Final Fantasy VII Remake Angry Review

Share a steam gamesteam best building games FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE gameplay hey guys Ive finally done everything it finished the flight of fantasy 7 review theres a lot of issues were entering some source file issues might see a little bit of that in the review sorry about that but I want to thank all of you for taking the time to come and watch it I also want to thank our sponsors G fuel who actually really got me through this one all of the late nights the 16-hour streams as you can see I love this stuff we use it all the time it tastes delicious and great click those links down below support us support the show g feel supporting us well support them click the links down below pick yourself up one I highly recommend this one the beauty pie flavor lingonberry but hopefully you guys enjoy the review because we went all out and Final Fantasy 7 is  __  awesome and Im so glad and so happy I have finally got to play it after hearing about it for so long so I hope you guys enjoy the review check out the end where well do a little thing for at G feel alright check it out Music welcome guys to my Final Fantasy 7 remake or I am the best character lets get the show on the road guys get in here lets do the parodies pretty good you know Joe know what Alex Jesus Christ I said who are you no you are not see its a way Ive had dibs for 20 years you are way too big to be cheaper I mean look at you no I am clearly the best Eva I mean you disagree with that I make the best Tifa joke those are clearly fake these are all ass reviews me excuse you  __  what were gonna do would you would you better calm down over there everybody go and change Im cheaper not changing you know what Joe well suspenders are pretty nice I got it man yeah I like you you know oh man this is great I tell you what why why dont we all be tithi mm-hmm think about it hmm three tifas nothing can  __  stop us lets  __  do it Music guys this game is a masterpiece and if you want to know why people love this series this is the perfect game to go out and buy and start with just like I did no Ive never played the original so I think Ive got a little bit of a unique perspective here you know coming in fresh as a lot of others are actually likely to do too but I finally now see what everyone else sees in Final Fantasy youre the best focuses on cloud my eyes are up here I do and wed love to settle up especially since this was your first job for us my previous experiences with the franchise havent been so hot I played as lightning in Final Fantasy 13 hmm lets run away for me Final Fantasy 13 was the worst way I could have been introduced to this series years of hearing about all the Final Fantasys and the masses of devoted fans it has I wanted to know what all the damn fuss was about so I jumped in and promptly jumped the hell out 5 out of 10 Final Fantasy 15 was better oh my god this is so  __  cool this design also with your ass in a boyband - like a  __  heavy metal band NSYNC here though it didnt quite hit the heights that I was expecting for such a revered series 7 out of 10 but after playing and 100% completing the remake I am now a card-carrying member of the Final Fantasy 7 ultimate band club yeah dont dont look at it feel like the first begin yeah its other Jo you skip leg day Jo would  __  look at your legs jo in fact I already ran out and bought the original on switch to play in my free time as I wait for the story to catch up as this game wasnt even the full thing apparently but more on that later know that we had a cameo in my fantasies that me young youve been acting like my like talking about one thing when youre obviously my guy something way more handsome yeah then I endured it on all that the main reason I love this game so much its the stellar presentation and the characters just hold on tight will you Music what I might be falling after all thanks Eddie no one else I command will talk to us but what can you do then were good Jesses a cootie careful in there the graphics there are absolutely gorgeous there is no denying how awesome the character models are the environments are detailed as  __  look at that lamb goes to show you the attention to detail theyre good I mean look at these look at that this graphic here one of the reasons its a hundred gigs they wanted that they wanted all the textures to work the lighting kicks ass sure theres an odd texture here and there especially in some of the skybox backgrounds maybe trying to throw back to the originals pre-rendered backgrounds but they just dont look quite as good here in this context yeah though from the remake so whenever we were up top it just looked like nothing but all of that is easily forgiven as the  __  that actually matters thats in your face most of the time is absolutely beautiful like many of these Square Enix RPGs there is a plethora of cutscenes I mean it felt like 30 to 40 percent of the game I was holding my controller and watching a damn good Netflix anime series and you know what I didnt mind at all why because like I said the characters in this game I  __  love them thats one thing that I think that we make nails perhaps even better than the original whereas characters like Jesse Briggs wedge I mean other Joe barely have a few lines in the original here they are fully fleshed out as time is spent with them during planning during battles even in their downtime in the bar as they banter back and forth you really