-concealed hostility and exotic wardrobe would give me pause but not today for i am here on business of a personal nature looking for my aforementioned friend whats his name oh i only wish i knew but i can tell you that he has a real need for speed as they say and while he boasts a very large sword his first love is plainly his mount yeah he sounds great say is that fort condor i see over there you play before condor against rosh condor though goddammit i suspect a delicate flower like you would wither if exposed to my scorching passion for the game maybe after some practice i gotta rank up before i can play roach and wedge damn it  __  i gotta play more fort condor and then help him find his boyfriend what is this man sir you okay all right Music oh its behind the shinra one wow gotcha you thought you could hide from me didnt you i actually kind of hate that the happy turtle song kind of rules opens june 25th Music like way more than it should Music i hate that its like pretty tight what do you guys um no spoilers again well whats the over under on vincent showing up just get the other optional side character pop his head out yeah thats my other thoughts like you could get his own dlc chapter you know it wouldnt really make much sense because i dont know why vincent would be active right now plot wise but theyll think of something they always do um all right else you want me to do a game Music sweet you want me to go you want me to go play more for condor what do you want victorious thanks to resub hello sir so when your opponent leads with this you respond with this this game is insane hey there suit hows that conversation with yourself working out oh sorry i didnt mean to disturb anyone my daughters been dying to please give me a dirty cerberus i mean but first i have to teach myself it kind of is yeah i wouldnt happen to be fort condor would it if you want ill help you figure stuff out you you will oh thanks thatd be a great help all right so hes got a bunch of ranged dudes so i need to use a lot of sword boys Music assassin board Music i guess the blast rays got more life might be harder for them to hit all that looks good to me Music Music all right big boy Music you got a gun shoot him flap kind of already dominating helping guard dog or just ignore that unit completely hella trooper oh what a hella trooper kind of do work here ill take some damage its fine i need to recharge some atv i can spend two let the security officer sneak in theres call 1v1 save on some meter there we go these all cost three so might as well make it hes a hella trooper oh my god we just destroyed this right tower now this elite security officer is really good Music picked up four atvs gonna use two well look at that range on that guy damn it nope i did the wrong thing  __  thats fine fire get in there dog overwhelm them there we are its like im playing a moba there you go scratching this oh we actually brought a defensive boy  __  help him out wait dog where are you going wait did i just get mind control what the  __  is this hey all right still one Music i got another unit i dont like wild classic the burning crusade i think im starting to get the hang of this but give me that impression starting to get the hang of what i mean talking about purpose to be precise if i can let my daughter win without her suspecting that to me is as good as a victory i know i know but if itll make her happy thanks okay so theres what one more guy gotta go get Music all right am i running the right way oh my gosh dont freaking scare me like that im highly strong youre trying to kill me who the hell are you who am i someone whos so really theyre just using fort condors and means to like reuse a lot of uh npcs from before say what me i was just you know thinking about stuff huh Music yeah like how to bag that sweet sweet fort condor prize money its my ticket out of here yeah bruh so youre after the grandmaster too sorry to burst your bubble mr shadow lurker but ill be the one taking home those spoils of war what over my dead body you will my lifes on the line here i deserve to eat i deserve to live all right lets kill johnny so hes got no reds sore throat board 2 atv total 9 Music hmm Music i like the security off elite security offers but he also just tossed four the guard dog kind of sucks but not into him elite grenadier maybe i swap out the elite security officer for the grenadiers hes got a lot of defensive units Music so i shouldnt need a blaster at all right Music one of my other options i was just another guard dog Music um actually lets make them cheaper all right try it bap he starts off with homeboy just get some damage in nothing too crazy im trying to keep my units together whoa oh you got to use one of his materials right away wow okay im gonna stay away from that right side until that turret does Music drops another shield puts on a blizzard and like misses with it dont let him through oh my god hes using all of his magic Music ill do the same you would throw distraction over there no finish this one first you dingus oh there goes okay and try to keep these guys together but he finally throws out his first ranged unit music changes want to get one of his towers down bang hes got back up in the sky 45 seconds though i should be fine i guess right now more or less just kind of more making sure that he cant get to me and take out my towers ive already beaten him he doesnt even know hes already dead Music the four condom material is more like one spell per game what no this cant be seen aint so oh goodbye fortune goodbye pride now im taking down midgar a citizen at a time hmm wait whatd you say that all of medgar is gonna suffer the same fate do you get more rewards for winning more i dont think so hell yeah rink two and i can go fire roche though i dont want them im back ah there you go someones been expecting you what took you sorry about that what just thinking how youre nothing like your old man anyway its nice to meet you im sonam kasakuben i was lucky enough to learn how to fight from good yeah i dont want to talk about him lets talk about something else like how youve adjusted to life here indulging in adult pastimes which i guess means drinking yourself stupid last thing i need is my partner stinking like an over the hill has been speaking of drinking you been to the happy turtle if youre part of operation down in one i take it back i am there next time you go dont worry i can do adult stuff just fine i dont like the way you said that well i dont even know where to begin with all of that but i do know i havent heard of operation down in one at any rate im looking forward to working with you boss boss as in me well ive got a few years on you ill admit but out of us dude youve done this longer i i guess i have boss huh i could get used to that beats being stuck on the bottom rung thats for sure after we get the material we can celebrate your promotion at the happy turtle yeah yeah stupid bird oh carrier pigeon it says the merchandise is good to go handoffs at a depot on municipal storage okay goofy sonan you mind coming along not at all need to scope out the city anyway really get to know the enemy well be passing through a rough part of town so youll want to go prepared ill leave you to get ready hit me up outside when youre done okay be right there its about someones part of the party right i cannot control certain combat instead issue commands to him using r2 forcing out to have him synergize with yuffie and youll team up with her to perform attacks in tandem oh okay so he is part of the party but i cant switch to him like barrett or arieth or tifa so hes gonna be more like red13 hes got some hit points Music you guys all set am i all set unless i want to go play more fort condor take all the time you need john if i do or not i thought that game was a total maybe i should give it a whirl all right you know what chad i actually gotta take care of something real quick im trying to get this uh i like a sponsorship spot im trying to get done and this sent me back some edits i need to do its for a video im trying to get out like tomorrow so if you guys dont mind me just doing some uh real quick camera edits and then get it exported Music i dont know why its playing out of my headset though Music yeah just just some real quick yeah i know its not putting that audio too not much i can do about right now this is only gonna take like two minutes so hey jack attacks the reset plus loves me again i was capturing uh extra gameplay footage in case i do uh any kind of video for yuffie or not so i might as well let that uh Music might as well let that export as a reminder everyone this is a i am playing final fantasy 7 remake courtesy of square who did send me a free copy of the game i feel like im missing huh Music dont worry almost done i swear oh heck i already used that oops uh blue im actually not getting paid to play this game they provided a free copy of the game but they are not paying me any additional money or extra compensation on top of streaming it so i want to be clear about that because i feel like a lot of times people conflate that like free game also means out clearly square bought me i must speak favorably of the game and thats not the case