For Honor Not Even Buffed Gladiator CAN STOP THIS CENTURION - Gladiator Brawls

Steam winter sale 2022 end dateinstall steam macos FOR HONOR™ gameplay okay I dont think we fought a weworked valkyrie yet dude I cant see man my effects are too crazy truly too crazy is he trying to run or something whoa oh how do I miss that deflect weird about that whoa that was fast wait flower snowman or flower snow woman look oh the flowers disappeared wait I know it has the victory as horns have you guys ever seen a horned flower Snowman I havent seen it either thats the first for the both of us that was that was not very smart by me not very smart I need you to react react good I dont want to miss my throw so oh teleportation whats up Music nice sorry good fight oh two Valkyries we gotta travel Valkyrie one day or soon soon all right I want to make another horned Snowman delivery Music holy my fingers are just not stopping holy Gladiator is just boom Victory I couldnt get the second you guys I couldnt get the second deflect good fight okay guys yo my my nose is like waterfall right now it is um yeah not oh what uh yo oh shoot oh my yo yo oh Im just gonna let it go oh wow hi guys I just got trained um wasnt this guy that was the TNT from last match too well um you know I was gonna say I I was feeling pretty insane today after the first match of all the deflects and everything but after that route I defeat yeah I dont feel that insane anymore guys I do not feel that insane oh like I was saying my nose is like a waterfall right now yo whenever I cant breathe through my nose always one nostril thats plugged weird oh Im insane right now actually lets see if this works oh there we go works nice oh Im actually insane right now I take it back I told you guys I said I wasnt feeling that insane but I just I just got my confidence back and you know what they say confidence is uh the most important part in front of you know now take it away from me again Century take all that confidence away from me foreign Music he almost took it away from me again he almost took my newly found confidence Ill take it away from me now lets see Music what oh ouch Music dude please no oh dude took it away again the water I feel so nervous man fighting this guy I dont know hes always up in my face guys Im trying to convince you to play Gladiator but maybe you should go play some turian yeah just go play some touring guys what please no not like this guy its not like this please yes yeah yes into the wall oh uh confidence has been restored Ill take it away do what you do best in turn take it away dude help Ferry there no no Dodge no no he took it away he took it away he took it took everything hey we meet again find new opponents we found each other were meant to be hes warmonger now arguably even harder than uh Centurion but you know what I feel pretty good I feel pretty good okay you know what Im gonna do now hands warming technique Secret Im ready that guy was pretty insane for his libraries though Im yeah hes hes probably gonna you know get used to how I play I dont know if I should throw light text this this round guys maybe not Im just gonna be asking to get buried but yeah anyways well see how it goes and uh you know just remind her gonna be uh streaming probably sometime around Christmas could be before it could be after well see oh shoot we got him first oh its so foggy here hes got light attack okay he doesnt like the library those but thats a Dodge attack what oh thats thats kind of cheating nice right good old classic hyper armor Im a beef yeah thats gonna be difficult to um deflect wait how does that not a wall spot thats weird holy holy this guy did it again okay what is this guy on what is this guy on today has got to be like his most insane day ever or something hes healing it what the okay good all right whoa wait that was fast wait howd I miss that very sad oh yeah whats August Music I need that okay so I know you want him to win okay but come on vote for the underdog here me okay vote for me okay please please Music just oh I see you guys voted for me huh thank you victory yeah this guys kind of dont tell me this guys gonna Solo Carry again round three Music I lost momentum All In victory stay focused stay focused were not out of here yet okay that would have been a sniper rifle right here oh wait its a little flicker oh yeah top right nice okay there we go all right everything here on my shoulders I can end it all right here in this next 20 seconds that might go for it Victory yes we did it we did it guys not just me okay we did it we did it all right you know how we do got the rematch against the confidence taker but uh yeah this guys not playing uh Berserker oh how fitting for his name Ragnar okay guys give me give me your energy okay I have a bad feeling I got a good feeling actually about this match Im ready even though Im shivering my nose is pouring Im ready okay okay yeah okay okay surely we dont lose okay anytime now okay okay is gonna pop off I feel what this map isnt too bad actually as long as we stay away from the walls we should be okay all right all right my friends what oh thats really bad on my part oh Im playing really bad dude the timing is too good his timing is too good cant deflect right away oh shoot I went through it oh dude come on you can do this theres no way theres no way he wins the way he wins oh theres what what have you all day round two I I take full responsibility I take full responsibility my fault my fault Im ready Im focused oh man to remember leave it to me leave it to me hell carry I got you I got you next round next round I got you Music holy dude round three dude Im so um that was weird finally man you ready Mohawk Snowman all right you guys ready Come Back Time I swear Im gonna fall off this guy right here watch Music foreign thats a problem that is a that is a big big problem my friends foreign problem no more this guys solo carried last match is he gonna Solo Carry again 7-0 or 7-2 7 take Downs well see oh thats the first serve you period oh shh foreign Music no I needed that dude if I had deflect I could have threw him back into the wall should have hurried I should have buried good fight foreign Music steamer on stove Hope you enjoyed the gladiator duels and brawls gameplayIf you enjoyed the video, subscribe and turn on notifications!Twitch: recipe for steamed crab legs steam deleting games from library steam majors steam 是 什么 how to buy steam games in different currency