Raft steamshow epic games in steam FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE game music yeah yeah music um yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah music yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah music yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah music yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah music yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah music yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah music yeah yeah yeah yeah music yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 3:00 talking about the new husband mentioned to live tonight is april 10 and on April 10th today, please let me know if there are any new infections today. I also dont have any today. I also dont have much online so I dont know if there are any new infections today because hey listen to this plan like by the end of april 15 we will if it goes well for the week we will be able to get rid of the quarantine right no extra 2k two more we still add 2k both me this morning i was at Early in the morning I looked and didnt see any more cases. Im so glad to see you. The other two I think on the 15th will probably end. ok first i have to listen to this a little bit jealous online its a bit late as expected actually i Hey my computer has been since 10:15 a.m. since 10:15 a.m. I was sitting in front of my goddamn computer at 10:15 a.m. I was sitting but it was so damn bad that this game is too heavy for the file to go to Fantasy 7 and the things are too heavy. Its volume is up to 80 GB. Exactly 85g on my side, so Im at a loss, now I have to download it, Ive been able to play it since the first game is the following game with such work actually said, I think its not just the people who listen to it, but most of the gamers all over the world who worship the offline game people who love the jrpg, the people who love the price. If its old and old, maybe its not strange for this Flac 7 Vinmec file, I choose the game that was released 23 years ago and since 1997 I have to talk a little bit about the importance of this Final Fantasy 7 so that you can understand why it is so cold that causes fevers when the remix board came out like that 23 years ago. was one of the first games built in 3D completely running on PS1 when it was filming there it was produced, now you know the nick and then they play your channel. invested more than 80 million dollars to make the gyroscope was born because they decided to end parting with Nintendo at what time to come to Sonys PlayStation card even they accept being told by Nintendos president now my friends is ok you give up your hand and dont run the game on the platform my mom can spring borrow you dont run sensenet you dont run on its just like yeah i didnt scout okay okay your dad succeeded but why please dont come looking for us. Now the production crews are back and accept me Take the risk and leave tendo to come to Sony and of course are very lucky with that choice, but we also have life-long titles that have to be released on Saturdays that are always rated as the version. the best in the entire Final Fantasy series Ive ever been a fan of Phan Lan and phan10 But if you were to compare fan 7 with your lead comparing the moon, the sun, the sun, the sun, youre sure. Its not that bright the moon is very bright running under the sun so this is the remix version it has been waiting for for the past 23 years this is the version that I think its plot ranks among the longest in the long run. The most complicated, the most painful, the most unexpected, the moment you feel it by yourself, Im in extreme pain, you will also consider the moment when you feel its extremely exciting, its all contained in it. The subplot has to be this fashion 7 remix and I hope its in the process that I experience this stepchild. You can try to convey to me the plot of this game See you guys I understand more about a hyperplane Thank you 9 Bui thats it, lets just continue to consider the opening, you all know that we opened the prize Lets fight two sides, the events will have to have a performance name called presenting to Quynh for a long time, then we say okay before entering the game, we have to say your name a little bit more that we will give you children. this j7max phase we come to a whole world its almost like our human world but its a guy who thinks its broken Smash another universe with a different substance on it as if it contains the supernatural element an earth that has supernatural energies you have to admit this is because the taxi file line always has so many supernatural elements As for you but if you care about the plot or care about the setting or dont care about the story and how do i play it, i think this wont hit your leg anymore, its a game with pretty girls Did you choose the game for me, its not my choice, you see, the game it chose for me I dont have to do anything, you guys miss it so much, I dont touch my controller, you are forbidden to ask Center for me so you say its only on the fathers decision. Listen to Manh Im sure itll be PC in a year. Now its the exclusive rights to know your father and brother. Yes, Uncle Thanh Ky, help me to play for a long time when it Just destroy the island to determine it will be here it will be around a few dozen English Im sure, have you seen the father city ? Yes, if tomorrow the game has read the plot, who has played Final Fantasy 7 I will write out to the mic city, this is a city center, a city center, a child center is the idea of ​​ a whole world at the center of the earth h you keep introducing it like that, there is still a city that gathers all the most high-tech ideas, the most populous, everything is focused on who you are, its really beautiful to look at for a long time, the city is very different Yeah music Yeah, its a reactor for me. Every city climbs and plays Seven Colors Bridge Yeah, every color sheet has a furnace like a Nuclear Reactor. Its the nucleus for the reactor, rather it sucks the energy inside as the center of