they did provide a review copy or early copy yes but they did not im not getting paid extra money Music also check some something real quick Music sauce in the middle slug tactics announcements i heard that they announced it but i havent actually seen it yet metal slug is kind of a weird game to make it to a tactic style game though i do i do like metal slug i have like ive always had like the biggest crush on whats her name theo the glasses girl Music Music everyone loves fio shes so cute how could you not oops almost down here chad dont worry i do need to re-export this video and i hope it doesnt ruin the stream it might this is uh this is kind of time sensitive Music oh so i was asking um mr blair fix the resub so this is final fantasy 7 remake from last year just being on the ps5 but they added a new dlc chapter of uh a buffy this is another this is actually a video that vlad put together so itll be a fun itll be a fun one Music sorry silence wasting time all right usually media encoder is okay to export during this but im gonna click click go and hopefully the stream doesnt get messed up ready go watching my stream quality oh archmage i started off at level 25. you didnt miss much trust me it should only take like eight minutes to go through like thats no time at all i could go play some more for condor during that stream probably seems to be hanging up okay though thats good right but youre just telling me all the level ones do i feel like go up theres level two wait is that someone i had not met yet i found roach we found wedge hold on apparently i wanna go see who this npc is do you hear that guy youre just like youre supposed to be a moogle thats basically what it sounds like like anytime you go to cause like a cosplay convention and someone just like to i was like are you supposed to be that oh its jesse i could play jessie so ive been thinking about it and i know just what you need round to fort condor you gotta be didnt i tell you im not in the mood we havent spoken yet you know what fine why the hell not might help take my mind off things battalion board oh shes got four spells so if i go sorcerer board two i got i get more spells Music look how much stuff she has a missile launcher okay so she has a lot of expensive units i think the way to beat her actually might be going low to the ground i thought i have a lot of the ground stuff Music like shes got three sword guys three range guys so shes got three shield guys so i really dont need the riot trooper that much why are you gonna change my loadout really Music this guys not gonna do much Music maybe i should have him just in case she deploys a guard dog Music what do i want her headquarters 900 hit points ill probably lose but whatever lets go Music all right just play cheaply whoa shes dropping two dudes right away okay there you go oh three dudes oh no that was mine never mind i got confused again were just gonna stay cheap stay cheap cheap units is the way to go i probably should throw down a cure Music wait why is my guard dog keep attacking my  __  why is that happening did i miss something on the guard dog so i dont think theres like a confusion thing Music im like sometimes having a hard time figuring out which ones mine which ones first okay thats definitely hers im gonna drop the things and get another attack unit up to take all right doing work up there though technically winning all right so she deploys a guard dog second block with the shield trooper which ill probably ignore thats cool now they can slowly move up i am winning just gotta survive for a minute god get him put a berry over there for no reason cure keep my units healed oh my god this things doing ridiculous damage oh my god this thing can spawn from like a billion years away i wish i could like cycle my units off on the side can i all right if i take out this griffin though ill beat her thats all i need there we go enjoy  __  like that blah Music finish no record damn well cant win them all unless youre me ive won them all ha ha laugh it up now leave me alone would ya whats that i hear the sound of the worlds smallest violin keep pushing me all right im surprised oh if im uh if im ranked two does turtle guy have more items for me to claim i went the wrong way whoops mr turn on the ground wait sorry what was that music hello sir i am rank 2. so what can i do for uh condor coins im rank two oh this is where you get the other the other boards okay assassin boar fills the atp gauge faster allowing the user to deploy more units thats cool okay so basically do you want to buy some ford condor  __  yes or no ill take it matches remain stationary and spawn slug raised at a steady rate each slug ray spawned reduces the units hit point so it puts out multiple things all right i want that i want that with that thank you want to avoid splurge cant watch all good thanks for coming by for the resub yeah the mini game that everyone always skips in final fantasy 7 is now like not essential but like honestly not that bad to play sweet nova b thanks for gifting five subs but now its just like kind of a means to get a little more meat to like the yuffie dlc you know that makes sense is my video done exporting yet their identity is a total mystery nobody knows who they are it says remaining at zero seconds so i hope its telling the truth oh yeah its definitely less crusty nope still trying to finish that export please dont ruin on me you guys all set lets move on all right there it goes all right now thats finished up now the tricky part is i need to upload it and what im hoping is the upload doesnt ruin the stream because that might happen just give me a second oh youtube saw no bandwidth control i dont know if its a youtube thing it might just be more of a my internet thing about to see can we face roche now i can yeah all right i apologize in advance but lets see what happens when i try to get this video uploaded boop im watching this stream its only going to take like 20 minutes upload so if its poopy its only going to be poopy for a little bit whatever thats worth yeah actually to be okay all right we seem to be okay lets just go okay streets are kind of amazed so stay close so now where are we headed to pick up your ids theres no way to get topside without them but i thought dj was getting our high ds what happened with that he is but those are different it takes more than one id or even two to survive in this town dont forget midgar was built by shinra or shinra those tyrants put the claws away boss at least while were in shinra territory all right so yuffie what do you think of the undercity way too crowded i cant stand how can it live here gonna agree with you about the smell but you get used to it quick enough oh like los angeles the place can grow on you if you give it a chance uh wait a second are you actually saying you like it here i thought you hated it midgar isnt the enemy shinra is i know ws dont really see the distinction but you did um what was that stuff on the news about a reactor blown up and all no way that was an accident it had to be avalanche sorry are you gonna go talk let me meet jesse cause i already met her from the splinter oh splinter sparrow but left after a policy dispute wow look who it is loving your work so how many reactors is that now wait wheres cloud we lost him oh okay oh this is cool so this is right when the reactor explodes of course and cloud falls through the church fall aint gonna stop a hard ass like him thats cool come swaggering back before long you mark my words yeah i guess he will now can we talk about president  __  spouting all that crap about us that lying son of a  __  working for wutah avalanche nobody oh speaking of sons of  __  i heard that walmarts very own don cornell has a stooges out looking for you is that so tall dont got time for no low level mobsters we got shinra in our sights Music you and i both know this is far from over right what do you think tifas abs while we still can Music right Music you know what i think i am gonna look into this good luck out there theyre the ones who blew up the reactors cool should we say hi no better not after what theyve done youve got to assume shinras on their tail should keep our distance yeah my thoughts exactly uh ill get you so theyre not going to come in contact with any of the rest of the cast from 57 remake because otherwise they need to somehow justify how people in final fantasy 7 remake the splinter cell just didnt mention collateral damage long as shinra goes down so whats wrong with that sounds good to me were not out to blow midgar up or tear it down we want to save it from shinra look around nine out of ten of the people living here are innocent bystanders we cant level their home to take down one company well that company almost leveled our home and theyve got to learn their lesson yeah i get that gotta admit im surprised you agreed to work with us were just doing what we think is necessary to build a brighter future thats all there is to it in other words youre working with us so we dont work with your old buddies knowing what would happen if we did uh can we table this for later maybe not sure nows the best time for heavy topics yeah couldnt agree more consider it tabled her like shirt her