feel like one of the team here oh my what was that monster thats definitely more serious mr. konkey no Corrado need tiny sake cannot dance Jessie mother gah thats me me another job Oh even if other Jo is rather frustratingly useless what get out of here wench of their upper wedge jokes what the  __  stop running around seriously get out of everyone loves me that part is not now its later jokes Music square-enix you need to send him his check he just got back from the mocap studio and he wont stop talking about the wedge and the work that he did seriously put the rolls you check in the mail alright hes getting out of control Music look all of these awesome characters extensive pretty much everyone in the game even the villains know Im not bad but like it or not Im doing the job I sometimes have to do bad things dont take it personal think youre so cool Music Music oh snap yeah BAM I I did not take great seriously okay Ruud is a little cooler than I gave him credit for I will agree yeah - theres not one character here that I hated or thought was poorly done immediately unfolded involved with the world sure there might be a cringy line here - especially from wedge but compared to the originals translation the dialogue is far superior and it gets the job done I love it Oh Joey called you a punk-ass  __  punk  __  its behind that fence this way - you clocks out yeah o clock in I gotta say I know  __  you up on Bee Gees you  __  me thats also like how everything is kind of ambiguous as to whether or not were doing the right thing at certain points like showing the perspective of this conflict and the fallout from the from the point of view of the townspeople holy  __  are we are we evil eco-terrorists are we hurting innocent people oh my god Oh on the head Im so excited to play Final Fantasy 7 but brains have been talking like non-stop about this game for like 20 years and finally Im getting to experience it your  __  cloud yeah you sort are you  __  my scrolling on I can carry these got got Tim is a big sword so little much isnt it oh  __  it yeah I thought so good I thought you said were just gonna knock everyone unconscious yeah that big sharp pointy thing only put them to sleep what now lets go blow up the power plant what but excuse me blow up the power plant like like wont all the people still be inside like you know the workers the GAR scientists what about all the people around the power plant get to the middle setting its the thing that gives everybody power but its barely been told you didnt care about the planet wait all this time you wanted me to be a terrorist yeah yeah its probably are we the baddies no no no no yeah I think were the baddies besides that I love the combat its a departure from the original its not turn base instead I think its perfectly a mix of them Music Music its a blend of real-time strategy and turn-based you know where it kind of simulates the turn with the slow-mo its just so  __  cool to watch that slow-mo play out thats pretty cool Oh put it up put it up as it slows down use quickly select the best spells or abilities for the job some enemies are vulnerable to spells like like fire like humans we gotta find out what the shot Trust is human Frances Music others hate wind-based attacks like those annoying flying enemies are you  __  kidding me hero you turned out to be Music  __  hate those things I  __  hate those things no I dont like this  __  selecting a material like access will reveal information about what youre fighting what it resists what its weak to it is a fun little involving system where you like it goes like this you deal out basic attacks to fill your ATB meter to then execute various special abilities while you slow down time it is strategic and I love it and you I love that you cant just use the same attack over and over you actually have to feint stay on your toes make sure youre using the right tool for the job it makes every battle interesting and evolving hitting him with physical strikes and blocking his attacks will eventually make him make a museum Elektra weaknesses fire fire Pyrrha no are you like that  __  especially in the numerous boss battles it wasnt until Reno but I basically had to force myself to learn how to  __  block and counter-attack which opens up a whole new  __  world oh you  __   __  coming over here oh come on he attacked me but it was like a second a like a drone it just makes you feel like a badass as you come to terms with the combat and kind of figure things out for each boss yeah 5100 he said you learn all the shortcuts all the best materia all the healing shortcuts the best practices which you know theyve got these slot abou abilities each character gets six weapons over the course of the game you can find stuff like these weapons have different slots and stats with like a skill tree that you can upgrade with strengths and weaknesses all of this leads you to actually want to explore and find all those chests around every corner its absolutely well done come on I got move and later in the game you get these awesome huge animations like Limit Breaks that do massive damage especially when you have an enemy sufficiently pressured in a staggered state which is another sweet-ass mechanic let you have unlimited limit break limit yeah Music and finally for the really tough lengthy bosses youll most likely mean help from one of these god-like summons no actually these can come in any fight that youre struggling with though like some of these huge