the planet music pay attention to my Eric heres my Atlas when you love me music florist girl, youre so pretty, youre still alive and well, yeah music Im 22 years old in my house, guys, Im sure 22 years old is already pretty much too much I see you think sucking is gone Where do you cut off your hands You fool like that without any hope If you watch late at night, you should buy it, yeah, its hard to sell flowers and flowers and flowers and ornamental plants, covering everything from small to large p .s own jackfruit pit this is a game The scene that even it has been recreated from the keyword is i just that version 23 years ago and take it forever If any of you guys played 23 years ago beat you will understand our shining loss when you first see these cities, you see the city is not finished because the color sheet gives it different wallets like a slice of pizza yeah ok their clow here we come the hero our main character in this game here is the Army called Mr. Dung at the military reactor of silla has been a group of corporations. ah a Bullet the year I met you Nguyen Viet Kieu points down here and there until the other year when you released Det Le music Guess thats our bill Thats how old you guys are Guess how old he is, check his knowledge of his pictures, look in here, listen to me, how old is this guy Thank you Ford Ha ha ha very much If you guessed right, Im 21 years old, our javelin is 21 years old now, Im 21 years old and a mercenary combatant In fact, youll understand that at the moment its still missing. My memory only reminds me that he is a mercenary, if anyone pays him, he will have more to go on missions to help that person. Currently, he is rushing to receive a group of mercenaries in the finger is called group Everon this group is this group is composed of many members including this man that you will know this man this one miner this man who is a miner then his friends hate and hate the Xinhua group is just a group that is slowly bleeding the energy of this planet, we we all seem to be sucking away, its called a tooth called I dont remember if its your uncle or what? Fishing is it right that the macadam of the planets original energy flow is up to serve the development of the city and to training to develop see the soldier storming Yen Then you see marvelous is the group that hates that sinnova and is on its way to sabotage the reactor of the current javelin. hire Ok Google uses cold users but earns more than anyone else who understands how to use calls Ok Just do whatever you want to treat any disease, mix it up with nonsense, my son beat you back and you see that you love me very much But now Im not tired of your son What a horror game history about bro the main Note II a stupid put down your weapons understand why Im always the hired guy that he forces me to do follow in must work very hard See the ban on R1 to go Fan is not done yet I sit up, my friend, friend, friend, she also shot the refrigerator, its true Vietnamese swords nest Hihi cut the pulse from where Mrs. Where are you guys running so fast and yet Here After I have something called any flap This girl is also checked for security of course its true U America is also not a student like Paris but Tram hates it. Now, apart from talking about business, we are very simple and we have him the wall ties with National weather cloud, he is always cold. That cold means hes just a mercenary. Hes not every core member, not a member, but has the same mindset as Avalons group These days So hes following But he doesnt If you express any emotions, you will get paid when you finish the job. Thats why it s this Black guy, if you dont believe I can do it, I hate to believe you always act like you answer. mercenary does it care if it goes but twin crash course does not have to do now just go where the money You are criminal For me but there is no bottom now I dont care too much overcharge is the cap dont register quickly I say stop Where I like elephants apin I like Japanese elephants Thank you for meeting three A phone with a price of Pa is fine. But apart from that, you have to wait until the video is finished to believe it. Only compared to the beloved Japanese elephant, thank you, but it should be worth every comrade I spent right up to the time. bro, why do you need to open the file on the file to have a few screws and screws to stop from d** understand i i i m in history From noon now, you can use one or the other, just like this, make all the difference The medicine theory is the difference for all the theory called the most without any adjustment, I have an elephant here, I have to restart the game to get it, yeah yeah, Ill know the way to you when I restart the game tonight bro, lets go listen to English, but let him hear it clearly Ok then its fun, isnt our gold nugget and a pig gone Yesterday, I didnt expect a lot of people to die yesterday Hurry up is the day we go, we hurry up here to play, but with this part already, this part has actually just become the toraware part for you, listen to a pro web you listen to English like I think they have good English but the game is not set in Japan so the mother came to the fantasy world and replied that it was hot but heard it was only because of Japan Just do it, its not a game that has Japanese cultural elements so that the English sound has no effect on the game will accompany Hong so quickly, we fixed the younger brother Long Dinh Tuan Nguyen what the __ are you playing today? This place has been restored and weve been fighting a lot so now Im playing dynastywarry oh my wife yeah yeah what do you mean Im playing knack Together if you havent Ban Gioc, you will know that its original is a jrpg game it plays smoothly, of course, when it is developed to the present era, it is impossible to continue to thank the singer Phu Le guys. Huy mu Im going to Japan to do what the __ is really worth it, brothers and sisters, dont curse at you, youtobe, this farmer, youre all __ up, thanks for the car man dir is full of manga cars, you can watch it but