over shirt which already covers like the upper half of her body folds over each other in the front but its like folded over slash under her belt how does your shirt work is it part of the belt it does it on the back too oh no theres like buttons okay there are buttons yeah so its like folded under its like folded under flapped up and then buttoned around the belt okay i dont hate it so what exactly does this ultimate material do im guessing you have big plans for it like after we steal it well the more material you have the stronger you are right so once weve got the ultimate materia well be stronger than anyone i guess you will its gonna be awesome and not just that by sneaking into shinra hq and snatching their most prized possession from under their noses not only will we deal a massive blow to their morale but well prove to them that while wutai might be down were not out that the gist of it boss it sure is so this ultimate material is not gonna be like actual material right its gonna be some other  __  Laughter see that one oh don cornell that was oh hello there hot stuff uh-oh howd you like a shot at the big time those looks i guarantee youre golden so what do you say ready to be queen of hearts that makes more sense it doesnt even hear this girl and cover your ears youd be living and working in the most luxurious residency oh you want me to be one of cornells brides is that it which makes you a person of influence right oh so you know your stuff but id say im more of a helping hand so why dont you help me help you lets get going what are you doing get your hands off me now dont go playing hard oh right in the shin why is the music so good now any kids who can do that no you dont because im an adult you are not also im pretty hot stuff myself thank you very much sure whatever helps you sleep at night little girl wow if you want to pull up a seat at the grown-ups table be my guest Music all right art of war Music that one oh  __  all right so basically holding l2 to synergize this powers up my normal abilities sorry those lyrics were your party your party your party your party hold on got any stuff Music i said do you got any stuff Music i followed adrenaline im on it all right lets just  __  them love a lot mason spade thanks larissa okay i guess you try youre gonna eat those hurts you smug piece of  __  youre not gonna believe this the hottie of the century just fell right into our lap she did looks under the hood junk in the trunk and down for a bumpy ride what the  __  sorry ladies but after careful consideration weve decided to go with a more qualified are they talking about earth though i hope theyre talking about cloud oh no it was tifa yeah they could doesnt they kidnap tifa so who were those creeps anyway john cornells talent scouts theyll say and do justice i love how flamboyantly that man described it though that was the best look sadie guess youd have to be a scumbag to build a place like that oh and how do you know what it looks like i saw it while i was scouting the area well were here now we just have to wait wait for who not sure we used to have someone who could make fake ids in-house but they went off with the splinter cell weve never dealt with this particular vendor before hey uh whats up with that guy mako poisoning thats what happens if you dont make the grade as a soldier or when the militarys done using you just another one of shinras victims them again shimras so gonna get it if its shinra youve got beef youll be needing these cant access the plate without theyre gonna scan for those things on the train so make sure to keep them on you thank you hey hold up have a bean youll love it Music got them we should probably head back and wait for gigia enjoy your material while you still can shinra cause were coming not yet boss huh with things the way they are we cant just go strolling up to the front gates were gonna need avalanche to help us bypass security before we can do anything all right what are these boxes though kion which number are you 49. first were gonna need to do some side quests oop treasure kindred cord ive not checked whats his faces stuff here reduces atp costs for synergized abilities for him that seems good right hes got item master auto cure first strike and provoke first strike isnt awesome its worth giving him anything else though whats his magic rag i mean his magics not that much lower than yuffies whatever chaos oh hell yeah bend shields though im playing too much resident evil 8 i see the yellow tape and think im supposed to go to that but actually means its blocked off what huh whats this about change of plans go to the pillar well explain there hurry gigi whats with the audio it might just be seven pillar uh twitch otherwise known as the roof of the slums every now and then like twitch has like a weird like audio glitch or like sometimes repeats itself or other weird stuff like that so you might just need a refresh i dont like the sound of this i still cant pet the dog me its high time things picked up around here thermometers i feel like living in the fast lane huh yeah im not your garden variety wutayan hailstorm85 thanks theresa youre right hold up hey im talking to you answer me well uh look a moogle mm-hmm stop what somebody cowboy bebop music ill head back and tell the others what happened that way boss we might not be back for a while lets just stock up before leaving oh lets give me one of those okay do you have any idea what dj actually did whatever it was he probably did it for us this legit sounds like some yokocano music though right its not just me weve got six thousand gil put some phoenix downs a couple extra potions do i need antidotes i dont know sure whatever Music i did a um fun story back when i was doing the improv stuff back in green bay uh we had a attached scripted theater stage and uh one of the an injury staff one of the plays that i did uh had some music that was made it was like uh oh plus to attack by a lot yes please and it gives them two more materials thoughts and it gives them like um and for this play we needed some like original music for it and the musician made some of that music for us which is great and uh his inspiration was certain song was basically combining songs from cowboy bebop together and it ended up being pretty awesome that musician by the way was kevin macleod the same kevin macleod of incompetech media the same dude whos done decades worth of uh copyright free music thats used all over youtube trust me youve heard it that same guy was our improv clubs musician he has a house just like down the street from the packers stadium so to make a lot of money he would literally rent out his driveway for people to park there during backer games it was kind of brilliant how about later im not stupid youre the stupid one hey after him talk about fast is he one of us we dont have time to get into that boss you can ask him yourself once hes safe come on do i get to ride this up or down Music okay so we got like a new area piece of  __  hes toying with us some kind of factory or something it reminds me of a place i passed through when i first got here and if its anything like that itll be crawling with monsters oh  __   __  shays Music the wrath of the ninja shot music transition i mean this game did such a good job with the contextual music more stuff no treasure Music al thatd be spiced so what you think arent i just awesome sweeper arranged oh thats a goddamn fort condor thing damn it all the treasures im gonna find is pork condor stuff okay its fine im raking up in fort condor maybe eventually ill play some mythic players or whatever high potion sorry dead Music Music is definitely just an add-on dlc its not like a full-on new game yeah its definitely just like expansion gotta shut that dlc someone in chat earlier was saying this is maybe like six hours long i dont know how long this game is i have no zero spoilers and scenes are your spoilers i would like to keep it that way so chat please be respectful of that job Music ow Music Music ow ow oh boy okay son of a  __  can i hit you with this from here oh its over more of a prayer material no thanks Music imagine gotta find a switch to turn those things off i came down from there right yeah um Music hello hey was this jesper material is sonar on the dragoon of the party not really its just another kind of wutai ninja give up some extra support in combat all right i know what you want from me game i just dont quite see the direction you want me to go do it its not like a continuation dlc its more like side story because this is happening at the same time as other parts of final fantasy vii specifically right around the time that don corneo takes tifa around the time time that uh cloud fell through the church and met eric it was absolutely backwards oh i came from there that was like the start right yeah okay dont need to hit that again i went down there before i got stuff but it wasnt like a switch or anything am i dumb hello ah hold on wait for it there we go oh hold on hold on hold on almost almost got it hold on yes we i love buttons oh im definitely gonna get ambushed right you know shes actually pretty cool i feel bad saying but after what happened back home i just kind of assumed