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Steamer kitchensteam deleting games by itself FOR HONOR™ gameplay Applause oh Music Music oh Music ah Music so defend the walls the day that i met the blackstone legion and holden cross come out dominique it doesnt have to be like this keep them off the walls my lord break it down break it down but i am a warden i had a job to do will Applause george through the breach aah stop dominique dominique show yourself these warriors dont have to die trial by combat right now what fight you thats not a trial thats an execution then fight my second you you will be my second all right then if i refused there would be a slaughter we were still at that mercy it will not do for a night of the blackstone legion to be defeated by a common mercenary neil Music for valor in battle for honor and service i holden cross raise you stand knight of the blackstone legion Music were finished here come on that was how i joined the blackstone legion there are many legions the iron legion is the greatest among them but in asheville the iron legion was about to be routed their commander stone needed an army holden cross sent me blackstone where are reinforcements im it Applause is this a joke open the gate lead us out blackstone good luck stop Applause Music Music not bad blackstone not bad at all pretty sure i could have done it by myself but i had questions about the blackstone legion the last of the vikings have holed up in an outpost up ahead one that the iron legion deserted need backup i can handle it careful with that ego ready lead the way deserters i wanted to see for myself doesnt look too hard everywhere we go weve abandoned our people what has happened to the iron legion wait here ill clear the bridge they were members of the iron legion all legions share the same oaths what had happened here why have you abandoned your posts a blackstone dog has strayed from his pack stand down your people need you whats a warden doing fighting for apollyon one of us should go home and change why have you abandoned your posts kill them that was the day i finally met our warlord Music hmm Music Applause ah Music apollyon gotcha blackstone hmm do you know what kind of creature waits for its own slaughter sheep sheep aah i had my answers but too late and the wardens oaths are not lightly broken the snow was already falling on falconheim but we went anyway ugh savages Applause Applause we couldnt leave a force behind to guard the prisoners Laughter hold master this beast killed at least 40 soldiers including davis do you know how to tell a predator from prey you cant of course unless you see them in war 40 well done i had thought that her laws of selection only applied to us our army needed passage the war-born can be creative when they want to be paths clear impressive dont encourage her i had questions master like this fortress it looks like its just a storehouse it is and thats why were here these barbarians they seem like theyre good people they embrace each other like they were all kin but that is all a lie when night falls they stab each other with their knives if there are wolves among them should we not set them free now i had new questions ones that were much harder to answer Applause keep the ram moving Music hmm Music on your feet prepare to die hmm hmm foreign you fought to well with you mercy why are we here i think you know famine this place houses their seed grain there will be no new harvest by winter they will be killing each other over what little food is left i took an oath to fight for peace so did you all of you hey this food why are we not burning at all what do you imagine the clans would do if we burned it all theyd starve die they would unite but leave them scraps just enough for two maybe three clans they will fight each other over what remains the wolves among them will rise were not here to kill them we are here to teach them who they are to set them free time to go home Music honor what do you know about honor you who has never faced true fear learn what honor is before pretending you are a warrior know this before you step onto that thin red path where no misstep is allowed path that only ends when your legs fail to support you and your heart stops beating Music a path where sadness goes along with pain and where glory is the color of blood this narrow path goes only one way Music away covered with enemies and brothers and it will take you without any shame into the hands of deaths for the name you were given and for your descendants for honor a year since apollyon came our people starved when the worst of us fell on each other like beasts growing fat on their own peoples misery was one of those lets feast and so i came down from the mountains i joined the warborne and then we did something about it lets find the rest for our people whats going on out there Applause you face me come on in then alive what youve done is wrong Music you feast while all around you people stop you and your warriors will learn to live like the rest of us oh you will become food for growth Music so thats a no valhalla Music youre in charge now join us we are with you they werent much to look at but they were a start sevs work thats just barbaric ive seen you take scalps its different well just wait for your signal then Music sieve ryder we had a yeah history know its you i guess that was the signal Applause ryder raider Applause rider what are you doing among the warborne youve talked too much Music it was time to free the rest of the war born stagender what took you so long finding vikings you hadnt pissed off my thanks warrior dont disappoint me yara Laughter oh i like you Music now it was time to take back our birthright we would need ships and i had been out of action for long enough odins beard invasor barely compared Music beard those black stones had quite a hall where did these come from samurai ships washing up all summer long full of this chunk the samurai theyre weak we outnumber them ten to one and theyve had a good year were gonna need a fleet but that raid reminded us of who we are we began with a fortress on the sea but they knew we were coming Music italian relax Music ready your weapons through the gates i welcome you all uh huh Music that day reminded our people what viking fury could do the great