Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade PS5 Gameplay (4k 60FPS) Walkthrough Part 7 (No Commentary)

Is steam hotter than boiling watersilverton steam train FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE gameplay Music Music section gs through here huh hey you see something over there maybe the gate didnt budge because theres not enough power to spare gotta figure this out insufficient power of course hey guys look at this instructions for dealing with a power shortage kill the lights we free up power for the gate and other stuff sun lamps do you think these are the plate sounds the closest thing we have to the real thing gotta put out a sun just to open the gate huh but if we go through with it the grounders in sector four will suffer an hour later suns going out for good when we blow the reactor thats true lets go all these lamps youd think theyd be able to balance the load by now though maybe if the maintenance guys or whoever werent playing hooky the lamps are important but when you think how much thats got to be one man look at the size of it that a console i see near the top of that ladder hey uh a pretty tall attitude ill go okay well wait down here emergency power supply confirms disengaging locking mechanisms okay thats that great job cloud next stop section g yep and after that reactor five not again great im sure those things are welcome as just as warmly as before tell you what the rock runs deep in this damn pizza dont mind us yall break yourself that was easy sure no way to cross that gotta go where the catwalks take us they busted powered down is my guess lucky us am i right one less thing for us to worry about its like in the tunnels they get twisted by the marcos but it all goes back to yes hey lets take a moment to get our bearings were still in g right yeah and to reach maco reactor 5 we need to go through section h okay unfortunately i didnt spot a connecting catwalk to section each did you well we could always do another lap go for ten why dont you the only other route that i can think of would be Music along the wall up for giving it a try it might not work out but its the only idea ive got its not a bad one so were shooting for those giant fans way over there okay at least weve got a clear landmark to guide us those ventilation fans keeping the plates air clean by pushing the smog into the slums whole systems designed to make roll downhill faster you lost i think we already checked this place out this should be youre done you know the best way to not get lost is to believe that youre not mind over matter isnt that from one of marlenes books yep one of her favorites loves it when i read it to her before bedtime doing all the voices life in the endless maze am i right i remember so you okay yeah going for that material werent you so close and yet so far this paths no good now im sure theres another way to get there nothing we can do but search and when we find it we can finally snag that material lets end this quick too bad huh hey did you see me in action must have missed it hey look i think we can climb onto that pipe sure seems that way not feel no fear no fear no fear no fear hey guys um you know these fans are really loud you chickening out hell no im just worried that your pony ass is gonna get blown off the side and enough we gotta keep moving okay then follow me no worse than a windy day huh one with a tornado warning maybe dont look at the fan whatever you do right hey whats that behind the fan over here isnt that hey dont be a dumbass chief i told you not to look at the van Music made it through in one piece think that took a couple years off my life i mean uh not really couple seconds maybe three times so section h is just up ahead slow and steady guys and thats our objective the cargo platform yeah im pretty sure thats the one this is it the cargo platform biggs was talking about lets not keep him waiting error insufficient power youre kidding me needs three lights worth looks like but thats thats all of them isnt it all or nothing lets regroup here if we get lost remember the h1 sign right lets see now closest light ought to be that one by the light of these magnificent lamps we shall lead our brothers and sisters of the undercity to a brighter future say what its from a speech president shinra gave talking up the importance of the sun lamps to try to future my ass shinras leading us down a one-way path to darkness and death insufficient power we need to disable a lamp first needs three lights worth of power Music Music hit them hard and fast look theres the switch lets flip it and go Music Music Music rerouting power please wait thats one down only two more lights to go reinitializing intrusion prevention system Music intrusion prevention back online because of us no need to fret yall a few rusted mechs aint gonna keep us from reaching the reactor hey clown hang back while i deal with these pets what here it comes hey did you see me in harder action restore power to more than just security remember we can move this catwalk Music so Music Music think that anybody see a connection catholic yeah lined it up perfect which way to the next flight if we cant make sense were gonna get lost well at least we know where the big ass things are bring it on on youtube get your ass out of here there bring it here i got this no surprises there Music Music Music so and that makes two lights down meaning weve only got one left the ends in sight yall should be able to climb down from here theres a hole right is that the sector four slums down there huh you want to check them out sometime i can show you around well check them out now intruders yes thats the way to do it Music could they be going embarking on an adventure to find some treasure Music Music ventilation system surface mode active access maintenance terminal to complete procedure Music Music so does this control the fans we stop it switching ventilation system to maintenance mode please complete the maintenance access procedure within the designated time limit man what are we even doing try this let me handle this finish them off lets move not so fast access granted disengaging timelock okay what Music so this is summoning material wow what kind of bad ass will pop out of this one well see Music Music so Music Applause Music Music Music Music almost done its a shame we had to wander around so much well no stamps here to guide us no jesse or west to back us up neither yeah speaking of which what should we tell biggs i dont want him to worry ah you taking a detour well i did gonna take you all out its on you one by one till youre all done