no one in avalanche could be trusted like they were all the same as the ones i fought yeah i can imagine no no how do i miss looks like avalanche has changed a lot no no no no no damn it come on you guys just dont know when to quit oh gga youre also making this really inconvenient for me shes dead this is Music Music musics tight i gotta Music we give you a problem Music Music just do it again oh swarms oh theres little babies with them ah no damn it oh its healing them too oh its the worst ill be right there with you just gotta take care of something Music oh sorry i leveled up or hes almost dead uh windstorm or whatever that didnt do nearly as much as going through showing unprovoked i dont know what half these things are goes to drive only effective when a kethonian armlet is equipped increase the damage proportional to characters character hit points all right the chaff over there makes the resub oh kethonian armlet so i cut the kethonian armlet with ketholian gozu drive increases damage down proportional to characters current hit points so the more hit points i have the more damage that does but also the cathodian armlet is more defense than ninja armlet though ninja armor doubles ap Music it looks like a usb drive yeah just slap that in there we can try it whatever ill give you chakra all right well give it a shot steel reaper oops steel reaper increased attack but like thats it everything else is worse it does teach her banishment instead of elemental ninjutsu this has burmal form Music atv spent on other commands increases damage dealt affinity changes when ninjutsu works in the air i guess it does increase attack by 13. the ability seems weird though i dont know i might just stick with yupis normal ninja run across whats the stick with you fees and usual stuff well style over stats 10-4 be there as soon as we can unit 3 says theyve got the suspect detained near pillar maintenance were going to not keep them waiting what hillary is howd they let him get that alif i know come on you heard the man boss nope Music just dead right away first Music i assume like running through all this is eventually its going to take me to shinra hq i kind of feel like its building up towards that you know why not assassins creed structure up ahead thats Music yeah sure Music i need to open that guy up okay hold on there it is here we go Music so i could come here rats Music assassin board three i just bought assassin board two damn it my minnie ow just stand up dont throw now ive got you oh oh boy uh trouble hold on get up  __  my mission oh swedish sacrifices himself to heal me oh okay im gonna leave bye dont thank you see you later okay Music were missing a bunch of hit points and didnt realize it Music this i like the silly sax music a lot all right lets try that again nerds try to be a little more aggressive with our attacks here some of this oh miss  __  on it nice one Music here we go dude please die sir Music how are you doing please die why do you have so much life come on Music nothing to steal Music thanks didnt practice goddamn dog Music all right so im gonna go across there do i need to hit anything else before i do that youre like that boxes boxes Music wait whats below Music theres stuff below not right now must be for later Music ah oh we got reef we hit it there we go okay let me go down Music wait i see big purple glowy Music thats a blue glowy i must have you Music oh  __  not two of them oh its a weird roll thats a little bit what are you better for oh level up bring it on do something there we go ow that was on like 900 hit points just all this damage coming from Music there it is how do i uh Music yeah shut up for a second trying to see how it gets stuffed with those guys Music Music ninja that while im riding this thing wow damn crusader thanks to the resub glad youre enjoying your time here i still see it this is so much effort watch this might not be worth it at all Music i did it bam elemental material Music Music can we do that a lot with that right now unless i want to protect myself Music i dont know if i do Music 10 arrows inbound not funny Music Music i can write this down shortcut okay Music i feel like with this song the music director is like okay uh saxophone player i just need some uh saxophone music saxophone players just like oh all right well uh what do you want to hear music director says just  __  me up you got it and this is what came out Music am i doing life i could use some curious Music i want to try treating a little lighter this time no point fighting if we dont have to yeah yeah i know be quiet very quiet this music is the best speaking of mouse god damn it Music good morning Music Music oh what hell yeah what are you waiting for its like a monster hunter monster oh you barf okay all right what do you got going on week to fire okay while holding a rocket will repel encounter frontal attacks firing ice attacks will rapidly kill its dagger days if captured continuously press evade to escape Music ow ow ow please stop oh now its holding a rock its just like uh what tech is it called monster hunter Music hold on got any stuff ow oh ow thank you try it again give me your stuff Music so im doing all the work fire ninjutsu and fire fire Music hes staggered now see if hes got any stuff dammit Music lets get our rears in here Music it had an elixir on him that was trying to steal which i really wanted to you know not use until after the game is over Music i retained a note from gj uh conveyor belt passes through storage brake containers with shuriken screw-over shinra get to it brake stop got it im gonna potion up a bit here Music all right Music operate the conveyor belt all right give me one second chat Music the convertible up ahead will take you through a storeroom filled with small medium and oversized shimmer boxes use your weapon to break them apart and stick it to the man i obtain an elixir tight Music i mean i appreciate the extra items dude you need to not stand there right now nope try again yeah i know obstacles thank you oh damn it dude get out of my way bop this whole conference just falls its gonna give me a score afterwards gonna tell me im an idiot these are clearly empty boxes with how much theyre flying around Music like this is the way the game be like heres some stuff just in case you forgot to buy stuff to get ready for whatevers ahead so here you go oh oh no this poor box its here that after the demo when they realized everyone was just messing around with like the movable boxes theres like were gonna make this a thing now just like we planned oh theres more no oh no big ones three mega potions tight that a good score Music important what am i looking at here to the right is progress so treasure to the left heck yeah magic up material i dont really use magic much elemental silver thanks to the resub mughal simulator id play mobile simulator that looks cool many dudes Music cant afford any more do you just like the pets on it sneaky no more mistakes right but theres stuff over here of lightning material i already got like uh upgraded lighting material i already got vending machine oh cheap mega potions ether cheap phoenix downs thanks for the discounts i now have 34 high potions which is kind of amazing Music ufc certainly got defensive 84 and 82 supreme racer oh these like the i mean its a lot on one side i feel like its sacrificing too much same usual stuff that weve seen before revival material deadly dodge not into the aoe stuff as much oh you never sit though yeah there you go just a quick sit inside the shinra factory no one will ever find me all right see when my arms are out like that that means im in stealth mode Music or on an airplane i dont think sure employees are allowed to take breaks yeah its like amazon oh his name was something like heidegger wrong answer im gonna ask you again all right all right ill tell you oh you talk about reeves but dont forget im the leading i just got an alert that someone outbid me on ebay Music thats exactly what i was hoping youd ask consider that diverted the worlds greatest material hunters is this her transformation sequence Music big reveal Music that was amazing and i wont hear otherwise never mind its just some kid Laughter oh now she dies again wait sorry does this staff just cut performance boss who are you anyway got eyes on hostile requesting backup oh my god al okay whats the plan here ill uh assass gigantic its head susceptible to physical attacks while its tail is susceptible to lightning attacks landing attacks also rapidly feel its stagger gauge this long range attack accuracy increases when its containment laser finds a target so it resists everything but lighting so if i really the plant should be hitting the tail of lightning because thats gonna feel the starter gauge more all right thats just gonna take a minute ow or if i just dont hit it at all oh oh thats me its a container i know that lightning jiu-jitsu Music ah it has side guns here we go art of war on his head yeah okay here we go im a little hurt im not curing myself Music hello Music can i not target the tail i cannot target the tail Music this is fine Music um wow Music thats just my life dont worry about it i like i said the ninjutsu element lasts a