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Poop game steamxbox game pass connect to steam FOR HONOR™ gameplay and hey guys here who is talking is going to bring you another tombstone are we going to throw it away or not and then how are you there all right a fan of the law as already creating here who didnt deny the business takes two years now I also joined the nat there above, you have to open ports such as alexandre it matters I made it simpler I took a router and took it out connect the cable directly to the computer and even so that disgrace did not change it was the windows firewall I turned it off for good even so that disgrace did not change so I I dont think you can change it there are no daily missions five executions in domain 15 executions and domain player against player and player contract ram will make some games I bought it there to earn some money because it wasnt a domain that this here is already complete here o live 65 games domain contracted ok is that the guys the open school again who wants to enter for entering and not being extremely of the uproar that like yesterday is not controlled even bikes here with community ends the maximum amount of fight games you can play against the player and we get a reward for participating that maybe but its a fight so we dont get left out a little bit of the load goes up to tiago jorge bruno potato yeah mateus and then the bishop and there a year ago the game will have one is talking hes out there I dont know if hes going to want it back and hes not going to stop there cj but I saw the one from the ft of not forgiving andriano and there and there the pope is starting a business here is good to get on the side before this goes backwards pick a character that I tend to be a little less is not good good is not good is less bad save jorge and there beauty of the sea that goes on life there we have to have a lot of people look your money I will mandrake a business in 2030 people look at those who know dino also he has a channel from there in the channel partners and he is doing the last time that I have been working a lot of 32 things it was being what lately today is back here in the c in my view my life is good then I played he replied in a little while he will listen in a little while now just look at this __ too bad this game here he only goes until 8 pm eastern time now from what i saw on the internet eastern time will end with the same five hours I dont know if thats it so there will be the last wave of everything they close suddenly from the hour to tiago great muscular philosopher only where are you worth it oh my god we started to get on good terms fé leônidas harvey milk fight again maybe now they want more or less there thats more like this i committed to the people in this nec thing there i dont know how to solve it anymore because i would have to open doors but there is no wife opened it i hung up it was the windows and I took the router off to connect directly to the cable you dont have to open it in a mountain range I dont know if you know the ubisoft thing theres a nat up there that has to be something connection and mine is red its restricted to says the legend that it would have to open the Some ports to release the end of the morning for today but I say I removed the indirect voter on the cable and and we were on that line and I turned off the windows firewall once and for all I also had to open it still dont have it but I dont know what it is better a disgrace something like he lost yesterday 20 contumacious field acura so much analyze the beach what is barbosas game for the conservator of discord sign up i think andrade is going to send a micron boy matheus souza you like this one a lot game so I started just now your mother as hell but Im really enjoying it just with you crossed I hope its not like that guy who has a deaf again allied to that its not strange then I understood nothing honestly I didnt understand anything for who its thing of those who got really weird the guy ran away but the other side I could blade of life both is a valid alternative I didnt get well then go buy the original so I d email them guys so you cant find anything else to buy I dont know if youd realize that the thing is its kind of expensive in the revenge test and funny guarantee a case its been confusing this a lot even when they die talk about the blue ones on top of them damn go buy a mini cubano now everything the squeaking with this project is going well I had bought it a while ago so I dont know if it is there yes since we worked it accepted the undesirable ones yes am sonntag qualifies loved the open rehearsal open I dont think it will launch on the 14th maybe yes, youre the one talking __ to you, I dont know, but then about the pre-sale, what a promise in sight again, this class of his when he fights well with the serve and its boring in your opinion, which control and turned on the complex box of the year, another 20 I still dont know if they differentiated from the xbox it already works wind than from microsoft they give decent support on the cross the controls dont work __ key any of the three young people there a but its worth it its expensive as hell to buy the controls original role but just a headache that you no longer have was already worth the prolific date turning the modern one into an animal chapo the snow saves me it doesnt go there too good it does well as it has improved today which is today the best amd processor or intel is also out of processor and hardware lately i know he saw it passed like this to amd on the video card some time ago now i dont know if they are returning to being competitive or not that we used to say md was good at on a video card without cost benefit and its eternal and at the best and highest quality video card but recently so I did nt care about editing minus two points until next time were going to play against ceará who have to do a daily mission take the money and buy something the river a wonderful deal mistake Music the ones I saw are boring and its always the same thing dont understand and not take something but its good or great to have canceled elsie a apparently seems like and a potato the Spanish language and the ii to what it does one is saying that the assassins are focused on counterattacks executing the defense at the time of more contracts linked to the person very much against attack so I kept jumping I wanted to kill that works and it was replaced by I get it right op answer barueri that this is the fifth time they focus on what will be bigger says there is 112 a lot of garbage per day concludes it rolls cheaper like yesterday law a so I dont know I was interested in this mold and when I They said he has several things but I dont know if I would do it now on TV and Im waiting in fact a lot of it came out, two are probably even head of the campaign or until the people lost interest they should be off guard or will I go there and do it dirt even seeing someone you Im going to sound the horn thats right I dont know if theyre okay not realizing that for example in swimming a fatality that she gave now she caught the urine on the stairs by the blade and knocked it down with the back s I dont know if a lot of people know but knights do this even more often to fight against people with armor I didnt want to hit a sword blade against mature it will give effect like this close to zero moves that lost the zone they clung teach naughty the continuous knife maria in chinã fish the police call the police 1 to 0 someone here will be on guard at this point no one else talks I arrived this guy is missing a little reels the crappy map now we are seeing the best weapon against the mature one it depends but in general the conclusion is better even it wont pass or __ it go in line joão can at least cause damage but like his name kharina i think it was night and hes commenting on an extremely effective weapon against the mature that nobody nobody right gives much credit would be, for example, no dagger because youre going to put water on the face of a fool, thats the knight there with armor dropped on the ground and then you have it, you ca nt stick the anywhere aim a knife there put it in the most vulnerable places of the amateur it was already that management will duel with the face of an angel she you go up do a jiu jitsu in addition to ruben and water on the neck and in this game here of others but you can really user must take the bread maker then it will fatality the guy and it goes there it was leaning backwards stuck in the middle of the chest like done sometimes it wakes up hard but it doesnt exist well theres a crazy guy here the boat comes that Moorish grace Music is that boat but if you hit it running like hell taker back 2 crazy one take control so as not to risk returning to the amazon foundation and well missing a fight like that well being on top Music you lost your zone second andrade the __ of the world of fifa it was red look just with the bench that abandoned even the attack Music then I had steel here go buy something for the guys you have an idea that we should buy tac equipment where they donated maybe come back she was wearing it Applause there the armband was a little strange now the credits I could have a ranked mode something they put that was just people I had with the characters your team lost and was limited but its interesting and zidane ex-team block it existed its difficult the business doesnt say it right thats what I think dont complete the omission five executions and I did two and theres no mission lets go domain I bought it again do the execution this time for there are people wanting to buy the chip for the breadmaker when the two and mister vi already passed the fringe goes to breadmaker okay we can glue it or we could also buy what I didnt get to play just to see how it is promised Ill do __ with it but I could buy an alternative buy items the saber is more effective than this standard I think it was difficult on a sword it s not like that something very different it depends on each one has their fighting style not only on the expert or nothing there are some guys who do historical martial arts there without any protection and 10 of Portuguese and then they do several different types but in general what is said is that there is no weapon that is not 100% superior to the other nor is it mature, it depends how you fight how it is not who you fight and who you fight against for example the big shield is good or bad depends if you are a roman and give a human formation full of people with the shield fighting against the enemies that romans fought its good now if youre a gentleman in the middle of the hill guy who doesnt have information mainly a band is the revenge one there a lack of two more hand selections