just watch the money. It only has 2 characters, dont use it more, isnt it about 400 characters or something. Hurry up how many minutes will it take for you to search for a puppet, then find a lake and then go back to play with eggs and it says the elevator is from this body, you know why I ran and then my mothers house You completely turned to that __ and then __ it up. If so, why waste money. Its so good. Yeah, lets just let it be, but normal people find it disgusting, it s not like that. why are you here, my friends, its hard to beat the boss if theres something its __ __ bro. Brother the music should be too loud for me please see if theres any lag or is it the music Is the background too loud or is there something wrong with it, its not just my voice, but its fun to hear my voice, but my voice is very beautiful and responsive. Thank you. I read the book From 01 Forest Bride Hello Khmer You just Yes it s the youth paradigm so much respect for the crowd calling you a mercenary so that everyone has seen this reaction speaker and gone to sleep but the face Hair at night, then he went down and blamed me for thinking that the mercenary limbs would not know anything and be reduced to being a __ . I have to stand there with different maps I havent been in this round of drug addiction to solve this guy in a way, actually still have to understand this pallet thats fat he has a past it No, its not good now, but I hate the corporation that asked to be released to the bone marrow because ah Only this corporation was born and almost killed all of them, the person he loved the most because of his friend who But the closeness of this pallet, he is the only one who accepts it. So its very hateful and its about committing suicide. One also knows that lao is the type that used to be a soldier of showbiz, he must have been in the army of Serie 3 after that, but then it turns out that hate is always a little bit of respect. so please close the door, thank you, Mrs. Nguyen, 30 dollars, take three Nguyen Huy to get it for me so I can see the game I liked the beautiful scene where and where I received a beautiful dinner This guys face looks like me, this guys face is a million, this must be a sister. Its true that Korean boy is weak and weak at 21 years old, but hes a bit messy like this, what can I do to change it? why dont you give yourself up for good luck i know a good one we turn on the code we ll always open the door when i hear your voice sound good but i hear your voice dub Its delicious c** After that I really like listening to Japanese voice, you re not sure if Japanese dub this child, its delicious, its making me listen n*** I swear its so sweet So sweet, deep down, Fifa right-of-use Pikachu You and Sifa are considered close, but ask again that If A is klaus childhood friend when the two were born in foster care. Its poor Yes, so its in the buying section. No where to find it right, mom, why havent you paid for it since then, you are there, FIFA and I, Im sorry to ask for it, I love it dearly After all, she lived apart from other friends partly because she knew that crap was always like that kind of thing about her own identity so it was very strange why other friends she had no FIFA wo nt listen to me, mom why shouldnt you pay attention to your posture other than anything like the next day there will be some mice appearing in a poland This time Im going to check it out Are they related to the group fight that wants kids but doesnt snore Now just rest and relax Well teach you how to hit the old man that sits i Tree is the president of this corporation was able to enter there called a glass to call many wives, we are also sleeping eating eggs it attracts the ghost energy of this cake YouTube to never stop You know what Im doing, I told you its like finishing your blood even if the planets are very powerful for the aunt and uncle. Answer also go on this one you have on the left and the other over there . he pretends to be an opinion These planets then decide he sees it I seem to have heard it because luck help you keep telling me what I mean You said its natural to understand so much more bacteria what youre tired of is the file name save screaming trees Please keep your strength up. It means for a while. Prepare for danger. Understand your mother is to stop yelling at it. But even if its a religion today, you can kill someone with a handcuffed hand. If you hear that, that mercenary, if you make a mistake, get out of there. Its true Its not because of the lich the baby is saying that there are some places and the Sword cant reach the combination, try to save your life for me Its bait Youre fighting mom and then its boiling hot it turns on the blue background and turns on the mouse, hey, thank you, shoot it, now we start to switch to this 2 player mode I will control who will shoot this thank you Trung Do you think its okay to turn it off by my side, darling, from left to month, itll probably get better thanks to planting trees here and there, here and there, forget it, forget it, dont forget to use it up and down, left, right, change the character you use. L2 R2 brothers this is me, you want us, but the game makes it. It forces me to remember a second piece of cloth, maybe in my head there is only the right button and its buttoned. The square to hit is shot and the triangle button to shoot hard hit it ok call me no scissors Who has that mole one more time I give it to you guys Remember to help me, please help each other music we always keep the circuit Open Google Vinh Long has a long price because its cheap in the library so Ill tell you not to use it, just ask if heaven is about to return to this country because hey, Ti lets see if we wash this car speaker system will last for a long time, the car will cut my heart to pieces If you go through the laundromat this is fine but I think youre used to it this will go to work and then increase the time how will pass when it doesnt match then print first when will i keep R1 or skip R2 to fight at home a lot help me R2 Lets