short time this is actually quite some time son is dead oh hes got 20 hit points not on my watch oh he also healed himself good Music hey i heard youre weak to the lightning oh hold on Music we do that again bash Music i can appreciate that all right Music just give me a couple seconds ill do time Music get him out Music oh one of these containment drones  __  oh oh thats a lot of missiles okay yep mom hit points Music all right whered he go come here Music uh hello you have no life left hello oh its the judgment ball did i get him are you  __  piece of  __  you have zero hit points there Music nice work you saved my ass it was nothing well it did earn you these employee id cards theyll get you into the shinra building and pretty much any floor basement included sir thats where advanced weaponrys got their lap set up and where they conduct their material research what youre looking for is anywhere in that place its gonna be there you guys should probably get moving where it is shinras got something big lined up for us nothing less than the destruction of sector seven but whatever it is theyre planning youre better off out of it right ima go report to the others good luck up there Music see you soon yeah Music next time im buying ill show you what times really party deal sounds like we better get going lets head up as soon as youre ready ready Music Music whats going on so outside the hideout oh totally is to think this is where those bastards plotted their attacks right under our noses oh too bad they made it out before the military could get here like chickens flying the cove probably best if we dont stick around lets catch the train yeah we gotta get out of here this is right when they started blaming avalanche for stuff go take the train roaches on the way can i um audio music volume lets lets turn it down a little bit what do you say just a little bit just so that maybe i can actually hear what theyre saying db5484 thank you for the 100 bitties i really appreciate it im with the wrong wife all right roach ill bite lets do it back for more such youthful determination i love it i got an assassin 3 board my dude i bought this one but  __  it i guess assassin 3 10 atb i start at 10 Music no materia but 840 hit points outpost has more hit points this seems amazing why would i not use this bring a deer barracks sure thatll be my one everything else is going to be defensive units and swordy boys right trooper the century grunt prototype i dont like this dog it doesnt make sense to me how many units do you have Music two swords two arrows one shield so i need this to least swap out guard dog for Music last ray all right so shock trooper versus security officer whats the difference between them shock trooper has low attack bar but high hit points for a vanguard is that suited for the front lines okay where security officers gonna do more damage really low attack power is the same as a security officer so hes just better than security officer Music oh but he cant hit flying units thats it okay Music actually thats the case im gonna swap that out now lets look at that better its probably fine lets try it okay i just started with 10 atp thats so stupid get in there Music grinning to your barracks so this is gonna start pooping out grenadiers dont have to worry about it at all yep there it goes the real skill is winning without without spells god the atp charge is so fast its ridiculous oh you guys cant hit the flying unit i gotcha look at were just destroying this bird oh blessed are thats fine dude i am obliterating him another aeroblast to oh you guys target towers with material i didnt think of that this is a mess over here all right same plan barracks doing great keep it up whoa what the hell oh crap im gonna get a unit out okay actually kind of bad best offense defense good offense or whatever no bit yeah what if i just kill your bird before you even get to mine hear me out look at them go all right so this is the best one Music get wrecked roche well played my friend and to think i thought id best you easily wait did you just call me your friend but of course with that display of passion youve more than proven yourself worthy henceforth you shall occupy a place in the pantheon of my closest companions when next we meet it will be on the open road the wind in our hair just dont make me come looking for you my friend italian board too all right thanks oh happy turtle music uh train guy yes boss what i dont think well be back here anytime soon so make sure youre ready for anything okay thats what you said the last thing and it was like what 45 minutes hour tops whats with all these people due to the recent incident of maco reactor 5 only a limited number of trains are currently in service please note that the sector 5 under city station is closed miss this train and theres no telling when the next will be looks like its now or never guys sorry we couldnt give you a proper send-off just know that were rooting for you okay all aboard oh boy gonna be sick oh shes getting her motion sickness ill be fine as long as im standing up thats canonical by the way dont laugh melfi always got motion sick chocobos boats im sure trains would have done it too boomst who is melfi my sister Music she trained under your father at the same time as me and she had such promise the war was ending but a shinra mech went haywire near a crowd she had to do something get shot by we deserve missiles coming to him Music they do but im not your sister are we on schedule yeah the turks are on top of it yes there will be no delays please mr president i am asking you to reconsider no begging the sector 7 undercity is home to more than 50 000 director touristy at least let us issue a warning sir so gga definitely got his info from reeve right the stench of the directors cowardice fills the room yet again breathe progress requires sacrifice learn to live with it i need to react like that more often anytime something happens i just need to go just really audibly look at all these people lets get this over excuse me i have some questions you work for shinra isnt that right then would you care to comment on the rumors that sector 7 will be the dearest next target theyre going to hit the reactor arent they you stop right there youre up heidi oh my god come on she doesnt know what an id is so she keeps calling it a high d hold the door whoop what floor the basement advanced weaponry going down perfect just perfect hmm hello but oh how the mighty are fallen wutai colluding with avalanche and resorting to terrorism i always thought the wutans and honorable people they used to be certainly but now now theyre nothing but blood sucking flies buzzing around shinras face oh girl would you not agree in light of recent events i mean i would a hundred percent what a lovely smile i was about to say yuffie has nice teeth i think not foreign visitors should take the scenic route and save her the opportunity to meet our latest autonomous weapons oh dang she knew damn it ill never get a better chance that was scarlett director of advanced weaponry it was one of her machines that killed melfi calm down sonan calm down remember were here for a reason right boss im sorry dont be i was ready to strangle her myself and thats before she sent us off in the wrong direction where did she send us Music only one way to find out dont worry deep into hojos stuff just a little longer my precious im telling you like the material materials gonna end up being like red 13 or something like that like some other not actual material but some other quote unquote weapon theyve been working on oh am i hurt nope whats that big arm that she wears its like an arm guard because she has her weapon in her right hand and then the left brace to protect that side kind of like how like blink holds the master sword one hand but has like a gauntlet on the other uh gauntlet on that hand because the other ones got a the shield on it it could just be geneva thats true oh yeah these are just the hojo arenas like least favorite part of the last game is everywhere theyre ready for some serious action it sounds like you are too duh im like my old she has a very satisfying catch animation for her weapon like thrower returning mjolnir not well if the governments got anything to say about it good on him jails where he belongs thats my master youre talking about mindling off him a little you know what lets draw not exactly my favorite talk thats only going to make me mad more importantly my god you people are deadly boring heck ow Music get out of here Music come back so her ninjutsu rain attacks do like no stagger whatsoever theres like hopping up and down point point point all right thats a little silly whatever you do dont stop well win eventually walk into this i dare you thats the end of that Music man Music done i guess im just supposed to use the in between time to heal up or grab items Music of course razor Music ow stop shooting me Music ow lighting me up why did i ever think for a second shed be nice to us she knows damn well its gonna be a pain in the ass getting up there honestly how do i do it now then sewn on how you feel about giving me a boost ecstatic hey do it a few notes of the overall team there just now okay get to