raid they would call it and it had begun the mire an apt name for a terrible place i was sent to find a way through Music do Music foreign oh so what did they tell you i dont speak japanese well now what we need maps theres a monastery how do you know Music Laughter wait here ill get reinforcements wait for us here finally archers huh i had what we needed a way through the mire the city would be ours three days we fought on that bridge behind that bridge a whole city full of plunder and if we failed now we would leave with nothing to show for it this is no gate its more like a door its not a bad idea you might live the all fathers favor is a fickle thing impress him with your audacity and he will see you through to victory but let audacity grow into overconfidence and he will deliver you to your enemies well hello Music outstanding huh Applause wow Applause gates open we had done it beyond those gates reaches spoils plunder the great raid of the war-born clans would become legend if the commanders of the iron legions knew about that now we can speak freely well thats a relief were all your humble servants master so what is the real plan whoa the natural state of our species yet these monsters flee from it cowards we must be brave for them we cannot hope to trigger war everywhere we can if we recruit our enemies to the cause home we samurai lost our true home long ago now to us that word means something different we made a new home but we have to fight to hold it i wasnt going to be fighting anyone from inside a prison cell but my friends my daimyo saw an opportunity and took it theyre burning the city were leaving they said were leaving lets go we cant this is how you ended up here in the first place huh Music kill apollo oh knights from the blackstone legion wheres are you the vikings broke into our city they didnt know who they served the last few daimyo your emperor is dead will you take his place never would you be emperor after i killed the rest of them im coming to kill you a wolf leave the palace to say georo the others can fight for the scraps who do you think you are war i am war i was the last daimyo set free in the mire oh hunting happy hunting apollyon thought we would fight each other to claim the emperors power i had done it our emperor is dead the blackstone legion has done this apollon wants us to go to war with ourselves i refuse we are being forced into a new age um vikings Music would regret leaving me alive i followed apollons trail into the mire i was searching for iu Music well well well do you know where iu is a lot of dead daimyo around here now were stopping a civil war guess the emperor was wrong about you our neighbors are persistent that they are secure the dock well meet you there Laughter ah archers delay that order we have more pressing matters say judah napoleon gave him the palace it will take more than a palace to rule our people we will remove the pretender to the emperors throne the imperial palace a fortress within a fortress Music our people bleed put down your weapons end this and kneel before me cejuro wasnt giving up and he had strong warriors at his side but we had numbers we just needed a way in i hadnt been inside the palace in three Music years the best for the emperor our army is on the other side i dont think thats a very good idea you are outnumbered put down your swords find sajuro Music uh execute me i will be remembered as the greatest warrior our people have ever seen Music these warriors wont follow anyone else you will be forgotten the emperors champion will defeat you the emperors champion is rotting in a cell in the lower city its you the champion thats betrayer hero more like Music what are you waiting for we need commander cejuro you dishonor me we need you you are a great warrior i wont serve beneath you then slay me take my place command our armies youve gone mad apollyon did this to us not cegero i will not fight the legions war for them Music um the emperors champion heading our armies im going to asheville our enemy is there apollyon had been as generous to her own people as she had been to ours unorganized i saw warden leading a group of knights away from the fortress we should follow them apollyons borders were open who had done this i know that one warden are they rebelling can they do that i think we should leave why um we are not your enemy champion you executed the imperial family we are no longer black stones Music no this is my fight i was right you are the emperors champion your army will find the path to the blackstone fortress clear good luck i had taken my measure of that warden once you cross swords with someone you know theyre hard reinforcements do not lose this courtyard the samurai have reached the second gate here they come master iron legion outside our walls there you are and what are you doing holden at last move hold the samurai ill deal with the iron legion the fortress of the blackstone legion the gates had fallen the escape tunnels were all blocked we had them go youve got this finally the dawn empire have arrived yield face justice come on death waits for us a warrior is someone who does not let that stop them from doing what must be done its over we will have peace peace so what happens now you all just go home you came into my home and you brought your armies what did you think would happen peace that isnt how the world works dont speak to me on your virtue beauty in the ship Applause youve forgotten what you are you want war only war all i want is for you to admit what you are all of you my wolves Music Music you know the rest seven more years of bloody war napoleon played us all one against the other for what to weed out the weak why did you call us here cross i didnt i was sent by the new lord warden to make amends Music thousands of my people dead well heres your chance for vengeance weve shared our stories like your lord warden requested now why are we here peace peace even if it were possible were no peacemakers is it an unworthy goal well no but is this how it starts it would have to start with us we will die in this attempt you know that but it would make a worthy tale you games like genshin impact on steam FOR HONOR Full Movie Cinematic (2021) 4K ULTRA HD Samurai ActionNew Trailers 2021! 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