to run after these crazy people here we go there to be tough you can and its if the that in the civil 500 ha what can you ask him so at the moment Im not even thinking of doing anything like that specific because those who dont know right hey hey hey the month of january to and october is a disgrace just not being governed by receiving almost then it stays very encouraging to start a series in january maybe and now in february think of something but start calmly the pension maybe make victory 2 now its a little less disastrous who knows the bakery the idea in paraná i talk to the iaea better than the player in fact we have all i ar so much i think we tried to play the victory 2 x chandra business there hamachi we downloaded another program i think it also came from shamu involves having a lot of things removed in the end we miraculously managed to get it see entered the game recorded three days later it started to flood more continue its a disgrace that was that game there to play online you have to be a magician but I got to dwarf mother the association also three deaths from the game of thrones head 1 to 1 o way to see whos going to sleep with accessing av drugs it wouldnt work in the bakery of the idea its the best guy that has to exist can make a headquarters for the station so we re doing it now too one has an episode recorded a father who 27 and with the also only that he is breathing weights the taxi will not give that __ there for example we started recording a couple of weeks ago and only that we made the episode imagine if it had started to go back up or fall from here to give but the loss of life marvel bandeirantes I ended up getting on the disc too to reveal only intimate desires as a print it was none of that its not working the idea of ​​ giving up being tough against the idea is a disgrace with the control turned and you are taken by surprise and jumped from the stab it is postulated a stab still in the cradle surprise to ask with the faction you left there moraes thats what i m playing a little with him what else did you name x you just have to put that is from the circuit group the guy with heat or misfortune almost got him there this thing here for example is doing it but for the director in player now against the aiea its not catching I put a little star apar eceu there I think he appeared is without a microphone or crazy to abandon even before someone sent fear of abandonment before mapped here with this disgrace because that damned person voted for me the academic where is the guy I already saw that Im going to have to do one more to get it his execution I couldnt kill anything god man oh the crazy bic look its the damn thing dont hit him go there because I think I need one more disgrace execution fair to finish team rabbit wait here its opera back there a the idea is that of a fight that is more like someone here who cant find a way to run away I think youll have to do one more thing things will go back to normal that has a maximum on wednesday including me 4 mary and max left the room the emperor fabrics went of 30 japanese union what needs to be done one more execution and I already saw that this thing that is not a good idea contracts so soon here the madman nícia pine lost another side by side and the sea appeared l safar was almost arrested for that theres more the biggest one in two keys it wont even be the course the truth truth battery with a freezer was tauhichi better in a car with is mandrake already knows what he wants augusto says the engine was the business of the my fans will demand each heat tiago lourenço was a dollar each to show speech i escape me year my fans is affection and mutual love you will never understand that right wow agatha speaking 70 watching yesterday midnight malay mostafai entered entered without now to where this number will explain in words brothers now lets try not the end of the afternoon today a little less wedge sometimes showed the knife he street nogueira the first my god are mustafa will not take live like that in dick can also people I dont even remember right ciro no there is in october there is a staff there the guys Music its confidential live talk about the son and then he comes calling me authoritarian its a thing that i go up missing that scene with that or good name call r send a photo that will start to like football I cant believe that little by little Im going to send sochaux to ask for what the ps together were going to fight up there the guys for those who know these guys there take mom is going out in private send the indecent photos of innocent children great police send you a photo of historical studies for you a work is this story 18 this story was not very recent but the 18th century and I know that an attack is a prayer appreciative of the great works carried out logically to answer why i cant talk about napoleon good luck so its great note those curves and the design of the chinese girl on the li its also with that money that someone up here is not wanting to go up and then my mandate is i think it deserves and military equipment when it arrives in the forest delegate othon andrade also in this group it is indecent that being attached to the decency equipment is a group of algae in the refined where the best minds in brazil and thus lost they got together to do it you cant believe it was to call our study group 80 then it was lively Music 8 I just answered a question you made a horse graphics I dont know that carlos until now I dont know anything Ive never heard of it I think beto carroça mocked falsh home and never pronounce comes down to the law for whom do the germans ana de sá speak elite troops german if it were a lawsuit answer you are stronger sebek level of french andré already to talk to convince i think he already is he already knows ask how much it will cost with your mouth people ask if you are the one but I dont think it has any resemblance to the father watched haiti she already said that do that cheer up if they are taika it wasnt a team that had snake it was totally bizarre and it wasnt cool the mandate he answers at school its a joke thats what we wear a mustache to know that hey functions military equipment in japan explained he will only announce who he is because there can be no retaliation im I thought that was it he showed the ring but it is our military equipment group and it covers all the nations of the world do not kiss czech norwegians would charm romanian has everything there is much more but usually if you exclude 3 dp d Music yeah i never stayed 700 guy I dont know if he deigned to send it I dont think anyone morning one of them shows up here people ask talk about babies mark the ocha speeds up or the ship is a partner the hey is my impression or the second goal that rua nogueira is the best in the sertanejo tree lord of the rings side this respect for the work the airbus now confirms exchange rate in 15 hours grechi a cara I remember that now and then he skewered a personal student talk about the clash creche for me sucre na cei break sucre which is what he likes the most and then i came to understand that it is the way girls talk guys who like it and homosexuals talk pyongyang and tracing ea mata one hour already built by the world or mandrake mandrake i didnt have it with handrail mandrake jesu s christ taught unless something comes this event has to be a good christian man its just a boxer that for me so im paying to keep believing that youre weak like that and there are collection boxes where the fight doesnt happen he even misses me i think i think im in love mandrake now my raw heart is opening to mustafá de april a lot of things there void this homosexual tendency of his wanting homosexualization wash no i dont have disguising people angel angel of their paraná wi fi los I can be accused of many things less than 1 car sexualism and I can even be arrested for the accusations and thats how it is flowers did yesterday you can whenever you change the music poker face what happened I was already sleeping the cell phone rang It wasnt my fault Im not even going to say anything here theyre going to open the box that I thought was cool law 11 4 on the volvo here now you can now year of ammonia goals in favor and erased what I paid erased me u son didnt take it so share a little brother its not there that mandate full of life he doesnt participate in society its the passport of the rest of the priory of sion so its getting worse said andré op you used talk about a crazy project then I sent you a project its going to give a look at the 8th in this __ being vagner love that will be all for i wont even quote because it will look like something on the screen that wasnt time for this work was fast here one thing that i didnt even notice is that it won and theres a certain level 1 and in the box line level 3 now my character a little so that he passes the level of this crescendo and he has level 2 and specials and also at level 4 so yes a __ level of influence when you see it looks like he is at level 1 27 cm is that we we asked dumb europa birthdays carol i would love to play but this is the type of game its just games it was in portuguese man i have the pleasure of god i hurt it just click the boring one that comes from game so if im going to play something like that spanish is the same little thing to go in and do a skillful revenge santa sé haider went to think about the things that the demand hasnt audited pi na no later dell sees this thing there its not dangerous Music blockade amateur like mandrake on the day of few brother andré these things are safe for me its not for me its not very good to see those reviews in the magazine see 34 of the opel law in a hurry for free here and Ill keep it but its not just to say that we have others characters open air to club change released the unlocking chackra sina Music you myt to the boardwalk the vigor and you have your navel affected completely catarina will help even more in the x factor the emi an ping shows with the rain it stopped __ all Music my business that was not with me and I think that this bush depends depends there are things that if I eat the current conditions in which I find myself, I end up dying is a Polish food traveled from coloneze illegally as you know that curitiba all day the universe of orbit there is little rain that just fell to the ground so he resorted to hot food I am descending coloneze uol closed at 1 the sport speaking in poland stage the un dont leave 6 in short that gave birth to 16 its also always it was at the circus too so 15 table is not enough I dont remember it I think I never played lap in chile lets cut 1 billion and do it with her return and beauty meanwhile the drachma nothing communication to ask for lets try with this girl here one wins the goal right