climbing there goes again id you like that theyre giving her a little more opportunity to just madame director intruders are about to reach the research facility hey rose darling they switch primary sub and well let them meanwhile find out what it is they want you do have eyes dont you then you can see that while they are simpletons theyve made it further than any normal wutaya never could clearly they are ninjas teenage ninjas and theyve come such a long way we simply must roll out the red carpet my trusty steed should provide a fitting welcome i think keep me apprised would you maam cut system power to the research facility bar access to confidential data then retrace their steps find out why theyre here above all do not let them out of your sight sir oh material where are you youre not correct oh Music that things off too well its not mood lighting theyre just twitch streamers sweet its comfy with a twitch prime my first brand new baby sub of the day thank you so much putting up your blue shirt enjoy all of your emotes thanks for being here this must be where they make their material maybe but theyre not what we came for lets keep moving after i grab a few souvenirs yeah took their stuff level one power grid online initiating maco energy saturation deploying security grading hello oh ninja cannonball materia im  __  sorry allows you to perform ninja cannonball with r1 and triangle while synergize okay lets do that i havent shocked at all so another step fast block hello wait is that a security grate or a ladder thanks shinra thats weird not even a whiff of material up here but then theres nowhere else to go she smells like material like i smell treasure a ribbon that could actually be good makes it hard to be interrupted while casting magic not as good as i thought it was going to be can i upgrade my weapons yup i have 56 sp you know only a little bit allows me to use mug  __  that steel success rate up bloodsucker no thanks still success rate up though were gonna go damage boost is it worth upgrading sonans not as much available heres that 48 this has um damage reduction while guarding kinda whatever you like the extra mp hit points extra attack power not magic attack power might as well finish it sure man this is attack power Music 12 12 12 these all cost 12. so i got another material slot yep i already gave her material slot what am i supposed to do give her a second ninja cannonball lets just want to give her plus five magic points which kind of whatever sure he has steadfast block on um this was thrawn subversion might be able to use it where was it going right treasure volunt armlet what is that Music an unembellished band designed to facilitate material triples ap for material damn it ants got better stats oh but i lose several material slots this is go zoo driving better i honestly could not tell Music just go power wrist guards because i dont fully understand this surely its better though right okay what material did i lose by the way it was like steadfast uh assass and ninja cannonball do not take that away thats very important we have to ninja cannonball this guy wasnt even paying attention ninja kenmore Music nope there it is synergize ninja cannonball Music Music and our heroin triumphs again ninja cannonball seems okay it seems like it has a high stagger Music so uh oh here we go ah heck thats a condom Music small or large Music oh youre immune to lightning maybe clan tech like an elemental team up turns out he nukes himself all right oh sorry youre out of luck hold on ninja cannonball wait hold on here we go need to get them all beat Applause i should actually see if you have a weakness nope just immune to all magic destroying or stealing the core weakens them hold on thank you got it back it is okay that works a little bit better throw out some potions can i do that faster from like the menu or something uh im a thousand percent gonna have to fight this thats a mega man x boss Music gin staff slightly more balanced death you guys gonna give me more treasures initiating maco energy saturation deploying security grid not lying now my precious entry lock released and what do we have here a secret material vault perhaps not a trap but if i went down more of the uh those materia belts opened up right a bed just what i want Music did any more of these open up they sure did skill master materia heck and right go down the steps there you go its just that one just that one all right still skill master its me Music should i check that material huh small atp increase when using three types of commands Music like if i use different commands like a boost thats not as exciting that was gonna be hold on where am i going Music secret vault actually is a side thing i thought that was progress this actually might be the secret employee identity confirmed nailed it access granted occupancy limited to one subject proceed to gate to begin training exercise training really just give us what we came for already might still be worth a shot could be something in it for us just be careful okay oh one of these i dont wanna do any of that im gonna be real with you i dont care seemed like another side thing i could do but not really something i want to that it was necessary for building a brighter future well we know how it is what is it that you seem to dust time material though hell yeah dude im on haste oh come on how could we have gotten so lost easy now focus i know spirit of the child being sure you ate it you sound surprised man im glad youre here likewise it really helps knowing im not alone in all this yeah same here crunch so how does it help uh i think i found our way across right shall we eh this breakfast freezer a healing carcanet increase the effectiveness of healing items spells and abilities kill this man whats a good word to describe me im thinking legendary im thinking im honest um heres a hand in the gun of that thing i saw earlier i dont like this yes bfg thats a weapon to surpass metal gear honestly i would too check that out she must have multiple chairs and this is just like one of many it does look more important than the others this has to be it oh sweet baby come to mama i need more light hes gonna get real real soon level 3 power grid online initiating maco energy saturation deploying security great those are good things im sure theres more material available back downstairs again oh wait man another stupid dud oh hey we can barely fit in the door but were here were here this is a very  __  field to fight these guys in not a fan of that Music Music ow Music and taste Music staggered Music Music Music gonna do a thing god damn it Music im still hastened dude i got like all kinds of atv ready to go Music nice so have you found out what they want yet took how the poor guy still crawling and falling as their behavior is erratic but they appear to be searching for materia excuse me you mean to say that these savages have gone to all this trouble from materia so far as we can tell yes how very dull be that as it may i suppose i should talk to them man how precious but i know just what you need to listen up a little after such a long journey you must be sent here luckily i have toys for that oh far more entertaining than this what do you want oh dear is that any way to talk to your host really though as guests its more about what you want and i think youll find it just up ahead hurry now dont keep me waiting so boss what are you thinking that were walking into a trap i guess its nothing we cant handle right goodness said it better myself we still hurt oh damn it course is a bench right here this is where we push every piece of coordinates to its limits and beyond such tests are an invaluable part of the development process go on see where the magic happens commencing ordinance testing select ordinance type to deploy for this trial we get it chat she has a booba okay selection confirmed initiating ordnance deployment procedure i have no idea i just selected subjects approaching test site test will begin momentarily all right Music you supposed to do something Music all right Music now give yeah shield up seems like he does no Music theyre resistant to physical attacks until pelted with magic weak to wind so i include my little ninja shoes Music sorry did you have any stuff Music select ordinance type to deploy for this trial uh what do you think chat razor blade or um hover thing i dont know all right razor blade  __  it initiate ordnance deployment procedure will begin momentarily here man beginning analysis hes Music lighting figures delivering a certain amount of damage or destroying an arm knocks it down making it more susceptible to staggering however whenever covers back meets rampage mode pop ninjutsu lightning ow its okay kids i messed up are the arms like not at all Music please oh god you can sliced up oh like a mega man mini boss i dont know man eyeball seems like its gonna be uh some magic  __  for sure roomba okay selection confirmed initiating ordnance deployment procedure subjects approaching test cycle Music oh its a bunch of little dudes beginning hello just like race cant be just right wow Music to deploy for this drive uh all right we got drill face or gundam which we fought a lot of gundams maybe