bring it lets do home right keep it together Music my turn lets finish this Music take the lead dont give up i could have done that on my own sure you could huh heads up yall so Music Music Music if theres no viable path well just have to make one try to keep up are you scared of something its on youtube okay lets go right is youre good at this you so Music Music and that makes three enough to finally get our cargo platform moving better be okay lets head on back to the h1 sign i hope that jessies injury isnt anything serious the best thing you can do to speed her recovery is to kick shinra ass in her stead i know i know and clouds gotta cover for wedge too when do we link up with mates soon enough dont you worry he knew we might be late so he came up with a few ways to kill time we ought to reach him long before he dies aboard and were back at the cargo platform get ready marco reactive were coming Music Music Music Music auxiliary power supply confirmed reactivating cargo platform cargo platform activated awaiting input so long on the plate i hate you too wonder what the reactors like dismal a slaughterhouse where they put to the planet then thats the smell the marco be ready for it right hear that guys its the reactor cultures backing in the sand bring it on avalanche Music come on take the lead my turn no need dont overdo it all right watch and learn see you Music back youre up now okay big should be waiting for us up ahead hes probably worried sick about us even after all that fighting no ones paid for us no need this is shinra city you probably have cameras everywhere why didnt you say something sooner way too late to bail now its like walking a tightrope when youre on it only two ways off better keep my balance well be good at it almost Music didnt think id be this nervous Laughter mercy wait cloud wheres jesse and wedge report top sides going nuts after some terrorists jumped off a train nice and quiet here though so quiet i had no trouble securing your route into the reactor you magnificent son of a bring it in so where are the others jesse got hurt and couldnt make it bad not so bad she couldnt rope in this guy thanks for stepping up its a job worked out pretty good you picking that train you did while shinra scours sector 4 you can waltz right on into sector 5. its a bit of a squeeze but it ought to get you where you need to go a little dark and foreboding for my taste beggars cant be choosers oh and youll be needing your grappling guns of course all set ready to take on the world and then some make sure everyone gets clear okay will Music do okay yall keep these grappling guns close Music secure them to your belt or whatever so you dont lose them when were done well be using these babies to get damn safe all of us got it excuse me sir your time quickly now quickly thats it thats the smell this place wreaks a marco looks like we made it Music layouts the same as reactor one yeah were near macos storage lets move Music im not seeing a way down here maybe well now that could work im next kind of scary huh its all in the mind Music hey check it out they stick this big boy on us wed be screwed six ways from sunday mechanized units like these were designed to take out giant monsters probably a new prototype if they do decide to deploy it then our best bet would be to run like hell Music then lets hope he sleeps through the explosion where is everybody Music almost there the smell takes me back wont even break keep it together that was easy dont overdo it keep it up get away okay deal with that Music Music no surprises there Music so a little more chaotic aint that right yeah Music uh im sick of this im sick of all of this hey soldier boy tifa why how much time we need got all the time in the world this one comes with a remote detonator courtesy of jesse we withdraw to a safe distance in kaboom safe distance what no such thing we get out the same way we got it lets double back huh what where are you going weirdly perfect timing wait a minute is someone watching us Music greetings my dear sewer rats as architects of our populist engagement campaign i heidegger head of public security and you welcome the t4 manga you should be flattered right now youll command the undivided intention of every soul in midgard huh what is this breaking news from mako reactor 5 shinra has confirmed the reactor to be the target of the bomb issued by the terrorist group avalanche members of the group were observed entering the facility and security is currently sweeping it for explosive devices we now go live to the scene im here in the sector 5 residents are outraged that the tragedy of marco reactor one was only the first attack in a campaign of violence president shinra has issued a statement providing assurances that the terrorists will soon be brought to justice and so to a people beset by chaos and Music engineering on the line you are hereby honored to seize those intruders and bring them to me but quietly without in trouble see ya i dont believe it we played right into shinras hands bring them to the command center right now that news is already peddling their false narrative something all security forces no no no no no hell no Music Music attention all security forces subdue the insurgents and bring them to the command center immediately i repeat the beautiful person can bring them to the command center right now attention all security forces subdue the insurgents get these components for the airbuster asap e8 intruder take him out Music all clear now lets see what these bastards were up to barrett crowd over here it looks like a few of its components are still in transit well see about that could tamper a little with its loadout and give ourselves an edge there should be a console somewhere this the console you talking about think you can get it to work needs a key card well lets find it then you bloons td 6 mods steam Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Gameplay Walkthrough (4k 60FPS) No Commentary Part 7 running on PS5; this video covers the Full Game Walkthrough with No Commentary. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Gameplay Walkthrough contains all Cutscenes, All Boss Fights, All-Story Missions & the ending of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade with No Commentary. Enjoy!!!Developer: Square Enix Publisher: Square Enix Platforms: PlayStation 4, Playstation 5 Release Date: June 10, 2021 Genre: RPG #FF7 #gameplayremastered #4kgaming steam how to see someones wishlist maytag 5000 series with steam manual add image to non steam game steam deck civ 6 steam deck how to get any game in steam for free