this value the domain of the electoral content oscar there talking in the comments for pomegranates motion zoeira is cool but we cant lose the channel because of the error right and customize your character and garnett character is good now is looking for something leave it alone but because theyre also talking about mostafai promoter here becomes macho thats what thiago is talking about Music both of them are good, you can see it almost know its really good to be able to install it we go there to do series 1 00 people at the most see he talks about the time of life the people interested in the uproar mustafá only delivery disagree I asked him for motorcycles and without having to show that he didnt lose canon he must because I all like that I just unlocked the last one that was missing that was barbara that theyll take it and theyll go its not like we usually do pressing for the first time and going crazy Music for years the guys have been singing while traveling we show here blue he the douro zone the turn over the guardian and two boats in niterói here to show what you intend to do more videos of some edis in total theres probably ok i think i dont know its kinda ive already done several campaigns including republic there independent theres no lack of samurai i dont know i think it would be cool to play with someone but ending up in adi the metal bandeirantes am already the first one but after the third and last half and disappointment with the fallout they killed me they didnt want to fsk cattle beyond and called it regret nto was understood that __ the speaker 2 se pal is one of the best companies inside the b pc its not compulsory but compared to sônia better he got there and doing a fs mediation kills almost three elements of rpg and people who think its beautiful a thousand vacancies I think its time if he stayed longer the representation has a way or another survivor must have scored more goals along with this guy who speaks purifier rosario modest worker abbey face of my revenge and Ive seen that they dont manipulate one of the characters is that it will be there it happened in an open area its ending naked sure emotion of the area i came back my actors zac ordinary or two boys and fred she so just arrive the guys will transfer the digital pc game on youtube there girl from france on google the journey in the second war but survey the military even sent a photo of the mp 44 to him first you in the area she doesnt send it here and I dont know the type the hu is a little better that I like it one more a century of napoleão lisbon porte likes those who ran away but we have to put the stick inside light one left more hungry anac always put pororoca from the musical imó form i sent it to the blog too but he replies to the lover leave here it was in brazil i will find out that in a few hours the and the problem does not share the photos he has with me I alone who went beyond knowing the photos he has I did not give him the people to sing live there is no way to go back I found series that already gaza he didnt even go up to the area of ​​ the caught did the internship he collected to believe hes a lot of sweat it wasnt before live on the ip side and so I dont know the guys are demanding in vain had to launch this live show today in which the guys talking about punyab is ok I know that most of those who also go to the ball take a single shot x 1 murray shovel and throw it every day in the collision it s not much to be nor does it last long this fight and no guys question dont talk about the power 38 tons the td keko is da tc hecoslovakia now watertight rope for those who dont know its one of the biggest in 2011 at the time one of the biggest industries that we call heavy industry at the time kaká it was how can i use a term mandrake you who are good at that i come to you lets say you have a mandrake country there is a tir and its called czech theres a father called czeca i have a team called é tuga there my tonga wants to get your technique but i dont want to do it in a violent way because a peaceful way so i Im attaching you in the macota if you start doing only czech what is it like to be part of my team honda it was more or less nazi germany made the czech republic slovakia disappeared from the map in three weeks it was third rays btw the czech industry provided a lot of armament for hardware With a lot of kisses, it was given to several places, including the Polish industry, people are also falling there, its just a story minutes with the veteran michael, it was no longer mané, mané, changing the material history with the mandrake but Im old and it wont make it easier Ill take it like I didnt v the duvet looks violently so its my vote my my finger like fire if you didnt make a beautiful scheme that I did no I doubt that the ship good bbb because you can get that face that we are dead and he does the schematic schematic in the test I want here schematic today I think I fell yours here and I dont know I think I worked here for 2 hours and also the start again there sbk fz 2 34 came back so theres also a bank in the neighborhood iaa people like us she got stuck we dont know if she came back its not just the people writing hashtag love show us to know if she came back in st kfz 23 which one I want to see mandrake pronounce if this the name of this stuff in german this is commenting my touch had the brother talk about business this the code word for gang was the armored fighting car for transporting infantry the animals was so cool that despite the air of combat it has existed since the beginning of the 20th century by writing and in the area is taking the name on the bomb and shooting it in the head doesnt seem like a very healthy thing to put on is this exchange for an armored car to put love not just to put it in my name its an idea Brazil at an olympics there who will get the best sung mandrake win a life saver from the fa she is concrete but a photo of military equipment for cairo if our andré you are going to be the oldest guy kim painted from youtube then from the euro to see if it will last until you hear the name of the car and take a little button now in faia call the guy i dont eat also several mistakes here joão cancelo b is also here demonstrating that it is possible to find going in see there it said 8 pm eastern time but now its gone I dont know how to say the ideal stage on the server its not like when the air was yesterday its a topic from an afternoon period it got cohesion too hot man more or less doesnt even read your best mark like the great Brazilian chat ila today starting this state pointing to them sang of quarry work I liked the dulce de leche that is missing in the guys show its a drug entry in one its working in the farm area starts a new look raulzinho but everyone talks here look and see that its a bearded that i just april in an image of the actress casa can surpass that noise i make i just the house already broke everything you stay said i want to know where i paulo dener went the tide at home to drink a coffee and bahia a mhag tease them at the high risk of being fined I know what its like in goiás kahn on a mouse I dont feel sorry for the device even an awning speak ill of you here in curitiba hotel of dogs the caloric little cold ronaldinho is that I stay in the technical data of the adventure its when i was doing politics with bush son its the other boy had armor four horsepower engine there our call takes a long time biggest city in the south florin i want to go home want to be a name but i want retiring like a hummingbird show, there you can do it, but not in a place where today i want to retire in blumenau, i had an affair with a hot woman, i never saw it in the war, i dont know, i thought i think i found it kinda like that. stay the cover from hand to hand the video ruy nogueira no one not even the head technical call guy even the guys make a video of the second war the law technical sheet remembering the head is black and never come vila is a guy who demands a lot from vila its __ our village when you talk about the guy say the date of birth or the guys RG another brother he had a family if its agreed to launch the bid after the rattlesnake I already had it in cascavel de castro and a big stone baby dont forget its a box for that thick tip or porcel cascavel lei just like that I think it was on each leg the oita its about time damn making it more written on my on my channel I cant for any guy theres a guy that if his name is 100k written without any video something like that and like I didnt even want to start like that there werent even without people he also a few million subscribers without doing anything we can only eat meat there people true I know I have 176 subscribers and I can for none I think its cheap apart from these 176 people Music today my life changed my life they are asking to use it with this disgrace brazil has for her for us to pretend its not horrible with her and lets see 39 goal will take the hello for joy its not just got a new galaxy tablet its the best writer I thought that the human coin is not an echo takes the one that destroys fu semel happens with tasting death cache that will really taste like cooking its just that it didnt really stop okay it doesnt stay he avoids shaking however hes winning hes winning there shes going to get the equipment it wasnt in the first half who is a coward doesnt commit with any force, right? for those who havent caught it havent learned it yet havent seen a power to be able to not lose a mandate Im not a drug dealer but I want your sister the thing there and she doesnt see a respected guy in the thing or the thing now the name of the movie in fact one of the craziest movies from the 80s anything i remember is that i ll know what you want expensive coin youll type it into google now move with curiosity because you want coin your boyfriend wont get it today with battery mega amoeba dory with white glue and 5 in front of the coin the one of mine that was used in the old days to play is and I didnt have a childhood kaká they shouldnt have had to take it and I started to add a trillion coins to see what would give a coin a big gray pomegranate that can be sign up erivan your excellence was pretty a grace the disgrace grace and no, not even Dilmas wife is going to die its dying to die right its not everything it s all planned and coldly calculated previously calculated she thats it there was also coldly calculated ulated around the way to lockton the subordinate who spoke to her my subordinate is great right on this official page to his subordinate first class argent specialist agent wants in the river madeira in them the joke that respects the less goals that the channel does not exist what do you mean it always was but i think its what to watch next thats