we should do that because we already know how to fight them selection confirmed initiating ordinance deployment procedure be subjects approaching test site tests will begin momentarily yep choose gundam guys no problem beginning analysis now there the cars on hes doing pulse laser though steel core ow lets try that again nope its too late i got  __  up no no no no come on please steal court i get it i did not  __  steel core give Music him look lets get around oh he died hey thats not funny damn it uh phoenix down sona whats going on limit break dance at the dragon get him there he goes you still get to eject off thats horse  __  and he got again again dude come on Music just one spiky shield initiate ordnance deployment procedure Music its a good thing i got all these high potions right there we go okay final test hydrate momentarily all right now  __  is this death wheel Music right away all right sir what you got going on here pelting it with repeated magic attacks will render it suspectful to staggering while it can easily deflect frontal attacks its rear is vulnerable its weak to fire resist lighting okay attack jake thanks for the resub part two the final 57 remake came out its not part two which is the uh integrate which is like the extra uf add-on look at a wheel around you look ridiculous Music how Music Music yes oh you fell over now you nearly as much i missed hold on ninja get them all please Music Music after all whenever youre ready okay Music i knew it i knew theres gonna be a bench here thats why i didnt go too hard on my healing items because of course there was all right build up  __  those boxes where are we that thing cant be operational can it we better hope not boss at long last wutais finest dame to join us youve performed admirably quit acting all superior we both know youre afraid of us is that so well maybe i am you should know theres more where we came from lots more and youll never see him coming just imagine a whole clan of ninjas landing on your doorstep oh my we must do something right away well you cant dont say that wont you at least give us a chance versus scarlet allow me to present the latest innovation oh my god designed by yours truly this will be a memory to cherish for the rest of your lives all 30 seconds of them theres a lot of century rays the crimson mare does she have any stuff when her hip is depleted she will faint and be unable to pilot the battle on her weak to fire when his pilot is incapacitated it will be susceptible to staggering its capable of equipping a variety of lethal eternity but destroying these weapons will temporarily eliminate the threat they pose so we can like hit scarlett to temporarily disable this guy shes weak to fire but the mayor resists fire okay so worth it now what trying to keep up all right got her knob we beat her up okay oh song trouble oh some trouble Music uh oh she repairs her arms Music the battle music changes oh i thought i got the cure off why do you blow yourself up you idiot what youre gonna make me do all the work Music get up together Music you can thank me later Music um is it cool if i bring Music i cant see whats happening god damn it again come on a moment Music i was like wasting drama how many of those things youve got oh not the sword and shield okay uh please Music fire fire fire and now just go on sewn on limit break please just heal oh come on were in the middle of doing our attack she gets really hits in my hand actually jump over here hello thats just back to our laser hands well i saw him trying to heal himself oh i dodged the wrong way Music please dont die he died god  __  damn it ow all right mad deep shes doing some  __  how about you pull yourself together  __  stop going up there god damn it Music can we all right back to storm shield mode okay Music ow yeah not okay Music all right shes finally down staggered limit break died jesus not nearly mobile enough should have known those actuators werent up to the task time for an overhaul hello Music my my mind how to turn tables Laughter proud of yourself little savage what are you doing secret thigh button uh Music sleep well vice this is a surprise to what do i owe the pleasure i forgot they were in this game these idiots want to digitally replicate me so im indulging them all transporting Music chadley is chadley a voice calling when will shinra learn there is no replicating you they ought to know better looking forward to this i am it has been too long since my last hunt what you do tell us is this how its done in wu tai you just howl until you get what you want thats enough sewn on i got this all right lady out with it tell us where youre hiding the new materia dont play dumb now we know youve been cooking up something super powerful well well wutai must have some highly skilled intelligence operatives that or we have a mole in our midst oh check on it all right but make it quick you are correct that were in the process of creating an exquisite new material however it is far from complete yeah right you must think im stupid would i lie to you regrettable though it is other plans have been deemed a higher priority what other plans well just between you and me my colleagues and i are going to draw plate number seven on the slums then then were going to blame it on avalanche and boutai i dont get it youre gonna drop a plate and oh dear i think your friend might have run into trouble arent you going to save him quickly now what are you waiting for better hurry you see anything else Music so vice nero is from durge of cerberus that vincent shooter on ps2 i remember them but ill remember  __  about the game no not having children who are these  __  no clue just hit me with it there is no ultimate material not yet she said its still in the works and she mentioned something else im gonna drop plate number seven theyre gonna do what theyre gonna draw plate number seven on the slums apparently wait so g was being furious this is bad oh god oh what the  __  oh no oh he just destroyed me oh god i got wrecked you know what i should probably assess these guys to fire striking them after invisibility wears off will make them susceptible to staggering when captured continue press they twisted ready here we go Music uh fire jitsu no were you swinging yuffie come the  __  on goddammit Music dude uh Music not that time mom their bullets wont stop us Music if he wants to get drunk Music oh did we just get separated is it over somehow i seriously doubt it oh man i so dont want to go back out there that should hurt its a good thing theres a bench here i cant imagine ive got a whole lot left this game right got to be just all of shinra then its over meaning were trapped i want them to suffer pain sensation max the rest i leave to you hahaha they figure we need a challenge meaning were in for a world of hurt well they seem to die pretty easily though im darker Music super human samurai cyber squad Music oh Music  __  god i wish i had more range Music Music are you poisoned me  __  Music window to appeal oh freaking riot troopers bonk all right i found it oh my god diabolic creation it projects data the diabolic creation to shield itself the creature must be dealt with before the device can be attacked  __  dive all creation weak to ice scotted poison again Music and iced ninjutsu ah oh god Music oh my hello Music oh lord Music Music uh heres me Music Music i crippled the right arm staggered oh my god hes got a million hit points oh lord Music again okay Music maybe i should summon nordoma for this fight these points are brutal oh he tried to grab me ive seen that how Music Music uh oh hes disappearing thats my fantar again see you guys windstorm oh god uh that was a uh youre gonna get poisoned like an idiot Music so the poison just kind of stays huh Music stop disappearing please rambo i wish i hit the projector but thats fine please now can we please get out of here already that was a lot of nonsense and sit okay and uh were leaving uh leaving who could have done this who could have done this only someone truly edgy could have done this fisting amy gifting two subs to the chat thank you amy i dont like the looks of this i doubt theyre here to help oh  __  subjects on site its time to initiate the tv field test sir lets take a different deck wow a girl for trying no let the games begin out unable to read okay just get them get our face on out Music that seem good that actually might hate sonata for this fight Music uh mug nothing to steal damn it Music shes okay kids suit the control program has been compromised containment protocol oh no his hands are out its bad hey guys hows your science going how dare you how dare you stand in my way 10 of his power Music i need to spell  __  no hes for you Music ah oh god oh my god just draining his life Music cure Music now my ass yes Music nope hes fine and were hastings okay thats just gonna follow me oh god not again Music ow Music whats that causing the hit point drain im feeling pretty final bossy Music block out Music ow i guess hes gonna constantly train our hit points oh jesus christ Music Music you would love a project kingdom hearts video you would not love that magic Music oh god thats a middle curing just hate himself just beat the  __  out