creatures to the battlefield to fight for you its cinematic its epic and its a ton of fun holy  __  hell see you soon gonna do  __  wet the  __  I think the combat is an absolutely perfect evolution of the turn-based and real-time action Music and some of them theyre theyre so intense and I barely made it through that I was nearly crying tears of joy when I saw the next bench complain non-stock know before you go there you go to the bench wait outside Oh Thank You bench thats right youre gonna love benches Music Music use those benches to not waste your items and let me tell you it is so  __  nerve-racking not knowing if theres a bench coming before the boss and the coming up or should I use my items its just its fun guys and all of this was set to some of the best most kick-ass music I have ever had the pleasure of playing to Music Im not a sane man but the music in this game is really good and weve always been playing for like 20 minutes like barely any minutes and the music is already  __  good it was like I was the climax of anything its like every track here I want to break out and dance - hands down the music is a 10 out of  __  10 yes the final fantasy music is amazing and it never gets too repetitive like a cannon and JRPGs even in the original in the battles here you get a ton of different combat remixes its  __  perfect I have always heard about how Final Fantasy sevens music was awesome but to actually play it and listen to it its a damn tree Music though I do think some tracks and like background radios and shipping sometimes overpower the character dialogue just a tad in some scenes is weird could you turn down your radio  __  what do you say and finally this story I  __  love this story example chapter 12 it really tugged at my heartstrings Music no I was actually feeling some emotion which means that I gave a  __  about the characters and what was going on there are so many crazy moments like one just one example this over-the-top motorcycle dude I never  __  expected these moments hes like creepily erotic with you help in the BMX its like dumb as hell but like in a good way and theres the awesome Turks like Reno and rude who instantly became my mortal enemy rivals they kicked my  __  ass and I loved it there are so many more memorable moments and I dont want to ruin any more of it because theres like this insane boss battle alright that was  __  awesome Music Applause oh and another cloud focus hilarious sequence later on I cant even focus on visuals or Jam I cant wait to get to I wish I could see your face nailed it I know thank you moving on now thats not to say that everything is absolutely flawlessly perfect there are a few missteps here and there that Id like to point out that can be annoying like the camera it gets a bit janky and some tight spaces Music you have to be pixel-perfect sometimes to pick things up or hit buttons the map its average at best and helping you get around the accessories theyre kind of hard to tell at a glance which are better from each other and the lock-on system can be frustrating sometimes moving off your intended target before you want it to now if you move it to the d-pad in the settings this will fix it but it should have been default Music I agree Im locked on why is it switched on Auriga camera bouquet by and large the game actually kind of has a little bit of an issue of not telling you about some of its more obscure systems it kind of needed a few more tutorials for newer players to the series like me but these are all small things where you start to get into some real issues though is the feeling of padding here in there now remember this is a bottle like a six hour section of the original game where you play through Midgar but here they stretch it out to an entire 40 plus hours now granted it is done extremely well for the most part but sometimes just sometimes you do feel it quizzed L&G right yeah and to reach maka reactor 5 we need to go through section each thats what I said earlier unfortunately I didnt spot a connecting catwalk to section H did you well we could always do another lap go for 10 go to section e to get to G then go to section H and section i j k l m n o p shut off stop it its sort of grinded my fun to a halt for a little bit there now you know obviously the original had its grinding moments too and these arent nearly as bad but there are just still moments in this story where it isnt really progressing much at all thankfully though the combat is engaging enough that it carries you through some of these sections but Im just in particular I think it was chapter 6 14 and 17 that had issues after plan ecomes f G min H thought he was the last here is section F we cut through section G and head for H a cargo platform an H will get us closer to the Rio especially in that 17 theres this uncreated frustrating boss battle that really kind of ruins the upward trend of this fantastic 10 out of 10 final chapter I wish that it was left out or done better that motor ball boss battle saw its terror and I just like people or chat about the fans like I I mean I am Im a big fan I know everything about the final fan so like this is it a fast pitch like I want to play against a bunch of times and if I intimate fund anything fine if the mechanics work longer than it should they even forgot to name him and feel so tacked on look I dont mind long boss battles thats what Final Fantasy is all about but not won on a motorcycle we only have like two or three attacks