why the controversial history 13 wasnt even pomegranate from italy you ll see that im going we talk a lot of nonsense received in the morning the enemys point right there look at this photo the government stays in a walking area just ask to talk about the revolution of 32 our são paulo tried to separate it from the rest of brazil elm google abandoned combusta who wants to be on the axis moderator jorge friend is not drooling egg the guys recognize my ability and talent only the great ones no one recognizes the big ones but thats ok I think its each one of the moderators 6 Im great time its time to die oh mother dies not the people talking about disaggio even borges jon as and how is it that the drug a hq tomorrow we never conceded the time comes you had it with the wing al ram already rotated and deep im really like that you soften the heart for another the dose code of china is a first world country i think it would be an exaggeration but I particularly believe that his successor from brazil conditions much better than ever it was not difficult no I think that really the Brazilian federation the way it is not only xuxa the whole of brazil even has free northeast movement that southeast and all but what is older in the northeast the problem of the deficit these movements have organized in the middle is different from you having an idea the place where the organized crime pcc and red command have greater difficulty in metal close to são paulo not because there are no reasons like that Its very noble, I dont know, the former policeman really kills. Music Paulo If they say that the sun will be isolated, no, he would stay with Bolivia, like Paraguay, Brazil and not us. So its not going to trade with 11 south of the world Applause welcome 1 to 1 but the problem in the northeast the same problem in the southeast as the same in the south is called brasilia that this problem all happy in fact brasilia was one of the biggest crimes committed price brazilian man brasilia is from brazil in rio grande do sul to owe good first thing how do you get hotel dear salarinho normal rafah so you get phased when everyone says he won says so its 600 ao for him and for brazil the revolt of south thats it mandrake is right he explained it in a simpler way but its just that within the federation the way the brazilian federation was when i talk about the federation that the states have a certain independence from the union a break revelation of the name it doesnt have the speed and the amount the fees take from the state 11 wells is much more than it returns it __ all the states of brazil and that already buys a lot of time is the revolution I say of 32 of the reasons the list has other reasons but this reason was also latent in 1932 imagine now lets move away a curve ball because its expensive there isnt one i dont have i have no prejudice any of the northern states man ill go ill talk about it now will talk to us 10 actually I dont believe in this culture thing one of my best friends is from uno is from ceará from paraíba hes one of the best people Ive ever met what I have and trauma like being in the capital every time I saw us talking about force, the people there have a very big prejudice because when you say that you said that you issued when south beyond são paulo you issued that you thought that then you already want to be nice to you, you dont like carnival in the north in são paulo the head of the joint shouting go wash the clothes very polite people there are people who work hard who work well in a tabloid now the rod cant we fine and it doesnt match power is ne necessary some of his power reveals us and infiltrates life will not discover his dirt shadow so its cool well thats what youre talking about brasilia is that communist system of centralization the architecture was made by a communist who was logical no i absurd that doesnt remove the capital from rio de janeiro absurd capital of brazil são paulo or bahia or bayern not only one in bahia the important thing is catar it has to be in a large population center when you isolate the capital do all the organization if you get everything ok but it becomes more difficult for us in the group to turn against protection mardy fish has the possibility of doing something some political moment is something but it is clear that the purpose of the car is brazil a medieval kings castle appears chaos to resume with all the privileges of the world that was governed at the time this thing from the un recognized is not that it is very relative because the union is not the question is not even that lets imagine hypothetically among the well suddenly the troops reflect and we separate the first moment I will be able to visit and if brazil in the war does not take back the territory of the countries that did this slowly, it will meet the other to recognize the passing year in the country he was not not you there but i can visit mariana the memory of grandpa crying in the blue zone on the street crazy work just ask her and if i did something wrong born in italy thanks to the person who told big to say this is strange but everyone has it the intention is that she is a communist lgbt pride that she has she is cute this really happens at the university one of the albums and wrote you know that the university student mainly the public ones are all marxist left-wing genies and they accused obama of talking because so much brasilia is so much the project oi paggo is to find you who didnt add us from here but depending on there will be a candle at the free appointment I dont think that this child screaming in called the ag now you can send money if you had switzerland its also interesting to play the south of petroleum on if im not mistaken or by name with catarina rio grande do sul and a stop loss port in came to feel from paraguay miguel i tried from personal de Cinta na mass the fact of not having sin doesnt mean anything you take japan japan to him that you dont plant you have __ no volcanic islands its the fifth largest economy in the world rogério aparecido still start rocks in shape that they have economic freedom grew for the position few people dont train I dont need to get obese famous nuclear hes thats what gives a rate that comes to which today hes on the run son this business of marginal resources guarantee some could be banned from supernanny things ironed in brazil yeah the fashionable scoundrel as it is done here in the area but also disputes the ii lanã or fascist you in the subject then ronaldo in the field your thoughts on cinema and polish and ukrainian so me Im a Jew so tomé - the truck no you within the fascist ideology youre about human its different I managed to raise the dem I didnt know you dont have it you dont even have the right to technology because if the overthrow in the senate there is something for example 21 with a Colloquium about the boy I knew that while I dont know Polish in Germany remembering that eucatur reads the story already made known the best of ten days the princess wasnt the Jew shes not the Jew shes going to do like curitiba she had once because mother I asked to show instability the idea is to show the excitement it was at a rock concert there was a triple power or 61 times not looking at people but yes the choir is relative if you stop to see the best quality of desire really is in the south the greatest generation even in são paulo são paulo generates more wealth than all the states together and captured the zone of course the crisis is everything everything is on schedule the verse is the average in these purifiers we now if the problem is not brazi l comes from cheap raw material or bernardo west comes from cheaper raw material same apparatus this is not a problem the problem is the oligopoly in which it is the state decides which are the families and and the people who do not have the right to sell and access to this raw material and this is already wrong because this is a liberal thing, sell whoever has the best conditions and who has the best price to do it in the best way and it is generally free. state capitalism and the most serious thing is that our central construction site evolved, as in many countries as we are, the first raw material is japan, it was like that, more than making its straw field, the problem in 2011 evolved, I dont know how Im going to get people to start manufacturing manufacture our cars manufactured tanks applied is our computers new chips the problem is this technology from time to time understands that we do not value nine lives and 176 subscribers s imagine if I made a book on the day of the gymkhana it is something that addressed the total raw material problem and no one questions why the hell the raw material is not used that thing if you facilitate the entry of prisoners here the cars use the __ there was a __ break today how many companies in the 45 thats around there you open if you learn general release general overnight in three months you will have 50 60 companies in brazil as soon as it rains in the first one applied to the internet of 100 reais 10 average goes to the problem is that the guys dont let anyone make money and buying this doesnt free and control these things that the government controls in a so paulo guilherme grandson didnt have anyone who said he wants sp that it was the oral sex losing Its a real shame that the car directly from Brazil fell financially but if you take all the states in the southern states after SP we danced that has the best rates that appear pt is also kind of tiring against the es tado but its brazil brazil country is so big that if you compare farm europe the ten eu countries with brazil acre also drugs pass through where to get a state that is very dangerous that only serves to launder money from coaching is tocantins was created just to launder money its bad marching bad there its a gunman even there whos in charge never cries with the mouth what there soul I dont understand develop develop is to squeeze italy today youre right brazil if you put a paper is that the way it is today we are such the kaká we have not only paulo the averages of the entire cantina thank you to receive it is so many fans today there is no point in staying stretch and but brazil has conditions to be a world power for many years at least two centuries brazil is able to count as a world power the famous zone had to do in the zone at the time this is also something that i think you can have crime without victims the position is the prostitution business that qu They want to release prostitution but they dont want to release the trade itself its kind of crazy, it didnt change for something chanson on the site so but I think that if you legalize it and put it on paper you reduce the damage much more than if you leave it the way it is which is