wait 8 scissors doesnt have a mark, its okay then two ticks Why is it okay Im hiding when Im weak, I can keep L2 between the two, I cant drag it, I can only hold it, buy it, run Chi Thank god he ran fast. You did a good job, my soldier, lets see what we meet next, this mother needs you okay Yes, good man. a while ago here increase gain gain weight gain first know and then adjust with the robot here Give them a cap when you are ready to have a cap, use it as a Magic or a gambling skill when you can spray anything, you will have a home. Do you have to worry about re-approving? Here, this skill will give me a thought, it turns out to continue with my wife, a woman in Vung Tau, continue with all my friends, so many of my brothers and sisters must be installing eyes If you go, theres no one so good at this player. Im going to leave the mouse and prepare the cake. I m a dog and a lot of people Now Im a bit of a __ Ly Hai in the center means reacting to all those papers at ethos is our target well plant a bomb underneath the hanger mom our mom is so excited we dont know what to do why did i shoot the camera, only the kid needs the other father, then check if youre right, then quickly forget it first, lose all the animals, the pain, the loss of the eye, where is it again The gun has a healing spell in I know its Mrs. led. Remember to grab my water, you tell the shooter the game is boring. You go, you have a fever, Ill fix it later, baby, I love you so Ill follow. Im going to do it again when its first and foremost, guys, if you watch him play like this, youll see that its less impatient than a turn-based game, the pine is very gutted, brothers and sisters, youre so far away. How long will it be in my heart to have water with water to cool it? Im doing it right now, Im still standing in real life, just English yes yes, husband and wife, electric force, husband and wife 3Z Luc Dien yes its okay dont think of the bat as this thing you can probably spend it on, do it, your brother is the proof for me you re the one who spends it with me itll be you taking the money tonight, remember what it has to do with licking l** Im already a mother eh Well thats how we met organize the avala then youll know theres a bunch of fines in it but Tiffany wasnt involved with this fight and its been mentioned sometimes youll think its crap but the flashback later youll understand why Why do I still have such a rash in relation to a story from a long time ago I am fine I asked my boyfriend how long it took to install because he only let Lanh wear the raft every 30 minutes enough to die mother in the past I beat here and there Pagoda I was stupid it for you 30 minutes and that s it because tis Royal Gold filmed that zingmark, I saw the character talking to Uncle Ho, created us and now its okay. You can use the spa to talk to your brothers and sisters with Spice I have a lot of blood and I have a lot of memories and then I have a lot of experience, you materialist and color are all right Run up Ok This afternoon I was given a gift but I didnt have a Token So she already knows the point about this is the weakness that Thats right, then your father shot less than a hundred years ago, you guys, the game is so good and let me sit on the folding pot This guy is so suspicious, I forgot Ill save him tonight. The phone will stop, the plateau will be there tomorrow for her ah music the image of the one with the unlucky couple Gambling, the first kid repeats the game and runs fast, theres nothing called triss run Hurry, run, run fast, country, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams, dams? Im going to die, Im going to use the Galaxy, but Im not invited, Hurry up, hit me, Im not saying 100 remix Can you still run, Im confused, he told himself his mother must be right and dropped the bomb, but Im now in the middle of Boms belly and running, I m happy to hit his mother again, its delicious to hear Lets run over here How many minutes can we run fast? Talk about the most. Understanding people, Ill borrow each others uncles. Have you just let me go ? Yes, Ill die, then my children will give up to the young environment, so my husband can run and still have land Damn it, where would I go God if I lost my mind, I would know that if I lose my mind, Ill get fat so I can fight for a long time, but play games and smoke my kids, the shelves are dragged up, they can throw the ants away Oh its also there wait for me thats right, Thai skin game taxi is done and then you have to come out in Thai style next FIFA ** I understand then go to sleep first Wish you good luck when youre gone my hero please tell me what year Im sexy Visit that guys camp I dont know if Im healthy, then Ill go first and __ you I love texting Im sorry, Im sorry, Im sorry, Ive got a camera Do nt worry, Ill be fine, Ill just have to have the Perfume River beside me. Then introduce me, youll have some kind of style. Yes, come with us, that river is scary, fish is pretty, yeah yeah, I see. Im glad you see that taking care of the game you sometimes mention with the phrase is deep, its not Shoulder, its a military organization under the Singapore organization, please tell each other that it has not been shown yet. The will of the initiative 26 minutes from now, the damage is worth it, its better to have a healer for Clow. This is only me, I ship Vu, I saw I went out to play but why do you say you dont know Im gone Yes dear, please tell us to cancel and then tell me ugh because its going to be self-destructing soon. Bun This Then Then These guys are still riding the elevator and fight to run and kiss a peck. They look so calm and cool. close your eyes like you dont care about the criminal situation, how old are yoghurts there, oh my god, can you walk away, i dont want you to not go i will tell What are you, the one below you is right? I just put my hand out, this girl and this girl are the same, I dont care about the price of colored pudding Brother Hai Thank you, I just washed outside and saw the reactor explode About the most beautiful