two villages in these original long Lane no spells no I mean whats the guys name ropes and I got had been pumping Chilean things he put his  __  crotch on me while he was driving a smaller side yeah he was touches himself give me give me a garage of love Oh but look only 3 out of 18 chapters not being all that great is not bad at all especially when you consider how much fun those other 15 chapters are you wasted my time generous time you mean oh no that aint that nice yes this like is noise but I did want to mention it some of its pacing issues also some side quests are kind of really rather straightforward vanilla you know look boring at times it could have used a little bit more interesting Flair in some of them but you cant get enough of this when the game makes a self-referential joke I bet youre sick and tired of these shitty and finally I got a talk about the controversial changes in the games ending in story there theres one small thing theres a new element added to it like this fate destiny thing that wasnt really in the original now these are represented by something in the game I want to say but I should add personally I hated these damn things theyre  __  annoying but its a huge part of the story and you know theyre always essentially like cock-blocking you rather plot blocking everyone it gets  __  ridiculous ready you know it now it makes sense by the end of the story but they literally dont explain any of it until the very end and it kind of takes and the explanation it kind of makes it feel like it takes a story away from you I think its Tetsuo Kimoras influence from the likes of Kingdom Hearts and honestly a slightly unnecessary change at least by most of the fans that Ive talked to from the original but looking at it from a new players perspective which is me well I hated these things at first overtime when Ive been thinking about it I do kinda have changed my opinion I do like how it opens up the potential like the story can now go in any  __  direction it is like not just a straight remake but something more and that is to be fair kind of unique so well have to talk about this more in an extended spoilers discussion review video which will do so click on that one next when its live until then Ill just say that theres some crazy-ass changes in this story that leaves the door wide open for them to do some really cool  __  or to  __  it up good but divorced of all that I like yeah I thought that was a good ending its gonna be extremely interesting to see how they pull it all off but whats more important is Im excited and hyped as buck for the next game in this series and until then I plan on playing the original to get all that context that unfortunately sometimes this game kind of lacks I guess it saves a lot of the explanation of who these people are and some of the end stuff for the inevitable sequel fight so thats pretty much it oh yeah and cloud gets a  __  that was a happy ending right there lets come to think of it it does seem like one big cloud thirst fest Tifa Harrod Jessie and newcomer Rose you know what I want why did all the soldiers stop lets say secondly their boss just got two of us yeah just a two years the engine roars with excitement it hungers to be set free this guy is crazy fall back hungers to be set free which team are you on because I know its one Im on so the final verdict for Final Fantasy 7 remake is a 9 out of 10 look I dont have the context of the originals so I dont have these set expectations on how its supposed to play out and what this story is supposed to be this is my first time with these characters story and music and I  __  fell in love I like the combat I thought the presentation was top-notch and you know what to me knowing that this game content is only like 15 to 20 percent of the originals blows my  __  mind that came with me so long and you know that could end up pissing off some of the fanbase so I understand why it kind of sucks to know that what will be playing the story the same story for the next like  __  6 to 8 years through like 5 or 6 games good deal or will they condense it a bit more than that you know but regardless I felt that this game story at over 40 plus hours of extreme high quality with a satisfying ending and an ultimate boss battle there at the end ah is 100% fine a perfect remake in a faithful remake now I no doubt the original is a 10 out of 10 after playing this one but look this for new audiences I highly recommend it and give it a badass seal of approval even if you arent into RPGs go out and buy it now all you got to do then is then wait for your date with tpho which you never got my day with Deepa but you know what I dont need the way yeah I got everything I need right here until then Ill see you guys on the next and community  __  yeah Ill see you guys Music Applause Music Im the best Tifa on the best team  __  rape you drink in your dreams you boobs fake my old Nancy  __  my dad baby whatever what the  __  Ill have you to come in from that side judge yeah alright guys Im ready to fit what that were you guys all this time you wanted me to be a terrorist yeah yeah are we the best  __   __  me excuse you  __  why my dont keep it so thats right what were you gonna do what would you gonna you better calm down over there everybody go and change Im keifa not changing break my suspenders Music Music steam save cloud ⚡️🧟⚡️Get 30% OFF ► @GFUEL with promo code ANGRYJOE at TIFAJOE 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