the way it is a lot theres a lot its like a casino right theres a lot of clandestine casino that you end up missing the guys dont have any insurance its the same thing with the girls if we become fashionable the crazy guy jews part kills you legalize this thing like its like a male future hes the guy that comes in so much this dna video the girl came out always useful the idea is to play in são paulo our wonderful but holland holland was cheap to travel to europe and the government totally to the practical only if it is an absolutist monarchy and paulo nery i found it totally autocratic as alex says 14 aerial of accidents i am the state when they asked him when he is spending a lot of money iro his computer came to speak but the state that responded there to dst and already thought team who is going to say I am only that went down they were accepted because if it was pleasure not even __ I say it missed getting it right in a country in a calm way the guys a nice way Latin leave it like that its wrong do nt fill Vila Haro to be in favor of the brazil empire even in the monarchist movement strong in the kids is engaged in this cool I thought that actually I agree very popular or not very popular movement that is getting stronger because of the situation of brazil is a joke so anything else is better to ask i agree that brazil should not have stopped being in stone it should have lasted a monarchy is constitutional like england and other countries is this one is much more profitable in every way by brazil now who gives this blow would be me clearly the the queen mariana shes going to be flamengo feet on feet if i eat April china is something much worse i think that just like it happens with a little bit of malaga in our life it was none of the kind so in the sense the brunette was like constitutional brazil i think its good here and people dont get it it starts with mom no this litany of weeks here and I saw everything is useful even if it portrays our agent restoring the constitutional monarchy in brazil first I think that this confusion of the cup or not for the people there is no understanding presidential republic, let alone as a mere what is it that you have with the king but he governs most can come back yellow promotional emotional until the last guy I I have all the characteristics of a fascist dictator in the nexus it is not but it is in one I would not accept y not as a rogue in this one so low that I was state but that would not be good that brazil is not easy for the people who are missing henrique and i will need a minister or the minister of games clothes and fix this line by the league playing say thats when the show is a designer and Music spartak doesnt look at the employee I adjust I study politics and philosophy a lot in addition to participating in debates its serious trained people I have a colleague that I respect a lot despite not agreeing with him and many things that he speaks and his ideology is simplistic, you know, the name I cant keep its because the public figure of puning Im leaving now but its a guy who works in a sector that forms in the United States to speak but he thinks that bolsonaro is fascism no in the sense of offending the cissa in the ideological sense or in the fascist sense that the left has a habit of calling everyone fascist is one thing but there are people who are passistas even if they believe in the easy way as an ideology which is a collective ideology is like that on the right and thats why I said like some believe he is something that isnt very fashionable cause with cause conservatives Im a liberal by sandra like that would be a mixture of anger to release the player depending on the point of view you can say that he is a conservative of the originals until then there is no way to disagree saying I want to be confessional of my life beauty there is no problem for each in each ones house the rule is the owner of the season so i think the employee he started an exit after he he has to leave the army elmer passed and he is a conservative in their way of life and now he took a long time to study now he is returning to study a lot because of the influence of his son the son was going to talk about his son her son he is even studying school and training but then he is improving a lot i do not believe he is a statesman i do not believe he has the posture of a statesman but so far no one in brazil has ciro gomes doesnt have squid mariana doesnt have that one so its not even said if its a fight dana squid plot s also I think the thief Im not sure but I dont know if its practice field or usu ry didnt get excited or leave life here that Im dying as something good about ideology is max invades the reduction of social inequality the first thing you have to put in your head leandro is when you only study is that all ideology if you study including fascism there are good things because it is geology you can find positive aspects in 2010 that does not mean that it is good for you there goes a question of belief and wimax read more Lula says that the right has to take part in debates as things you have to know the authors write disease i dont believe it i think max is important at the time also not just click here the brand and your garbage your vote i think justice was done but it doesnt deny his importance for at the time it wasnt like science says its important you have people who make mistakes for you to know that theres nothing it wouldnt even be worth scoring a cool goal and then you have to draw your own conclusion but for you you do this you have to read marx law communist manifesto law capital but also not release classic law law court the ball out tv but dont forget what fear do is vice president of dilma this forum you who voted also rich lover i want to talk as a blow it was a gentleman who at the time that old focus of a bomb in the car also if a better one no but thats there in a first cache not even a vote it doesnt even look like 16 the action of the tv not even having voted is this thing its cool that he came back to see no there is when you come back you have to know what is going to happen and if you saw her he could be president the law that created a guy take the money she used the state as a bank and if it is prohibited by law it is prohibited because for many years it was done in the brazil and thats what brave destroying the state breaking the banks banespa broke like this Caixa Econômica which was the name in são paulo void economic of the union of são paulo the business like that bro black who broke it was partial i think the banesco also broke it shows its worth not even talking about it now its cool that happens wheels no Im in a cult it was a blow not for you change the legislation using the senate and the camera so its cool because also the rule of the game the first you do out of the rules of the game the problem is you hit the bread on the table that it will be the way I want it because I want it not the senate and the chamber exists precisely for the president of the inter by the powers of a layman solutis dilma never knew how to deal with this she did not know how to deal with it dilma campo two reasons she fell because she did not know that her agreement with the camera with congress and that amp co is not because of the economic crisis we will not deny the fact of the economic crisis despite from zico never if he hadnt written the letter of apology a gem Music its the best thing that could happen in brazil to get there but i dont know choose to deport all the politicians bathrooms in brazil destroy brazil set fire and m all that over there sign with the inscription tear in the middle pharaoh of __ go again its political biggest internal crisis in this mesh this thing that wanted to explode everything starts from scratch its tempting it doesnt work either im from the south abandoned the movement explode brasilia liberal com ice cream I believe in the reformist right I believe in a gradual and evolutionary way I am against revolutionary it is one of the pillars and liberal conservative against revolutionary does not believe in function every time that historically every time there has been evolution of humanity the only thing that can kill innocents is good For nothing tag the father of the family the mother child oh what a delight to use the bandits you have to create a system that inhibits the cowards lack of character and will look for a photo that already in doctor roger is today that is not that guys press it is not easy to show faro and that doing things with aubry side its time to bring me revolutionary zelaya that set fire to everything and if anyone would refuse the head of a person and leaving france at the time and antoinette and luís died 4 pm this sunday the proof is the problem of true communism is that it starts with a premise that is already false but worth it has already been avoided stealing 14 and even so she its fake fassbender i.e. everything around the business is fake and __ but you cant you wont be able to end communism and kicking a tea economic base communism to the left a future it can much more economic issues but its based on this economic base in this economic mesh, the only excuse is to bring all the power here because it can happen because because the touch does not catch well, it is not invented there the proletariat is exploited by the moldy bourgeoisie then the guy talks ah ah so then yes then lets set fire to the cars because its not possible to become leagues of revenge that always give nothing here and something explodes at the time and in the countryside the french revolution was the carnage it was killing works and thats the total fate of pity home was not the kind of thing that if you could watch without participating as if it were a hologram it would be cool to watch the three words thats what the cause of death really is going to be at stake which is a time when it was very young and still today it is beautiful freedom equality with the local society where they teach carnage oscar enters the church a child for the priest very strong in the world the human being is the nature of the human being the last system on the right bank she the right against the right and left come from your mother the revolution that belongs to me belongs to the revolutionary group there were two categories the guys gave __ to the dog in the whole __ that is not a way of saying martinho state that believed that it had the youngest people doing renovations time for Dont calm down guys and 11 to keep what was happening in Pará in Pará in three states that I saw that now had the project in another state to do this business also goes forward separate a few years to transform three states instead of one sun to confuse what life to earn money generated senator I think its the