thing, it broke out and the power went out. Im on Facebook swearing so much. Im watching the birds of the sky, my mom makes sure you guys always hang out this time and again Paris is sexy with the whole gang. Avalon must have been cursed, she must have hated it. Online and online, we can do it without knowing there is a scratch Im just doing what I love my whole life, maybe it made the jar stand red I hope the City is okay at least the planet can still save it learn Im sure this has helped get many people I believe so lets just say in the book its been 8 a day down there Alright then lead that call the guy likewise everywear real old city __ whats right and left for a quick debate dad So her husband is so big, but he fights for a place very quickly, it gets dirty, it has become deep, he is criticizing the smell of Kinh too much, very quickly, his eyes are very fast for what he has been a regular person in his armpits every day. you gas Ninja Hurry up and die now people are wondering why you put your mother to sleep Well, they ordered the explosion, but it was your fault, its so stupid, I thought you were driving the car at the three-meter intersection I edited something, it failed, so its looking for the types of people who want to blame it, is it my fault, theres no such thing as the president. I love spending the faces I love spending the faces now were going home 8 thats Fifas place Yeah then bomb me file in your whole theres fire in the painted hole for the grandchildren So get the file, do you know what the __ is Face and then go in, my friend said it was a kiss and kiss, it was a real kiss from the mother All the people informed all the people Here Its a notification that is considered an emergency that has been installed to break into the bomb, so in my heart I stand at number 1 a lot, sorry that the explosion has happened and the left half I have warned from one and eight names Its very easy to collapse here just to warn white people after the building cant be like that a nice enter the pass it also has to be ours But what if we do What can be done Well youre right in Brazil it may not be possible but we cant use it. This is just an investment in us, onions wont be safe. save us all on the moon Song Destroy all 76 youre right we know its not gonna be like this but no ones from where yeah yeah you re gonna have to it bro you look at the big picture Theres no war Im going to Win Without micro-organisms want to know you guys have a lot of pain too our planet is okay but itll be fine Im afraid Ill be with you guys when Luffy is in trouble everyones fear everyones worries and your concerns and gifts I will you from all of that What are you doing, boss, just go home and give it a loan. Okay, go back to your paper. Take a rest. Coming soon Seven its next to sharp in the dough and sharp from 8 so my brothers and I saw you just a hundred pieces. The warning board says it will be broken and there will be 8 warnings that are dangerous. The next seven next to me is Reno Glob. al Faker Gragas whoever the whole group will say goodbye to each other here lets just go home slowly, Ill take a moment to turn in the morning thanks Woa and go to the first broadcaster do you think it sounds like someone No Im telling the truth heard Paris just now slandered a character in Flashback, did you sting anyone according to what that Dragon Ball isnt it what is it this is a masteria material with a lot of healing You gave it to him save me Now I only do my job to be related to need to go out to eat but Im so cloudy I have you here Then I think Im so bad personal billiards I cant help but get lucky Thank you, is there any music for him to celebrate? So yeah, what is it Then you will understand in this game it will have something called masteria, the scooter eye, its also made of the female energy. The planet were on Well, this masteria is almost the same as the type of jade, we use jade to use it as a weapon to force jade. Closely you give our item so that it strengthens us in some way for example if you go into your underwear I will increase the thickness of it if you put it upside down it will increase the tunnel mine is just like that yeahyeah yeah yeah Today im going to install the masteria you just put in thanks to this so ill all kind of add the one which will add a year I just watched the self-healing skill skill Yuri thats it music ah yeah its gone, remember to use it bro See you at the subway Ok Ive been picking you up, where will you go hey, this ancestor was in the middle of talking about the fight between promotions and wasnt saying anything when he caught sight of him suffering, the people here still dont know that all the fault is my fault, its okay so dress up to look like this polite mom knows how to dress up very crazy to get it sometimes were talking about 3Z character which reminds me every turn you guys remember that I know the game is also very big m ah i used to play a very big game and i used to play but there was a happy birthday he told me to use the stairs to go up yeah yeah thats right vinson kitchen is good but do you remember which character in the game is good No For example, dear old people here, I still sit Germany Germany here German face Food In this city you will know that in this city beika it is divided into two floors, the upper floor is spend the entire quintessential rich hamlet including entertainment complexes, then live a rich, modern and happy life, and the lower level is the set of people who look like the kind that in Tam Ua, if the rats are hungry, its also close. This is a movie where you can watch it. The movie where it brings food across the floor to eat through the level of each persons salary. The more people get to it, the more people eat it naturally it reminds me of the series That movie is okay if you remember it, flashback it and come back to you, thats why I like me to call it a crazy phase like this This is going to be the hometown of the old Sirius car in the main antagonists of the game. Food is actually a match where