of me brahma you know Music goddamn Music Applause oh god this music sounds a lot like avengers Music dude still hastened i cant block that okay oh boy oh no you can blow himself up give me a sec  __  damn it Music Music oh its getting greedy on that okay i need to get haze back on so i can actually  __  do something and then just start getting cures out wow those wings were shooting his guns Music  __  i healed him  __  Music come on uh maybe cure him Music just beating the piss out of are you me for no i was curing god damn it dude please no sleeping on the job Music ow my god calm the  __  on man i dont even get time to recover someones im losing all my life Music uh ill die  __  i got out of there god damn it dude oh ive been so freaking irritated hes so close to being staggered like since hes diagram we can limit we just  __  wont okay this seems good your death cry i must hear it i have no idea what pressures them Music both of us same time Music cool thats fair thats good try and keep up Music ow says weakness now i got that going for me um uh i crippled his abyssal wings yes lets finish this dont gotta tell me twice did we we did did we dont want to spoil the moment but we should probably get going im so tired thats a mood carry you you win sheesh ah we didnt oh no hes gonna do the thing oh go please you gotta keep going for no stop it Music god  __  ugh Music uh Music damn Music Music Music uh me Music oh god hes definitely gonna get like corrupted or some  __  right yeah i dont think hes gonna just die become one of the same like those weird zombo things or something kind of toxic tonight they sure are you  __  im not a kid im not your sister Music is just wrong damn Music seeing the plate drop from above Music did she leave midnight um Music Music the amazing yuffie wants you join her team and the skys the limit Music i assume shes going to go out back towards like wutai or i really i guess hiding in the woods until you bump into her uh everyone shut up hey barrett we really walking the whole way yep calms still pretty far though isnt it another full day give or take question when my mom says a full day she means from the time you get up in the morning till the time you go to bed but for me it means from the time you get up in the morning all the way through till the time you get up the next morning so which is it for you gotta go with elmira on that one thats a relief is it though cloud  __  youve had to hoof it from sun up to sun down tons of times this is all just same old same all right thats right but even so were all gonna need to stop and rest especially you yeah yeah i know anyway marching into the unknown aint easy but dont worry cause im here to lead the way thats comforting of course it is all right everyone lets stop here for a minute leaders orders now breathe in that fresh Music air actually scratch that lets uh save it for later when were not so close to midgar guess this is goodbye city of marco Music oh block scene Music theyre tired of walking already like this yep just like that cool Music no way a car huh Music Music no Music quack what is it with these damn birds uh sorry about that no need to apologize my chocobo bill Music angry chocobo oh whoa right there look at that wheres the roof when you need one gonna be okay should be but weird my stomachs in knots thats its way of telling you its hungry lets move Music oh its been a while huh long time no see were gonna get zach dlc right how you been listen hey im back oh were there refugees from the plane falling aerith Music a new photo has been added to the combat simulator within the shinra building he can be fought by choosing chapter 17 the main story via chapter selection new combat okay i can go fight vice for i guess reasons i cannot leave this main menu at the time i have to choose chapter selection all right well different game i guess well right i guess if youre uh watching the vaughn on youtube there you go thats the uh playthrough of the ufe dlc for final fantasy 7 remake hope you enjoyed it hope you enjoyed the remake and thanks for watching the vod dont forget you always judge me live or slash pro jared and if youre watching the vod be sure to join the discord hang out with the rest of the dirt heard but otherwise thank you so much for the bot and well see you in the next stream bye youtube there you go there you go thats the uh that was the ufe dlc for final fantasy 7 remake it was fine is it worth buying a ps5 just for it no theyre still good honestly what i do like about it is that it is going to be giving um its giving you some good set up for yuffie and kind of giving yuffie more meaningful motivation going into the next game you know what i mean because before she was just like im also here give me materia uh but now its like she kind of has a motivation with sonan and wanting to get revenge for him or kind of getting to see the uh the evil of schumer first and giving her desire to want to do more stuff with uh uh with the rest of the party which is kind of cool so i do like that and um i will say like her interactions and like the voice actress especially in the delivery lines like made yuffie a much more endearing character than ever before like clearly not a fan of ufe in the original final fantasy 7 because shes just kind of there but in this one like oh she was actually kind of charming i like her much more which is good i mean in general everyone in the final fantasy 7 remake so far has just been like oh i like this person more except except 13 red 13s just been an  __  why is zach alive youve not played final fantasy 7 remake have you  __  you up thats why the game is called remake not because its like a remake of final fantasy vii because it is but its more like its a more literal uh subtitle like remake like were remaking our timeline remaking their story like this is what happens with supposed tap thats why those weird spirits were as theyre trying to force things down a path but we dont need to do that the final scene implying that zach is alive in this timeline i dont know i would believe like they for simplicity they would just like zach is alive in their world right now but a very ill could be that they just want to explore a what-if story with zach and he somehow shows up later on yeah i dont know either way im gonna wrap up the stream here folks there we go we wrapped finished up the 5.7 integrate once again this was a free game provided by square enix thank you square for doing that so since e3 is pretty much all this week i was gonna do uh i was gonna try to stream some of the uh some of the press conferences since uh tomorrow is not tomorrow saturday is ubisoft todays thursday right what day is it thursday right todays thursday get to this thursday holy  __  yeah so theres nothing really going on tomorrow thats worth looking at saturday theres ubisoft gearbox is also showing stuff but like i dont know why sunday will be a big one sunday is going to be microsoft and square enix and were absolutely going to be watching both uh microsofts at like nine oclock in the morning though so im gonna be sleepy on monday the only one thats really going on that i might watch would be like the capcom one which is like whatever okay i feel like most of the stuff that uh stuff that capcom would show ive already seen and then tuesday at like 8 30 a.m 9 a.m i guess its gonna be uh the nintendo direct theres also like a bandai namco showcase but i got for the most part those are things theyve already shown maybe band dynamical will show more elden ring but like whatever i think sony said theyre doing theirs like a week or two later or something like that but yeah all right so thatll wrap it up for me no stream tomorrow next stream will be saturday trying to watch ubisoft and then doing i dont know something else what maybe more chivalry because you always find pretty fun to play well see uh well do a raid before we go though and since we just got done watching me play the final fantasy 7 intergrade why not watch someone else play it unalaska just started her playthrough uh final fantasy 7 remake so if you want to uh see if theres anything you miss or how she reacts to it because she gets far more emotional far more easily than i do be sure to check her out if you dont know her uh she loves final fantasy just as much as i do or for retro rpgs super nintendo era especially so yeah shes also been playing through final fantasy tactics so if any of that sounds like your jam which if youre here watching my channel it should be be sure to give her a follow as well here with that project read them out here if you dont have the rate emote hit her with uh whats todays what was todays meme we had some i forgot what it was dang it battle just have the project wait a moment and be sure to follow her too absolutely do that yeah just say happy turtle hyper turtle works but thanks for hanging out with me everybody ill see you over in unistream and the next stream on saturday and have yourselves a good rest of your night the  __  man v rising steam June 10, 2021 stream archiveGames: Final Fantasy 7 Remake run steam game without steam steam game not downloading epic games destiny 2 steam can i share a game on steam steam statistics most played games