opposite the queue a true maxim there is the intention to create states upwards its money and carlos will also exist the maxim that the state cannot be so big that it becomes governable also earning money is not a wrong thing depends on what you are talking about having money earning money through commerce that is you bring benefit to society people like it so much that they want to bring there want to buy that he needed to offer beauty it was only good for society now if through regulation taking money you can say that starts to appear and there is another question is how can I say the problem in brazil is that we try to divide states to see if we solve the problem of extremely precarious structure in Brazil, honestly I dont think its the mothers solution, here I am I know that this year you will continue to study when my work is doing the analysis of the blog chat in the car and that has nothing to do with communication today a revolution would be as bloody as any being you if you have a generosity that is very common younger people human nature is very dark very dark its the __ to install anarchism for you to see if this here in a night zone could agree its there to see because revolution is you understand that for you to go through a revolution to reach certain forms of government you go through a period of archiving the law of the strongest plus the strongest so I looked at you face to face if Im stronger than you already were then its this thing with the French revolution there was no twitter you talk to the guys Music rodrigo félix carlos the vooz the rhythm that i want alexandre or do you think that being rich doesnt have a problem well youre rich you have to work the first thing thinking about do this shifts the nice deal will win something I tell you if you get angry its customary good things that the money shes a hot late that Im going to buy the the mango the old man isnt because I have the things I heard the most was debating today you replied logical body count but in the old days to access the internet it was later on friday it was none it was really for you workforce so its worth it max is money the mouth thing is delicious if you can have money in life have it of course if you have money at the base of banditry then it complicates because by the government the bandit and old __ is we have to get it but most didnt come asking what I think about feminism look here in the sucking of the __ thats what i said other people with a fight and equal rights in the 1930s in the united states thats cool every fight for turkey for equal rights is necessary and has to be strengthened the problem is that they stay in something else after that problem but the analyst didnt start with the moto mariana then there was the a suffrage is to work has the right to rescue my father to show my father to speak each let women vote for an idea I dont have that kind of gender bias I dont believe in men being Its better that a woman doesnt want to be better, I believe its inappropriate for the best that others are men or women. I dont like anything. Its for no individual. of feminism as it did with various fights for improvements as it did the black movement and it caught on these causes that are legitimate and used to strengthen and technology of Marxism just rabid of the day you speak it seems people saying that they will be entrusted to you the list is traveling in the mayonnaise this here has KGB agents who defected who say exactly what they did and what moves they were using to do it making this conversion including those who are speaking is something that people talk about a lot and sometimes forget in brazil there is a certain hatred of the american the american is not holy noble the cia finance and pays blows all over the world but what will you remember its just that the soviet union did the same thing agv did exactly the same thing it was a fight over who can do it better and faster so you end you update yourself one side just denying the existence of the other is __ but hamas or yellow what is it worse the marina trying to turn people against me is she loves me more itaquás only defect he defending well thats absurd looool I left the state because I m conservative charging they try to pass the profile of this site that its about a move but its a case which is the face of a guarantee it was the case with the choir they are not making any subscribers for you it was me too but I didnt know how to write thanks to find a good kgb agent p there are some who went but only stayed from jo it comes from mouth and from itself to protect the cases but a lot of black people tried to get out of jail its not true the a said bro or forum end up in death I caught the naughty one because with alexandre silva theres a picture of a woman I didnt want to understand that job right more or less this is the way to show today she lives in rio grande but ill tell you a confession here hairy i was already kind of leftist ideology like that and that was like that i already had it at that time i was kinda to that side i had a friend who was a student I still have to be studying to be a priest he is extremely conservative and goes there austria also fits such has descent and carol you need to have the same ideology to talk is respected if you maintain respect in the classroom sector me I could see the face of already broke here talking discussing public made its almost impossible for a young communist because meat in the pot of helping the poor and saving the world the angry young man with m they will only help the poor they already did for helping a little i.e. the right of a ballad you will eat a fake hot dog the enemy if you share your hot dog with him he steals i will not help the poor but then he scores a goal i.e. should or pay never played football person of this mariana problem could it be that it was just the p sol the baby bené is you can call me enchanted lagoon anyway so thats normal its a rate of 15 16 she says that this achievement as if it werent the debut how do they end up in acre is being reborn again in brazil and has just died to the left so much at school its broken the old man used to live the place that takes the longest to get in whats the hardest is public university and theater with the cow cultural action had someone the production of the film that they work in brazil there is a brand even the brand very heavy it disgusts you agree only with the brake in schools he was a film director and talk i could only release it can talk and classic liberal well financed I try to advertise soap, it happens that I want to enter a public university, it is very flawed, you also have to have the right to access the public university on Tuesday for tax, now you do not pay the tax paid, so everyone for whom the right is sure he has the right not to pay tax and then yes it would be cup I didnt pay for that yes the hypocrisy because youre using business youre not good but the guy said hes been doing it in the square of the house believe he already paid its his service its paying with 171 front service now here is something else that you confuse too way not all within the ideology of the right you have the classic liberals you have the conservatives you even want the oe extreme right racist so you have several sectors that dont necessarily say that its not that there is a public university, I personally think that in fact it shouldnt be public there, that doesnt mean that I cant use it to propagan do i can stay here there s a defense from the mariela team wearing ice cream clothes i thought about that where you know how to make a cosplay not to be on the market lets do that it wasnt mine for marina in tow but it was a bad one just to warn everyone not to it has nothing to do with it if there is a lawsuit its directly how to get away boot the mandrake email channel leaves no alternative to the castor bean for me and the army uniform I dont know in my vote the vote can change with the breakdown of the defense contested by the way is difficult he said he didnt want to introduce himself to the queen too me just cjp getting smaller and smaller she said i left the mall not only gene not only i trust with confirm this genius and not too lazy to study still mariana i spoke with malice apologizing I just wanted to let you know that it has nothing to do with that Im glad it killed that affection although the vast majority of what we have in Brazil today a great fascist influence despite people l dont know what fascism is but even most governments in the world have it but you do it there nobody knows who really needs you to join this is true or and saved in fact its one of the oddities ibm rational brazilian in the area the world ana cleide tela so youre not here that I put the revenge drugs but it doesnt matter the fight style league bagulheira my god started killing general with a silver ball, dont you feel a lot of healing I think thats the only way to do it with almost everyone null and they dont have the items to put the others, its going to __ to find it very said that increases the revenge of the year in the leadership defense of the revenge two sticks she already on the ground but most of them mean where they do that there yes there was a slab that the guy was type 4 revenge at once three against 1 693 Music i believe that brazil is nationalist is no thats not exactly what i believe in you believing that your country is better but its also the pride of culture its important its obvious that the agency lives where you live there I went I love geeks and here youll see its going to die and you need to work on it one of the great legacies is that the big one our avoid has money has this is fashion education and the first As an obese striker, I dont even think I need to earn money and leaked to Brazil, so this is one of the big problems that exist. so it must be a good thing it doesnt hurt and understanding the iata theres no need to shut her up too my blood the girl just out there andre the question is that for the poor quina element which ones are true and it s not easy thats the problem with the stone brazil needs of pride but it needs a government that is a serious pride it cannot be a silly pride the executioner of brazil when this nature of brazil except silly pride is that pride is that you know like this is here that Im going to live is here where we need to build this is where we need to develop the country its this kind of seriousness Brazilian identity efe ah this doesnt even exist because of our culture what doesnt shut up and everyone exists suburb and lead was created in the united states im not not only the hat and train normally is to stagnate flown sent to the written channel white is a video the boy not well i dont know in an old one with these things appearing another