the villain can be said to have a lot of people. Im sorry for all of them, both pitiful but also infuriating. Is Soai Cas husband still holding a Japanese sword in both hands and announcing Why is this possible in Columbia records yeahyeah Food is actually flowers hometown on fire In any case, the old knife is the one who caused it, its the Vios car, so I guess even though in this game, the virus car is the villain, but a lot of people also love it. This character even has people saying that the Vios lover is more than crap because theres something wrong with it. To put it bluntly, its like k League is Songoku means there s a lot of comparisons Its not true but there will be a community of gamers called standards in their own fan community and because hes the villain, yes yes, Phu Le Yasuo is of course loved, Im not the truth Im dead, Im dead, just one day without painting, it proves to kill me, but I also need it Tell me again this time he says its wrong Its a memorable time together, but now Im telling you this even though I want to ask you our planet is dying slowly and painfully creative mobile silence has the ability as well as the price If I watch our planet fall or wear no clothes, yeahyeah mom mom, letters, the planet collapses, theres a lot to lose Your number of people filming will be burned Actually this disorder is a virus of the Clow manipulating Clow you are trying to set up a crappy general manipulating the head of the job the seeker a season of rights Belong To Me and Well Well Well Im a student I want to ask you something, but who would have thought of you, dont worry, its very simple. and run sadiq Laos breathe because of you I know. Quit Doan + have to live in E, go down, Laos is very good, move in like that, eh, install the president, earn the above salary, what kind of answer is it? I wonder if its not normal to think about peoples backs and legs, is the bag right, cant you find this with these orders, Vietnam Cham ah, the situation of Bac Ninh 2 bags and then its hard to pull Why do we meet the custom? Yes, why do you have miserable men sitting in misery, people are in pain, you have this planet that causes 3 people to die and then we will prepare to pick it up and stay up there ? You always say that I have a story. This child is very complicated, so I will try my best to let me convey it to you during the game, but Im serious. If Im going to tell the game plot hey, weve cycled back to it about 2,000 years ago, but the problem with it started 2,000 years ago, so its a pity how much is it for fun bro Im going to mix it and im coming back with captiva but im coming back soon 8 will be brewing now im the owner of something like making a pub I have to stand I remember I remember correctly but it was FIFA and pubs are the same. Now Im going back to the FIFA assistant shop, but Im happy with the mini skirts here. I like to stay slowly. Ill come out later, Ill run, Ill get the edited item, okay soldier here there for yesterday AD is standing there, is it from a baby selling flowers in the middle of a child, but the city has collapsed, it is still being sold in the market, my dear, my sister is here, my sister gives me what I use vietlott, the rest follow the custom, car tortoise with any one way or then everyone, even yourself, are you okay with two children, are you okay, are you awake? When you wake up, youll come down here. This is for you, dad, yes, youre right, its a gift for you. Thats what you speak . Lets just consider this as a souvenir. Its a bit of a big deal Yes, this is true Love Food, in fact, the point of this game is that Alabasta is 22 years old and clan 21 has something I dont know if I should Reveal this road about the ellipse to you right away i dont think you might be in pain and its so sweet this thing i think were still yeah yeah i dont know how to understand it must be because get still Every time you are dreaming about an Elevit that is most definitely inroads, please tell me later how much it costs to remove the work It depends on the customer and in my work, theres no reason to be afraid of dying at home, so Ill go Ah, its so amazing, I told you that the horse is for the flower to save the whole love when we meet again go catch me No one will attack you I promise you youll still be here to sell flowers and help me sleep I didnt get to see the food they were, we grabbed the leftover Mochi and the phone, its like this. Youre right run baby and run fast. I dont see anyone running mom and I love you put down your sword Sunday hey I lost my wife really then youll find out that Alice Alice is actually one of the cetras how much money I do nt remember if the examiner has to take the clan the alien race came to earth a long time ago 3000 years ago but they have lived on earth After that they are gradually assimilated human in it is very one of the so-called last members yes, theres also a random bitlanders left on earth that i think there are Death Eaters walking around somewhere youll be grateful in advance, youre lost in history Ill just leave it until the day I go where I havent slept Mother gave it Here, here, here, here, here, here, Run up here and then turn to H If thats the case, then come back here and do it. Well, what time does it take to go to work, and say the names of the Mischievous Sisters like they cant be many fairies and then go to the street to have something and have a piece for it? Im not very good, I picked up my eyes but I ran out of space to install it and I left it at that Hey you guys must live right now in the same hands like this, dont say bad things Stop sharing and Your past Yours will always say Ok but not When its new, Singapore is sad, dont you dream of a fat road, no way Mom is fat, right and wrong Yes, you have to fight each other to go but why not take pictures hes funny but thirdly we now know which house the rooftop is in That guy, I just stopped walking for a few kilos and then I went wrong on the chest, fighting without flowers and scissors, oh yeah, its the same with normal eyes C Ive