Steam air valve chartforza horizon 5 steam charts FOR HONOR™ gameplay yeah they didnt really show much uh did they so not not sure what to expect here from this I have played a few rounds of it yeah theres some pretty  __  awesome little details and things yeah they did a good job of the map like holy thats amazing little things its like Wicked holy  __  oh we gotta protect uh yeah weve got to protect the uh Mako okay yeah nice hi Mako hey youre like me but a lot bigger all right I want to see only optimal tank supplies oh wow youre not gonna get it off me also these guys because theyve got um like permanent super armor oh nice like its like Revenge armor or something you cant swing oh the donkey Boss music Im a little upset about yeah the demon donkey look look there he is whats he doing back here man does it heal herself guys okay if I imagine shes just my Lord oh my God those two hurt really bad oh yeah they hurt really bad you okay yeah its the the booty oh my God she does bleed all the time not her only did more damage when Im on fire oh my god oh come on oh man this guy what is he doing yeah thats uh I think we should probably like banked whoevers on like half Health go and look after the the yeah angry thank you because Im not oh wow I couldnt save you ouch Music do they get revenge no they dont okay Ill go and look after a week we need to not separate because if we do uh make or just eat crap and die oh yeah go come on theyre not that bad no they basically theyre regular dudes every now and again so yeah dont worry if uh oh that is cheap you know what she is healing is she oh good because yeah okay shes like half Health by the time we get to the end itll be a bad time for us oh shes just standing here waiting for the people to come behind yeah well its right because we have to um get these conkers down and then shell come up oh all righty oh okay I see these are the ones that skeletons eyes probably around but I think they they literally do follow you around the place its like Fusion where the  __  did Mako go oh he just ran out shes running up now like yeah the next zone is really far up its like all the way at the other end what in the hell is wrong with her shes walking most of the time now she decides to run probably saw a spot yeah shes uh oh  __   __  the spiders are dropping the spiders are dropping yeah but these are friendly spiders theyre the happy good spiders how do you know there are theres no such thing these guys are they I promise you they are ah theyre on our side these these spiders that was my PS4 song thats okay over here foreign no make it she also has like protected revive so shell just stand there Reviving me which is kind of nice oh no well like we all started oh  __  she really it really powered that bro yeah sorry machine in this thing yeah active act Natures wrath on the other can say it was rough thank you that spiders are some of the spiders I think theyre an important part of the ecosystem they eat flies and stuff oh  __  that was a waste greatest catapult ever all right Im waiting for you oh my God shes actually here have fun guys okay what do we even do against this way oh thats so cool man foreign so its literally just Dash in attack roll out its literally oh God its like Dark Souls oh crap no laughs yeah she also gets like more hardcore with the Patriots rap yeah at least uh Mako is dealing with the uh the other people and not just getting eaten by uh if if you have a like if you ever do die enough like around here to make it comes and revives you in front of the spiders now is the bad time for us right now oh god um oh God you mean that wasnt the bad time yeah yeah we have now a lot of these guys which will come around and be all good fun I see it falls almost ready all right here we go were not kidding about their passive uh hyper armor theres like old shigoki yeah yeah yeah its like passive super armor and they have to kill these guys until and then I think it comes back well Im able to keep them in a sun lock oh man Ive walked out of my my trap and I end up only Downing myself okay cool theyre down oh  __  because Meccas doing well we should be okay um I guess we cant attack her right now right well yeah oh  __  what the hell okay oh boy oh man oh no yeah yeah she knocked me down and then I just I appreciation was a true combo um yeah thats like I havent seen  __  like that since the Prince of Persia event yeah I want to go and try and rescue before maker comes in and tries to rest oh my God crap doing it thank you oh man she is she is combo please have mercy Ill wear Banner so I can uh she just stays still still yeah youll want to do that Ill try and keep the spider oh it may go over here please oh yeah its behind her over there was helpful oh lordy make a heel please uh yeah oh I will be I will be difficult to revive there sorry um well also get beaten up at the same time watch out oh God oh God get out get out right okay shes moving out yep shes gone all right bad time Falls up nice Ill wait for them to get in range so we can hit them all right oh nice tier four combo that one that was awesome Music thank you oh my God right yeah when theyre all dead I think hes gonna show up oh no Ive done that was that you I thought that was uh now hes back doing that big big old slams okay Im dead Im dead you got in my way I couldnt go here Im not sorry its okay Ill thank you up Ill pick you up  __  oh another one oh later lady please come on oh dear holy crap man we need to bring back old Shinobi ranged attacks just for this month oh my God shes shes gonna die shes gonna die Mako now Mako now Mako now Music oh Jesus Laughter oh no stay with it oh Im down all right where is you down um spider lady too okay thats okay makos coming up good good oh God all right there you go be good oh shes back shes backed off okay its time for the yeah execute that can say if you can trying to literally everybodys in the way Music oh no oh Im understanding oh Jesus teenagers you were saying something about spitting up the search of food I think all right there again we need to find out whos behind us the real mecco was JC all along oh God no no I have the funny button ready whenever you guys want to hit her with something oh my God uh Im going oh Im dead Im dead never mind I cant can I make it tomato in time no the minion got me they do they do have a habit of doing that Ill see how I can get the zombie oh um should I just hit her with the funny or should I wait for her yeah I havent got its gonna be a while Ive got my uh theres at least were in the lead were in the HP lead right now yeah we just need to let me call them orders oh my God thats the issue yeah no its good come on we just need to we need to have people move over there so shes not firing us yeah every single time I move over there though come on oh wow shes doing a lot more damage tonight yeah I got you yes winnable oh nice oh my God what theyre doing the crap what the hell 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