subject which is the gay guy to tie not the best the subject to discuss the masculinity of vod which is something we have to conquer on a daily basis that is where there is a problem in this strategy the mandrake problem arrives in the country in são paulo good today was the name that although then as the lack of evidence the logical or not that he said everything had my Music agent is going to use the blog to do an academic thesis to make us feel that his football but dont leave monkey money on the bench because Im not going to ask him what me even so the case that he is feeling honored the food he who wants to say a lot of psychology research proven doing if he is like this he realized that because of the game that the world plays likes to get bananas that is not a part in which it was explained that the law processor arias is homosexual make my life easier by the source I tried not to get it 3 70 I knew how to apply this one whose team have a coffee the cloud doesnt disguise it doesnt disguise its not the thing there it wouldnt be the metal metal ball closer to you at h1n1 is fed up with the woman we discussed on Saturday void that was in question everyone is sure since I still dont know that the appellee must not know this time it wasnt a message to anatolia at midnight that she is not recording the metal no let me go back to the upper middle class have to go into his condo they took blood tests years never end up being chased one right there mamluk bloch fight 2001 of the world is still the business of decorum exists and its official I live 0 its good o love the law is 8 o i was also good ive seen who you look at at 16 years old played with friends at home alone doesnt give the medicine is the best obvious thing but calling mustafá deviated on live o contagion thats it, it was already dragging on no one is happy and still liked the president of the bid today then its fine the last option is easy daniel cloke nothing cant stay longer in the recharge loses in a metal that can pay a lot thats where i was in addition to the fact that I would send ember in the morning to send and private to mustafá the distance he lives in something and they will be negative in a country there that pays 10 thousand you can marry a blonde truthfully I think I gained my age good do you think that I call finding us right lets go there says husseins mother facebook or the movie said and said very cool and need to create a family coat of arms fell the player wears damn function that caio xista the __ that keeps playing xbox never get to that conclusion yes youve already thrown three thousand tents overboard a mission is one more measure what a business its this spirit that writes her biography but i managed to do more charge class fifth oliveira arrived sign up play with itamar the weak in the butt people same year writing fast and hes paying for the music but I can see how it is just from the conversation with his family Im a long way from the hotel and Im going to pretend that he doesnt understand coffee well the idea is to buy that coffee machine that doesnt terror Im going to end up having gastritis cause of that is to throw the blood expelled in this one I remind you you have to understand that within society all change is gradual if you need it it is interesting to study history you when every time there is a change that is not gradual and there is always a girlfriend to love her I caught something that is not normal there is something that shakes the world thats how the first world war french revolution russian revolution pressed the pitch i dont believe that the Brazil becomes a better place I dont have that kind of hope anymore I dont criticize those who do think its cool its a good way still believe me but I personally dont believe the man is saying thats what my mother said when he was a child the son dont believe in Brazil big and money out there so that unfortunately is the young crowd of 16 years old 30 and if I can give you a tip that nobody gave me you are at the best age to do things the older you get in the bag the change we have to study At this age, dont know that youll be here in 10, 20 years, but its not just studying, but also doing things. If I were to give a tip to anyone who is in the city 15 16 years old, leave Brazil, no one is like that, whether it is to be a champion, to be a nanny, to be a cleaner, either in any country of the prime minister, because Brazil is a regal country. Its really very serious even for those who study a lot, its even for those who sell to be champions to study for everything there s no one who doesnt have something thats good if youre connected to the government if you have a political relative if you re a company employee out there if you were born into a rich family on the insular then __ it, right thats it, youve already made a living but those who dont have a earned life are still too heavy also like that the girl says I want to try I think its ok Okay, okay, but know that youre going to take it in your head, just keep the ball in front of fate, if you have the opportunity, bad luck to do anything out there. I also felt it. I saw Sierra Leone Brazil. theres a way to fix it, it s not like they dont believe they communicated I think theres a way to fix it like this I dont think thats going to happen so the people who are in power for themselves she said that we were because they just want g make money and make money off the public that s it luckily our elite so its true you dont have to change it didnt stop bothering to make money in japan soon its like chico buarque doesnt make his music hes going to speak ill of brazil in the area normal comes here protects only for free is here but never lived in this average falls to encourage classic something wrong on saturday after they guarantee we stay that part okay problem is the guy being complicated is knowing that here is __ and leaking and not even who just beat up there you want a deal that guy who made the elite squad of the brazilian championship the king also saw food he said he was being threatened and not him he s a serious guy who caio did a serious job works well did yeah outside brazil a great movie director tried to kidnap his daughter his wife and they got screwed thats what i want the day when i won a little money in brazil a proposal from the state of rio already I had received a proposal for a long time until now, but a new team made a great one and I know they are doing a serious project. we have a lot of good scientists mathematicians engineers its excellent the guy will need to do a project in brazil its not like that the pope has to give a blessing ad in a time to divert c4 money i dont know where do we want to stick it if you take the media rules usp 200 Kurdish project has an emblematic case and even samuel beckett who was very funny that braun countries like mexico brazil and dont remember it was the united states they create a copy this is very common among universities exchanging animal opera is de cups same study asked for bicho nem bicho that it was is and there is Brazil accepted to exchange they exchanged such when the animal that was the only campus in the american city had is is it they exchange but then they return, right? Brazil got stuck at customs and as there was no proper customs documentation and burned down Botafogo, it ended up being the business. feeling tomorrow for these guys are crazy lineup the drug is getting agitated deep with the girl only on a new pontoon questions asking dear sergio he has a certain interest in the mothers of subscribers he just told the guy who is using his account alexandre sansãos mother is married to the show of my death da silva you live here all the time on the court at the opel mano if you do 11 reading a video game play is a good idea and metal just with that sentence out of context would be very funny right help putting these phrases together here but I want to forget to start recording for a lot of nothing the obf asked the very poor family history the defect so I had to conquer Going to a private college was a good idea, and that goes for any politician, if you have to do anything to put it in a renowned public university, a matter of getting a job later, because not even as a matter of access to a course, its good if youre blind, its no use when hiring the first thing the guy will read is the name of the university on wednesday so theres no point in me telling you that i think the history course at usp is rubbish because there are only leftist marxists and its a bug but that s what you you will need to work you dont need to earn money to eat so in addition to going to the best college in the world and where content and then you graduated and you graduated getting a job at a federal university or not a state law is more proof that it was easier for you more its easy, you dont even notice how music doesnt work, its no use for you only if its a private university for the guy who can go up to bandeirantes, those who will also have a way Im taken care of, be nice but then I looked at the monthly fees that wont even be good with me FIFA will reach 10 thousand reais a month thats only for those who have bullets in the needle I havent finished it yet because here in Brazil there are older ones i got up some são paulo hotel in são paulo its better to have a party of the kind of party there came the pickup ca nt kill later the joke please say children say no to suicide you cant not either like it or be void politically correct in this violent game in which a man killed another capital in his head but she didnt regret it its a woman while she shouldnt have yes no has no has right its nothing worse defeat of the woman for that theres this reason right but look well this is not going to have to know if Its correct I see that theres a warrior woman on one side and women even totally on this Wednesday a strange thing love that so much a sons head to talk about because it must be because of Mariana its not a case in which po ssa did not understand the reason for not being much missed according to these others I have a team to cut combat from others I just know that I liked this girl that given the turn of s ilê aiyê had a team for me from the game worth it if you love it the game then you continued with those things that you already conquered in the beta and I didnt see it anywhere but normally with closed beta and gray server everything at the time of launch that is all the progress will be lost mostafa they are asking here in the chat if you eat at a college and to go out police vargas dear friend I attended the law that I have one less and it forms a lot of work at the getúlio vargas institute getúlio vargas and there it was going to change leave well informed if you do the specialization then where you can get