come here to watch the show Live show game show Banking Soda listen to wear it without lying but cant say yes, my dear, its not worth the price when it comes to running and pulling together, the stretcher gave it and the smell of it was disgusting. I wish you a good friend, oh oh oh my car runs my mothers age, yeah, I want one. Dont eat half for me, Crystal, are you too humble My friend music You stupid play rambutan rambutan rambutan rambutan in here bro I dont think its too much work and now Im up to you Im here behind the machine bro, dad Manh, my sisters rocket, my sister always hurts me, then Ill have it when I die, Ill buy Uncle Dong in the next eight months, Im sick, Im sick, Im going to be in prison In the past, I thought about recognizing the word five-bones road to say hello, its so delicious, get on the train Okay, thats right with the ship that the whole guild is on, the Lang guild is waiting for it. why does this situation get so much more? Its probably our teams failure to join. Make sure hes fine see anything tonight, yeah, you have someone on the team behind you, you cant make it out much Wheres his friend Hes him, he used to be Nguyen, other than you, come back to this ship, the source of sustenance and then the countries that are so popular that Im worried, where did she promise to go, Miss Minecraft inside theres still a warm heart his pressure is deliberately pretending to be cold. Now youre doing well, its an early sign of your wifes love Yes, love, love, love, love, love, wait, wait, hell call dad to fit invisible enemies cure everyone has been filmed yet they have a lot of movement like the wind will leave us the original picture after i hold her hand i see they can make a picture of a white speaker sim eggs and maybe shes paranoid Stop it. Dont care anymore Ill tell you to go here and there, baby, you guys havent gone yet. damn i dont care about the fate of the planet anymore it cant destroy you if you die then youll change what to say Looks like youre in adderall stop talking like this lets play U30 l** on the train everyone is still sitting and saying that the people in this city are nothing, if to be honest, Im on a train in real life, I see a guy he can get so high an ant as big as the one on this train must be seen by everyone, please watch it for yourself, it will be you, sister, you are very Singaporean I will be very pretty, scissors, I dont know where Im sick la la pregnant schoolgirl somewhere I want to talk to you later you see this will come here I will practice patience I cant think of it hit it even bombs you use cant forget to sleep me Can I get it like this, I will let the live show go home, make sure to interact with the whole reactor, its still so good, but stick with your hands, brothers and sisters. visible you have also been granted an invisible enemy type yes yes you will have a bible for the waves that hit you hard taxis are still haunting because of those things and the city fell and caused a lot of damage like Thats why I still consider it as a watch in my heart, thank you for listening to me, Im so miserable Im an American bomb, its impossible with such a reputation, its just going to explode. save the spawn in to contact it was bombed like that Yes but here any temple wont be Quynh Anh Nghia they are in the A valid group Its true that I want to kill the president and drink but they can do everything Ive talked to your wife about this and all of them know that group A has a valid interest in the existence of this planet as well. I havent seen many days when a sick pumpkin is an important ordinary citizen. He cares so much about his rudeness, dont cause trouble, forget to follow my grandson, and make a quick word of it. Were going to the South, theres a lot of girls on this planet, cant you hear music drink it all I dont want to consider it violent I want peace, lose love that itch but the way with the people changes the world Thats right Go to the Streets with your finger here to see him a lot, very good, why do we believe that our ancestors are gone and then let it be, we are palletized now, all actions of the group are banned Misunderstanding the mother would have been to save the planet the person who ended up becoming like walking became it that people thought he was a cold-blooded terrorist, did you piss on the assistants ship, did you pee ?ok the movie when you sleep, listen to the word Hunter every day, yeah yeah, listen to english forget her get away from our Secret terius netguard Perfect match super fake spent three hundred million example of the signing pagani civilizations the last emperor marker and span dapoet APEC the great example of it just wont leave đ I miss you the first language ijc Aroma whitening Pearl and work with her Quest now nice pakura made Your Heart and I know now the boss is adjusted for sleep All Day And More for domestic professionals the basis of Earth III wanna have any requests of the prices I havent had time to see this picture, its probably just nonsense. No problem. There are lampshades in the translations. If youre talking about the people downstairs, it s the upper floor. In the middle of the city, its busy asking for permission to come out. Its like a house. Im not sure about that friend, ah ah, lets play the game, okay? If you dont play period, then youre right, youre too good, okay, whats the real deal? If you dont break up, you can keep it but it wont work, well be fine. then how will one land until the future is bright people say its small people are listening, wife ah, lassie is so cute, you have to get up to say prepare to go to the next service, will we see you again? Thats the seven Heaven bar This is where FIFA works, dont worry about going to the Chief, youll see FIFA and then the next 8th edition will be popular, you can see its still there, its still not destroyed like that. Thats the mouses, you can see the mouses, above is that. Above is the rich mans place. Now, its below it. You can see the mouses neck is miserable. The door is just like that. The