Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade PS5 Gameplay (4k 60FPS) Walkthrough Part 1 (No Commentary)

Game of thrones - a telltale games series steamalways pan steamer FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE gameplay Music Music Music Music Music Music Applause Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music so oh huh get down here Music oh who goes there youre up Music youre coming with us nice and easy who in the hell hands where i can see Music him have fun Music freeze move and we shoot go ahead Music thats bad no holding Music not back Music drop the weapon you got this yeah what he said youre coming with us Music was never in doubt Music Music rips Music so whats soldier boys deal is he one of us now hes cop balls this uh uh what was his name again cloud cloud strife right and he isnt a soldier anymore still hes a professional unlike the rest of us im glad to have him this is a one-time gig when its done were done Music Music were even the same ill give it a rest come on nobody do something this crazy just for money they may not think youre a true believer but you know what i think not interested what wedge uh you better be worth the money merc every last gill Music good boy guess youre first bring it hey looks like youre next Music is lets do this enough Applause is never in doubt hey elevators over there Music so Music uh this way Music not so fast weve got company Music this will be quick Music yes lets go Music so was never in doubt come on cloud pick up the bike Music soldiers may attack on command but i hear they make good guard dogs too bet youve seen a few reactors so how do we get to the bridge above michael storage aint holding out on me are you stamped scared to bite the hand and fed him or is he a loyal little doggie have it your way mud we can do this with you or we can do this without you different reactor different layout depends when it was built never seen one like this but ill manage dont you worry pigs will have the door open soon in three two damn im good whos there door Music wait its over thats my line hes alone we can take it make it rain he always knows just what to say cut it out its a good thing i know someone who can get us the passcodes pity no one else at command will talk to us but what can you do and were good careful in there i got this place covered security is only going to get tighter so be ready we cant afford any more mistakes so you know tifa right its not really my business but are you guys close Music loud are you ignoring me Music tifa and i these sewer rats appear to call themselves avalanche sir we are currently investigating whether they belong to the same group that made the attempt on your life rest assured our inquiries will not take much longer this pumps sole purpose is to drain the planet drop while you sleep while you eat why you  __  its here sucking up marco it doesnt rest and it doesnt care you do realize what marco is dont you marco is the lifeblood of our world the planet bleeds green like you and me bleed red the hell you thinks gonna happen when its all gone huh answer me you gonna stand there and pretend you cant hear the planet crying out in pain i know you can you really hear that damn straight i do get help say that again id worry less about the planet and more about the next five seconds save the screaming for later our lives on the line now you listening merc one false move and that happens well so much for having cloud do all the fighting there are some places a sword just cant reach just bear with him for me would you should have asked for more money Music gonna throw your sword at him let the man with the gun go to work these 10 cans aint got nothing on me now for the real show oh god come on Music oh ah you got this do your job shut up and move over Music oh yeah another one in the bag Music look what we have here a laser security system great those things will hurt more than your pride if youre careless theyll cut you down to size and then some but im guessing youve done this kind of thing before yeah figure out the timing of the lasers then make a move when they cycle off exactly ill go first nothing like a little danger to get the blood pumping hey just keep those baby blues of yours on me Music oh youre doing good come on oh huh look they dont call those things sweepers for nothing they can wipe out a whole squad in seconds not if you wipe the floor with them first ah is that right we need to hit it with magic lets give this an opening Music so long of course Music to get back up and we knock it down again no time to complain soldier first class doesnt go into the 20s the hell you talking about i mean your age not your goddamn rank Music though i know my soldiers rank could be the same guess that make you a one-year-old huh live and learn thats our target the reactor core gotta set the bomb at the bottom lets get down there god damn i can practically taste democracy good luck not that way down the ladder dummy Music this ones a boss take the lead need my help do you like that you think if we fell in we think right down to the bottom lets go yeah lets do this lets do this Music Music Music Music so Music so Music uh all right lets see if little stamp really can bite the hand that feeds go on do the honors prove to me youre the manti for says you are that youre one of us never said i was im just here for the paycheck then do the damn job Music whats wrong im fine what about the timer your call merc pretty cocky aint you Music what hey how the hell do we fight this thing its got reinforced armor plated but the internals can be overloaded lightning magic no other option huh didnt i tell you to use magic thought you were full of  __  think whatever you want just do it yes take the lead yes its my turn Music what the hell is that a barrier never seen this defense system before im sad not you in the expert so whats your brilliant plan genius gotta heal up Music all good now hit it hard and fast oh youre in for it now just shoot it or go down in flames bring it home we need to do something about these are you in trouble now watch the tail you dont want to be hit by that laser huh so what do we do dont get hit take cover behind that debris Music lets do this gonna light it up Music gotta memorize again and again and again keep it together do this sure could use i see it then take cover already now go uh Music gotta tell me Music oh  __  the balls huh you hear that damn thing showed you how its done come on weve gotta move Applause Music nothing to it Music yes you okay do i look okay help a girl out would you my hero hey well link up over there look after jesse Music come this way this route should lead us straight to barrett probably i think i see an exit come on dont look back lets go lets go Music have it your way Music x soldier boy theyre here shake them down the clocks ticking cool it five seconds is all we need Music gotta get the hell out of here asap Music yeah i got so long dont come back Music whats up brace yourself Music sure you could yes yes hey did you see me in action i must have missed it out of my way youre done deal with that yeah ill do it hey did you see me in action i must have missed it Music Music sir Music hmm on come on come on come on doors Music can you walk if i couldnt believe me youd be the first to know ill take that as a yes okay that was pretty cool all right come on me Music uh looks like we made it and with nothing but a few scratches to show i think you might have overdone it i followed the instructions to the letter maybe it triggered a reaction with the mako well lets hope the citys still in one piece but the plan is what matters right i mean this must have helped some after all that itd better have anyway lets get going we in sector 8 thatd be just down there all right then lead the way you got it watch out for live wires theyre everywhere samurai maiden steam Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Gameplay (4k 60FPS) Walkthrough No Commentary Part 1 running on PS5; this video covers the Full Game Walkthrough with No Commentary. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Gameplay Walkthrough contains all Cutscenes, All Boss Fights, All-Story Missions & the ending of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade with No Commentary. Enjoy!!!Developer: Square Enix Publisher: Square Enix Platforms: PlayStation 4, Playstation 5 Release Date: June 10, 2021 Genre: RPG If you enjoyed the video, please leave a Like, Subscribe, and Share. Subscribe to Gameplay Remastered for new walkthroughs of old and new games! Follow me on Twitter - SUBSCRIBE: Follow me on Instagram: Full Game Walkthroughs: Gameplay Remastered focuses on no-commentary 4K gameplay walkthroughs of new and old video games. This channel aims to provide helpful educational walkthroughs of new and old video game releases for those gamers looking to either get a recap of a game, stuck on a particular part, or just looking to see if the gameplay is compelling enough to help decide on a possible purchase. 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