it Up in life the conversation finally Im going to record enjoy the band was here sal cheer up people did a tactical work and worked until banana so I knew that the pleasure really is true sir young and liked the vant that I saw grow these weapons that in brazil had the name train brazil had a strange name is because this ford weapon was called pickup and want it to be so loved yesterday its applied it had __ too is the hit then I thought wait for it to change I dont know why they changed anything right its so good its changing more automobile this name to others its because you want to paint it comes time to say this here it looks like a daughter who looks like the guy like that its masculinity taking over and I just our society the woman said that the woman in the background the biggest city of santa catarina do sul will be i joined salinas university i said to combine our city or else a monthly shift is that i will be a mother an ally that is nothing more than a small one is one more only that with unique training plus that of chicco armature much better equipment from medieval europe or japan already europe in the war so it is stable the armors were the most advanced by and by the knight pe end of the medieval period of the 16th century thats just like that I think it wasnt much wider no machine it was the third car its saying that if you take a samurai from the 15th century put a medieval knight of the same date the same I dont think you see it yet out there like it or not it will be lighter and faster more agile and an idea in the japanese amateur in this one they could offer the same protection or half the text - half the weight but look this is very expensive the rider he can do pirouettes on the ground and roll up the wall run the weight of the kiss the full maturity was plate its the same way the modern soldier uses it today only on the back and a woman of cuban origin eva 45 kilos stole a bad but Im going Im not going to touch the counties medieval founded modern angolan lima like that talking weight and he never that japan never portugal arrived in japan the company the possibility of a war but if you if i had to make a door in the hypothetical case with the shirt of the army will choose a year 550 take an army from england and the army already corrected after this date i bet on a hotel logo english in a war even japan starts the level its because they werent with them come they didnt fight to be released by roman and all that they spoke of the so-called battlefield speaking with its name so-and-so expects to break the car arrived serene ends historic where they had active training does not offer communication from japanese land by code flag it was much more evolved than the european average in stars in full motion but their combat was not my European friend the whole thing since they mutated due to their mothers inheritance I would imagine that there was no formation of a small one nor a palette greek had no name art is the day of your day off then we would score a goal from korea flu started invaded japan arrived on the coast and put his name they chose the actor said what the __ is this I m going to spend Christmas all over the world lucky that we have a tsunami killed corinthian invasion if there was no japan i dont believe in that tram i dont see it because of color is that children today portugal where youre talking i believe there comes a clear question show specialist my family is valve from the japanese brand that marcelo was my specialty in real life but if i had to bet in college i would bet on japan but thats the kind of thing he raises debate but theres no way to prove that you can take the 15th century japanese army and put it together in french and english dutch any research for any country where neymar if im not mistaken there was a battle that was 50 thousand french counts more or less 20 thousand english the english won lagoon of the english is who the other half while there the british defense strategy that is finds spring france an hour and a half hour good after medieval fez likes to talk the weather was cool, right not so much the stock market has napoleão and thats because the english they they used more the welsh lake bow that won 2 just gaza and was one of the best defenders in the embassy has a rage about that no rage at you in europe i swear to god still an island of poop an island of koh and the viking guys 45 haikus everything with him everything is fine so much on the street são paulo one three countries for decades and they reached the boards the english league is very unclear seriously me doing a response test to a fan you want to can curse thats all but there are differences war english and scottish always land some periods of the day paula glances past all the time pushed bad business the beauty at the end of the 19th century 5 is opera there for the people in vein i want to see no one else turns on power did i want to be resistant in revenge but he kept on dancing more resistant in the sale so I left only snakes in this group and everyone native a spurt to make a coffee oops the eggs in peace if it builds a family discussion we want more we want you to start the last pot of donors that the poster she posted mandrake in trickery ok no its not because she came to me and said mom dad im not a communist anymore its just that im a goat paulo to hear the live light mostafavi converted to vote bolsonaro will go back to eating well as its one step at a time there the convention then in dust paper that wants to advance seriously i never put my faith in brazil not even to stop finding a god i already hurt the other ill add to oil the only guy because the left is in doubt if before it unites against you I dont even get jealousy you dont know if a new surprise doesnt have a rift inside the left one part wants to catch ciro gomes and launch him as president in the squid government to another colleagues so they shouldnt end the coalition yet but if it was in goal the garbage rate and hopefully the only way for bolsonaro to win is not to have a symbol because if there is a good employee ciro gomes and regardless of how the left reacts i said that to the left dista man if I dont want bolsonaro to a entrance how are you going to put your dick in them if you put a lot of dick in him it will happen there is no way to execute yes the people will vote for him just for fun he will win but I only know the worst bank when you need to keep your fingers crossed and theres no candidate either its not worth anything squid is not training account mariana is forget it no the marina would have made the night worse itha voice and look at the navy is that philosophy of reputables gods option the amazons are no longer communists its that view its green on the outside and red on the inside the aécio also the state cant afford anything this one doesnt have the hill its not a zombie walking around the street replied vettel now i just want to see it with clothes the only one who might have the chance from someone look at this I learned a lot from her will behave and geraldo alckmin although the dof is an animal but at the time of despair the request starts in general the government believes it was so look here the comment here nothing from the head of the un shatilov on this issue of dilma what do you think about it i think it involved even the future of the nation im going to talk to the absurd thing that she talked a lot about saving a young evangelical look im watching her talk on tv the internet recording me I started watching soap opera rosa something we from macaíba she created the midfielder said after that it becomes difficult the fourth return to power you can imagine the face of the president I hope she is talking I the case of this entry of shock and Im back daniel caluíco shock started to talk suffer from something with someone kept in the way of the goal they came to be hidden father of the child keeping an eye on the children but there wasnt a teacher so much right but there is growing hidden behind every child imagine the face of the parents ronaldo this presidency enlarge this thing about the presidency was the genius the mouth is ridiculous I think its cool finding a cleaning business in a socava unhappy way there s nothing to find that there no its something that I turn to you so that it goes up and down as those who think so put it on the boat Im also going to download the kitchen mouth a christmas table its no good it generates reason it would be easy to stay there and then its there There wont be a good night coup, it means that if Im not there, theres no one there. I liked Senhor Andrade, he performed metal hiroldo. its transmitting the word yes mariela is the future discipleship mostafa so good people since oops oops i came back the wrong way that the voice is so pressured Music i went to research what i can write the uol channel reappears i stayed look I say something that is always the goat of the tram when he recorded dryers to save now you answer me something the whole carlton that just ended but the two of us the portuguese tiago pires who will be three months away from the computer pain until today daleh in dryers except that indicator I said there is going on a series with 1km he is learning to play so only he about a few episodes there about thirty so we being 100 but then you can enter it will play a rich voice no you get the joke its a good copy you can never download a slight injury puts not even a second penha but look at that same question the fact that this already the sound pottery I dont have a face if there was only one game in mustafás shop I dont have the game to worth it in the last division I told him to sleep then I saw an e-mail message saying that by then he was a musician himself but by then he was gone I wanted to be able to that today I dont have a crazy project very well what we dont Theres money to scan the live 2 at the nice car to swim better than Ive seen rogge too, right, but when mostafa arrives at the fan, everything arrives behind michael at the time I was on the slab of the goat, everyone goes the guys went I think I stay over here to say uninspired ection the man aaa hanán roomster cant leave it anymore ill be talking and its time the opel k9 is a video every three years but i have a channel in addition to the videos every year of the mustafá of the boston woman is the guilty because look he releases a video every three years because he has to govern the vod channel aimed at rasca montal is baba ouro busta lacks roger and grandson from the bank in the head but wants to see the people will stay a little longer and private, it was only valid and said free to play steam deck games ★Seja um Apoiador e ajude o canal: ★Vive fora do Brasil? 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