poor black village with rich tubers has come to their shop Open Chrome who has passed the weather is seeing the ego that has fallen the shape of the fork var ane already bro, go to the bridge, he curses that mom is all stupid like this. Why didnt I flashback green with the two friends who opened the tilapia bridge Oh my god, rich prisoners are here since really slowly its nothing, its you guys After a while this ice cream will be a bad word here is the hu hu ban of d from 7 is below here the ice cream is here Fifas shop Here It Is This reminds me of when we were playing folau, do you remember when we On a certain street you are breastfeeding a little bit like a vacation, the person in the air is not so romantic in any city in any city it is built in a temporary style like this, it is also put together to tell people watching the news Hey, I still have mumps in the news today. Ive been informed about the explosion in the bar. Im three years old. Im sitting there and I cant listen to this, its fun. My love, why are your eyes red? Marin Dad, Dad, youve come home and your father is already drinking and forcing you to be good, but I need your help, trust me, thats good, good, so good, you can do it. Stay married for two Where is the flower in the gift word yes You can just try it sweet Why is he so strange these days but people can change but 5 years ago I think altobelli talk to the pallet go dog I used to dream of Coffee, my guts coming here with us would be a really hard job. You listen to me like you know that the command is cool. Its only normal to notice it, but the girl finds it weird. I have a normal brother who looks like he wears it, its very normal and doesnt like it, but I just let him not have to flirt with girls and then hes full of people who dont talk much he talks as much as I love him back Shes very gentle She doesnt know what to flirt with, but theyre less intimidating with them, friends, today I heard us in our arms. oh man thank you so much to all of you who have watched we will continue this series of Final Fantasy 7 with no gameplay after the games plot is still very long we have only come about my distance that is about about 2 percent of the main plot of the game we still have a long way to go Thank you to all the games that have been following me Im taking a break for a few minutes we will start singing on Dont Leave 7g to access the dipping sauce find me a channel for the game bye bye bye bye super game yeah, can anyone talk to Fifa? Yes, I still love to talk, but when Vinh, Vina Company the undisputed American car, you asked me to take care of you Marins mom hurts me while Im working, how can I play with you? Thats right, Hoan district. Remember to wake up, whatever it is, its time to go to sleep, then go to sleep, you have special birds. Lets talk more, Dad, Ive just this one time, Ill get nothing from you, money Yes, thats money, understand asking for more money, my mother and Tien, we have to talk outside love that man he beat me to death and this tone is that I know Im tangerine and then return the money, if he gives it here, whats the point, you pay with another, you pay with another, I follow the car what the machine pays I still go to high water so its nothing like my ankle Thats okay, fake shirts wont work when and the bike and it turns and it just keeps going, thats all, actually upload the picture for the Appstore Thang Locating information for his wife Back Home icon That is warmly welcome to Human Life FIFA in cloud is a friend who grew up together from a young age and also went through a lot of events together, then no matter what happens, its natural to know. This is so cool, Apples author has a shirt to understand for you to dress up for your husband who teaches you to take pictures and eat that. Why is it clean for anyone? How much are you still filming ? I think its okay if its flipped over people on the top, whats wrong with the camera ? Its pointed out and its worn in the water, thanks for that, ya Vuong super one hears room 201, youre going to bed, this is unknown the pine tree I am now I Yeah, dont drink the water. This is your room with a total of 202 roses + written by the age that the person I love, I talked to the owner about you and then you said yes. Its all that I have a friend who found a gap and said its not right, why dont you say its okay, its okay How about this room I know what academy Awards Its late now Ill introduce you tomorrow Whose room is the room Im going to sleep So what are you waiting for This camera wont fall on it, counting on this ice cream somehow its like my controller got kicked out by it Ive got a scene its a drama were going to be directed upwards Ive been suffering forever Or not even a game feature But people this is very small as you will help stay overnight That is if you want anything tell me money for me I will help you with 2,000 dong remember I dont remember but green is the tool and first no What is this how much you will I have 500 vistaquests Im sorry I lost my blood and the mission is gone. There are only 500 left, maam, Ill pay you back soon This guy is coaxing, but you have no legs, you also help us. This is very good to go lets go out, can we use it or go out and dont need it anymore, its worth the money, its super strong, its crazy and then sleep well, boy, __ it If you ask for food, you will pay it exactly 1,500 I dont, the lottery number I told you guys right here, Im too much, Mom thought What can you lead me up there? Its brothers in the next game we are still very good, you alone go to nano-list we continue both Bye bye Sugar ah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah steam vr base stations Đây là game FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE chế độ Co-op chơi trên kênh Trực Tiếp Game của tôi - Dũng CT. Rất mong nhận được sự ủng hộ của ae.++ Đăng ký theo dõi kênh tại đây: ++ ID KÊNH TRỰC TIẾP GAME NONOLIVE: 69696969 ++ Download Nonolive trên mobile tại: (cho cả iOS lẫn Android). 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